17:00:46 <nickm> #startmeeting network team weekly meeting, 29 April 2019
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17:00:48 <nickm> hi folks!
17:00:53 <dgoulet> hello
17:00:56 <nickm> how's everybody doing today?
17:01:03 <gaba> hi!
17:01:03 <catalyst> o/
17:01:04 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep is our pad
17:01:31 <nickm> teor4 is on vacation; it's a holiday for asn.
17:01:55 <nickm> ahf, mikeperry: ping?
17:02:04 <mikeperry> hi
17:02:08 <nickm> hi !
17:02:39 <gaba> ahf said he may be traveling now
17:02:44 <nickm> ah, okay.
17:02:45 <gaba> at the time of the meeting
17:03:11 <nickm> first off we have the usual things to talk about --
17:03:44 <nickm> ci failures don't seem better or worse than the week before.  ahf was on those, and left an update lower on the page.
17:04:10 <nickm> As for 040 -- I think we might be ready for a stable release. We're out of 040-must issues IIUC. that's later down on the discussion list
17:04:27 <nickm> this brings us to the roadmap/kanban.
17:04:36 * nickm tries to remember how to make it load...
17:04:55 <nickm> Ah.  Click on "all boards", and then on ours.
17:05:23 <nickm> hm. do we really only have one in-progress item?
17:05:58 <nickm> I'm moving #28878 into in-progress again since I think #29732 is likely to get merged this week :)
17:06:01 <gaba> I didn't have time today to look at the tickets in backlog. It would be great to mention anything else you may be working on right now from the roadmap that is not in the in progress column.
17:06:06 <gaba> ok
17:06:29 <gaba> I think dgoulet is working on #29607, right?
17:06:41 <nickm> I'm also grabbing #29218, since I need that for other stuff
17:06:49 <nickm> I bet it will take less than the projected 3 points
17:07:25 <nickm> once asn's current #29209 patch is merged, we can do a _lot_ more of that kind of thing.
17:07:30 <gaba> mikeperry, catalyst: is there anything from teh roadmap/sponsors that you are working on?
17:07:44 <dgoulet> that kanban on Storm is loading forever... so I'll just mention my things. Working on #29607 primarly and will soon engage most likely #15516 (related)
17:07:45 <nickm> catalyst is also on #29210
17:08:02 <nickm> dgoulet: it will take forever to load unless you do the workaround (click on "all boards", then our roadmap board)
17:08:04 <dgoulet> (and I'm also revising with nickm #26288)
17:08:17 <catalyst> gaba: everything should be already on the kanban. maybe i'll need to add one or two more bootstrap-related tickets later
17:08:34 <dgoulet> nickm: no "all boards" option ... as no button works lol...
17:09:06 <nickm> I see "all boards" near the top, under "ROADMAP network team", in tiny blue-on-white letters?
17:09:11 <nickm> err, white-on-blue
17:09:12 <gaba> ok catalyst
17:09:33 <mikeperry> gaba: I need to review #28634 and then decide the next moves for sponsor2
17:09:43 <gaba> ok mikeperry
17:10:49 <nickm> sounds like we're updated on the roadmap.
17:11:17 <dgoulet> nickm: nea nothing... https://share.riseup.net/#BSXmKGw3tmt9XM9sxUpvOg <-- that is what I see endlessly :S
17:11:48 <nickm> (Remember , s19 ends end-of-may, so if we have any stuff there, it should probably get called important.)
17:11:51 <nickm> (IIUC)
17:12:00 <nickm> dgoulet: try logging in, then do the workaround?
17:12:05 <nickm> maybe after the meeting :)
17:12:18 <nickm> next up is reviews
17:13:11 <nickm> we're still carrying a bunch of reviews. I'd like to clear them out if we can.  I don't think I got any new reviews this week, so please feel free to pass me anything you can't get to this week (as long as I didn't write it)
17:14:37 <nickm> we all okay with reviews this week?
17:14:42 <nickm> next up is rotations in that case.
17:15:09 <nickm> we need somebody to pick up bug triage from teor.  (After that, teor isn't scheduled for anything until after they're back.)
17:15:31 <nickm> I don't mind picking it up if need be, but does anybody else want to?
17:15:50 <dgoulet> Ticket triage right?
17:16:17 <nickm> righ
17:16:18 <nickm> tt
17:16:19 <nickm> *right
17:16:41 <dgoulet> sure I can
17:16:49 <nickm> thanks!
17:17:44 <nickm> okay, let's move on to the reminders -- new one this week is that we need to book travel to Stockholm asap.  Please ask for approval if you haven't done so already
17:18:17 <nickm> on discussion: there's info to pass on for rotations
17:18:46 <nickm> for big triage, not much happened last week.  but dgoulet-- if you find any recently opened tickets that look wrong, please poke me about them and tell me how to do better next time :)
17:19:03 <nickm> CI/Coverity is an ahf->asn transition , which we can't do much about right now :)
17:19:30 <nickm> the "review status" section looks like it's left over from last week -- so, deleting
17:19:41 <nickm> one more discussion question -- are we ready for 0.4.0.x to be stable?
17:20:06 * dgoulet needs to look at the ticket list
17:20:20 <nickm> we've had no new serious issues reported in it, and it appears to have gone out in a TB alpha without issue (afaik)
17:20:25 <gaba> everything seems merge_ready
17:20:52 <dgoulet> nickm: I see 3 merge_ready in 040... .maybe we should get them in before?
17:21:08 <dgoulet> oh huh... you are talking stable
17:21:27 <nickm> yeah
17:21:32 <nickm> I think all of those actually want more testing before we backport them
17:21:40 <nickm> and none is "must" IMO
17:22:04 <dgoulet> agree... out of those 17, I'm confident with a stable
17:22:28 <nickm> ok. if there is anything else that should block stable, please let me know in the next day or 2 :)
17:23:33 <nickm> I don't see any "needs help with" items.  Do we have anything else for this meeting?
17:23:58 <gaba> not from me
17:25:07 <nickm> ok!  fast meeting in that case. :)
17:25:08 <ahf> hey! sorry for the delay
17:25:12 <nickm> oh hey!
17:25:26 <nickm> ahf: I'd suggest it was a good time to do ci/coverity handoff, but asn is out today :)
17:25:29 <dgoulet> all good for me
17:25:46 <nickm> ahf: anything you want to talk about before we end the meeting?
17:25:57 <ahf> nickm: i can talk with asn tomorrow, i think mostly the summary i made is what is there and then i've assigned the coverity issue for myself to look at when coverity is back working
17:26:16 <ahf> no, i'm good
17:26:17 <nickm> ok, sounds good
17:26:20 <nickm> thanks, everybody!
17:26:22 <nickm> #endmeeting