14:00:07 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:12 <antonela> hello o/
14:00:29 <clash> hi!
14:00:31 <pili> hi
14:00:39 <emmapeel> o/
14:01:18 <antonela> hi folks, lets start as usual adding agenda items and status reporting in the pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/B0Zaan-SZY-cFYkse_3dGvqyysJ8Op8FzG3nCxXCSf9
14:06:07 <antonela> okey, lets do it
14:06:25 <antonela> what is the progress with the ux triagge? how do you want to manage it?
14:06:36 <antonela> s/triagge/triage
14:08:08 <pili> well, we were going to do it once a month
14:08:15 <pili> on the first meeting of the month
14:08:19 <pili> but we never seem to finish it :)
14:09:02 <pili> not sure if any tickets have been added since the last time we did it, but we can try to finish off the last one at the end of this meeting
14:09:19 <pili> let me bring up the spreadsheet
14:10:04 <pili> https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1N62Em_GG4uNTMOpIc8cecBtM6aAugrzRipJTliFt4fU/edit?usp=sharing
14:10:27 <antonela> i remember that i labeled all the tickets in that spreadsheet
14:10:32 <pili> we had 4 left over: #29955
14:10:33 <pili> 29933
14:10:33 <pili> 29886
14:10:33 <pili> 29695
14:10:52 <pili> ugh, pressed enter too soon, but anyway, that's the ones we didn't get around to last time
14:11:03 <antonela> #29955 is in progress, i worked on it last week
14:11:08 <antonela> #29933
14:11:18 <pili> but the idea is that the first meeting of the month, I update the list and we go down and categorise/decide what to do
14:11:55 <antonela> that has a ux-team label but is about the right implementation of it
14:12:10 <clash> I was wondering about #28381
14:12:33 <clash> As well as these new specs for the play store icon --> https://developer.android.com/google-play/resources/icon-design-specifications
14:12:36 <antonela> #29886 - this is a dev ticket
14:12:53 <pili> clash: we parked that one, but feel free to take that on :)
14:13:46 <pili> so we can cross out #29933 and #29886 for now as there's nothing needed from UX team>
14:13:50 <antonela> #29695 - well, yes, captchas are sad. Maybe is a good one to discuss with the circumvention team for the long term plan
14:13:52 <pili> or do we want to write a comment on the ticket and remove the ux-team label for now
14:15:08 <antonela> mmm
14:15:30 <antonela> maybe we can keep the ux-team label and wait until dev work on it in order to give some review
14:15:33 <clash> pili: I see, thanks!
14:16:42 <antonela> #28381 is a bug, we already have the assets for being oreo responsive
14:16:49 <antonela> clash: ^
14:17:45 <pili> so for #29695, that could be a good one for S30, I've added phw and cohosh to it
14:17:54 <clash> It hasn't been implemented dev side?
14:18:22 <antonela> pili cool
14:18:57 <antonela> clash: yes, this is the relevant ticket #28622
14:19:26 <antonela> any other pili?
14:19:53 <pili> I don't think so, we already went through the others before
14:20:18 <antonela> cool, thanks
14:20:19 <pili> (there may have been some new ones created but they can wait until next time
14:20:45 <antonela> also related with triage, I triaged the OONI Explorer tickets i'd work for the stable release cc/gaba
14:20:53 <antonela> https://github.com/ooni/explorer/projects/3#column-5354884
14:21:56 <antonela> dunqan: you are up -- btw i sent the personas email to the ux list :)
14:21:57 <clash> antonela: that's what I thought, the black bg mask could be made adaptive easily
14:22:09 <dunqan> yeah i saw! no feedback yet?
14:22:14 <dunqan> (I've not had anything directly)
14:22:24 <antonela> no yet, lets see!
14:22:59 <dunqan> anyway, so I've been lurking on tor/privacy support boards and subreddits recently, and the number one question I'm seeing from new users is about VPNs
14:23:15 <dunqan> a lot of whom seem to think using a VPN with TB is _essential_
14:23:32 <clash> Isn't there info that it's not actually recommended?
14:23:33 <dunqan> there's been a big boost in marketing for various VPN providers that could be to blame, perhaps
14:23:40 <antonela> yes we know, wayward has been working in a blogpost about it
14:23:46 <dunqan> ah cool
14:23:49 <clash> I think the onboarding said so 🤔
14:24:01 <dunqan> the onboarding casually mentions VPNs I think
14:24:08 <dunqan> but I was wondering if we need to review that too?
14:24:17 <dunqan> (and point to this blog post when ready?)
14:24:28 <antonela> yes we should
14:24:54 <dunqan> slightly concerned that a lot of novice users are compromising their anonymity by using some random VPN
14:24:57 <dunqan> because they think they have to
14:24:57 <antonela> i don't know about the progress on it since the community team didn't have a meeting this week
14:25:07 <dunqan> ah okaydokes :)
14:25:26 <clash> is there a way to re-view onboarding?
14:25:54 <clash> nvm found it
14:26:24 <dunqan> you may need to tweak some prefs
14:26:28 <antonela> dunqan: is a good topic, we could discuss more about it during the dev meeting
14:26:29 <dunqan> to get the vanilla onboarding
14:26:35 <dunqan> sure thing antonela
14:26:52 <antonela> cool, thanks!
14:27:20 <antonela> last agenda item: emmapeel, GeKo worked on #30497
14:27:28 <antonela> will it get the translated strings?
14:27:29 <clash> I just checked and there's a bit about VPN in the Tor Network part, that could be expanded maybe
14:27:30 <emmapeel> yes, i think we are groot
14:27:42 <antonela> emmapeel: super, thanksss
14:27:51 <emmapeel> (we talked about it on the mornin')
14:27:59 <dunqan> yeah clash that's the bit I was thinking of
14:28:36 <antonela> clash, dunqan or we can link to support.tpo with more info about it
14:29:10 <dunqan> there's a question in the FAQ but it doesn't really address the topic directly
14:29:25 <dunqan> it's more worded along the lines of _is tor like a VPN?_
14:29:40 <antonela> i see
14:29:43 <antonela> you right
14:29:53 <emmapeel> ey pili i forgot to tell you, just after this meeting there is a linguine meeting in jitsi if you want to join
14:29:54 <dunqan> but yeah I think we need to link out to something more direct about VPNs
14:29:57 <pili> oh
14:29:59 <dunqan> from the onboarding
14:30:05 <pili> let me look at mi calendar emmapeel
14:30:14 <pili> I have another meeting... :(
14:30:16 <antonela> could you open a ticket so we don't forget dunqan?
14:30:31 <dunqan> yep will do!
14:30:37 <clash> yes, something like "You don't need a VPN to be anonymous in Tor, in fact it's not recommended to use Tor with a VPN. For more info [link to blog]"
14:30:38 <antonela> cool, thank you
14:31:20 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:31:24 <dunqan> yeah exactly clash :)
14:32:19 <dunqan> if you have any product tasks you need help with fire them over antonela (since we're just waiting on persona feedback anyway)!
14:32:32 <emmapeel> maybe that is the document wayward is working on, but i think there is still no place where to put it
14:32:54 <antonela> emmapeel: ye, we talked about a support entry for it
14:32:59 <pili> yup
14:33:09 <pili> that way it gets localized
14:33:18 <emmapeel> :D yes that is why i remember
14:33:42 <clash> Is the latest version of personas the one sent on May 7?
14:34:09 <dunqan> yep clash, I think that's right
14:34:40 <dunqan> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/ux/2019-May/000449.html
14:34:56 <clash> I see, I was wondering about a couple of things.
14:35:16 <dunqan> sure thing, go ahead!
14:35:24 <clash> So the journey part has 3 sub parts Positive, Meh and Negative.
14:35:39 <clash> Does that represent the user experience with those questions?
14:36:17 <dunqan> yeah, more specifically they're emotional experience
14:36:22 <clash> Eg. they had a positive experience getting what they wanted in that row, meh experience with the questions in meh row and negative with the ones in that row
14:36:47 <dunqan> e.g. a step could still be tricky to complete, but if they're technically proficient or at lower risk it may affect them less than other users
14:37:02 <dunqan> *they're → their
14:37:17 <clash> Basically their experience with that step?
14:37:23 <dunqan> yep
14:38:27 <clash> I was thinking a small byline or something to explain that since the questions are in future tense
14:39:01 <clash> "I want to...install Tor" and not "I wanted to...install Tor" (and had a positive/meh/negative experience)
14:39:23 <dunqan> Ah, I see what you mean
14:39:30 <clash> also, awareness is misspelt :)
14:40:34 <dunqan> yeah that's a good point
14:40:43 <dunqan> also thanks for the heads up about the typo!
14:41:01 <dunqan> would you mind dropping those points into trac so I don't forget?
14:41:08 <dunqan> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30430
14:41:16 <dunqan> ^ that's the ticket for the personas
14:41:56 <clash> I'll do that :)
14:42:08 <antonela> thanks clash!
14:42:37 <dunqan> thanks :D
14:43:08 <antonela> cool, anything else?
14:43:18 <pili> I'm good
14:43:23 <dunqan> groot
14:43:30 <clash> I was waiting for that email, antonela :P
14:43:38 <antonela> i know!
14:43:46 <antonela> thanks folks!
14:43:48 <antonela> #endmeeting