16:03:25 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team weekly meeting
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16:03:59 <pili> hi
16:04:23 <flexlibris> hi everyone
16:04:26 <flexlibris> two things from me to start
16:04:42 <flexlibris> 1. if you're an employee, make sure you're working on your employee feedback
16:05:01 <flexlibris> 2. if you're attending the tor meeting, start thinking about topics you want to get on the schedule. i'll be asking for input on that starting next week
16:05:08 <flexlibris> who has an update to share?
16:05:50 <ggus> i have some updates
16:05:55 <Phoul> I also have a couple
16:06:16 <flexlibris> go ahead ggus
16:07:17 <ggus> today and tomorrow we have some activities in medellin, colombia. this is part of our s9 outreach activities with ux team.
16:07:47 <flexlibris> yay
16:08:26 <ggus> i'm also organizing our next mexico visit, and kenya, uganda trainings and tunis activity.
16:08:36 <ggus> this weekend we have cryptorave happening in sao paulo
16:08:53 <ggus> and one day before we have a tor meetup in sao paulo too.
16:08:59 <ggus> that's all.
16:09:27 <flexlibris> great! ggus and i are doing the mexico trip together and also our rightscon talk in tunis
16:09:30 <flexlibris> phoul you want to go?
16:09:37 <Phoul> sure
16:09:54 * gman999 just back from cdmx
16:10:22 * gman999 and hung with gunner, but didn't hit ranchero electronica
16:11:13 <Phoul> This is my last week at Tor as an employee, my final day is Friday. A couple weeks ago I met with ggus / flexlibris to discuss handoff tasks, this week I am doing ticket triage and we are doing part 2 of that meeting on Friday (at 15:00UTC currently). This week I'm also giving tech camp sessions to highschool / jr high students, this was booked quite a while ago. So that will be Tuesday, Wednesday &
16:11:19 <Phoul> Thursday for part of the day.
16:11:27 <flexlibris> <3 we will miss you phoul
16:11:36 <gman999> dont disappear phoul!
16:12:40 <Phoul> Not planning to. Of course my time availability will change, but im not planning ot leave the community. :)
16:13:03 <Phoul> and I will miss you all as well.
16:13:14 <pili> good to hear Phoul :)
16:14:03 <flexlibris> gman999 do you have anything you wanna share about cdmx?
16:14:08 <flexlibris> or does anyone else have an update?
16:15:39 <gman999> nothing more than i hung with gwolf a bit :)
16:15:51 <gman999> and we still have to sort out that nyc meeting for june.
16:16:22 <pili> gman999: when's that going to be?
16:17:21 <pili> also what's the meeting about :D
16:17:24 <gman999> not sure yet.  we were aiming for june.
16:17:31 <gman999> dsomething 'dark web' related.
16:17:38 <pili> (I'm actually planning to be in NYC at the end of June for a quick vacation but maybe I could come to this meeting if it makes sense for me)
16:18:04 <gman999> oh nice.
16:18:13 <gman999> let us know pili.. we can get ppl to hang out
16:18:35 <gman999> 'dark web' meetings matter today.. to shift hte discussion in little ways IMHO
16:18:40 <gman999> esp with journos
16:19:28 <pili> cool, will let ppl know
16:20:22 <emmapeel> oops
16:20:46 <flexlibris> emma you have an update? :)
16:21:07 <emmapeel> not really, well keeep updating translations etc
16:21:35 <emmapeel> i need some reviewers for languages, like for German and aothers
16:24:32 <flexlibris> how can we help make that happen?
16:24:42 <emmapeel> well, for reviewers is more a matter of trust
16:25:05 <emmapeel> so if anybody of you speaks some language and wants to help review... let me know
16:25:59 <gman999> call out on tor-talk@?
16:26:08 <gman999> it would make better content than most other posts
16:26:10 <pili> emmapeel: you probably have enough reviewers for spanish, but otherwise I can help out
16:26:23 <pili> recently?
16:26:46 <gman999> yes, pili...
16:27:05 <gman999> plus a good way to get others more engaged beyond the usual suspects.
16:27:14 <pili> oh, sorry, I got confused :)
16:27:15 <pili> you mean for emmapeel to ask for reviewers
16:27:21 <pili> but yes, I agree, we need to improve the content of tor-talk
16:27:28 <gman999> :)
16:27:39 <pili> I only recently subscribed and I'm tempted to unsubscribe again, which is not a good sign...
16:27:50 <pili> but I should also help out with that
16:27:58 <flexlibris> tor-talk has been a mess for ages
16:28:00 <emmapeel> i can do the reviewes of spanish but always more eyes are better...
16:28:02 <gman999> yes, we need to take responsibility.
16:28:22 <gman999> not angry, but i got hung out to dry in a sense after replying to something...
16:28:33 <gman999> and no one from tpo replied until hiro pushed todya.
16:28:54 <gman999> it's vital for us as a community to act collectively to set the tone.
16:29:05 <flexlibris> i think that most tpo people have unsubscribed from that list, that might be part of the problem
16:30:54 <hiro> yeah flexlibris if george wouldn't have told me to check that email I wouldn't have read it to be honest :( my bad
16:31:01 <hiro> I am on that list but I don't like to read it
16:31:06 <hiro> and that's a problem per se
16:31:11 <hiro> we shouldn't be afraid to read our lists
16:32:01 <flexlibris> yeah exactly
16:33:01 <areis> ggus: I'll be on cryptorave São Paulo ;)
16:35:44 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update to share?
16:37:38 <cy63113> hey areis_  will you attend the meetup too?
16:37:45 <flexlibris> me personally, i've just been working on library freedom institute
16:37:56 <kushal> I am late
16:38:33 <flexlibris> do you have an update kushal?
16:38:40 <kushal> flexlibris, Yes
16:38:51 <gman999> hey kushal!
16:38:56 <flexlibris> go ahead!
16:39:07 <kushal> Just now received goodies from Jon.
16:39:16 <kushal> Will carry them to Cleveland for PyCon this week
16:39:32 <kushal> We will be doing a Tor meetup (like last year) in the OpenSpaec.
16:39:37 <kushal> * OpenSpace
16:39:48 <kushal> I will have to find a free slot and then we can announce date/time.
16:39:58 <kushal> end of update.
16:40:03 <ggus> areis: great! do you speak portuguese? need help with something? :D
16:43:31 <flexlibris> that sounds awesome kushal
16:43:35 <flexlibris> have you been to cleveland before?
16:44:41 <kushal> flexlibris, Yes, last year PyCon
16:44:57 <flexlibris> cool. can't wait to hear how it goes.
16:45:02 <kushal> Thanks.
16:46:04 <flexlibris> anyone else?
16:51:06 <flexlibris> seems like no, so i will end the meeting bot
16:51:11 <flexlibris> ggus ping me when you're ready to chat about mexico!
16:51:13 <flexlibris> #endmeeting