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17:00:29 <nickm> hi folks!
17:00:36 <catalyst> o/
17:00:46 <asn> hello
17:00:53 <ahf> hello o/
17:01:10 <gaba> o/
17:01:15 <dgoulet> o/
17:01:53 <nickm> hey everybody!
17:02:00 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep is the pad
17:02:41 <nickm> teor is back from break next week, but let's remember not to overload them
17:02:54 <nickm> mikeperry/ mikeperr1: you around?
17:03:27 <nickm> I'm going to suggest that we skip the CI and 040 release status checks this week, unless there's something we need to cover there?
17:03:41 <nickm> for CI, let's cover it with CI handover
17:03:48 <nickm> sound okay?
17:03:53 <nickm> if so let's move on to the roadmap kanban
17:04:16 <ahf> yep
17:05:47 * asn fixing up the kanban
17:06:17 * nickm moving #29263 to in_review.  It's got some issues to shake out, but the main work is done
17:06:19 * ahf moves #28930 to in progress
17:06:29 <asn> altho the task (#30381) i will be doing this week does not exist in the kanban, since it's been new (after the latest s27 meeting)
17:06:32 <dgoulet> nickm: very cool for #29263!
17:07:02 <nickm> travis is unhappy with it, but I think that's not my fault
17:07:55 <nickm> gaba: What should we do with #29210 ?  It's no longer "in review" but rather it's partially done and partially "deferred until we are no longer busy wrapping up S19"
17:08:41 <gaba> it should be back to backlog? is something to finish later, right?
17:08:48 <nickm> ok
17:08:53 <gaba> if it is something to finish later then put it back in the backlog
17:09:03 <nickm> done
17:09:06 <gaba> ty
17:09:24 <nickm> anybody else have open questions/discussion on the roadmap?
17:09:47 <nickm> our two next big deadlines are feature freeze for 0.4.1 this Wednesday, and S19 deadline at the end of the month
17:10:19 <asn> gaba: i think the kanban has desynched from the true state of s27 given the latest discussions with TB team, and with the DoS project
17:10:30 <asn> that is , we have splitted the work into more tickets that are not in the kanban
17:10:33 <ahf> #28849 is in 041-proposed, but given that we are discussing spec changes right now, i'm gonna take it out of that
17:11:08 <nickm> ahf: agreed
17:11:19 <gaba> asn: ok, I will take a look at s27 here this week
17:11:26 <ahf> do we use 042-proposed already?
17:11:49 <asn> gaba: thanks
17:11:56 <nickm> ahf: we should IMO
17:12:39 <ahf> added that keyword
17:14:33 <nickm> if nothing else on the kanban, let's look at the review list
17:14:44 <nickm> looks like I've got reviews this week
17:15:39 <nickm> anybody need to shift reviews?
17:15:55 <asn> i dont need
17:15:58 <asn> but i've had this #22029 review for a while
17:16:08 <asn> it's been through like 7-10 back-and-forths with neel
17:16:23 <asn> and we kept on finding bugs
17:16:39 <asn> i looked at the new code and it looks reasonable and tested
17:16:44 <asn> but teor really knows the code and has found most of the good bugs there
17:16:57 <asn> so im thinking of waiting for them, and swapping one of their reviews for that one
17:17:02 <nickm> I think it's fine to call it merge_ready for 0.4.2 then, and give teor a change to look at it
17:17:03 <asn> so that they take another good look at it
17:17:06 <asn> ok
17:18:03 <asn> sounds good
17:18:22 <nickm> Any blockers, especially for 041 or s19 stuff?
17:18:38 <nickm> if not, on to discussion....
17:18:55 <ahf> cool
17:18:56 <nickm> ahf, catalyst: you have handover updates.  Anything to discuss there?
17:18:57 <asn> fwiw, im the reviewer in #28780
17:19:02 <asn> which was the main blocker of #28634
17:19:24 <asn> i need to do another review tomorrow and i will move it to merge_ready (by doing any additional fixes if needed myself)
17:19:25 <catalyst> nickm: should all be in the pad
17:19:32 <nickm> great
17:19:34 <asn> so it should be ready for your eyes tomorrow nickm
17:19:37 <ahf> nope, i think i'm doing a "clean" handover
17:19:43 <nickm> asn: I'll keep my eyes open ; thanks!
17:19:44 <asn> ahf: \o/
17:20:10 <nickm> gaba has a question about our stockholm meeting: should we try to get a full day for our team stuff?
17:20:17 <asn> +1
17:20:24 <nickm> let's keep in mind that we only have 3 days for the whole event this time :/
17:20:25 <asn> aka yes
17:20:41 <gaba> I was thinking a day because roadmap preparation and a retrospective that may need a little more time for discussions.
17:20:58 <gaba> but we should try to open up any other session that may also be shared with the rest of Tor
17:21:07 <nickm> yeah
17:21:17 <nickm> and we should pre-prepare postits again, IMO
17:21:29 <nickm> I think that helped last time?
17:22:33 <nickm> So that's 1 "we need a day" and 0 other?
17:22:38 <mikeperry> (arg I am here. sorry, my phone ran out of batery)
17:22:43 <nickm> asn: I kinda want to not need  a day, but I think you are probably right
17:22:52 <nickm> hi mikeperry!
17:23:02 <nickm> remember to do roadmap/review updates
17:23:21 <dgoulet> asn and I will need to discuss s27 , and even probably with some of the TB team so we at least need time to do that
17:23:40 <gaba> ddgoulet: that could happen the other 2 days?
17:23:53 <gaba> we can propose a session for s27
17:23:55 <gaba> 1 hour
17:24:00 <nickm> ahf: BTW, there is a link to a doodle poll that I think you need to fill out still?
17:24:01 <dgoulet> in my experience, the other 2 days are already full by the time we get there?
17:24:18 <dgoulet> gaba: ah ok if we can have sessions then yes
17:24:21 <nickm> gaba: can you reach out to teor and ask them to fill out that poll if they have time and they want to?
17:24:26 <gaba> dgoulet: filling of sessions is hapepening right now. alison is organizing
17:24:30 <ahf> nickm: oh! yes
17:24:35 <nickm> ahf: ty
17:24:36 <gaba> nickm: yes
17:24:40 <nickm> great
17:25:15 <asn> and yes agreed that we _def_ need time with dgoulet/tb/ux team
17:26:15 <ahf> ok, updated doodle
17:26:27 <nickm> next topic is how to handle the freeze period.  We talked about this last time a little, and I tried to put down a concrete proposal.  How does it look to everybody?
17:26:42 <nickm> I'm happy to change anything;this is just a starting point
17:26:43 <gaba> agenda: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/DailyAgenda
17:27:07 <gaba> sorry, just wanted to share that link. Nothing else about STockholm that that.
17:27:35 <ahf> is it the discussion on whether we drop all feature hacking and do bug fixing for a month?
17:27:48 <nickm> basically, yeah
17:28:13 <nickm> I've put it on the pad in the discussion section
17:28:22 <nickm> let's figure out something that actually works for us all here
17:28:36 * arma1 likes the idea in principle
17:28:54 <ahf> is there some people who are in a hurry to get features done because of sponsors? i think it sounds like a good idea, but i don't know if it works for everyone
17:29:39 <nickm> So, the idea here is to focus on 041 fixes and S19 stuff as long as there is any of that
17:29:44 <nickm> And to be really proactive about that...
17:29:54 <nickm> and if we are running out of those, then we can open 042.
17:29:55 * ahf would enjoy that
17:30:31 <nickm> teor's 040-must page worked well for us; I'm planning to remake it for 041
17:30:47 <asn> perhaps we can say "a week" or "two weeks" of freeze, and then reevaluate in a monday meeting?
17:31:24 <nickm> let's default to the one month freeze we have in our schedule, but reconsider it each monday?
17:31:42 <asn> ok
17:31:43 <asn> sounds good
17:32:31 <mikeperry> and this will be organized around trac queries, or ?
17:32:50 <nickm> I think the 040-must stuff that we did last time worked will
17:33:10 <nickm> It will ebb and flow a bit, since a lot of new 041-must stuff will show up when our alpha gets into users' hands
17:33:20 <nickm> mikeperry: that sound ok?
17:33:26 <ahf> ebb?
17:34:36 <mikeperry> I can't find Teor's 040-must page to refresh what happened..
17:34:40 <nickm> err, "it will go up and down a bit"
17:34:57 <nickm> mikeperry: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/040Status
17:35:06 <nickm> ahf: (it's a phrase about tides)
17:35:29 <ahf> :o
17:35:30 <ahf> ok
17:36:19 <nickm> anybody else have anything this week?
17:36:38 <nickm> gaba: did you want to talk about ticket velocity, or save it for when we have a better trac query
17:36:55 <mikeperry> ah ok I remember that page now. seems ok
17:37:00 <gaba> let's save it for when we have better query. I will look at non sponsored tickets first
17:37:13 <nickm> ok
17:38:00 <nickm> ok. anything else for the week?
17:38:07 * ahf is good
17:38:33 <gaba> is good
17:39:00 <nickm> ok. thanks, all!  I'll be online if you want to talk about anything else!
17:39:07 <mikeperry> (I am feeling a little frazzled because late; but if everyone else is good with my stuff at the moment, I'm good)
17:39:33 <nickm> #endmeeting