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14:00:27 <pili> all right, who's around flexlibris antonela ggus emmapeel hiro isabela sstevenson stephw ?
14:00:42 <pili> I'm expecting a few absences :)
14:00:47 <antonela> o/
14:00:49 <sstevenson> i’m here but also in another meeting?
14:01:11 <pili> no alon today it seems :)
14:01:14 <pili> that's ok sstevenson
14:01:30 <pili> let me share the meeting pad while everyone else arrives
14:02:01 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/BgFsz87NENqjUIIDOFg_9pSDcO_2F8P0XKGzsAwN-Ml
14:02:12 <pili> I've been busy writing a lot of updates, but I'm hoping it's not just me talking today :)
14:02:12 <hiro> i am here
14:02:57 <pili> ok, we can try to get started and others can catch up/join as we go
14:03:39 <pili> so, I'll go through updates on the different sections and then we can move on to what I've been up to with gitlab
14:04:02 <pili> first of, the Training section
14:04:19 <pili> antonela put ggus and myself in touch with clash who volunteered to help out
14:04:48 <pili> so hopefully we can get the training materials design aligned with the new websites/stylesheet
14:05:10 <pili> anyone have any further comments on that?
14:06:22 <pili> ok, let's move on then :)
14:06:41 <pili> User testing section, any updates on that antonela ?
14:06:48 <antonela> no :/
14:06:55 <pili> I made a small fix to one of the files myself
14:07:10 <pili> I think we just need:
14:07:22 <pili> a) a "subtitle" for the current testing materials section
14:07:36 <pili> b) a decision on where/how to host these materials so they are easy to update
14:08:22 <pili> c) decide about the user testing mailing list? Is there one already? if not, are we going to create a new one or just use the ux list?
14:08:41 <antonela> a, b ok, c we could use the ux-team list for it
14:09:08 <antonela> added it to the top of my to-do list for next week
14:09:13 <pili> d) same for people that want to run user tests with users
14:09:23 <pili> ok, so we'll just point to ux-team list for these last 2
14:10:02 <pili> e) How to do user tests for Tor
14:10:05 <pili> so that will be content
14:10:44 <pili> ok, let's move on to the Outreach section if everyone is ok with that?
14:11:33 <antonela> yes
14:11:38 <emmapeel> oops sorry
14:11:40 <pili> for the outreach kit, I guess it's just a set of materials that we host for people to download? do we have all of that ready?
14:11:43 <emmapeel> i was cookin'
14:12:05 <antonela> pili, yes i have it in spanish, english and portuguese, but we have more languages
14:12:08 <pili> cool
14:12:28 <emmapeel> antonela: i can get you some very excited indonesian translators to review the indonesian
14:12:31 <pili> do we already know how we're going to organise it/link to it?
14:12:44 <emmapeel> they in fact offered to translate it and relayout it if i gave them 'the svg'
14:13:08 <emmapeel> (first time i showed them it to them)
14:13:32 <antonela> im trying to unify media.tpo and https://github.com/TheTorProject/tor-media in --> dip.torproject.org/media
14:14:02 <antonela> so once that is done, i can upload it there and we can link it for the community portal
14:14:21 <pili> great :)
14:14:26 <antonela> emmapeel: cool, yes we have editable files, do you want to put us in an email?
14:14:44 <emmapeel> antonela: sure thing, ill do right away
14:14:54 <antonela> cool
14:17:14 <pili> ok
14:17:17 <pili> next section? :)
14:18:32 <pili> sorry, got a bit lsot
14:18:33 <pili> lost
14:18:46 <emmapeel> omg icals key is expired. e.t. phone home!
14:18:58 <pili> :)
14:19:17 <pili> let's talk about the relay operators section next
14:19:31 <pili> (I don't know what order I've been following... :S)
14:20:02 <pili> so, nusenu has written some content
14:20:07 <pili> but now they are waiting on the template to be finalised before they finish that off
14:20:40 <pili> I think it would help if we can do that for them, any thoughts on that hiro?
14:21:15 <hiro> is this just the code box or is it something more?
14:21:18 <emmapeel> i really apologise, this spring is getting me a bit unnerved and i cannot work on this kind of stuff, or at least is hard for me to sit and write this things. i am also delayed on the feedback stuff (in fact i just realised i missed the peer feedback call and anyway well sorry i am a bit all over the place. i went down in the coffee for now.
14:21:19 <hiro> the template is finalised
14:22:36 <hiro> what do you think is missing?
14:22:48 <pili> I guess the code box and maybe the table of contents plugin?
14:23:04 <hiro> uhm the plugin has been included
14:23:18 <pili> maybe we can ask them to clarify what they mean about the templates being completed
14:23:24 <hiro> and the code is just a little bit of styling that me and antonela wanted to review a little bit more bfore the end
14:23:31 <hiro> s/before/towards
14:23:41 <hiro> you know when polishing everything that was going to be added
14:23:46 <pili> emmapeel: I can help out with writing stuff, but if you can help me find the content that would be good
14:24:16 <pili> ok, I'll reply to them then
14:24:54 <pili> emmapeel: are you also getting the notifications from gitlab?
14:25:10 <pili> (we can move on to the Localization section if that's ok)
14:26:02 <pili> although I don't think there's much more to discuss on this section
14:26:21 <emmapeel> gitlab notifications? which ones?
14:26:26 <emmapeel> i did got some a while ago i think
14:26:38 <pili> so, I've started assigning some issues in gitlab to you the last few days
14:26:44 <pili> and I was just wondering if you were receiving them
14:26:51 <emmapeel> hmm i dont think so
14:26:52 <pili> and I'm not just sending messages into the void :D
14:27:05 <pili> ok, so the latter then ;)
14:27:05 <emmapeel> ill have a look. i got some notifications that i got added to some teams, though
14:27:12 <pili> ok
14:27:17 <emmapeel> maybe its my config
14:27:23 <emmapeel> i'll have a look
14:27:31 <pili> emmapeel: if you can also find me some good content already written for localization I can pull something together for that section
14:27:45 <emmapeel> oh nice
14:27:56 <emmapeel> do you want to write it with me tomorrow? :D
14:28:03 <pili> especially on how to improve translations as that is one of the other sections under it
14:28:04 <pili> emmapeel: yes, we can do :)
14:28:11 <emmapeel> sorry i dont always need this handholding :D
14:28:22 <pili> that's fine ;)
14:28:45 <pili> I just remembered one other thing I forgot to mention with the Outreach section
14:28:54 <emmapeel> yeah that section got me thinking but nothing more... ok maybe tomorrow morning we can kick it?
14:29:19 <pili> emmapeel: yup, sounds good, ping me when you are around, I should definitely be available around 10
14:29:24 <emmapeel> (the 'how to improve translations' section
14:29:30 <pili> so, about outreach section, we spoke in the past about linking the calendar of events from the blog in there?
14:29:34 <emmapeel> ok 10
14:30:02 <pili> hiro: is there some plugin to import the calendar feed into lektor?
14:30:07 <pili> (if you don't have time to look into it i can do the research)
14:30:25 <hiro> calendar feed?
14:30:29 <hiro> which calendar?
14:30:35 <hiro> from the blog?
14:32:12 <pili> yup
14:32:20 <pili> Isn't there like an rss feed or something?
14:32:27 <pili> or maybe there isn't and I'm making things up :)
14:32:59 <stephw> thatd be great if we could do that without separate upkeep
14:33:41 <hiro> what's upkeep?
14:34:03 <pili> maintenance
14:34:04 <pili> :)
14:34:07 <emmapeel> mantener
14:35:20 <pili> ok, I'll look into it ;)
14:36:04 <pili> Ok, finally, onion service section
14:36:17 <pili> I reached out to alec muffett about helping asn with this section, so watch this space :)
14:36:46 <hiro> the drupal calendar doesn't have rss
14:36:53 <hiro> that's why it is not imported yet
14:37:14 <pili> hiro: ok, we'll figure something out for that then :)
14:37:17 <emmapeel> no ical neither?
14:37:28 <emmapeel> i thought drupal offered an iCal feed
14:37:41 <hiro> we use a plugin fr the events
14:37:50 <hiro> I am not sure if it uses ical... might
14:38:43 <emmapeel> i know a couple of drupal based agendas that provide an ical feed
14:38:48 <emmapeel> but i dont know the plugin
14:39:25 <pili> hiro: do you have time to look into this though? or should someone else do it?
14:42:16 <pili> ok, we can discuss later :)
14:42:17 <pili> does anyone have any other updates or comments or questions on content or what they are supposed to be writing?
14:43:00 <hiro> yes sorry I can check the drupal plugin and see what we can do
14:43:36 <hiro> sorry for being slow I am in another meeting at the same time ;)
14:44:03 <pili> that's fine :)
14:44:31 <emmapeel> is this about the community portal or other portals?
14:44:44 <pili> just for the community portal for now
14:45:01 <pili> although we can open it up
14:45:16 <pili> (I was going to talk about how i've been organising work on gitlab lately, but maybe that can wait)
14:45:32 <pili> I'm not 100% ready with it yet tbh...
14:45:39 <antonela> go for it pili, i think is important
14:45:46 <emmapeel> regarding lektor, i want to say that i commented about some lektor-i18n-plugin needs on the linguine meeting, to see if they could be included, but i am not sure. i was wondering if we can contact the lektor-i18n plugin people more formally and ask them to fix some issues (formally == offer money?)
14:46:21 <pili> emmapeel: I think if we get the funding for the linguine project, we can do that then
14:46:57 <emmapeel> ok
14:48:06 <pili> so for the gitlab stuff
14:48:38 <pili> I've been creating issues for each of the sections items that need to be written in order for a section to be complete
14:48:47 <pili> and organising those under section milestones
14:48:50 <hiro> nice
14:49:10 <pili> but I wanted to discuss the potential workflow for writing content and reviewing that content
14:49:25 <pili> previously we had said that the content would be updated in a storm pad
14:50:04 <pili> but the more I think about it, the more I think it would be nice to add this content as pull requests to the repo
14:50:05 <pili> which can then be reviewed and edited by stephw within gitlab itself
14:50:17 <pili> what does everyone think?
14:50:26 <pili> I still need to figure out the exact workflow
14:50:37 <pili> but it looks something like this:
14:51:12 <pili> 1. Content is written
14:51:12 <pili> a. PR directly to repo
14:51:12 <pili> b. emailed to someone that can make a PR on the repo - Pili, Antonela, Hiro, Emma
14:51:12 <pili> 2. stephw reviews merge request and adds comments on the gitlab interface
14:51:13 <pili> - Can she edit PR herself?
14:51:14 <pili> 3. Merger reviews reviewer edits and merges if all good
14:51:15 <pili> 4. Staging website built with changes
14:51:30 <pili> stephw: I can show you how this works if you are interested in this flow
14:51:57 <emmapeel> i totally agree with people writing directly in the template
14:52:02 <pili> and related to that I wanted to explore the CI/CD pipeline hiro...
14:52:03 <pili> I was reading a bit about it but I'm not sure if we can use it
14:52:17 <hiro> pili: not yet in dip
14:52:20 <hiro> but yes in github
14:52:21 <pili> ok
14:52:32 <hiro> I know it is another layer
14:52:37 <pili> hmm, I'd like to wati until it's there it dip
14:52:38 <pili> that's fine
14:52:43 <emmapeel> but yeah it can be overkill for a little thing, but i think it will be better if for example stephw could build the lektor site and test stuff and use the local editor and send a PR
14:52:46 <hiro> but for the pipeline to work we would need to have runners for it
14:53:03 <pili> yeah, the runner bit is the one I wasn't sure about
14:53:11 <pili> you need an external server, right?
14:53:14 <emmapeel> i love gitlabCI, i worked on this for the tails weblate instance
14:53:22 <emmapeel> is very easy to have a runner
14:53:45 <emmapeel> i configured a couple of runners in debian and hooked them to the 0xacab instance very easily
14:53:46 <stephw> maybe ill have a learning curve but that could work
14:53:53 <stephw> i did start reviewing in the spreadsheet
14:54:01 <pili> emmapeel: I think it might be a bit of overkill for stephw to build lektor, but up to her if she's comfortable with that ;)
14:54:04 <emmapeel> stephw: learning curve but then more control!
14:54:06 <pili> I was just thinking we can point you to the file in gitlab which you should be able to edit in the browser
14:54:15 <pili> or make comments to it for some else to edit
14:54:18 <stephw> emmapeel: for sure that is excellent
14:54:24 <pili> stephw: if you're interested we can get together and I can show you how
14:54:25 <stephw> fyi i am going to be gone may 23-june 11
14:54:35 <pili> yikes, ok! :)
14:54:42 <stephw> pili: so if it is not too late when i get back we can go hard :)
14:54:45 <pili> thanks for the heads up, need to plan carefully then :)
14:54:54 <emmapeel> is never too late stephw !
14:55:07 <stephw> i do want to review it all
14:55:08 <stephw> hehe
14:55:11 <emmapeel> i got my first computer when i was 20!
14:55:30 <pili> stephw: so we have a week now to get anything ready for you to review
14:55:38 <pili> otherwise it will need to wait until you're back
14:55:47 <stephw> ill try to get to what i can before that, but there are some other pressing things too but yes
14:56:02 <pili> which doesn't give us a huge amount of time for translations
14:56:03 <pili> stephw: sure, sounds good
14:56:12 <pili> let's get as much as we can done
14:56:23 <pili> maybe we'll skip the fancy gitlab stuff until you're back then
14:56:54 <pili> ok, any other comments from anyone on anything related to websites?
14:57:33 <stephw> pili: i think that makes sense, and i have used it before, but i could use an overview rather than trying to jump in again
14:57:42 * irl comments: metrics meeting in 3 minutes
14:57:43 <pili> ok
14:57:54 <emmapeel> pili: regarding translations i think it is unnecesarilly stressing and leads in practice to bad translations (and texts) if we need to release in several languages at the same time. i rather release with what we have, after making a call, and then add the languages that get ready
14:58:02 <pili> thanks irl
14:58:03 <pili> :D
14:58:04 <pili> we'll wrap it up
14:58:05 <pili> emmapeel: noted, also from last time :)
14:58:14 <emmapeel> yeah excatly from experience on tpo
14:58:23 <pili> we can try to just release english text then
14:58:24 <pili> ok
14:58:27 <pili> let's wrap this up then
14:58:40 <pili> we can continue any other discussion in #tor-www
14:58:44 <pili> thanks everyone!
14:58:47 <pili> #endmeeting