18:00:53 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 04/24
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18:01:13 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/dIz8OxTw2vYNBTmpCdyTTTWv6LnQsxGVSL8XfcYcHv5
18:01:18 <pili> I'm still adding in some updates
18:01:32 <pili> feel free to add anything for discussion or any release highlights you want to mention :)
18:01:59 <pili> there's quite a few nice pieces of work that finally made it !
18:05:34 <pili> ok, let's get started
18:05:50 <pili> so I believe next week we'll be building 8.5 stable
18:05:57 <pili> a
18:06:00 <pili> R
18:06:09 <pili> sorry, baby, need to move :P
18:06:20 <antonela> jiji
18:06:37 <pili> any pending tickets to make it in?
18:06:45 <pili> anything that we were planning that's not going to make it? :)
18:07:47 <antonela> on ux side, i think we have desktop covered
18:07:55 <antonela> we need to discuss mostly TBA #27399 and #29955
18:08:00 <antonela> not sure if matt is around
18:08:31 <GeKo> antonela: we started a thread with n8fr8
18:08:52 <GeKo> and the result is the ticket update on #29955
18:09:06 <GeKo> but there are no details about that yet
18:09:15 <antonela> oh, okey
18:09:18 <GeKo> we could hammer out those after the meeting i guess?
18:09:19 <antonela> im not in that thread im afraid
18:09:28 * antonela opens the ticket
18:09:35 <GeKo> (i know, i know another thing for after the meeting :) )
18:09:55 <GeKo> antonela: it's just a ping for nathan
18:09:55 <pili> what's the deadline to be able to get this into 8.5 stable?
18:09:58 <antonela> well, comment #6 is what we talked about back in mexico
18:10:06 <GeKo> everything substantially is on the ticket
18:10:13 <antonela> cool, yes lets talk after the meeting, i can provide the assets that are needed
18:10:24 <GeKo> pili: well, the good news is that's nothing we need to get into 8.5
18:10:25 <GeKo> :)
18:10:33 <pili> :D
18:10:35 <GeKo> we should have it ready once 8.5 is getting out
18:10:38 <GeKo> or shortly after
18:10:49 <GeKo> which gives us a bit more time
18:11:02 <antonela> yes, like next week?
18:11:02 <pili> ok, what's the deadline for thing's we'd *like* to make it into 8.5 stable? ;)
18:11:06 <GeKo> antonela: sounds good, thanks
18:11:31 <antonela> cool, we should work on the content, i'll approach something, update the ticket and then we can have stephw review
18:11:42 <antonela> stephw's
18:11:43 <GeKo> cool
18:11:54 <stephw> +1
18:11:55 <GeKo> pili: i think next wed/thu
18:11:58 <pili> ok, seems you're on the same on that at least :)
18:12:05 <pili> *same page
18:13:38 <antonela> yep
18:13:42 <pili> btw, 1st May (wednesday) is a public holiday in some places in europe
18:13:51 <pili> not sure if that will affect the release
18:13:57 <GeKo> oh, indeed
18:14:42 <GeKo> i'd be very pleased if we could start building on thu tbh, we'll see
18:14:57 <emmapeel> related to translations i have some doubts about the escaping sentence, maybe we can have a look at that? because it is hard for me to check if the translations are ok without building
18:15:05 <emmapeel> for TBA
18:15:15 <antonela> what is the escaping sentence?
18:15:57 <emmapeel> apparently some characters need to be escaped, but GeKo gave me those rules... let me look for the ticket
18:17:15 <GeKo> yeah, in XML there are entities that need to escaped with a backslash
18:17:18 <GeKo> like '
18:17:40 <GeKo> and we need that in translations as well as otherwise the build breaks
18:17:43 <GeKo> sic!
18:17:52 <emmapeel> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27125
18:18:15 <emmapeel> yes, but some source strings have for example ? that according to the rules you gave me should be escaped
18:18:46 <emmapeel> what should we do in the translation? and also, how can i find out if it broke becaues of that, and fix it in transifex?
18:19:46 <pili> hmm, sounds like we could do with some automated tests there, if that's something that's possible :)
18:20:10 <pili> maybe a bit late for this release though
18:20:50 <GeKo> emmapeel: do we have "?" somewhere unescaped?
18:20:58 <GeKo> in tba strings that is
18:21:03 <emmapeel> yes, i think
18:21:25 <emmapeel> (i am not sure where but on the torbrowser repo i guess)
18:22:09 <GeKo> pili: yes we should have a script that makes sure that (translated) strings pushed to the translations repo are escaped
18:22:24 <GeKo> i think we should not bother translators with that
18:22:41 <pili> +1
18:22:46 <GeKo> but have it as a git hook making sure the proper escaping is in place
18:22:54 <emmapeel> +1
18:23:12 <GeKo> emmapeel: well, i could do a bit more research and ask around at mozilla what they are doing
18:23:25 <emmapeel> ok!
18:23:30 <GeKo> but i am not sure whether we'll have that ready for 8.5
18:23:43 <GeKo> in doubt we'll fix up stuff manually this time i guess
18:24:12 <emmapeel> ok let me know about the needed corrections so i do them in transifex
18:24:37 <GeKo> i'll do a prebuild making sure everything is okay
18:24:45 <GeKo> and if so, i'll freeze the commit we use
18:24:58 <GeKo> and if not i'll ping you and we sort it out ad hoc?
18:27:05 <pili> emmapeel: are you good on that? :)
18:27:17 <pili> I think you also wanted to ask about the deadline for translations?
18:27:20 <emmapeel> sure
18:27:50 <emmapeel> yes, well GeKo told me better two weeks before start building
18:28:09 <pili> (also someone asked about which languages were going to be included, not sure who, but I moved it to the discussion section
18:28:10 <emmapeel> i agree with the frametime in principle but i wonder how can i find out dates before hand
18:28:10 <pili> so 1 week ago then :D
18:28:26 <pili> coming to this release meeting is a good bet :)
18:28:30 <pili> or reading the notes after
18:28:37 <emmapeel> so i can prepare our priorities with erin
18:29:12 <GeKo> emmapeel: we talked in previous meetings about releasing 8.5 at the end of april
18:29:19 <GeKo> it's not new
18:29:22 <emmapeel> ideally i would like to know like two weeks before. So that is like 1 month before the release
18:29:28 <emmapeel> but i dont need a precise date
18:29:41 <emmapeel> ok i need to pay more attention then
18:29:44 <GeKo> (that is both in tor browser weekly meetings and in release meetings)
18:30:21 <pili> we should also think about this as part of the release preparations :)
18:30:42 <emmapeel> ok that is all for me then thanks!
18:30:47 <pili> ok, anything else on translations or 8.5 stable?
18:30:55 <pili> from anyone
18:31:08 <GeKo> pili: yes, once we have a good process i'll add that to our general release prep doc
18:31:27 <pili> GeKo: sounds like a good plan
18:32:34 <pili> ok, shall we quickly discuss 9.0a1 then?
18:32:41 <pili> oh, wait
18:32:56 <pili> there was something from stephw about the press release?
18:33:20 <stephw> really just a note that ill be doing that
18:33:30 <pili> ok cool :)
18:33:36 <pili> anything else we want to discuss with stephw ?
18:34:01 <stephw> def give me a ping for the blog post draft
18:34:28 <pili> sure
18:34:37 <pili> shall we move on to 9.0a1?
18:34:50 <GeKo> stephw: yeah
18:35:03 <stephw> yea that generally happens so i think we’re good :)
18:35:25 <pili> I currently have this to be released around the 2nd week of May (or before mid May)
18:36:07 <GeKo> yeah, i think we won't get it out before the next esr update, alas
18:36:33 <GeKo> so 5/14 i guess
18:36:39 <pili> ok
18:36:57 <pili> pretty much what I had :)
18:37:36 <GeKo> i'd like to have #28044 as big item in it
18:38:08 <GeKo> and things like #29307, #29329 and #29627 and #29045
18:38:39 <GeKo> those are all in needs_review right now and just wait for us switching 8.5 to a maint-8.5 branch
18:38:48 <GeKo> and having master for 9.0 items open
18:39:10 <antonela> what changes in terms of UI with #28044?
18:39:33 <GeKo> nothing is planned for that, no
18:39:52 <antonela> got it
18:40:21 <GeKo> it'S basically a move to allow us to use our old xpcom extension code more or less unchanged in esr68
18:40:43 <antonela> yes i read it, i was wondering if that affects the ui/ux in any way
18:41:00 <GeKo> it shoul dnot
18:41:05 <GeKo> *should not
18:41:26 <antonela> oki
18:41:43 <pili> GeKo: #29329 ? :)
18:43:06 <GeKo> nice bug :)
18:43:34 <GeKo> (but you might have meant a different one ;) )
18:43:47 <antonela> you might have meant a different one ha
18:44:14 <pili> #29319
18:44:16 <pili> I guess :)
18:44:21 <antonela> 15:38 GeKo: and things like #29307, #29329 and #29627 and #29045
18:44:33 <GeKo> ah, it was my typo
18:44:37 <GeKo> sorry for that
18:44:40 <antonela> jiji
18:44:53 <GeKo> pili: yes, fte is a sad story
18:45:05 <GeKo> we should get rid of it during our 8.0 cycle
18:45:08 <pili> not sure if I want to read about it then! :)
18:45:09 <GeKo> 8.0
18:45:14 <GeKo> 9.0
18:45:23 <pili> hehe ok
18:45:53 <GeKo> well it's basically not maintained
18:46:04 <GeKo> and there are essentially no working bridges
18:46:15 <GeKo> and on macos and Windows 64bit it's not available anyway
18:46:30 <pili> ah, this sounds somewhat familiar
18:46:52 <GeKo> i had hopes we could grow marionette into its place
18:46:54 <GeKo> for 9.0
18:47:06 <GeKo> but it seems there are... maintenance problems, too
18:47:09 <GeKo> at least
18:47:23 <pili> ah
18:47:44 <pili> well, there's always snowflake... :)
18:48:01 <GeKo> yeah
18:48:09 <pili> ok, are there any last things to discuss?
18:48:16 <pili> if not we can probably wrap this up now, give people some time back :)
18:48:28 <phw> aiui, marionette's maintainer isn't around anymore.  also, i'm happy to get rid of fte in bridgedb once it's officially retired.
18:48:50 <GeKo> yeah
18:49:33 <pili> ok, I think I'm going to call this
18:49:40 <pili> thanks everyone for coming :)
18:49:50 <pili> looking forward to the next release!!
18:50:09 <pili> #endmeeting