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17:01:53 <cohosh> thanks ^_^'
17:01:54 <kat5> Yay!!!
17:02:03 <emmapeel> nw
17:02:20 <cohosh> okay so not very many announcements/discussion this week
17:02:39 <cohosh> we had a user from china report difficulty in connecting to snowflake yesterday
17:02:52 <cohosh> and it looks like our fall-back standalone proxies are being blocked
17:03:06 <kat5> Yay that we have a snowflake user in China!
17:03:19 <cohosh> yeah as dcf1 mentioned in the ticket, we didn't even know it was working there
17:03:48 <cohosh> and snowflake is designed to be resistant against these kinds of blocking
17:03:53 <gaba> hey!
17:03:55 <dcf1> It's always interesting to me, the question of what makes censors decide to take action.
17:03:59 <cohosh> gaba: hi
17:04:04 * gaba is still in other meeting so half here but here :)
17:05:07 <cohosh> dcf1: true, i guess we'll learn more about snowflake blocking attempts over time
17:05:17 <dcf1> But I guess it's a sign that we need to start deploying snowflake the way it was meant to be.
17:05:37 <cohosh> yup, and this kind of bleeds into the next announcement
17:06:20 <cohosh> which is that roger submitted a talk about snowflake and obfs4 and it would be good to get to place where running proxies is easy
17:06:42 <cohosh> last meeting arlolra volunteered to work on the webextension and it looks like there is already progress on that
17:07:08 <dcf1> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/23888#comment:13
17:07:16 <dcf1> https://github.com/keroserene/snowflake/commits/webext
17:07:18 <cohosh> (i suppose it is good to get to a place where running proxies is easy regardless of the talk, but a take is a good place to get more volunteers)
17:07:55 <arlolra> that's me
17:08:00 <cohosh> arlolra: hey!
17:08:18 <arlolra> I did a bit of refactoring in this chain
17:08:21 <arlolra> https://github.com/keroserene/snowflake/commits/webext
17:08:48 <cohosh> arlolra: awesome!
17:08:50 <arlolra> one of the patches takes care of https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30008#comment:1
17:09:33 <cohosh> cool! i'm happy to review that this week
17:09:39 <arlolra> thanks
17:09:48 <cohosh> thanks for working on these
17:09:57 <arlolra> how does everyone feel about coffeescript?  do we want to get rid of that?
17:10:24 <dcf1> personally I'm fine with removing coffeescript and doing plain js instead
17:10:25 <cohosh> i don't have strong feelings about it, i think if there's something else you feel more comfortable working in you should feel free to go with that
17:11:01 <arlolra> ok, I may get rid of it
17:11:24 <cohosh> sounds good
17:12:28 <cohosh> also on the subject of making it easier for volunteers to assist in running proxies/bridges is #30331
17:13:11 <cohosh> we don't necessarily need to roadmap it now
17:13:31 <cohosh> but it would be good to make running obfs4 bridges easier in the near future
17:13:42 <dcf1> that's a good idea
17:14:35 <cohosh> that's all i have for announcements, does anyone have something to add before we look at our "needs help with"?
17:15:44 <cohosh> ok
17:15:50 * cohosh looks at needs help with
17:16:13 <cohosh> kat5: do you need reviewers for your report?
17:16:38 <kat5> I've passed the GetTor section off to hiro for review, but other than that, no.
17:16:45 <kat5> Thanks.
17:16:59 <cohosh> nice
17:17:15 <dcf1> I will look at the proxy-go crash fixes (#30206 and #30258)
17:17:28 <cohosh> dcf1: thanks!
17:17:36 <dcf1> Also #30008
17:17:47 <dcf1> removal of copy-paste rendezvous
17:17:52 <cohosh> i also have #26348 in needs_review but it's not urgent
17:18:00 <cohosh> dcf1: has quite a lot of reviews this week
17:18:32 <cohosh> i'm also willing to take a look at #30008
17:18:41 <arlolra> let's not fight over it
17:18:53 <cohosh> heh
17:19:17 <dcf1> the more the merrier, I was just thinking that I may have been the one to write the FIFO code in the first place (not sure)
17:19:19 <cohosh> it also will not hurt to have multiple people looking at it
17:19:26 <cohosh> ah yeah that's a good point
17:20:11 <cohosh> as long as you're not feeling too overloaded with reviews
17:21:22 <cohosh> any other needs help with?
17:23:13 <dcf1> I guess it was arlolra who wrote it initially, nvm.
17:23:46 <cohosh> okay, anything else?
17:24:23 <cohosh> if not i can struggle with meetbot again to end the meeting :)
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