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16:00:33 <flexlibris> hi emmapeel wayward antonela anyone else here?
16:01:25 <cy63113> hi everybody!
16:01:28 <flexlibris> hi cy63113
16:01:42 <cy63113> :)
16:01:43 <kat5> hi
16:01:46 <flexlibris> who has an update?
16:01:46 <ailanthus> o/
16:01:49 <flexlibris> hi kat5 hi ailanthus
16:02:46 <emmapeel> i can go
16:03:12 <flexlibris> go ahead emma
16:03:41 <emmapeel> well i have been calling for translators and reviewers, and got some statistics to see languages more long term. we did some tweets and got new translators too, and updated translations to Korean and others.
16:04:00 <wayward> !!!
16:04:59 <emmapeel> the stats are done from fiels i download from transifex and are  https://share.riseup.net/#mv6NgirX3vttLqPvwTG6bw  and https://share.riseup.net/#PvXeHB1KGVW_A9FUgFUq_w
16:05:49 <antonela> beautiful stuff emmapeel
16:06:09 <cy63113> awesome!
16:06:13 <emmapeel> i am a bit delayed with the feedback round thingie sorry about that, and the meeting preparations
16:06:45 <flexlibris> yeah the feedback is a lot of work
16:06:46 <emmapeel> i feel on a pool of howtos since Thursday
16:08:27 <emmapeel> that sit
16:09:34 <cy63113> I can go next
16:10:08 <flexlibris> please do cy63113
16:11:00 <cy63113> I had this amazing meetup with Pyladies and Python Berlin last week. About 60 people attended to hear me talk about Tor
16:11:14 <flexlibris> great turnout!
16:11:41 <cy63113> emma invited me to help with pt-br reviews
16:12:12 <cy63113> i'll start this week, I just back home today after a month trveling
16:12:33 <emmapeel> yes that is great, we need more reviewers for all langs
16:12:34 <cy63113> that's it :)
16:12:37 <emmapeel> if you are interested
16:12:51 <flexlibris> cool thanks cy
16:12:55 <flexlibris> anyone else want to go?
16:13:04 <wayward> I can go!
16:13:09 <flexlibris> please wayward
16:13:36 <wayward> I had a workshop in La Chinampa Hacklab in Mexico City yesterday, and talked a bit about the tb-manual with people
16:13:41 <wayward> *people from Tormenta
16:14:07 <flexlibris> yay
16:14:16 <wayward> It seems like they want to get more involved in contributing to the user manual, so I'm wondering what steps we can take to involve them :)
16:14:19 <emmapeel> wayward: did you teach them to submit patches?
16:14:40 <wayward> emmapeel: nope, but I can! I will need to ask you a few questions first though, if that's ok
16:14:45 <emmapeel> wayward: i think you need to teach them to build the manual and make changes
16:14:50 <wayward> will send you an email today!
16:14:51 <emmapeel> use git, etc
16:14:54 <wayward> ahh ok will do!
16:15:24 <emmapeel> bild lektor
16:15:25 <emmapeel> build
16:15:43 <wayward> otherwise the workshop went well. got a few people set up in IRC and we all installed the browser together
16:15:53 <cy63113> <3
16:15:59 <wayward> that's all from me!
16:16:10 <flexlibris> nice work!
16:16:29 <flexlibris> i can go next
16:16:54 <flexlibris> LFI starts in four weeks. I just made the official announcement, I'm finalizing the first 10 weeks of the curriculum and planning the NYC trip.
16:17:01 <wayward> !!!
16:17:02 <flexlibris> libraryfreedom.org is finally up but I have to make significant changes to it
16:17:15 <flexlibris> I am also looking around for new Library Freedom funding
16:17:39 <flexlibris> I am giving a talk in Maine at the beginning of May and then going with Gus to Mexico, so preparing for that
16:17:55 <flexlibris> doing the initial prep for RightsCon as well
16:18:02 <flexlibris> and starting to think about Tor Meeting planning
16:18:31 <flexlibris> that's basically it but it's a lot. I will also need to do the employee feedback stuff.
16:18:32 <flexlibris> that's it from me
16:20:12 <flexlibris> anyone else?
16:22:29 <emmapeel> ...
16:23:03 <flexlibris> seems like no?
16:23:06 <flexlibris> gus is out and so is pili
16:23:10 <flexlibris> we can wrap up then
16:23:23 <emmapeel> i want to stress the need for updates to the docs
16:24:04 <antonela> pili and gaba are working on that emmapeel, wait which docs?
16:24:05 <flexlibris> i will follow up with the team soon about scheduling stuff for the july meeting
16:24:10 <emmapeel> i may be more aware of the outdated docs because as they are part of the translation of files.. but it would be nice to have a look at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Community%2FTor+Support
16:24:19 <antonela> ohh
16:25:14 <emmapeel> i may be more aware of the outdated docs because as they are part of the translation of files.. but it would be nice to have a look at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Community%2FTor+Browser+Manual
16:25:21 <emmapeel> oops sorry
16:25:28 <emmapeel> those two links
16:25:38 <antonela> not sure which capacity we have here to work on it flexlibris
16:26:16 <emmapeel> maybe we can make an effort and clean those queries up? i see, is just that i was reading the roadmap and it says that it is ongoing but well
16:26:22 <emmapeel> i take the onoing out then
16:26:36 <flexlibris> yeah, we need more team capacity overall
16:26:43 <flexlibris> i have asked for it
16:26:52 <antonela> yes, and most of those tickets are phoul, but ggus is travelling
16:27:48 <emmapeel> yes, we should also look at phouls tickets cause maybe he will not have time for them
16:28:11 <cy63113> well, gus explain somethings how to help with tickests but so far I kind of lost and have no idea how to help with it
16:28:40 <cy63113> I mean, I have no idea how to answer :/
16:28:52 <ailanthus> can someone explain a bit more what is needed?
16:29:52 <emmapeel> well, the idea is to try to close all those tickets. for example: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/10074 Make presentation slides on using Tails
16:30:22 <emmapeel> maybe we think: well, we dont need to do that as Tor Project, there are others anyway. maybe we can close it
16:30:48 <emmapeel> i would close it. actually i already suggested that on the ticket heh
16:31:08 <ailanthus> +1  I love tails but that is a big job and really it is tails
16:31:13 <emmapeel> or maybe you know how to do #8518
16:31:45 <emmapeel> if you have some information that can help too solve the ticket, you add it
16:32:06 <antonela> actually, before assigning those tickets we should triage them and give them some urgency label. As it is, is very hard to define what to handle first.
16:32:34 <emmapeel> yes, that is why i think it would be good if many people looks at them and tries to weed them
16:32:37 <ailanthus> so--I am not knowledgeable about the culture of tickets. That is a six year old ticket from someone who does not work with Tor anymore--does it make sense to close it? I would vote Yes, to conserve resources.
16:33:12 <emmapeel> yea, is clear it has not real owner
16:33:21 <emmapeel> lets close it!
16:33:24 <ailanthus> BOOM
16:33:28 <flexlibris> one down!
16:33:33 <kat5> Plus it's taking about a workflow that is probably obsolete.
16:33:34 <ailanthus> feeling the excellence
16:33:41 <ailanthus> :)
16:34:39 <emmapeel> done!
16:34:46 <ailanthus> progress!
16:35:39 <flexlibris> okay anything else we should talk about now?
16:37:15 <ailanthus> Do we put out explicit tweets calling for nontechnical volunteers? That might be a thing to do
16:37:49 <ailanthus> It is easy to get going on #Tor but much harder (for a total noob to get going on #torproject)
16:38:00 <ailanthus> people who make slide decks, translators--maybe this is not needed
16:38:40 <flexlibris> steph can tweet that stuff for us. we should make the request specific.
16:38:45 <emmapeel> ailanthus: we do, there are some more translated i should send to stephw
16:38:57 <ailanthus> emmapeel flexlibris cool
16:39:11 <ailanthus> It might make sense to brainstorm a list of nontechnical tasks
16:39:34 <ailanthus> that need doing, advertise for them, using my instructions for getting up and running on IRC
16:39:43 <ailanthus> (yes, that again)
16:39:59 <flexlibris> if you have time to work on that it would definitely be helpful!
16:40:02 <ailanthus> I see IRC as a barrier to volunteering for nontechnical people; tried to make a workaround
16:40:11 <emmapeel> yeah that would be great. the tweets asking for translations have helped a lot i think
16:40:33 <ailanthus> Twitter is a powerful tool for Tor to recruit volunteers
16:40:35 <emmapeel> we had problems with Turkish for long and we solved it with one tweet!
16:40:41 <cy63113> ailanthus: I want translate this irc instruction for portuguese
16:40:52 <ailanthus> Oh good idea
16:41:07 <cy63113> can you send me, please?
16:41:08 <emmapeel> if we add them to the support or community portal they can be translated
16:41:14 <ailanthus> You can write a tweet that links to the IRC instructions and ask for a translation
16:41:17 <emmapeel> in more languages
16:41:28 <cy63113> !!!
16:41:42 <ailanthus> right, but also explicitly ask for them to be translated in a tweet and use the hashtag #translation and #translators
16:41:45 <emmapeel> i rather add it to a localizable resource and use the usual channels
16:42:45 <ailanthus> Is there a reason we shouldn't do both?
16:43:14 <ailanthus> serious question--I'm not familiar with our translation system
16:43:23 <emmapeel> well it is hard to keep a text up to date if it is not translated with a translation software that checks the strings etc
16:43:56 <ailanthus> can it be pasted in to the translation system after we find a translator using Twitter?
16:44:01 <emmapeel> gives consistency
16:44:23 <ailanthus> oh, different translation styles, one wants to be consistent, ok
16:44:37 <emmapeel> we already have translators and texts to translate. this text is in outdated pages. if we update them with your content, then they are going to be translated
16:44:51 <ailanthus> okay
16:45:17 <emmapeel> we have a lot of outdated content in our manal and support portal, it would ne nice to add new content, like your irc guide
16:45:25 <ailanthus> ok
16:45:35 <emmapeel> the wiki is cool but it cannot be localized
16:45:45 <emmapeel> or at least not in a scalable way
16:46:11 <ailanthus> ah, okay, I didn't understand that
16:46:20 <ailanthus> Here is the link on the wiki to the IRC text: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/onboarding/IRC
16:46:44 <ailanthus> so one needs to use IRC to volunteer (pretty much)
16:47:01 <ailanthus> what are non-technical skills and tasks that are helpful to Tor, if any?
16:47:08 <ailanthus> What do we need people to do?
16:47:11 <emmapeel> is it finished? i can add it to the support portal, or we can wait and move it to the community portal
16:47:22 <ailanthus> emmapeel: It's finished.
16:47:52 <ailanthus> (Certainly open to additional edits, if needed). It's geared toward real non-technical beginners
16:47:56 <ailanthus> .
16:48:16 <emmapeel> actually i could add it to the community portal now, it not be released yet but we can look at it at https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/
16:48:31 <ailanthus> sure :)
16:48:40 <emmapeel> antonela: is that supposed to be part of the community portal?
16:49:47 <antonela> i think is a very relevant content for the community portal, we could include it. At least, a link yes
16:50:04 <emmapeel> yeah i think is a great idea there somewhere
16:50:28 <antonela> the community portal is not released, nor reviewed, is on dev stage
16:50:37 <emmapeel> also linked from https://www.torproject.org/contact/
16:53:19 <emmapeel> antonela: but we could add this howto to the community portal then, right?
16:53:30 <antonela> yes
16:53:52 <emmapeel> and when the portal is released the content will be there
16:54:40 <ailanthus> good :)
16:55:04 <flexlibris> cool. shall i kill the bot then?
16:55:05 <cy63113> cool!!!!
16:55:20 <ailanthus> sure :)
16:55:27 <flexlibris> great. thanks everyone!
16:55:30 <flexlibris> #endmeeting