14:00:54 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:58 <antonela> hi
14:01:14 <clash> hi!
14:02:57 <antonela> hi clash!
14:03:06 <antonela> not sure who is around for this meetinng
14:03:11 <antonela> pili, emmapeel?
14:03:24 <antonela> as usual, lets add updates at the pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/XqQsJZ1fE0Fm7sy0lF6TO9IPwBQGNMirga_SXEXwavM
14:03:53 <pili> i'm on a call, will join soon
14:03:54 <antonela> clash, thanks for your reply related with the community team material
14:04:24 <clash> no problem, i'm happy to help!
14:04:42 <clash> (I had a question about the new logos btw)
14:04:45 <antonela> let me know if you need anything related with it, we have some base sliders we have been using
14:04:49 <antonela> yes, tell me
14:04:58 <emmapeel> o/
14:05:42 <clash> the design is a bit different for the nightly and alpha versions
14:05:43 <clash> https://imgur.com/a/KAbcx4B
14:06:22 <clash> if you look at the left semicircle overlay, it seems to meld in the stable design but it's very visible in the other two
14:06:40 <antonela> the shadow is different, but not the shape
14:06:56 <clash> yeah I meant the shadow
14:07:09 <clash> probably a minor thing but it's inconsistent
14:07:52 <clash> I actually like the way it flows in the purple one, did you try making the left semicircle overlay the whole left side?
14:08:27 <clash> Icons are usually on smaller displays so that shadow looks verrrry tiny but purple one looks nice!
14:08:40 <clash> just my 2 cents :)
14:08:57 <antonela> ye, thanks for the review!
14:09:46 <antonela> also on small sizes it needs a more minimal approach, im working with them at #30024
14:10:28 <antonela> i think we have a short meeting today
14:10:29 * pili is here and reading backlog
14:10:46 <antonela> clash, if you are an android user we can include you as a beta tester
14:11:02 <clash> yes I am, antonela
14:12:24 <antonela> okey, i dont see any item at the agenda
14:12:25 <clash> also, I found the source file for those icons sometime back so I'm going to try out what I said and see if that looks good. Might be easier to compare visually
14:12:44 <antonela> clash: yes, feel free to do it!
14:14:22 <clash> cool!
14:14:27 <antonela> anything to discuss people?
14:14:54 <antonela> basically we are launching TB8.5 stable today, im trying to work on OONI since we want to release the stable Explorer by the end of the month among other multiple things
14:15:31 <emmapeel> i want to make a small announcement: there is a tor-l10n mailing list now!
14:15:43 <emmapeel> to discuss all things localization
14:15:48 <antonela> nice
14:15:52 <antonela> emmapeel: could you update those screenshots if wayward is not around?
14:16:30 <emmapeel> yep
14:16:47 <emmapeel> and i will use the mailing list for people to report localization errors
14:17:42 <antonela> super, thanks a lot
14:17:42 <emmapeel> you can join the list at https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/admin/tor-l10n
14:18:02 <antonela> will do right after the meeting
14:18:27 <emmapeel> i am also meeting this this group of project thinking about a way to be more open source in translation
14:18:32 <emmapeel> the linguine group
14:20:07 <antonela> cool
14:20:30 <antonela> what are the linguine group plans nowadays?
14:20:54 <emmapeel> we are talking about pushing for some development to happen in weblate and other tools to be able to jump on them
14:21:19 <emmapeel> and there are some grants we are going to ask for some money for that, and also maybe in the future for hosting etc
14:21:32 <emmapeel> and everything without overlapping with the localization lab
14:21:59 <emmapeel> but a lot of development in weblate and maybe in lektor-i18n plugin (well i am trying)
14:22:17 <antonela> i see
14:22:45 <pili> I keep meaning to join this group :)
14:23:49 <antonela> okey, keep us updated
14:23:54 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:24:41 <pili> I don't think so from me, but I don't feel like I prepared very well for this meeting today :(
14:24:48 <emmapeel> you can join the mailing list at https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/linguine
14:24:59 <antonela> is fine pili
14:24:59 <emmapeel> (the linguine mailing list)
14:25:13 <pili> oh, wait
14:25:14 <pili> I do have something
14:25:23 <pili> actually, it's fine though
14:25:33 <pili> I'll leave it for another time, it's not urgent
14:25:54 <antonela> ok
14:26:17 <antonela> thanks people!
14:26:20 <antonela> #endmeeting