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14:02:48 <pili> pad is here: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/vjqIKquzY5m4UdT2dYpGVd7_rGGt3zQJupMWcfVrmnf
14:03:34 <pili> I added a few updates from my side but tbh, I've neglected this project a bit lately with IFF and vacations
14:04:03 <pili> in the timeline we had said that we would try to have the copy finalised by the end of April
14:04:04 <pili> does anyone have any updates on that?
14:04:09 <pili> I pinged nusenu about the relay operators section today
14:04:22 <pili> and reminded asn about the onion services section
14:04:26 <emmapeel> ey there
14:04:32 <pili> any other updates on the other sections?
14:05:14 <emmapeel> i havent finished my sections, though i have started a bit...
14:06:03 <pili> emmapeel: any estimates on when you can have something ready for review? :)
14:06:39 <emmapeel> not sure, ill try to prioritise this
14:07:38 * antonela wonder if we are updating about general website things or just community portal
14:08:26 <pili> we can start with community portal and then move back to website if that's ok :)
14:08:47 <pili> I'll move the sections round on the pad
14:10:03 <pili> emmapeel: also, are you doing it here: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/NosjHmWOvZsEnz9V3rJBVr0vv-MJZVPKF53L_shyTAK or somewhere else?
14:10:13 <antonela> pili, great
14:10:48 <emmapeel> pili: i was doing it on the repo directly
14:10:55 <pili> that works also :)
14:10:58 <pili> great
14:11:11 <antonela> i think is very relevant that hiro started to build the entire portal https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/
14:11:14 <ggus> hi! sorry to be late
14:11:37 <hiro> yeah it's almost all there
14:11:40 <pili> no worries ggus, glad you could make it
14:11:57 <emmapeel> actually i fell on the pool of howtos trying to do the image at https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/localization/ :D
14:12:04 <pili> yup, thanks hiro!
14:12:09 <asn> o/ i also have not made any moves towards the onion service portal
14:12:17 <asn> hope im not delaying things
14:12:47 <pili> ah, I think I was looking somewhere else for this because I see a few new things there :)
14:12:58 <pili> asn: no worries, it's not _just_ you ;)
14:13:16 <pili> anyone else want to share any other updates on their sections>
14:14:33 <antonela> i didnt worked on the user testing content, will put that for next week
14:14:49 <pili> thanks antonela !
14:15:36 <pili> stephw: are you reviewing content as it's getting marked ready for review? I'm just wondering how long we need to review the copy after everyone is done with their bit
14:15:45 <pili> and whether we should update the timelines
14:16:03 <ggus> training materials: i'm stuck doing 'how to be a volunteer' slides; tor network the content is done but we need better visualization (more imgs);
14:16:04 <stephw> pili: no, i havent started yet!
14:16:07 <emmapeel> i was wondering if all the content has to be here or this stuff can be links https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/localization/ (Becoming Tor translator, Pick a Project...) Can I change a bit the contents?
14:16:18 <stephw> stephw: sorry, where is it marked for review?
14:16:37 <pili> stephw: in the content spreadsheet, one sec
14:16:50 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/g2K1n35E4h1qXAHu5FkpAzcgKjc9oFpiEdGyuWWAabF
14:17:11 <pili> emmapeel: I think that link will also answer your question
14:17:28 <antonela> just to be sure i'm following the process pili : we upload our content to that storm pad, steph review and then we update the repo
14:17:33 <antonela> is that right?
14:18:03 <pili> the How to become a translator should be moved from tb-manual to community portal though, not just linked though
14:18:26 <pili> antonela: I guess whatever works best for stephw regarding review
14:18:47 <pili> some of you had been doing it like that I think
14:19:01 <antonela> yes, im afraid that if we update the repositories before the steph's review, we will mess things
14:19:07 <stephw> yes i think that sounds good
14:19:14 <stephw> i just created another column so i can mark my review
14:19:20 <pili> thanks stephw !
14:19:29 <pili> ok, emmapeel can you add your updates to the pad instead before the repo? :)
14:20:30 <pili> ggus: what images do you need and who's the best person to help you there? antonela or do we want to involve Alon_Braier ?
14:20:55 <pili> maybe the images can wait though?
14:21:12 <pili> as in, if we have ones that are good enough for now, maybe we can update with better ones little by little?
14:21:38 <emmapeel> ok!
14:21:50 <antonela> i have some things we could use pili
14:21:54 <ggus> pili: yes, the images can wait. I'm thinking to make our slides look like the website
14:22:08 <pili> ggus: oooh, sounds fancy :D
14:22:27 <pili> ggus: antonela I'll leave you to work together on this then :)
14:22:41 <antonela> yes we should ha
14:22:49 <emmapeel> pili: yes, how to become translator will move but i would like it to have its own page
14:23:16 <pili> ok, that's fine with me, hiro antonela do you see any problems with that? ^
14:23:55 <emmapeel> community.tpo/localization/becoming-tor-translator
14:24:31 <antonela> yes sure
14:25:13 <pili> ok
14:25:18 <pili> great
14:25:29 <emmapeel> (i send that link a lot after talking with people afk, so they dont really need an introduction)
14:26:14 <emmapeel> sorry i need to say that 'chinese is almost complete for tpo! i will wait until reviewes tho but its almost there :D
14:26:24 <antonela> \o/
14:26:50 <antonela> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/staging/zh-CN/
14:27:12 <pili> yay!
14:27:13 <pili> ok
14:27:28 <pili> I think we're done on the community portal updates
14:27:32 <pili> anyone have anything else
14:28:04 <antonela> Alon_Braier has illos!
14:28:05 <pili> otherwise we can move on to look at the latest batch of illustrations... 💜
14:28:13 <antonela> yes yes
14:28:16 <Alon_Braier> I have some final drafts for the illustrations if you like to see
14:28:21 <pili> YES! :S
14:28:22 <pili> :D
14:28:47 <pili> (got too excited, I've seen them already :P)
14:28:51 <Alon_Braier> Alright :) here they are - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xZloaGVIn6i4UfZl1geahgYeFOzNaZbO/view?usp=sharing
14:29:13 <ggus> :O omg!
14:29:28 <pili> this is the time to give feedback to Alon_Braier :)
14:30:18 <antonela> ohh love themmm
14:30:44 <pili> +1000
14:31:02 <Alon_Braier> Hey, thanks :)
14:31:29 <flexlibris> love them so much
14:31:30 <pili> any suggestions/changes?
14:31:31 <antonela> i already told that during our calls, the user research being a laboratory is exactly what we dont want to be lol
14:31:37 <antonela> we can keep everything and remove the labs elements if people is ok with that
14:31:44 <antonela> all the others are :fire:
14:31:44 <flexlibris> sure
14:32:07 <Alon_Braier> Alright, no problem
14:32:20 <antonela> i love how people is looking at flexlibris at the 4th one :D
14:32:34 <flexlibris> hahahaha
14:32:49 <flexlibris> thank you for visioning how my hair will look once it's grown out some more
14:32:53 <antonela> hahahhahahah
14:33:10 <pili> :D
14:33:12 <antonela> was about to say that she needs a better hairdresser
14:33:13 <antonela> hahahaha
14:33:15 <Alon_Braier> :D
14:33:52 <hiro> I like the lab
14:34:46 <pili> I don't mind the lab either but maybe we can take a vote on it
14:35:04 <pili> sorry, that's different to liking it :)
14:35:10 <pili> I'm neutral about the lab
14:35:39 <pili> +/-1s for the lab?
14:35:40 <Alon_Braier> does the lab feel negative in any way?
14:36:05 <pili> not to me
14:36:29 <sstevenson> i am also neutral about the lab. and <3 all of the images
14:36:56 <antonela> Alon_Braier not really
14:38:04 <pili> stephw: what do you think?
14:38:05 <stephw> i think the lab comes off better than it did in the original where we first wanted to move away from it
14:38:20 <stephw> but if you read into it, we dont want it to be like we are experimenting on people
14:38:59 <stephw> but i think that might be a deep read :)
14:39:51 <Alon_Braier> I dont think it look's like the person who is taking the test is being experimented on, right? they are in a lab environment
14:40:24 <pili> I'm happy to keep the lab as long as no one feels really strongly about removing it
14:40:30 <stephw> im good with it
14:40:34 <pili> the other thing we can do is compare images with or without the lab
14:40:39 <stephw> it doesnt strike me the way it did the first round
14:40:48 <pili> but I think it will lose some of the nice quirkiness without the lab
14:41:42 <pili> let's do that, Alon_Braier is it ok to do a version without the lab and then we compare? :)
14:42:02 <pili> and we can make a final decision then
14:42:03 <pili> any objections?
14:42:16 <stephw> sounds good! they are all really great
14:42:20 <stephw> excited about these :)
14:42:22 <Alon_Braier> Sure, I can do that
14:42:33 <emmapeel> what about some post-its?
14:43:04 <emmapeel> (instead of the lab things)
14:43:24 <hiro> post-its are for PM-noia :P
14:43:38 <emmapeel> jejejeje
14:44:03 <antonela> jajaja
14:44:03 <stephw> hahaha
14:44:28 <pili> ok, let's move on then :)
14:44:31 <pili> tpo.org?
14:44:39 <pili> (if there's nothing else on community)
14:44:46 <pili> thanks Alon_Braier !
14:44:58 <Alon_Braier> Thanks everyone :)
14:45:30 <pili> so, for tpo.org I still need to write a follow up regarding the retrospective
14:46:04 <pili> with some things we can try for the next launch, although in this case we're not replacing an existing website
14:46:42 <pili> the other thing I wanted to mention is that we want to do a triage for website tickets during the first website meeting of every month
14:46:54 <pili> so the first one will be next week
14:47:25 <pili> any questions/suggestions on that?
14:48:16 <antonela> works for me
14:48:54 <pili> ok :)
14:49:04 <pili> any other updates on tpo.org?
14:49:53 <antonela> I worked on /download related tickets #30014, #29907, #29901, #29845
14:50:20 <antonela> I don't know what to do with the Windows Expert Bundle yet
14:50:32 <pili> yeah, that's a tricky one... :/
14:50:42 <antonela> since is a very specific downloadable, it needs a very specific place which doesn't exist yet
14:51:44 <antonela> i understand the disappointed people who didn't find it in the new version, but was a very bad idea having it in the same space with Windows which is one of the most downloaded Tor Browsers we have by non-technical people
14:51:48 <antonela> at least, confusing
14:52:13 <pili> maybe under the tor browser for android, with a link below the windows icon or something>
14:52:20 <pili> not sure how ugly that will look though
14:52:22 <antonela> i fixed some ui bugs there too, will PR today
14:52:25 <antonela> https://screenshots.firefox.com/BeTs0QpAQU7HMl2A/localhost
14:52:25 <antonela> https://screenshots.firefox.com/FqGrke4YCM6jdd1t/localhost
14:52:25 <antonela> https://screenshots.firefox.com/jhT0nVqwddGESOAM/localhost
14:52:48 <pili> so a new section, similar to this section: https://www.torproject.org/download/#android and below it
14:53:10 <pili> w
14:53:36 <pili> with a text link to it on the same line as "Download in another language or platform Advanced Install Options Download Tor Source Code"
14:53:43 <pili> will that look horrible?
14:53:48 <hiro> another option was in the source
14:53:51 <antonela> yes
14:53:58 <ggus> antonela: yesterday i told some users in the workshop to download tor browser for android via website. i was wondering if google play shouldn't be the first option...
14:54:03 <pili> anyway, is there a ticket where we can brainstorm?
14:54:06 <hiro> a screenshot for that is in one of the tickets
14:54:13 <hiro> but I don't remember which one
14:54:16 <emmapeel> fdroid works too
14:54:25 <antonela> is not about how it looks is about which hierarchy it could have
14:54:26 <emmapeel> but in the website they can have the alpha
14:54:53 <hiro> yes about the information structure before we end up with another spaghetti download section
14:55:00 <hiro> +1 antonela
14:55:07 <pili> yup
14:55:29 <pili> ok, we have 5 minutes left, we can carry on discussing this or bring up any other last minute things?
14:55:40 <antonela> i mean, how many people download the expert bundle compared with any other downloadable we have there?
14:55:52 <antonela> ggus, it was a huge discussion
14:56:03 <pili> do we have the stats? :)
14:56:30 <antonela> specially because afaik fdroid is not ready yet
14:57:29 <hiro> uhm pili collector might have something
14:58:03 <pili> if nothing else so we can make an informed decision on it
14:58:22 <pili> I agree it's probably not a huge number compared to the rest though
14:58:35 <hiro> it is also about the people we want to reach
14:58:42 <antonela> and if this landing is focused on end-users, probably it belongs to the dev portal
14:58:45 <pili> metrics people are in here next, so maybe we can ask ;)
14:58:49 <antonela> exactly hiro
14:59:16 <pili> ok, let's update the ticket with this and continue the discussion there :)
14:59:21 <pili> sound good? :)
14:59:28 <pili> ok to end the meeting?
14:59:31 <hiro> so the decision we want to make maybe shouldn't be based on our current users
15:00:01 <hiro> yep kill it
15:00:03 <pili> I also don't disagree with that
15:00:08 <pili> #endmeeting