14:02:42 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:02:59 <antonela> hi people, ux meeting happening now :)
14:02:59 <pili> hi!
14:03:02 <cellarpaper> hi!
14:03:27 <antonela> hi cellarpaper, hi pili
14:03:53 * antonela waiting for storm to load
14:04:04 <clash> Hi!
14:04:30 <antonela> as usual, please add your updates and agenda items in the pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/hvPhXptnRX6wF1f65dYJupdkxvpFHNcYYOuxYRtbWxw
14:04:55 <clash> I'm Aadi. I had some thoughts about the iconography for Android (although that's UI not UX welp)
14:06:19 <dunqan> hola everyone :)
14:07:46 <antonela> hi clash, hi dunqan!
14:08:28 <antonela> hi clash, we usually do a quick check on updates and then we go through the agenda items, do you want to add it to our agenda?
14:08:49 <clash> Sure, how do I do that?
14:09:10 <antonela> you can click to that link i shared before and you can see our open agenda :)
14:09:39 <clash> cool, done :)
14:09:51 <antonela> perfect thanks
14:10:15 <antonela> dunqan: meeting on friday to end Personas, YES. I owe you the hardware usage email, sorry about that :(
14:10:32 <dunqan> haha no worries, just fire it over when ready!
14:10:37 <dunqan> what time works for you on fri?
14:11:08 <antonela> yes will do, i have meetings at the morning, maybe my lunch time? 2 or 3 hours from now?
14:11:35 <cellarpaper1> hm?
14:11:42 <cellarpaper1> sorry i disconnected and reconnected
14:11:55 <antonela> hey cellarpaper1, is good, i was talking with dunqan
14:12:02 <cellarpaper1> oh sorry!
14:12:10 <antonela> no worries!
14:13:03 <antonela> cellarpaper1: we should coordinate about q1 reporting and colombia and next travels, can we do that with ggus this week? thursday?
14:13:14 <dunqan> So 16:00 UTC on Friday?
14:13:20 <antonela> dunqan: perfect
14:13:20 <dunqan> that would work for me too :)
14:13:24 <dunqan> great!
14:13:28 <antonela> dunqan: thanks!
14:14:03 <cellarpaper1> thursday works for me
14:15:20 <antonela> oki, will send an email to coordinate the time. About the questions, do you want to talk about them now? or better with ggus since he was there?
14:16:09 <clash> btw, season of docs blog post shows access denied -> https://blog.torproject.org/tor-google-season-docs-2019
14:16:45 <antonela> maybe because is not released yet clash
14:17:12 <clash> it's the one linked to the GSoD blog post
14:17:57 <clash> As well from the torproject ideas page
14:18:01 <pili> clash: yes, sorry, we didn't want to publish until we knew we were accepted, we should post it in the next day or 2
14:18:38 <antonela> seems like cellarpaper is having some connectivity issues, lets move
14:18:45 <antonela> anything else regarding updates?
14:18:47 <cellarpaper1> im so sorry yall
14:19:16 <antonela> cellarpaper1: oki, will send an email to coordinate the time. About the questions, do you want to talk about them now? or better with ggus since he was there?
14:19:28 <cellarpaper1> it'll be better with gus if we can!
14:19:44 <cellarpaper1> bc im just confused about who was interviewed, what/who the demographics taxonomy relate to, etc
14:19:47 <cellarpaper1> so i can just wait
14:20:11 <antonela> okey, i'll try to have emmapeel too there so we can talk with her about it
14:20:46 <antonela> just to let you know, nah ran the onboarding script in colombia, in spanish, she has some suggestions about the questions and she will be reporting back next week :)
14:20:58 <antonela> will make sure that you are in that loop cellarpaper1
14:21:11 <cellarpaper1> kk rad :)
14:21:17 <antonela> thanks!
14:21:19 <cellarpaper1> okay cool re: colombia!
14:21:40 <pili> yup! :)
14:22:52 <antonela> okey, lets move to the agenda, there are two items
14:22:58 <antonela> clash: you are first :)
14:23:08 <clash> Right on.
14:23:30 <clash> So the current assets are more suitable for desktop where there's a bigger screen.
14:24:05 <clash> On smaller displays viz. phones the icon size is ~256x256 iirc
14:24:35 <clash> Even then the current icon for Tor Browser for Android is visually inconsistent with Orbot or Orfox that also come under the Tor Project.
14:24:48 <antonela> what do you refer with current assets? we are in a middle of a brand update there and i'm not sure if you are talking about orfox/orbot app icons or the ones you can see at #28622
14:25:18 <clash> these^
14:25:39 <clash> my idea would be to do something more suited to android perhaps.
14:26:09 <antonela> i see
14:26:10 <clash> I tried to come up w/ a few ideas myself because 1. I like iconography 2. I like Tor :P
14:26:19 <antonela> thanks for doing it !
14:26:21 <clash> Something like https://imgur.com/a/6NAvC1M
14:26:51 <clash> Um also, in the updated assets, the left semicircle is an overlay on the globe design.
14:27:42 <clash> Just an idea, but I think if it was merged then that would perhaps be more suitable as it would represent the browser globe along w/ the onion rings
14:28:17 <antonela> cool! thanks for working on it! do you have any availability to collaborate with other kind of assets?
14:28:54 <antonela> lets say, social media images and feature blogpost covers?
14:29:11 <clash> what's the frequency?
14:29:12 <antonela> s/feature/featured
14:29:24 <clash> I'm up for it!
14:29:57 <antonela> honestly, we are trying to rely on volunteers for these kind of stuffs, so any frequency is appreciated
14:30:25 <clash> works
14:30:47 <clash> full disclosure, I'm also involved with CCExtractor Development and Google Summer of Code (mentoring this year)
14:31:12 <clash> but yeah I'd love to get involved :)
14:32:05 <antonela> oh great, maybe you can help us also supporting docs.torproject.org which is a project that we want to achieve with this gsod
14:32:44 <clash> those icons I linked are made on 192x192 btw (xxxhdpi)
14:32:47 <clash> cool enough
14:33:46 <antonela> super, i'll back to your email and we can continue from there, sounds good?
14:34:54 <clash> sweet, I'll send my email
14:34:57 <antonela> thanks!
14:35:32 <antonela> oki, the other item at the agenda is about the dev meeting. We are going to have some team slots for meetings and i think we should have a roadmapping to coordinate all the work that we should deliver
14:35:55 <pili> +1
14:36:11 <antonela> pili, is there anything else for it? will the retrospective be with browser?
14:36:14 <antonela> or per team?
14:36:46 <antonela> then dunqan and me we are going to introduce Personas and i want cellarpaper1 to share a bit about the findings from last research
14:37:08 <dunqan> 🙌
14:37:09 <antonela> there is not hurry with it, flexlibris is just drafting the schendule
14:37:21 <pili> I think UX will need to be involved in the browser one anyway
14:37:39 <pili> And I also think it’s important to have our own
14:38:00 <antonela> okey so ux team retrospective is one we need too
14:38:58 <pili> We can maybe have a session to reviews our user testing methods and process
14:39:06 <pili> I think that’s important
14:39:08 <antonela> yes, processes yes
14:39:29 <pili> Especially to articulate it to others as part of S 9
14:39:46 <antonela> yep and we are going to have cellarpaper1 there, so we can coordinate it together
14:40:12 <antonela> so, 1. roadmapping 2. retrospective 3. processes 4. personas 5. research findings
14:40:15 <antonela> am i missing anything?
14:40:15 <pili> That’s going to be awesome:D
14:40:39 <antonela> yess
14:40:41 <pili> I was going to brainstorm some more this week by myself
14:40:54 <pili> I have a few cross team ones
14:41:03 <antonela> yes, then we will need sponsor ones
14:41:36 <pili> And I’ve been saying “that would be a good dev meeting session” about different things throughout the past 6 months
14:41:57 <pili> So I just need to check my notes
14:42:07 <antonela> yep
14:42:12 <antonela> okey people, anything else?
14:42:27 <pili> +1 to sponsor ones
14:42:44 <antonela> i mean, sponsors/projects not sponsors as sponsors
14:42:47 <antonela> you know :)
14:43:03 <pili> Me too! :D
14:43:48 <antonela> oki, should i call it?
14:43:57 <pili> I was also wondering if it’s worth having a longer term vision discussion or whether that’s less crucial
14:44:16 <antonela> mmm, we could
14:44:19 <pili> I think for browser it’s definitely useful
14:44:45 <pili> We can wait and decide based on slots
14:45:09 <antonela> yes
14:45:59 * hiro likes sloths more than slots
14:46:03 <hiro> https://www.worldwildlife.org/stories/why-are-sloths-slow-and-six-other-sloth-facts
14:46:17 <antonela> hahahaha
14:46:19 <pili> I think that’s all I have to share on that for now
14:46:35 * antonela likes sloths too
14:47:25 <antonela> oki, thanks pili!
14:47:27 <antonela> thanks all!
14:47:34 <antonela> #endmeeting