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18:01:04 <pili> hi everyone
18:01:07 * GeKo is here
18:01:07 <stephw> hi
18:01:18 <pili> let's give people a few minutes to get here
18:01:33 <pili> while I share the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/KQqelL9_bVYdSdRtp0Ax8Fq5iMS4Dtdpp11SHt0lxuD
18:02:52 * mcs is here but admits to trying to do other work at the same time :)
18:03:07 <pili> ok, let's get started :)
18:03:34 <pili> I have to say I got a bit lost with the release dates, but I think we have 8.5 coming out next week?
18:03:44 <GeKo> mcs: that's a feature :)
18:04:00 <GeKo> we planned so, yes
18:04:08 <pili> we were also planning to release 9.0a1 next week a while back
18:04:16 <GeKo> but without the add-on emergency releases
18:04:17 <pili> has that changed in light of the 8.5 change?
18:04:27 <pili> or will we try to get them both out at the same time?
18:05:43 <GeKo> on monday we said we don't want to push yet another quick releases to get the security updates that come with 60.7.0esr as 8.5
18:06:09 <GeKo> so we release 8.5 the week after it
18:06:21 <GeKo> 5/20 sounds like a good day for that
18:06:48 <GeKo> i expect we'll have a bunch of last minute issues as we never releases a mobile stable yet
18:06:58 <GeKo> i suspect some google play troubles
18:07:06 <pili> so 5/20 for 8.5 stable?
18:07:09 <antonela> < here
18:07:09 <GeKo> or some signing issues
18:07:12 <GeKo> yes
18:07:28 <GeKo> we get the security fixups out next week
18:07:43 <GeKo> and start essentially at the same time with last minute release prep for 8.5
18:07:48 <GeKo> and then we build 8.5 next week
18:07:59 <GeKo> do a more extensive QA than usual
18:08:04 <GeKo> and release 8.5 on monday
18:08:06 <pili> but the security fixups with go in 8.5a13 then?
18:08:10 <GeKo> yes
18:08:15 <GeKo> and 8.0.10
18:08:28 <pili> ok, great :)
18:08:35 <pili> I was missing that piece of the puzzle
18:09:14 <pili> and 9.0a1 after that I guess at some point? :)
18:10:19 <GeKo> yes, basically as soon as we happy with the 8.5 outcome
18:10:24 <pili> sounds good
18:10:31 <GeKo> and don't think we need a fixup release for that one
18:10:54 <pili> anything else we want to discuss on the releases/release schedule before we move on to requests? :)
18:11:36 <antonela> sorry, is the new icon going out with 8.5? if yes, should we plan some kind of communication?
18:11:47 <wayward> +1
18:11:48 <pili> that's a great question :)
18:12:12 <wayward> I think it's a good idea, people might be confused, or think they got the wrong download
18:12:17 <antonela> s/communication/press/idk
18:12:24 <antonela> yes, specially about that
18:12:40 <stephw> yes, im going to draft a blog post and call out features
18:12:42 <stephw> like we did for 8.0
18:12:46 <stephw> and ill contact press too
18:13:01 <stephw> will ping you antonela so we can get some nice images :)
18:13:13 <GeKo> antonela: it is
18:13:16 <GeKo> :)
18:13:27 <antonela> cool
18:13:41 <GeKo> it's one of the main new "features" of 8.5
18:13:54 <wayward> I'm so excited about it
18:14:01 <antonela> ^_^
18:14:37 <pili> :)
18:15:12 <pili> if that's all on the discussion points, sstevenson had a request... :)
18:15:21 <pili> which we should probably discuss
18:15:34 <sstevenson> hi! yes, isa and i were talking about the possibility of a fundraising banner
18:15:45 <sstevenson> however, i don’t want to take away from the splash of the new icon
18:15:56 <GeKo> hm
18:16:33 <GeKo> i think 8.5 is not a good release for that, mainly as it risks of delaying things further
18:16:39 <GeKo> (we need translations etc.)
18:16:46 <stephw> could we add a donate button to the about page?
18:16:51 <sstevenson> right, even if we keep it simple, the translations take time
18:16:58 <GeKo> so i am fine putting something in in a point release, though.
18:17:01 <GeKo> yes
18:17:04 <sstevenson> stephw - we also talked about that
18:17:12 <stephw> we’d already have that translated
18:17:32 <stephw> could do that gold color which apparently works so well
18:17:37 <GeKo> which message?
18:17:44 <stephw> just a donate button
18:18:00 <stephw> maybe above “Questions?”
18:18:42 <GeKo> hm, hm
18:18:47 <GeKo> i need to think about that
18:19:16 <sstevenson> okay, so let’s think about that and a simple banner for the next point release
18:19:24 <pili> when we're talking about the point release, what's the earliest that we think that will be?
18:19:54 <GeKo> if nothing goes wrong and we need to just fix smaller tings two weeks after 8.5
18:20:03 <GeKo> *things
18:20:34 <GeKo> giving users an update every week might not be the best user experience
18:20:35 <pili> so, early June then
18:20:38 <pili> more or less
18:20:43 <sstevenson> the thing with about:tor is that we have been generating a lot of newsletter signups, i think through that link, and we have a better flow where people see a message about donating after signing up for the newsletter and then a welcome message that also mentions donating
18:20:48 <GeKo> given that it closes tabs etc. every time
18:21:20 <sstevenson> and those efforts have been generating some income
18:21:30 <GeKo> nice
18:22:01 <antonela> this page needs a donate button https://donate.torproject.org/subscription-request-sent
18:22:07 <GeKo> sstevenson: so what are you suggesting here?
18:22:19 <GeKo> that we should do the about:tor donate button?
18:22:23 <GeKo> or that we should not?
18:22:25 <GeKo> or?
18:22:43 <sstevenson> once they confirm, they see this:
18:22:44 <sstevenson> https://donate.torproject.org/subscribed
18:23:23 <sstevenson> GeKo: i’m suggesting that perhaps it is best to leave about:tor as it is instead of immediately bombarding new users with fundraising
18:23:40 <GeKo> i tend to agree
18:23:40 <sstevenson> since we are reaching them in other ways
18:23:51 <stephw> all users do see it though
18:23:52 <GeKo> ah, okay
18:23:57 <stephw> more than they likely see our website
18:24:00 <GeKo> now i get your point :)
18:24:04 <sstevenson> periodic fundraising banners will be nice reminders to regular users
18:24:29 <stephw> so the banner would not go on about:tor?
18:25:18 <sstevenson> antonela: shouldn’t this page https://donate.torproject.org/subscription-request-sent have a donate button once we add it to the footer?
18:25:30 <GeKo> i think all of our banners have benn on about:tor so far
18:25:38 <GeKo> not sure wherer to put the banner instead
18:25:47 <GeKo> *where
18:25:59 <stephw> right, and i was suggesting the button as an easy fix since it doesnt require translation and i thought that was one of the issues for doing it now
18:26:04 <sstevenson> ah, right, so people only see it when they update
18:26:35 <GeKo> well, anything we need to add to the browser is nly visible after at least one update
18:26:38 <sstevenson> i was thinking it was only new users seeing about:tor
18:26:46 <GeKo> be it button, banner
18:26:47 <GeKo> no
18:26:55 <antonela> sstevenson: we have it in our footer, not sure why GR doesn't have it here
18:27:07 <GeKo> only if they customized their homepage they would not see it anymore
18:27:16 <GeKo> i think some users are doing that
18:27:28 <GeKo> but the vast majority probably don't
18:27:33 <GeKo> *doesn't
18:27:54 <sstevenson> antonela: i forgot this is their page. they have it on their roadmap to match our new footer
18:28:22 <antonela> sstevenson cool
18:30:01 <pili> sstevenson: does that change what we want to to do then?
18:31:01 <sstevenson> pili: as stephw suggestion, it would be an easy way to solicit users without having to worry about translation time
18:31:10 <sstevenson> it would definitely generate income
18:31:29 <pili> so, to be clear, we're back to proposing adding the donate button to about:tor
18:31:41 <sstevenson> GeKo: what is your hesitation?
18:31:42 <pili> the question then is when? :)
18:32:49 <GeKo> about adding the banner/button?
18:33:03 <GeKo> that testing and writing that code takes extra time
18:33:06 <sstevenson> about adding a line about donating to about:tor
18:33:24 <GeKo> and we are already way too late for 8.5
18:33:57 <pili> yup
18:34:08 <GeKo> if mozilla did not mess up we'd have 8.5 frozen by now and the first release candidate
18:34:13 <sstevenson> okay gotcha
18:34:23 <GeKo> *had not messed up
18:34:41 <GeKo> but let me think a bit about it
18:34:47 <GeKo> as i know we need money :)
18:34:51 <stephw> ;)
18:35:07 <sstevenson> :-)
18:35:28 <GeKo> would we need a new design for that button?
18:35:37 <GeKo> i mean resuing text is one thing
18:35:43 <antonela> a button? or a line above the newsletter?
18:36:02 <GeKo> whatever
18:36:16 <GeKo> i try to figure out the pieces involved here
18:37:27 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#wb6nWFdWaQcB_QQzVOtbqA
18:37:30 <GeKo> but i am not sure what's the best thing for the donation part
18:37:31 <pili> well, the other question is whether antonela needs to be involved also and she has time :)
18:37:41 <GeKo> yes
18:37:49 <pili> well, she never has time, but whether she can somehow fit it in
18:37:50 <antonela> this is simple, we just need a string already translated
18:38:18 <pili> ok
18:38:40 <antonela> we could have that line in the short future and the banner later?
18:38:45 <antonela> idk
18:38:55 <sstevenson> antonela: lol —>”Do you like us?”
18:38:58 <stephw> haha
18:39:06 <antonela> haha
18:39:14 <GeKo> so, yes, just text we already have translations for is easiest
18:39:27 <GeKo> i guess we could start with that at least for 8.5
18:39:42 <pili> do we have that translated? :D
18:39:46 <GeKo> let me see
18:39:47 <sstevenson> haha
18:39:56 <GeKo> well, not that one, haha
18:40:03 <antonela> we have proper lines to live there
18:40:22 <stephw> we could pick one from the last campaign banner
18:40:31 <antonela> yes, exactly
18:40:50 <GeKo> <!ENTITY help.donateLink         "Donate">
18:40:55 <GeKo> is what we have
18:41:40 <GeKo> but i am not sure whether we still have the old strings
18:42:08 <GeKo> it does not seems to be the case, hm
18:42:17 <GeKo> i'll investigate a bit
18:42:18 <antonela> should we ask emmapeel?
18:42:29 <GeKo> yeah
18:43:40 <GeKo> we have "Want to help? Donate or get involved!"
18:43:51 <GeKo> on the dialog showing the browser version
18:44:06 <pili> that could work
18:44:12 <stephw> but that is not one link
18:44:19 <GeKo> hamburger menu -> Help -> abot tor browser
18:44:24 <pili> well, we'd have to remove get involved
18:44:28 <pili> not sure if that's possible
18:44:31 <GeKo> no, but we could reuse the strings
18:44:35 <GeKo> yes
18:44:39 <mcs> there was also (from the year end 2018 banner): <!ENTITY aboutTor.donationBanner.buttonA "Donate Now">
18:44:40 <stephw> if we could find “Keep Tor strong. Donate now.” from the campaign that would work
18:44:41 <GeKo> they are separate
18:44:56 <mcs> (I am not sure if those strings are still in Transifex though)
18:45:14 <GeKo> yeah, i don't find those strings in the source anymore
18:45:37 <mcs> Removed from Torbutton with commit 648b643cf9bc828e409cd07e7633f2c226b6ce7f
18:45:39 <GeKo> so that's be something for emmapeel
18:45:44 <mcs> yes
18:45:51 <GeKo> *that would be
18:46:45 <GeKo> hoho, i just got mail
18:46:46 <pili> so, if we decide to do this, when do we need to have things by?
18:46:57 <GeKo> mozilla is pushing the release one week
18:47:18 <sstevenson> ! :-)
18:47:25 <GeKo> so it seems no dot release next week
18:47:55 <pili> right, let's start the meeting again then... :P
18:48:02 <GeKo> lol
18:48:17 <pili> I guess we need to review some dates then
18:48:35 <GeKo> so i guess we do 8.5 with esr60.7.0 even so it is not optimal
18:48:40 <pili> ok
18:48:43 <GeKo> and will do 9.0a1 at the same time
18:48:47 <GeKo> that is may 21
18:48:50 <pili> sure
18:49:11 <GeKo> that should free some of our time to get something for the donations in
18:49:14 <GeKo> into 8.5
18:49:22 <GeKo> i'll sart looking at that tomorrow
18:49:49 <pili> and no 8.5a13 or 8.0.10 at all
18:50:14 <sstevenson> awesome. if we are able to do a banner, it will definitely generate more income than the line above the newsletter line, but i know that is a lot more work
18:50:19 <GeKo> pili: yep
18:50:24 <pili> cool
18:50:40 <GeKo> banner for 8.5 i doubt
18:50:51 <sstevenson> cool
18:50:55 <pili> sstevenson: yup, I think we're still talking about link :)
18:50:57 <GeKo> but text and maaaybe button shuld work
18:51:00 <GeKo> *should
18:51:05 <sstevenson> sounds good
18:51:07 <pili> ok
18:51:12 <GeKo> if anybody comes up with specs for the button
18:51:23 <GeKo> color, size, etc.
18:51:40 <pili> ok
18:51:41 <pili> sstevenson antonela can you work together on that? :)
18:52:03 <sstevenson> sure!
18:52:04 <antonela> ye, ill provide
18:52:24 <pili> GeKo: when do you need that by?
18:53:18 <GeKo> asap
18:53:49 <GeKo> to have more time to test the result for 8.5
18:54:27 <pili> ok
18:54:37 <pili> so definitely before the end of this week
18:54:47 <pili> antonela: is that ok?
18:55:06 <antonela> haha yes
18:55:43 <GeKo> okay, sounds good
18:55:55 <GeKo> i expect to build 8.5 right now in a week
18:56:39 <GeKo> so, yes, by the end of this week latest
18:56:55 <GeKo> i'll ping emmapeel tomotrrow regarding the strings
18:56:59 <GeKo> *tomorrow
18:57:10 <pili> cool, thanks everyone for working together to make this happen :)
18:57:41 <pili> we have a few more minutes, is there anything else anyone wants to discuss?
19:00:19 <sstevenson> thanks, everyone!
19:00:37 <pili> ok, calling it
19:00:42 <pili> #endmeeting