14:00:06 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:09 <antonela> hello people!
14:00:12 <pili> hi!
14:00:49 <antonela> another ux meeting this week
14:00:51 <antonela> hi pili
14:01:38 <dunqan> hola antonela & pili 🙌
14:01:45 <antonela> hey dunqan!
14:01:48 <pili> hey dunqan :)
14:02:09 <antonela> lets start updating the pad as usual https://storm.torproject.org/shared/EznVr2GyRTxX3SaJrWr8Ad6XG-5GxGtSDJJ5dOAGZ9u
14:06:50 <antonela> hey clash! I owe you an email, sorry about that :(
14:08:21 <antonela> okey lets start
14:08:35 <antonela> dunqan: i wrote a draft for the ux list
14:08:39 <antonela> feel free to make edits there!
14:08:42 <dunqan> thanks!
14:08:48 <dunqan> PDF here now, will try and keep this file location up to date: https://www.dropbox.com/s/esndzzgjqc1ovqu/02-tor-personas.pdf?dl=0
14:09:11 <antonela> yes, i'll attach that pdf to the ticket so we can have records about it
14:09:14 <antonela> will do it during today
14:10:45 <dunqan> email looks good!
14:10:46 <pili> very nice work!
14:11:01 <dunqan> one thing I was thinking is that the personas are very ableist atm
14:11:20 <dunqan> and I should work in users with accessibility requirements in future
14:11:27 <clash> antonela: haha it's okay :)
14:11:28 <antonela> good point
14:11:59 <antonela> dunqan: yes, do you want to add a paragraph about it in that email? +censorship +accessibility for next iterations
14:12:12 <dunqan> yeah for sure, will do!
14:12:20 <antonela> super, so we don't forget :)
14:12:25 <antonela> thanks dunqan!
14:12:52 <dunqan> ta :)
14:13:21 <antonela> pili, lets do a triage here? or after this meeting here too?
14:13:44 <pili> after we have S27 meeting :)
14:13:45 <pili> I don't mind
14:13:46 <pili> we can also do it during our 1:1
14:14:09 <pili> I've done a little bit already by myself
14:14:14 <antonela> oh okey, yes, we can use tor-ux for it
14:14:15 <clash> I'm not super sure about this but isn't LGBTQIA+ the term that covers everything now?
14:14:28 <clash> wrt PDF
14:15:19 <dunqan> could be, I wasn't sure which term Tor Project specifically uses?
14:15:53 <antonela> we don't have any unified vocabulary for it, caroline can help us on it
14:16:45 <antonela> clash, we are going to share this work with the ux list to collect feedback, make sure you are enrolled there!
14:17:24 <clash> Okay, where do I enroll?
14:17:31 <clash> I'm new 😶
14:17:42 <dunqan> for ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT#Other_variants
14:17:46 <catalyst> clash: i think there's no universally accepted umbrella term, but yes i believe LGBTQIA+ is one
14:17:49 <dunqan> a few options there
14:18:12 <antonela> clash: here https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/
14:18:21 <antonela> catalyst: thanks for jumping!
14:19:06 <catalyst> most such communities and support groups i particpate in use either LGBTQ or LGBT, but there are others
14:20:26 <dunqan> are there any specific LGBT orgs we work with? should we align our terminology with them?
14:20:38 <clash> antonela: thanks!
14:22:21 <dunqan> EFF seems to use LGBTQ+
14:22:45 <antonela> folks from Iran released a report about LGBTQ rights during IFF and they gift me a copy, they are using LGBTQ for example
14:23:19 <antonela> dunqan: yes, i think is good. Let's use that for now and lets see which feedback we can collect from the lists
14:23:43 <dunqan> perfect, will update – thanks clash & catalyst!
14:23:50 <antonela> thannks!
14:24:04 <clash> cool enough!
14:24:29 <antonela> okey, i think is a short meeting today
14:24:34 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:24:58 <pili> nope, I'm good, I've cc'd you on some ux tickets that I think we can close antonela
14:25:06 <pili> but it's not urgent
14:25:17 <pili> I was just trying to do some cleanup
14:25:36 <antonela> clash: we are working on generate some content for the community portal with the community team, and i think you can help us on there! <- this is an spoiler about my next email :)
14:25:53 <clash> Sweet, I'd love to.
14:25:56 <antonela> pili, cool since this meeting is short, can we do it after we close this one?
14:26:01 <pili> ok
14:26:22 <antonela> super
14:26:25 <antonela> thanks people!
14:26:32 <pili> thanks antonela ! :)
14:26:47 <antonela> #endmeeting