15:01:15 <pili> #startmeeting s27/onion services 04/23
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15:01:29 <pili> hi everyone, who is here for this meeting?
15:01:34 <antonela> buenas
15:02:14 <dgoulet> hello
15:03:14 <GeKo> <-
15:03:25 <pili> hi!
15:03:28 <asn> gaba: woah gaba
15:03:32 <asn> gaba: nice for starting to work on the roamdap
15:03:36 <pili> please add any updates to the pad :)
15:03:55 <asn> jesus storm looks ugly
15:03:58 <pili> and then we can have a quick discussion of where we are and whether there are any blockers or concerns
15:04:23 <pili> asn: yeah, maybe we can start moving some stuff to nextcloud, not sure...
15:04:56 <asn> i'd be up for that
15:06:16 <pili> ok, shall we get started?
15:06:38 <asn> yes
15:06:43 <pili> welcome back dgoulet btw :) I was away when you got back I think
15:06:56 <pili> who wants to go first?
15:07:24 <asn> with what? :)
15:08:24 <pili> just sharing any status updates, or I guess people can read from the pad :D
15:08:32 <asn> yeah i wrote ours in the pad
15:08:44 <asn> i basically spent some time with dgoulet triaging O1 tickets and adding points to them
15:08:56 <asn> and we started working on O1A2 stuff already
15:09:10 <asn> and i also wrote a trac ticket and an email to the https-e crew
15:09:15 <asn> all this is in the pad already
15:09:16 <pili> it may be a bit soon but I was wondering if there were any activities that have some degree of completion that we can either bill for or update in the progress spreadsheet
15:09:23 <asn> yes
15:09:31 <asn> we have 2-3 tickets on the net-team side
15:09:38 <asn> and we have a few mockups and work done by antonela
15:09:41 <antonela> O2A1, linked there
15:09:58 <pili> great, thank you! :)
15:10:01 <asn> and also the SSL stuff?
15:10:12 <asn> basically the whole page that you showed me today anto
15:10:24 <asn> and the circuit display and everything
15:10:27 <gaba> sorry i got distracted
15:10:59 <pili> ok
15:11:02 <antonela> well, these are notes, doesn't have any shape, but if you are curious https://www.notion.so/UX-onions-167354d3cf494d4883d46febd15678ec
15:11:55 <antonela> im lost on timeframes, what is now, what is june, what is july
15:11:58 <asn> i think the mockups in the end of that page can be considered as blueprints for O2A3
15:12:06 <antonela> yes
15:12:17 <asn> and also the circuit display stuff as blueprints for O2A3
15:12:26 <asn> and the SSL stuff as blueprints for O2A4 SSL work?
15:13:09 * asn looks for the net-team side
15:13:20 <antonela> not really, is just a draft, we need to follow the process there, list the errors, works on the copy, design the ui
15:13:21 <pili> antonela: I will spend some time this week roadmapping that work
15:13:34 <pili> we can go through the ux side together tomorrow during our meeting
15:13:52 <antonela> ok
15:14:20 <asn> added some more tickets in the "done" pile in the pad
15:14:24 <gaba> antonela: for you that you liek timelines there is a timeline for the activites in the status spreadsheet in storm. i'm trying to keep it up to date
15:14:40 <asn> antonela: ack
15:15:03 <asn> antonela: i understand it's a draft. i was just thinking that even super-rough-drafts like this might be worth citing in a report.
15:15:14 <pili> asn: thanks for that
15:15:47 <antonela> gaba, yes, that storm is perfect for the network team, for my side of things 1. it doesn't include ux efforts 2. it doesn't have tb team estimation
15:15:51 <antonela> asn, yep yep
15:16:29 <gaba> yes, not sure when/how the tb team estimation is happening. Pili: do you think we can include that there?
15:16:34 <asn> gaba: just fwiw, the O1 estimated points have changed a lot since we triaged with dgoulet. mainly towards the upwards direction.
15:16:51 <gaba> good asn. i will check that out
15:17:01 <pili> gaba: we can do, I was planning to work on that this week
15:17:10 <gaba> asn: i tried to sort out the tickets in the roadmap as i understood but feel free to move things around
15:17:19 <pili> on the other hand there was also some estimation done already when we submitted the proposal
15:17:34 <pili> so it's likely just a case of confirming that our estimates submitted back then are still accurate
15:17:47 <asn> "move things around" where?
15:18:46 <asn> gaba: i dont see any tickets in the roadmap. i only see activities and points.
15:18:50 <asn> am i in the wrong page?
15:19:35 <dgoulet> which pad is the roadmap we are looking at exactly?
15:19:50 <gaba> the network team roadmap asn?
15:19:56 <asn> aaaah
15:19:57 <pili> dgoulet: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ql9RAA4xyJir8AJeLroHiOjH-M9b3_7mqesdFgux6w4
15:19:58 <pili> I think that's the spreadsheet asn is referring to?
15:19:58 <gaba> filtered by s27
15:20:04 <asn> gaba: like the kanban?
15:20:07 <gaba> yes
15:20:12 <asn> ok
15:20:19 <asn> let me check that out
15:20:20 <pili> ok, so you guys have that in a kanban also?
15:20:31 <asn> pili: hehe
15:20:50 <pili> I was a little bit confused also :)
15:20:52 <pili> ok
15:21:08 * asn waiting for kanban to load
15:21:25 <antonela> the network team has a kanban and they can filter tickets by name!
15:21:36 <pili> antonela: we can do that also ;)
15:21:54 <asn> kanban not loading for me...
15:21:56 * antonela dreams with gitlab
15:22:01 <pili> and by "we" I mean I can set that up for us
15:22:08 <gaba> yes, storm sucks :|
15:22:22 <gaba> the loading and I'm having similar issues with the nextcloud that we are trying
15:22:50 <asn> ok kanban literally does not load right now :P
15:22:56 <asn> does it load for you dgoulet ?
15:22:59 <pili> ok, I have added a "next steps" for me to do some more detailed roadmapping for UX and browser teams
15:23:08 <dgoulet> Storm rarely loads for me ;)
15:23:11 <antonela> pili, i think that could be useful if the storm pad that gaba made incorporates the browser efforts too, so we are in the same page about what each team is working
15:23:12 <pili> while we wait for the network team kanban :)
15:23:58 <pili> antonela: you mean the Sponsor 27 status spreadsheet? Or the network team kanban?
15:23:58 <dgoulet> asn: still at the loading animation...
15:24:00 <asn> yeah
15:24:03 <asn> ok that's not gonna work
15:24:08 <asn> gaba let's look at this another time?
15:24:10 <GeKo> gaba: [please file a ticket for the nextcloud issue under Service - nextcloud, thanks]
15:24:13 <gaba> yes
15:24:18 <antonela> pili the S27 status spreadsheet
15:24:25 <gaba> GeKo: it makes sense. I will do that today
15:24:32 <GeKo> thx
15:24:37 <pili> antonela: yup, that's part of the roadmapping work I will do
15:25:03 <asn> gaba: dgoulet: i added an item in "next steps" for me and dgouelt to see gaba's roadmap and shuffle it around
15:25:20 <gaba> thanks
15:25:30 <asn> e.g. we always need some free capacity on O2 every month, to help tb/ux team with stuff
15:27:57 <pili> ok, great :)
15:28:57 <pili> anything else to discuss? asn dgoulet I read you need some server to play with
15:29:07 <asn> yeah
15:29:08 <pili> do you need gaba or myself to follow up on that?
15:29:10 <asn> we need a server
15:29:13 <asn> i think not for now
15:29:19 <asn> let me see if i can figure it out with the sysadmin team
15:29:20 * gaba needs to run out. brb.
15:29:27 <asn> otherwise, we might need some help from the upper layers
15:29:31 <asn> to rent one or sth
15:30:17 <asn> GeKo: mcs: not sure who just wrote about the O2A1 blocker
15:30:33 <asn> but i've been considering that the tor browser team should let us know what they want
15:30:48 <GeKo> that was i
15:30:52 * asn feels like he is speaking in a diplomatic meeting
15:31:00 <antonela> lol
15:31:06 <GeKo> we could chat afterwards in #tor-dev or so
15:31:20 <asn> ok. i need to head out after this hour.
15:31:33 <pili> is it something that we can discuss during this meeting? :)
15:31:36 <asn> but like, we are fine with doing HTTPCONNET, SOCKS or controlport
15:31:39 <dgoulet> I'm also up for a mumble meeting if need be about that
15:31:42 <GeKo> we could
15:31:56 <asn> ack
15:31:57 <asn> ok
15:32:03 <GeKo> well, i was wondering what speaks against the BAD_DESC approach m entioned in the ticket
15:32:05 <pili> whatever works, but feel free to resolve these dependencies during these meetings also
15:32:15 <pili> (depending on how long they are likely to be...
15:32:16 <GeKo> and am a bit reluctant to bind this to #30022
15:32:18 <asn> let me see this bad_desc approach
15:32:47 <asn> ok i need some more tiem to understand this
15:32:50 <asn> let's not do it now :P
15:32:59 <GeKo> wfm
15:33:19 <pili> ok :)
15:33:48 <GeKo> (i am reluctant as i expect figuring the right thing out for #30022 might take a while while we want to make progress on o2a1)
15:33:56 <pili> anything else to discuss? Is everyone clear on their next steps?
15:34:19 <asn> GeKo: hm what do you mean?
15:34:25 <asn> #30022 seems independent from o2a1
15:34:50 <GeKo> yes, but you mentioned it in your first bullet point in #14389 comment:39
15:35:00 <asn> oh
15:35:01 <asn> right
15:35:06 <asn> oh hm,m
15:35:14 <asn> ok gotcha
15:35:15 <asn> gotcha
15:35:22 <GeKo> great :)
15:35:29 <asn> ok im adding a "next steps" bullet point for net team
15:35:33 <asn> to look into the bad_Desc thing
15:35:42 <GeKo> yeah, that sounds useful
15:35:54 <asn> ack thx
15:35:55 * antonela adds next steps too
15:37:04 <pili> thanks for that everyone :)
15:37:28 <pili> if there's no other next steps I wanted to briefly discuss a time/date for our next meeting
15:37:39 <pili> how does doing these every other week work?
15:37:49 <asn> sounds good
15:37:58 <GeKo> +1
15:37:59 <antonela> wfm
15:38:02 <mcs> +1
15:38:10 <pili> and this time still works for everyone?
15:38:22 <GeKo> for me, yes
15:38:29 <dgoulet> yes
15:38:32 <antonela> not for gaba, maybe
15:38:38 <asn> GeKo: so like are you blocking completely on O2A1 on us right now?
15:38:56 <asn> so i guess i should prioritize this thing to unblock you people
15:39:09 <dgoulet> asn: lets discuss this very soon then?
15:39:19 <asn> ye
15:39:32 <pili> antonela: true, I will discuss with gaba also
15:39:49 <GeKo> asn: i think mcs/brade still spent time on getting up to speed
15:39:52 <GeKo> *spend
15:39:56 <asn> ack
15:40:15 <asn> ok will have some news on this this week for sure
15:40:16 <GeKo> however, that would be the first item blocking us afterwards i think
15:40:23 <asn> ack
15:41:31 <asn> ok so next meeting 7th of May
15:41:57 <pili> yup, at 15UTC if it's ok with everyone, I will send a follow up email
15:42:00 <asn> ok
15:42:11 <pili> does anyone have anything related to this project that they'd like to discuss
15:42:24 <pili> otherwise we can possibly get 15 minutes back :)
15:42:37 * dgoulet is good
15:43:08 <asn> im good
15:43:19 * antonela is good
15:43:56 <pili> going once
15:43:57 <pili> twice... :)
15:44:01 <pili> gone
15:44:04 <pili> #endmeeting