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14:01:19 <pili> flexlibris said she couldn't make it
14:01:29 <pili> isabela sstevenson stephw
14:01:42 <antonela> alon either, i sent an email to you pili
14:01:45 <stephw> o/
14:01:48 <isabela> oi
14:01:56 <pili> emmapeel:
14:02:07 <pili> I'm guessing ggus is busy also :)
14:02:29 <isabela> i think he just got in brazil and tomorrow cryptorave starts
14:02:30 <isabela> so
14:02:31 <sstevenson> hi
14:02:32 <isabela> yeah he is probably busy
14:03:19 <pili> ok, I think we can start then
14:03:34 <emmapeel> o/
14:03:36 <pili> can everyone see the pad? https://storm.torproject.org/shared/mhWAZj0wCDcZBX9eUsB3pLsFnTGqB9uNc9H2mP9TQ3t
14:04:00 <isabela> yep
14:04:33 <pili> shall we go round and see if anyone has any updates on content/anything for steph to review?
14:04:46 <pili> for the community portal first
14:05:19 <emmapeel> sorry i need to write mine
14:05:24 <emmapeel> no avdvance since last week
14:05:55 <stephw> i plan to start reviewing before next meeting
14:06:51 <pili> so, it seems nusenu has been working on this a bit with hiro
14:07:05 <hiro> yep
14:07:22 <hiro> I helped them w issue they have encountered w lektor and such
14:07:25 <pili> hiro: I didn't see any emails from nusenu after yours, do you know if this is still progressing?
14:07:33 <pili> from their side
14:07:38 <hiro> I assume so...
14:07:50 <pili> ok, just checking they're not blocked on us, but I can follow up separately :)
14:07:57 <hiro> I think they are ok
14:08:23 <hiro> everything that they needed I did on saturday already so they weren't blocked during the weekend - which is when they work on these things
14:08:36 <pili> great, thank you :)
14:08:37 <hiro> if they have issues usually they write back
14:09:02 <hiro> they wanted a ux change with the code box and w antonela we said that once the content is in she can review it
14:09:13 <pili> cool
14:09:15 <antonela> yep
14:09:18 <pili> I think we're not going to get any updates on training or outreach sections either since flexlibris and ggus are out, but I don't think they've had time to work on this either
14:09:35 <pili> asn: if you're listening, any move on the .onion services section? ;)
14:10:04 <pili> I think we're going to have to move the launch for this regardless
14:10:32 <isabela> looks like it
14:10:33 <pili> originally we had mid April to review copy
14:10:48 <pili> sounds like we're not going to get there until Mid May at this rate
14:11:15 <pili> I'm going to move the timelines out by a month if everyone is ok with that?
14:11:41 <isabela> sounds closer to reality
14:11:44 <isabela> so i am ok
14:11:52 <ggus> hey hey, sorry to get late. o/
14:11:59 <isabela> folks - just a reminder that this was supposed to be delivered in phase 1
14:12:03 <isabela> phase 2 ends in june
14:12:12 <isabela> so we for sure cant delay this longer than june
14:12:39 <isabela> at least the community portal because phase 3 depends on it 100%
14:12:48 <pili> yup :/
14:12:50 <isabela> (depends on it be launched)
14:13:50 <emmapeel> ok
14:13:55 <emmapeel> ey acute !
14:14:18 <pili> if anyone is blocked on anything else on this please let me know so I can try to work it out
14:14:30 <isabela> or if anyone needs help writing content
14:15:13 <pili> yup
14:15:19 <pili> anything else on community portal or shall we move on?
14:15:46 <antonela> we have a possible volunteer designer who can be available to help ggus on the slides and that material
14:15:56 <isabela> great
14:16:33 <antonela> we just need to coordinate what we have right now and what we need
14:16:39 <antonela> probably next week
14:16:51 <pili> antonela: should we invite them to this meeting also, or we just do it via email>
14:16:59 <ggus> great :)
14:17:24 <antonela> we can sync during the ux meetings, if he is available, then we can invite them to this meetings
14:17:48 <ggus> i really want to use this image in the slides :D https://www.torproject.org/static/images/home/svg/browse-freely.svg
14:17:55 <pili> hehe, ok
14:17:59 <emmapeel> hehehe
14:18:08 <pili> let's move on for now I think :)
14:18:14 <pili> I wanted to discuss the developer portal briefly
14:18:37 <pili> we've been accepted to Google Season of Docs and the developer portal could sort of fit into this program
14:18:48 <pili> but I just wanted to get everyone else's thoughts on this
14:19:12 <antonela> as how this have been planned, dev.tpo is different from docs.tpo
14:19:13 <pili> given that the program doesn't start until September
14:19:18 <antonela> but we can rethink this, idk
14:19:19 <irl> who is the developer portal for?
14:19:28 <isabela> i like that path tho
14:19:32 <emmapeel> i think it would be great that all the support/tb-manual tickets about outdated docs are updated
14:19:34 <pili> antonela: yeah, I was getting a bit confused by this also
14:19:38 <isabela> where docs.tpo is different from dev.tpo
14:19:46 <isabela> things on docs can be linked inside of dev
14:19:48 <isabela> u know?
14:19:53 <antonela> yes, docs is for documentation
14:20:19 <antonela> dev is a entry point for developers who want to collaborate/experiment with the code
14:20:26 <isabela> irl: dev.tpo will have all free software projects, is all about helping w/ development at tor
14:20:47 <isabela> irl: so it will be more about what are the projects, what team is behind, what programming language you need to know to help etc
14:20:52 <irl> ok, not for developers that want to use tor in their thing
14:20:55 <isabela> so we can link from there to the docs.tpo page
14:21:14 <pili> irl: so I think for this last one it would be docs
14:22:00 <irl> ok, cool
14:22:56 <pili> great
14:23:13 <pili> so we'll concentrate on docs.tpo for content then
14:23:18 <pili> and that content can be linked to from dev.tpo
14:23:21 <pili> got it
14:23:43 <pili> anyone else want to discuss this some more?
14:24:06 <antonela> maybe we want to discuss this content more at some point, during the dev meeting?
14:24:54 <pili> antonela: yup, definitely
14:25:32 <pili> ok, let's move on for now then
14:26:08 <isabela> sounds good
14:26:26 <pili> anyone have any items on tpo.org before we move on to the triage?
14:27:07 <antonela> yes, me
14:27:56 <pili> go for it :)
14:28:11 <antonela> last week we put live some changes in the header to promote donate, sstevenson asked me to reply that update in all headers from all portals. I want to know 1. if that is doable 2. how we can make it scalable enough to make those changes impact on all headers at the same time, hiro?
14:28:38 <isabela> (i suggested that in a meeting w/ sstevenson :)
14:28:50 <emmapeel> (i think it would be nice to fix the l10n of the link first)
14:29:13 <antonela> the other part of that is that i asked emmapeel to have [donate now] as a solo string somewhere, also, not sure if is doable
14:29:22 <emmapeel> and also, then we should take 'donate'out from the navbar at the other end?
14:29:31 <antonela> since we already have that translated at the thank-you page
14:29:34 <emmapeel> yes, antonela is doable only it will take a little to be translated
14:30:35 <isabela> emmapeel: yes, the idea is to keep the yellow button instead of the donation on the nav bar
14:30:43 <emmapeel> i think it is not a good idea to parse the pat we think corresponds to the other phrase, because maybe it is written in another way when it is alone. we have in some string 'donate now'as part of a call to donate
14:31:24 <antonela> i see emmapeel
14:31:33 <sstevenson> the yellow button seems to be working - we have double the daily donations since it was added
14:31:52 <emmapeel> yay!
14:32:09 <isabela> lets just create a string 'donate' and if there is translation memory for it, it will catch up no?
14:32:25 <emmapeel> exactly
14:32:56 <hiro> antonela: I can just copy that for all the portals
14:33:14 <antonela> isabela: yes, we can just have donate
14:33:32 <hiro> I can do that right away
14:33:41 <isabela> awesome
14:34:10 <pili> sounds like we have a plan? :)
14:34:23 <isabela> hiro: what about the second qustion from anto?
14:34:26 <isabela> how to scale etc
14:34:38 <antonela> hiro, do you need an issue/ticket for it? i can file it now
14:34:39 <isabela> 2. how  we can make it scalable enough to make those changes impact on all headers at the same time,  hiro?
14:35:10 <hiro> ideally we should make headers or generally components that we use something that we just can import
14:35:23 <hiro> at the moment every portal is a repository
14:35:32 <hiro> each repository is its own project
14:36:27 <hiro> so in a ncie world we have components defined in the styleguide and a generator that creates those in lektor
14:36:52 <hiro> and there is a config file and if we re-run the generator the component is updated
14:37:17 <antonela> nice, maybe when we end with all portals we can think about it for the future? not sure
14:37:18 <hiro> in practice I go through each project and make the changes that we need
14:37:28 <antonela> yes, exactly, i want to avoid that for us
14:38:37 <hiro> I think when we roadmap for the next portals we can reserve a little time to do things that are necessary
14:38:48 <hiro> scalable dev is one
14:38:55 <hiro> update lektor package is another one
14:38:58 <antonela> yes
14:39:03 <antonela> people updating content, other
14:39:04 <hiro> fix bug in the localization plugin is yet another one
14:39:21 <emmapeel> please!
14:39:24 <hiro> *bugs*
14:39:41 <antonela> yep, oki, pili ^^ take notes :)
14:39:46 <pili> :D
14:39:47 <hiro> so if we take this into account then yeah we can make things scalable
14:40:19 <emmapeel> btw the phrase 'donate now'has already been translated in several or our langs
14:40:34 <isabela> is too big for the button tho
14:40:34 <isabela> ?
14:42:02 <pili> btw, i'm going to have to run soon... or at least move to my phone for the triage
14:42:23 <isabela> ok
14:42:30 <isabela> i would suggest to jump on triage then :)
14:42:36 <pili> let's go :)
14:43:13 <pili> here is the link for all the tickets created for the website since launch: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=Webpages%2FWebsite&time=Mar+27%2C+2019..&col=id&col=summary&col=owner&col=type&col=status&col=priority&col=parent&desc=1&order=time
14:44:09 <isabela> i guess #30203 is the high priority one?
14:44:51 <hiro> we fixed that
14:44:56 <hiro> I think
14:44:59 <antonela> is already fixed
14:45:20 <isabela> cool! lets close it then
14:45:40 <hiro> also we now have https://dip.torproject.org
14:45:49 <hiro> we can use kanban there!!
14:45:56 <antonela> \o/
14:45:57 <hiro> you all have access with your tpo email
14:46:06 <pili> Ah, great
14:46:06 <hiro> so you can reset your password
14:46:10 <GeKo> hiro: how is that bug fixed?
14:46:38 <GeKo> the website is still mixing source code and binaries
14:46:47 <isabela> hiro antonela -> is trac synced with it?
14:47:29 <antonela> why Geko? where?
14:47:40 <GeKo> https://www.torproject.org/download/tor/
14:47:41 <antonela> we don't have the expert bundle anywhere now
14:48:00 <antonela> oh
14:48:05 <GeKo> which is behind Download Tor Source Code
14:49:00 <emmapeel> oops i used tempaltes where it is not supposed there
14:50:08 <hiro> so do we remove the bundle?
14:50:18 <pili> So we should move the expert bundle somewhere
14:50:47 <hiro> personally I put it there because there was not a decision about it and people wanted it... so I thought it was a good spot till we made a decision
14:51:06 <pili> hiro: I agree it’s a good compromise
14:51:19 <pili> And better than it was before
14:51:44 <pili> And this is a good place to discuss what to do next
14:52:13 <hiro> ideally I think it should go in a different portal?
14:52:20 <isabela> why?
14:52:20 <pili> In the next 9 minutes here or we move to tor-website
14:52:32 <emmapeel> (tor-www)
14:52:56 <antonela> yes, it doesn't fit anywhere because is not nothing that 1. end users wants to download  2. is not a source code
14:53:09 <pili> Yes #tor-www :D
14:53:11 <antonela> s/is not nothing/is nothing
14:53:24 <GeKo> antonela: we have a bunch of end users that want to download it
14:53:31 <isabela> yeah
14:53:40 <isabela> i dont think it should go to another site
14:53:46 <antonela> yes? do we have any statics geko?
14:54:07 <antonela> s/statics/stats
14:54:10 <pili> irl ^? :)
14:54:36 <GeKo> it's at least the number two question after the website change
14:54:45 <GeKo> as far as download issues are brought up
14:54:50 <GeKo> you see it on the blog
14:54:53 <isabela> i think it should stay at the download page
14:54:55 <GeKo> on mailing lists
14:54:57 <isabela> and i like how hiro added it
14:55:00 <GeKo> and on irc
14:55:12 <antonela> yes i saw them geko
14:55:25 <antonela> cool isabela, so lets keep it there, is the ticket done?
14:55:32 <isabela> well
14:55:37 <isabela> { _('Download') } ({ _('sig') })
14:55:39 <hiro> I think we can just change the title and it is done
14:55:40 <isabela> ssup w/ this?
14:55:44 <hiro> (that I just fixed)
14:55:48 <isabela> k
14:56:00 <hiro> it's building it should be two {{ a typo
14:56:10 <isabela> k
14:56:12 <isabela> so
14:56:15 <GeKo> we should not say "Download source code" if there are  binaries behind it
14:56:16 <hiro> if you look at it it's l33t
14:56:25 <isabela> GeKo: ok
14:56:28 <GeKo> otherwise users might not find it
14:56:34 <irl> metrics meeting in 3 mins
14:56:41 <pili> Thanks irl
14:56:45 <hiro> are you kicking people out irl? :P
14:56:54 <irl> (:
14:57:05 <GeKo> i still think "ALternative Dowdnloads" is not unreasonable
14:57:06 <irl> we can also go to meeting 2 if you need more time
14:57:17 <GeKo> as it is somewhat agnostic as to what is behind the link
14:57:21 <GeKo> ugh
14:57:28 <GeKo> "Alternative Downloads"
14:57:33 <isabela> hmm
14:57:35 <pili> Let’s go to #tor-www
14:57:38 <isabela> k
14:57:39 <GeKo> but maybe there is still something better
14:57:39 <hiro> lol the alt-download
14:58:18 <pili> Ending meeting ;)
14:58:29 <pili> #endmeeting