15:00:29 <pili> #startmeeting S27 05/07
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15:00:34 <pili> ok
15:00:39 <pili> who's here for the S27 meeting?
15:00:40 <asn> hello
15:00:55 <mcs> hi
15:00:59 <antonela> o/
15:01:08 <haxxpop> o/
15:01:20 <pili> pad is here: one last one and we call it?
15:01:23 <pili> oops
15:01:28 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/i7RNTJk4FfzkPFl3izSl3EiiPZs4GQDZacJAv5z69t8
15:02:13 <asn> ok what we doing?
15:02:17 <asn> updates here, on storm? nowhere?
15:02:39 <pili> here is fine
15:02:44 <pili> I can add to storm pad
15:03:01 <asn> ok through the last weeks we went heavy on o1a2 with dgoulet
15:03:02 <GeKo> <-
15:03:03 <asn> we analyzed it more
15:03:24 <asn> we have a plan for the next few weeks (#15516 and #26294)
15:03:41 <asn> and we also sent an email to tor-dev with an analysis of the situation
15:03:52 <asn> we also went heavy on the network-team side of o2a1 (client auth)
15:04:00 <asn> which seems to require quite a bit of work from the network-team
15:04:13 <asn> which seems to be a pattern here. that o2 tasks seem to require more work from netowrk-team tha nwe origianlly thought
15:04:33 <asn> in any csae, the next steps for us for o2a1 are #30381 and #30382
15:04:54 <asn> i think we plan to priorize these (at the expense of o1 deliverables) so that we unblock the tb team
15:04:59 <asn> EOF
15:05:40 <gaba> o/
15:05:57 <pili> thanks asn!
15:06:10 <pili> do you think we need to review time estimations?
15:06:29 <pili> or can we make some "savings" elsewhere?
15:06:46 <asn> i think we are still good
15:06:58 <asn> in terms of our goals until stockholm
15:07:42 <pili> ok, any blockers/dependencies on the Network team side?
15:07:49 <asn> nope
15:08:05 <asn> we are unblockable
15:08:28 <pili> :D
15:08:29 <pili> anything else from the network team?
15:08:35 <haxxpop> asn, :D
15:08:41 <asn> let me activate dgoulet
15:08:44 <asn> i think he might not know
15:08:45 <asn> about this reality
15:09:06 <asn> dgoulet: o/
15:09:12 <dgoulet> hi
15:09:42 <asn> dgoulet: i briefed what we did on o2a1 and o1a2
15:09:50 <dgoulet> great
15:09:53 <asn> dgoulet: i said we have no blockers
15:10:02 <asn> dgoulet: and pili asked if there is anything else
15:10:43 <dgoulet> so far so good I believe
15:10:45 <asn> great
15:10:57 <pili> great :) shall we move on with Browser team? mcs/brade?
15:11:06 <pili> any updates/blockers?
15:11:07 <mcs> brade and I experimented with Arthur's old client auth patch (v2) from #14389 and commented in the ticket.
15:11:14 <mcs> This week we are working to answer asn's questions, e.g., will the control port event approach work for other objectives including o2a2 and o2a4.
15:11:25 <mcs> It may make sense for the Network Team to hold off on #30382 until we are sure the approach will work.
15:11:32 <mcs> The issue of associating a control port event with a specific connection/tab inside the browser is still something we need to work through on the browser side.
15:11:38 <asn> interesting
15:11:42 <asn> thanks for the info
15:12:07 <mcs> We are unsure for the moment but should have more to say in a day or two.
15:12:27 <pili> ah, nice to see that we can make some progress on other objectives at the same time
15:13:37 <mcs> I think if we can figure out the underlying architecure for this, future work will go faster.
15:13:48 <asn> agreed
15:13:51 <asn> that's important
15:15:00 <pili> btw, are there any objectives/activities that we think are at least 50% finished? (so we can start billing OTF for them)
15:15:15 <pili> no pressure whatsoever, just checking :)
15:15:18 <asn> nope
15:15:23 <asn> honestly speaking
15:15:28 <mcs> I don’t think so from the browser side.
15:15:32 <pili> that's absolutely fine
15:15:51 <asn> i think in a month or two we will have stuff in that level of completion
15:16:09 <pili> ok, anything else from browser team side? blockers? any other points to discuss/coordinate?
15:17:14 <brade> I don’t think we have any other blockers
15:17:34 <pili> great, thanks mcs and brade
15:17:40 <pili> antonela: do you want to go next?
15:17:59 <antonela> sure, I worked on #30237, I think mcs and brade are trying to figure out some pieces of it before answer there
15:18:27 <antonela> i'm currently trying to map all the escenarios we have for #30024, i aim to update it before the week ends
15:19:14 <pili> do you need any input from anyone here on #30024?
15:19:51 <antonela> no yet
15:22:04 <pili> ok, anything else from UX side? :)
15:22:09 <pili> any questions for antonela?
15:22:29 <asn> nope we are good and in contact
15:22:40 <pili> great, let's plan for the next meeting then
15:22:44 <antonela> we have some things going on regarding O2A5 aka names
15:22:56 <pili> is it still ok to meet in 2 weeks time?
15:23:01 * pili goes to check the calendar
15:23:35 <antonela> asn sent an email to HTTPS-E folks, is good that they are going to join us in Stockholm so we can move forward with it
15:24:02 <pili> yup!
15:24:03 <asn> well bill did not answer
15:24:07 <GeKo> asn: can you keep sysrqb in that loop?
15:24:09 <asn> i hope he will be in stockholm
15:24:18 <GeKo> he might be working on that part
15:24:21 <asn> ack
15:24:22 <GeKo> or helping with it
15:24:25 <asn> there is not really a loop right now tho
15:24:28 <pili> any updates from the other folks? e.g CF or FB?
15:24:31 <GeKo> yeah
15:24:32 <asn> but yes will have it in mind
15:24:40 <GeKo> but if there will be a loop :)
15:24:44 <GeKo> thx
15:24:49 <antonela> nice sysrqb :)
15:24:52 <asn> we are in contact with both CF and FB
15:25:01 <GeKo> not much from CF
15:25:08 <GeKo> i sent both folks a mail
15:25:21 <GeKo> (get back to them)
15:25:41 <GeKo> but fb had some good feedback i think
15:26:18 <asn> yes
15:26:20 <asn> i replied to fb
15:26:24 <asn> another thing:
15:26:29 <pili> ok, hopefully they haven't lost interest... ;)
15:26:31 <pili> or at least that they don't suddenly get interested and want things at the last minute :)
15:26:42 <asn> we've been talking with the namecoin folks and there are interesting things being discussed
15:27:07 <asn> we might want to do an internal meeting about this
15:27:21 <asn> GeKo: there are no actual plans for next steps here, right?
15:27:25 <GeKo> (which reminds me to ping isa again
15:27:28 <GeKo> )
15:27:41 <GeKo> we should get isa in the boat and then do the meeting
15:27:44 <asn> ack
15:27:51 <GeKo> and then take it from there
15:28:09 <pili> ah, yes, sorry I missed that meeting/demo in the end
15:28:11 <pili> how was it?
15:28:21 <GeKo> but i have not heard from jrand back so far
15:28:28 <pili> I had too much on in the end that day
15:28:31 <asn> what is to hear back from jrand?
15:28:36 <asn> pili: it was much better than expected
15:28:41 <GeKo> but i guess he is working on getting this stuff streamlined
15:28:46 <GeKo> no
15:28:49 <antonela> i think he is waiting for us
15:28:54 <GeKo> no
15:28:55 <pili> would this be an alternative solution for O2A5
15:29:05 <asn> pili: it would be an alternative co-existing solution
15:29:09 <pili> sounds good
15:29:12 <antonela> no, they could live together
15:29:19 <asn> a symbiotic solution
15:29:24 <pili> the best kind :D
15:29:25 <GeKo> we said we'll wait for him for a clean-up patch
15:29:29 <asn> we want symbiosis in the beginning
15:29:30 <GeKo> or something we can further test
15:29:40 <asn> ack
15:29:44 <GeKo> so the technical namecoin stuff is in this court
15:29:48 <GeKo> *his
15:29:49 <antonela> oh okey
15:29:58 <asn> i didnt catch this exactly from the meeting
15:30:04 <asn> mainly because we closed it super fast because of the other meeting
15:30:13 <asn> and it was like "oh ok cool. thanks. bye"
15:30:28 <pili> btw, anyone should feel free to invite any of these people to this meeting
15:30:29 <antonela> yeah, that day which tor had *two* meetings with cam
15:30:30 <asn> but if we communicated precise action items, thats good with me
15:30:32 <pili> when it makes sense
15:30:39 <asn> pili: yes
15:30:40 <asn> antonela: XD
15:30:43 <asn> pili: it's still not the time
15:31:00 <pili> ok
15:31:33 <asn> another offtopic thing
15:31:40 <asn> pili: im still nowhere close to #30019
15:31:49 <pili> oh, yeah, sort of related
15:31:56 <pili> do you need anyone to help you with this?
15:32:05 <pili> we should have the content ready by the end of May
15:32:07 <asn> well the o2a1 updates have kinda clogged me a bit
15:32:11 <pili> ok
15:32:11 <asn> because its more work from us than expected
15:32:22 <asn> and its blockin tb
15:32:28 <pili> end of May is the final final deadline :)
15:32:31 <pili> I know :)
15:32:33 <asn> nice thx for that
15:32:40 <asn> a deadline is useful
15:32:50 <asn> i can definitely fit a half-assed job until end of May
15:32:59 <asn> but i dont know if i will have what i was originally hoping i would have
15:33:19 <pili> anyone else that could help with this?
15:33:37 <asn> not sure
15:34:06 <asn> there is a bunch of people that could do it
15:34:08 <asn> i also want to do it tbh
15:34:29 <pili> ok, let us know by mid May or so if you won't be able to get round to doing it
15:34:36 <asn> ok sounds good
15:34:45 <asn> i first want to finish my part of o2a1
15:34:48 <asn> and then i will jump to that
15:34:59 <pili> thanks asn! :)
15:35:01 <pili> right, any other last minute things from anyone?
15:35:07 <asn> im good
15:35:34 <pili> ok, next meeting will be 21st of May @ 15UTC
15:35:38 <pili> does that still work for people?
15:35:43 <asn> it does
15:35:52 <asn> but an email reminder would be appreciated i thing
15:35:54 <asn> *think
15:36:01 <asn> if possible
15:36:28 <pili> yup, will do
15:36:29 <pili> ok, in that case I think we are done now
15:36:30 <antonela> works for me
15:36:35 <asn> thanks o/
15:36:36 <pili> thanks everyone! :)
15:36:41 <pili> #endmeeting