14:01:28 <pili> #startmeeting community-portal 05/09
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14:01:50 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Tfl4PKEq_nU-5GCj9fSn7s-67ui24us2HNm5kab6olm <- pad
14:01:59 <pili> let me update it and feel free to update also
14:02:46 <isabela> !
14:02:47 <emmapeel> o/
14:02:56 <antonela> hello
14:03:09 <isabela> antonela: tx for the privacy defenders logo :)
14:03:34 <antonela> its cool! im trying to set up my ssh keys at the gitlab repo to add it to /media
14:03:44 <antonela> so sstevenson can use it somewhere else
14:03:49 <isabela> tx!
14:04:16 <emmapeel> antonela: github or dip?
14:04:19 <pili> hi everyone
14:04:22 <sstevenson> thanks antonela! i just need one of the images to pull into an email in civi
14:04:41 <antonela> yes, but staging is not for it, so better do it in a proper way :)
14:05:00 <antonela> gitlab = dip emmapeel
14:05:10 <pili> ok, shall we get started?
14:05:20 <pili> anyone have any updates on content?
14:06:07 <isabela> gus is traveling to mexico
14:06:09 * isabela thinks
14:06:16 <antonela> yes he is
14:06:17 <pili> yup, I think so too :)
14:06:18 <isabela> so is flexlibris
14:06:21 <pili> oh yes
14:06:22 <antonela> yes
14:06:41 <isabela> pili: maybe we can send (after the meeting) a email ping regarding content
14:06:52 <emmapeel> i am sorry i didnt not have the clearness of mind to even touch the localization content
14:06:55 <isabela> maybe both could work on it while in mexico
14:06:59 <pili> yup, and I did have one small update from ggus regarding content
14:07:27 <pili> he wanted some help/input from antonela on the training slides
14:07:46 <pili> to use images from the new website and keep a consistent look and feel with the website in general
14:07:53 <pili> not sure if he's been in touch with you about that antonela
14:08:20 <antonela> not really, ggus is traveling this week and i didn't touch that part
14:08:35 <pili> ok
14:08:35 <antonela> we have been organizing next travels
14:08:50 <pili> emmapeel: for the localization content, is there something you can re-use already?
14:08:59 <pili> it probably doesn't need to be written from zero
14:09:00 <emmapeel> yes, some part are reused
14:10:33 <pili> looking at the content spreadsheet (https://storm.torproject.org/shared/28AR7tXRNEhXzcOwyvBo_Wgz6Pu0uNbCqY1H6eH3z-E) it should just be the "How to improve translations" :)
14:10:46 <emmapeel> i dont know exactly if i need to produce the content in this way, like in the mockup, with the different projects like that: https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/localization/ am i supposed to put all projects there, with the actual percentage? it is hard to get that number updated
14:11:46 <isabela> i dont think you need percentages
14:11:49 <pili> +1
14:12:05 <emmapeel> mean the table, to keep it updated is quite hard
14:12:14 <isabela> ok
14:12:19 <emmapeel> i can provide my super wonderful stats very easily though
14:12:20 <isabela> we can remove the projects
14:12:23 <isabela> and only list the languages
14:12:31 <isabela> so people understands the division
14:13:08 <isabela> (we could list them in a table with more columns so it doesnt take much of the page)
14:13:17 <emmapeel> i just run a command and i get https://share.riseup.net/#lQmgGTOsoedZGMsAGcMe-A
14:13:46 <emmapeel> updated to the minute from transifex.
14:13:54 <pili> and for the content below the tiers it would even be enough to just move the content from https://tb-manual.torproject.org/becoming-tor-translator/ to the different headings
14:14:15 <isabela> emmapeel: you want to use that instead?
14:14:34 <pili> e.g 1. Becoming Tor translator, 2. Pick a project and 3. translate strings
14:14:35 <pili> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/localization/
14:14:59 <emmapeel> isabela: i would like to be able to publish that file yeah
14:15:04 <emmapeel> so people can see the situation with the translations
14:15:21 <pili> that's pretty :)
14:15:42 <emmapeel> (i was taking the mockups a bit more freely)
14:15:48 <isabela> so, why dont we move the content up and publish this under it?
14:16:01 <isabela> ".1
14:16:01 <isabela> Becoming Tor translator
14:16:02 <isabela> Pictures and instructions ..."
14:16:11 <emmapeel> it is a python script, it could even be integrated on the build :D
14:16:14 <isabela> remove hte languages table thing, move this up and add your graph under it
14:16:33 <emmapeel> (although the code quality is very bad)
14:17:38 <emmapeel> ok! cooL!
14:17:45 <pili> emmapeel: is this ready to go though? :) I think the priority needs to be the content itself that tells people how to actually help out
14:17:53 <pili> and the graph is motivation to get everything to 200% :)
14:18:00 <isabela> +1
14:18:06 <emmapeel> sure, well the graph is more for me heh
14:18:27 <pili> also, we should try to match the colours to the styleguide somehow ;)
14:18:42 <emmapeel> i can look onto the colors
14:18:51 <pili> thanks emmapeel ! :)
14:18:56 <isabela> cool!
14:19:31 <pili> we'll skip the training and outreach sections since ggus and flexlibris are not here
14:19:44 <hiro> I don't want to ruin the party but not sure we can have the graph generated in the build
14:20:03 <hiro> there are things like easyinstall or pip that we cannot run on jenkins
14:20:06 <emmapeel> hiro: nevermind!
14:20:23 <hiro> if you don't use pip but only deb packages then yes
14:20:26 <emmapeel> well, this is done with debian packages python-matplotlib and bash
14:20:27 <antonela> why we don't include that in somewhere .metrics?
14:21:30 <emmapeel> i should publish the code first but i am a bit shy
14:21:49 <emmapeel> is so shitty and i have my api key just smudged all over etc
14:22:00 <emmapeel> is like homemade code...
14:22:27 <emmapeel> but as kushal would say, the beauty of python is that even non-programmers can program heh
14:22:33 <antonela> lol
14:22:38 <pili> hehe ok, let's prioritise getting the content in the mock up then and then look at what we do with the graph :)
14:22:48 <antonela> +1
14:22:54 <pili> shall we move on to relay operators section updates?
14:23:11 <pili> I haven't checked in with nusenu this week, not sure if hiro knows more
14:23:30 <pili> the front page seems done though: https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/relay-operations/
14:23:33 <hiro> I don't
14:23:36 <pili> but it looks like we need some subpages
14:23:52 <hiro> yeah I built the front page a long time ago
14:24:06 <emmapeel> also maybe the donate now button
14:24:13 <pili> oh, I see a commit: https://github.com/torproject/community/commit/f9a99af58d4ece35e490ac58e1a71f3a72c28d17
14:24:28 <pili> 12 days ago
14:24:49 <hiro> yes I merged that last time I talked to nusenu
14:25:10 <hiro> it's when they asked about a plugin for tables of content
14:25:13 <pili> ah ok, are the different sections not linked to that page then?
14:26:07 <hiro> I am not sure.. they mentioned they wanted to make a few changes
14:26:11 <hiro> we can try to link those then
14:26:28 <pili> I think it could be a good start :)
14:26:49 <pili> but I'll ping them after the meeting and see where they are and how much more they want to do
14:26:59 <pili> because maybe we can start getting stephw to review some of that content
14:27:04 <pili> if it's not going to change
14:27:21 <stephw> are the ones marked ready actually ready?
14:27:25 <emmapeel> hiro: the plugin https://www.getlektor.com/plugins/lektor-markdown-header-anchors/ actually does provide a TOC
14:27:36 <emmapeel> (the one i wanted to install for the glossary titles)
14:28:27 <pili> stephw: I think so, they're the "landing pages" for each section and I think they've been ready for a while
14:29:15 <hiro> emmapeel that's what nusenu wanted
14:29:38 <pili> are we ok with that? does it work with the styleguide?
14:29:47 <pili> or would we rather do things differently
14:32:15 <antonela> im not sure exactly what they want to do, but the anchors extension seems working
14:32:20 <pili> ok
14:32:21 <emmapeel> is better than not having it, it generates an anchor on the markdown titles and you can get a TOC from it too...
14:32:28 <pili> I guess we can try it and see then
14:32:58 <antonela> yes
14:33:05 <pili> ok, I'll add that to next steps
14:33:22 <pili> and meanwhile, do you have any updates on the user testing section antonela ? :)
14:33:33 <emmapeel> ah
14:33:52 <antonela> i don't yet, i plan to back to website next week
14:34:01 <antonela> to review community and to work in that section content
14:34:01 <emmapeel> but you cannot just call the TOC from the markdown it seems, ... you need to add it to the template :S  https://www.getlektor.com/plugins/lektor-markdown-header-anchors/
14:35:07 <antonela> we can have a template that contains that navigation emmapeel
14:35:48 <pili> ok
14:36:03 <hiro> yeah we can build a macro
14:36:55 <pili> for the final section, onion services, asn will try to get something done by the end of may
14:37:24 <pili> shall we move on and review the latest illustrations?
14:37:29 <pili> (fun part of the meeting ;) )
14:37:49 <antonela> i added the versions that alon sent to me in the pad
14:38:11 <pili> https://share.riseup.net/#aGnUTNPo18gHOHoJeN3YKg
14:38:16 <pili> ^ user testing
14:38:25 <pili> relay operators: https://share.riseup.net/#GqZ04uzkp1LZhr7FTug5sw
14:38:40 <pili> let's discuss user testing first
14:38:55 <pili> I actually prefer the lab version, the other version looks a bit bare :)
14:39:11 <pili> what does everyone else think? I know antonela still prefers the version without the lab :)
14:40:09 <emmapeel> but where are the post its?
14:40:58 <hiro> I very much like the lab
14:41:51 <pili> emmapeel: are you saying you want the one without the lab AND with post its? :D
14:42:39 <emmapeel> pili: yeah i think post-its are closer tools than lab things
14:43:02 <emmapeel> i use post-its often when working, and never use those things to heat up liquids
14:43:03 <pili> true, but it doesn't need to be so literal... :)
14:43:33 <pili> any other views?
14:44:24 <hiro> it reminds me of google labs a long time ago
14:44:39 <hiro> used to be all the experiment google was launching
14:45:03 <hiro> ** used to be for all the experiments google was launching **
14:45:52 <antonela> hahaha
14:46:12 <pili> I think we need a tie breaker though
14:46:13 <pili> unless we go back to last week's comments :)
14:46:26 <pili> but maybe let's move this discussion the email list so ggus and flexlibris can weigh in
14:46:39 <pili> and move on to relay operations
14:46:52 <pili> any comments on this one? anything we'd change? are we happy with it?
14:47:13 * hiro likes it
14:47:20 * antonela +1
14:48:03 <emmapeel> i love the relay operators heh passing the onions
14:48:50 <pili> I also like it :)
14:49:05 <pili> any changes?
14:49:16 <pili> otherwise I'd say we just tell alon to go with it
14:50:06 <emmapeel> +1
14:50:21 <pili> ok
14:50:26 <isabela> i like all of them :) (and yes I like the lab version of the user testing one)
14:50:57 <pili> we have 10 minutes now, I wanted to try to carry on with the website ticket triage as last week we got stuck on the one ticket re: the tor browser bundle
14:51:06 <pili> but maybe we don't have enough time here
14:51:22 <hiro> I just wanted to mention that I am migrating all the tickets to dip
14:51:29 <antonela> we also should talk about dip, hiro moved/closed issues from trac and gh, im trying to get my dip account in place to do PRs
14:51:32 <antonela> ha yes
14:51:33 <pili> yes! let's
14:51:46 <pili> (and any other tpo updates)
14:51:48 <hiro> also I am documenting all the web stuff in there: https://dip.torproject.org/web
14:52:02 <emmapeel> antonela: let me know if i can help out, i just added my ssh key yesterday
14:52:09 <antonela> can we remove the decentralization of tickets and have everything in dip now?
14:52:10 <hiro> tpo has already a wiki: https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/wikis/home
14:52:27 <hiro> and I have to do the same for the other websites
14:52:36 <emmapeel> yeah i was wondering, maybe we can at least do it that a ticket in dip is the same as a ticket in github?
14:52:43 <pili> antonela: hmm, we should be careful with that, it's good that it's a selfcontained project
14:52:51 <hiro> I also did a bit of a triage yesterday and came up w this board: https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/boards
14:52:52 <antonela> emmapeel: if you can pick tickets from the triage, that could be awesome
14:52:55 <pili> but we need to be careful with having tickets in different systems
14:53:00 <pili> because it can get confusing
14:53:08 <hiro> I plan to do that 1 time per week
14:53:19 <antonela> pili: what?
14:53:28 <pili> also, we need to look at how easy it is for people to create tickets
14:53:29 <emmapeel> antonela: i meant helping you out with the ssh key, but i will have a look at the tickets for sure
14:53:38 <pili> don't get me wrong, I love gitlab :)
14:53:43 <antonela> ahh, yes thanks emmapeel!
14:53:48 <pili> but we should communicate to people that this is what we're doing
14:53:57 <hiro> one sec you peeps
14:54:06 <antonela> oh yes, we should communicate that we have a dip instance at some point
14:54:08 <hiro> :D
14:54:13 <pili> going forward :)
14:54:27 <hiro> so if among us we start using dip.tp.o
14:54:38 <hiro> I plan to go to the queue to clean it up 1 time per week: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/services/website
14:54:51 <antonela> good
14:55:15 <hiro> meanwhile we start communicating what we need to communicate :)
14:55:20 <antonela> haha
14:55:31 <pili> ooook ;)
14:55:52 <hiro> also because dip ain't open to the public
14:56:07 <hiro> only tpo people and people that get an account
14:56:13 <pili> right
14:56:14 <pili> well, I think you can view without login
14:56:15 <pili> I was playing a bit with that today
14:56:20 <pili> but I'm wondering how others can raise issues
14:56:26 <hiro> so we are going to have a discussion there with the anonymous account to create issues and blah blah blah
14:56:29 <pili> or maybe we don't want them to? dunno...
14:56:47 <pili> (I guess this is no different to the cypherpunks account)
14:56:56 * isabela needs to prepare for a call
14:56:57 <isabela> sorry
14:56:58 <emmapeel> yeah i dont see the lack of external input as an advantage per se... but maybe i am missing something
14:57:06 <hiro> yes we would have to create a cyber account or something like that
14:57:15 <pili> that's fine isabela :)
14:57:36 <pili> emmapeel: I wasn't suggesting it was an advantage :D
14:57:47 * antonela has ooni meeting in 3 mins
14:57:47 <pili> I don't know if anyone else was ;)
14:57:48 <hiro> emmapeel it is not an advantage or a disadvantage... it's just that we are testing and we haven't opened it
14:58:13 <pili> ok, let's move to #tor-www then
14:58:14 <pili> #endmeeting