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16:01:36 <pili> Hi everyone
16:01:40 <ggus> hoi!
16:01:48 <pili> since it's the beginning of the month let's update the roadmap :)
16:01:51 <empress> Hi all
16:02:10 <pili> hi empress, welcome :)
16:02:37 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/BDUj4P9KSM5syUJ0oHIiHVELfBukDHYAE4IBj6r5uz-
16:02:51 <pili> please cross off any items which are finished and move any unfinished items to May
16:04:02 * antonela is arounnd
16:04:14 * antonela with the nnnn key brokennn
16:04:51 <kat5> I just want to mention  that I've stopped tracking sponsor 19 work here because we have an actual anti-censorship team now.
16:05:29 <pili> thanks for the update kat5 :)
16:06:08 <pili> ok, while people are finishing off updating the pad, does anyone have any updates they'd like to share?
16:06:15 <ggus> the pad about vpn & tor vanished: https://pad.riseup.net/p/kJfUXbnqjVb5
16:06:29 <pili> oh no :/
16:06:30 <ggus> wayward: around?
16:06:37 <pili> I hope someone saved it offline
16:07:42 * gman999 around but occupied.
16:07:56 <pili> hey gman999
16:08:15 <pili> ok, who wants to go first? :)
16:09:12 <emmapeel> i have been attending those linguine meetings to talk about a translation platform etc
16:09:21 <pili> emmapeel: when are they happening?
16:09:31 <emmapeel> tomorrow the next meeting, happens in jitsi
16:09:32 <wayward> o/
16:09:32 <pili> would it be useful for me to attend also?
16:09:51 <emmapeel> yeah. it is 20.30 our local time
16:10:09 <emmapeel> we are talking  about requirements for a tool, and if maybe is weblate or other
16:11:20 <pili> oh, tomorrow, I'm busy that time :(
16:11:26 <pili> send me the invite for next time though :)
16:11:33 <pili> hi wayward :)
16:11:33 <emmapeel> ok!
16:12:05 <wayward> I have the original version of the VPN doc. there were very few suggestions so I think we should be ok to work from there
16:12:11 <wayward> I'll add it back tothe riseup pd
16:12:13 <pili> phew :D
16:12:20 <pili> thanks wayward !
16:12:39 <ggus> i can go next
16:12:40 <wayward> I have been waiting on more feedback before investing more time in it though, so feedback from people would be much appreciated
16:12:43 <pili> would you like anyone else to review before publishing? what are the next steps?
16:13:09 <wayward> pili: I think only you, antonela, and one anonymous contributor reviewed it
16:13:25 <wayward> so if others could take a look as well, that would be very helpful
16:13:30 <wayward> also need to know where to publish it
16:13:42 <kat5> wayward: Might it be useful to ask pastly specifically, to review it?
16:13:44 <antonela> where are we going to publish it?
16:13:55 <wayward> kat5: that's a really good idea
16:14:00 <antonela> blogpost? wiki? support?
16:14:01 <pili> yup, I was just going to say I think it's probably best to ask people directly if you want them to review otherwise they might assume someone else is doing it
16:14:11 <ggus> support + blog post?
16:14:32 <wayward> I think we should minimally update the wiki page on VPNs
16:14:45 <ggus> it's a very common question, so i'd like to have this resource translated
16:14:51 <wayward> and then both support & blog post would be super helpful too
16:14:54 <wayward> ggus: +1
16:16:10 <pili> so, wiki, support and blog post it seems :)
16:16:27 <pili> once it's written there's no reason why we can't take advantage of it as much as we can :D
16:16:28 <emmapeel> yeah if it goes in a blogpost is not being translated atm, but support is
16:16:40 <wayward> ok, that's good to know emmapeel
16:16:57 * ggus heard from a 'cyberdefense' organization that they connected throw 2 VPNs before connecting to the tor network...
16:17:05 <wayward> l o l
16:17:38 <wayward> so I'll get in touch with people directly to ask for feedback
16:17:44 <wayward> that's all re: VPN doc I think
16:18:10 <pili> thanks wayward !
16:18:28 <pili> if that's all from wayward, ggus do you want to go next?
16:18:37 <ggus> yes
16:19:19 <ggus> last weekend, after colombia s9 outreach, we had cryptorave in sao paulo.
16:19:50 <ggus> a lot of technical questions about relays and tor design
16:19:59 <pili> nice :)
16:20:10 <pili> did you point them to Google Season of Docs? :D
16:20:29 <ggus> i hold one session about 'onion service isn't the dark web/deep web' for a good crowd (+100?)
16:20:38 <antonela> how it was
16:21:24 <ggus> antonela: good, more questions about tor design than 'deep web'.
16:21:53 <antonela> nince
16:21:57 <pili> nice one :)
16:22:15 <ggus> https://twitter.com/cryptoravebr/status/1124488206882308096
16:22:42 <ggus> i used paul syverson diagrams
16:23:48 <ggus> and on wednesday i'll talk in sao paulo university about tor & surveillance
16:24:17 <pili> great! :)
16:24:22 <ggus> on thursday alison and i start our outreach trip in mexico: chiapas and DF.
16:24:33 <ggus> between may 9th - 15th
16:24:58 <pili> cool
16:25:00 <pili> btw, how's it going with the USP volunteers?
16:25:15 <pili> I haven't heard from them on here :)
16:25:37 <pili> (just remembered about them from reading the roadmap... :S )
16:25:39 <ggus> very very slow. we have one making translation in transifex. i'll ping the person doing the android documentation
16:25:53 <pili> is there anything we can do to help them?
16:26:48 <ggus> people had a lot of difficult to join IRC
16:27:49 <ggus> other things: tomorrow, we will have global south meeting in #tor-south, 1600 UTC
16:28:26 <kat5> Didn't ailanthus write an irc guide?
16:28:30 <empress> IRC is a pain, but 'torsocks hexchat' is nice :)
16:28:58 <pili> kat5: yes, I think so, it should be on the wiki iirc
16:29:03 <kat5> IMO, having something to point to to help people get on irc is importat.
16:29:09 <ggus> kat5: yep, i pointed to them, but still, this kids were raised with whatsapp/facebook/orkut
16:29:16 <pili> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/onboarding/IRC
16:29:20 <kat5> ;-)
16:29:31 <pili> wow, orkut, that's one from the past... :D
16:29:35 <empress> I found the IRC through the TOR Contact's page
16:29:44 <cy63113> ggus:  we should translate it step by step
16:30:04 <pili> could also be a nice one to put on the community portal eventually...
16:30:34 <pili> but anyway... :) anything else from you ggus ?
16:30:59 <ggus> yes, we need to define who's going to kenya and uganda from ux or community team
16:31:44 <ggus> our itinerary is: june 1 - 9, uganda; 15 - 23 Kenya
16:32:03 <pili> antonela: do you know if cellarpaper can make any of those dates?
16:32:06 <ggus> uganda: kampala and hoima; kenya: nairobi and mombasa.
16:32:17 <pili> or will we discuss at the user testing meeting?
16:32:28 <antonela> yes, she can. We are going to coordinate it during the meeting on the 8th
16:32:33 <pili> great :)
16:32:56 <antonela> she has questions about the indonesia material, so emmapeel if you can join us, could be awesome
16:33:12 <antonela> i also invited nah for it, so we can briefly talk about how colombia went
16:33:21 <pili> sounds good :)
16:34:09 <ggus> ok, that's all from me.
16:34:30 <pili> thanks ggus !
16:34:37 <pili> who wants to go next?
16:34:40 <cy63113> I can go next
16:34:57 <pili> go cy63113 :)
16:35:16 <emmapeel> sure
16:35:21 <cy63113> Last thursday Gus and I run a meetup, +- 20 person attended
16:35:54 <cy63113> I hold a great talk during Cryptorave, "Do you have a moment to hear the word of Tor"
16:35:59 <cy63113> about the browser
16:36:03 <pili> :D
16:36:10 <cy63113> ++100 people
16:36:29 <cy63113> was pretty awesome!
16:36:58 <pili> that's really good
16:37:45 <cy63113> people have so many questions about the browser, tor+vpn
16:38:19 <cy63113> and deep dark web is still a big issue
16:39:02 <cy63113> that's all from me
16:39:54 <pili> thanks cy63113 ! :)
16:39:55 <pili> anyone else want to go next?
16:41:04 <empress> I'm new, from Canada, with legal education. I want to help the Tor Project by spreading awareness locally among legal professionals, and some of the local activist groups.
16:41:24 <cy63113> <3
16:41:59 <kat5> empress: Where are you located, if you don't mind saying? (I'm in Waterloo, ON.)
16:42:06 <empress> Brampton, ON
16:42:18 <kat5> Cool.
16:42:47 <pili> sounds great empress, let us know how we can help you :)
16:43:45 <empress> I just found the Tor Ecosystem mp4 and slides and those might help
16:44:03 <empress> I wanted to make training videos
16:46:38 <ggus> empress: depending on which resources do you need/want, i can share with you our trainings slides
16:47:17 <empress> that would be wonderful :)
16:48:17 <pili> ok, anyone else? :)
16:48:29 <ggus> empress: ping me on community mailing list? :)
16:48:30 <meejah> empress: i am excited about "better training resources" :) please update us with your progress
16:48:58 <empress> ggus, yes I will :)
16:49:09 <empress> meejah, thanks, I will keep everyone posted
16:49:42 <empress> btw im Britney
16:50:16 <meejah> (i'm in Alberta if "fellow canadian" helps)
16:50:23 <ggus> oh, and last week pili and i had a meeting with colin about relay advocate tasks. there are many tickets about documentation that someone should volunteer to take care of it.
16:50:48 <pili> yes, and I have a final "announcement" regarding the community portal :)
16:51:23 <pili> we really need to get this published by the end of June
16:51:54 <pili> so the sooner people can get their sections written the better
16:51:57 <pili> and please reach out if you're writing content and need some help finishing it off :)
16:52:02 <wayward> I can help out some, if people still need support
16:52:39 <pili> thanks wayward ! we're meeting on thursdays on irc now, I'll send you the details
16:52:57 <pili> and we can figure out which content you can help with
16:53:06 <pili> any last items from anyone?
16:53:10 <wayward> ok, thanks!
16:54:32 <ggus> oh, another small thing
16:54:45 <ggus> we shared +500 outreach materials at cryptorave
16:54:50 <ggus> thanks antonela!!!
16:54:54 <wayward> !!!!!!!!
16:54:57 <antonela> :D
16:56:05 <pili> woo :)
16:56:12 <emmapeel> nice!
16:57:13 <pili> ok, anything else?
16:58:02 <pili> I think I'm going to call it then :)
16:58:17 <pili> thanks everyone!
16:58:20 <pili> #endmeeting