14:00:53 <pili> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:57 <pili> hi everyone :)
14:01:06 <emmapeel> hello
14:01:09 <pili> anyone else around for the meeting?
14:01:20 <clash> hello
14:01:27 <pili> please start adding your updates to the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/d5iInscXWjBNJhsoyBPaJKIYZXHW6eZ0y7nmIZN1dUA
14:01:35 <pili> and any items you want to discuss today
14:01:36 <pari> hey everyone o/
14:01:40 <pili> hey pari :)
14:02:56 <slacktopus> <babatunde.okunoye> Hello
14:04:12 <pili> hi tunde
14:04:37 <pili> ok, anyone want to go first? :)
14:04:38 <slacktopus> <babatunde.okunoye> Hello Pili. Always good to be here
14:06:14 <pili> no one? :)
14:06:24 <emmapeel> go first with what, pili?
14:06:46 <pili> anything you want to share, updates or otherwise :)
14:06:51 <clash> oh yes
14:07:02 <clash> So I was wondering if the tpo home page illustrations could be smoothed?
14:07:05 <clash> I first thought it was a scaling issue
14:07:10 <pari> I can go..
14:07:11 <slacktopus> <babatunde.okunoye> Want to congratulate the Tor team on the Tor for Android release. very important for sub-Saharan Africa, where Android is dominant
14:07:16 <clash> So I made a concept
14:07:23 <clash> https://imgur.com/ooJ9YXE
14:07:29 <clash> You can see the difference
14:07:34 <pili> thanks Tunde! :D we're very happy to hear that
14:07:53 <dunqan> yeah ditto tunde, great job everyone involved!
14:08:08 <pili> we're hoping to test it out with people further when we visit Uganda and Kenya in June :)
14:08:08 <clash> (it's a pretty niche thing but then I like to improve stuff where it can be :))
14:08:17 <dunqan> clash: I think that's part of the art style, rather than a scaling issue per sé
14:08:29 <pili> clash: let me take a look, but I think it's what dunqan says :)
14:08:36 <pari> Yes tunde! Very important for India as well :D
14:08:47 <pili> clash: yup it's the style :)
14:09:25 <clash> All of them aren't though?
14:09:36 <dunqan> sidenote but I can't wait to see these illos on some t-shirts
14:09:49 <clash> Ah
14:10:08 <pili> clash: which ones aren't?
14:10:11 <clash> I was confused on the witch dress
14:10:13 <pili> dunqan: we'll see what we can do ;)
14:10:17 <clash> dunqan: that sounds awesome
14:10:19 <dunqan> haha :)
14:10:42 <dunqan> yeah clash some shapes are smooth and others are rough, but it's all intentional i believe
14:11:29 <pari> clash: I agree with dunqan, this looks like it was intended.. but i can understand why some users might perceive  it as a scaling issue
14:11:42 <clash> The encryption and fingerprinting one are mostly smooth but I see it's the style now
14:11:54 <clash> pari:
14:12:08 <pili> clash: btw, thank you so much for your work on the training materials :)
14:12:09 <clash> on the first glance it looked like that to me haha
14:12:46 <pili> they look good to me also, so we just need to get the seal of approval from ggus  ;)
14:12:51 <clash> pili: no problem :D
14:12:51 <pari> :D
14:14:09 <pili> ok, if that's all from clash  does anyone want to share anything else?
14:14:16 <emmapeel> Tor Browser 8.5 has new locales:  cs, el, hu, ka
14:14:43 <emmapeel> thats it :)
14:14:45 <pili> nice :)
14:14:50 <pili> emmapeel: are those in firefox as well?
14:15:12 <pili> I got a bit confused with the discussion re: locales that are in firefox and not
14:15:29 <pili> and whether we only release those that firefox also has
14:15:44 <clash> Talking of TBA, last week I noticed how the icon didn't scale well to the device. It looks good on bigger res like a laptop but a lot of shadows are lost to scaling.
14:15:47 <emmapeel> yes, they cannot be in tor browser if they are not in firefox
14:16:18 <clash> The whole shadow is reduced to a line which looks weird
14:16:41 <clash> so I made another concept :P
14:16:42 <clash> https://imgur.com/a/T2ISCs0
14:16:57 <emmapeel> they have to be here:  https://hg.mozilla.org/l10n-central/
14:17:05 <clash> (it's scaled to Android icon res 192x192)
14:17:18 <clash> that's all :)
14:17:44 <pili> clash: huh! yeah, that does look weird
14:17:45 <dunqan> oh yeah that looks like it must be a scaling issue with the SVG?
14:17:57 <dunqan> what were you viewing it in clash?
14:18:07 <pili> I guess we'll wait for antonela to get back and look at it
14:18:09 <pili> (thanks emmapeel )
14:19:32 <clash> yeah I meant to ask her about it
14:20:05 <clash> There's no svg for the android icon
14:20:17 <clash> It's just that it's viewed on a really really small size
14:20:40 <clash> So what looks awesome on a laptop looks wonky on the phone. Especially low res display ones
14:20:41 <pili> clash: have you created a ticket about this on trac?
14:20:53 <pili> do you mind creating one if not? :) and let me know the number
14:20:58 <clash> Not so far, I will now
14:21:00 <pili> that way I can follow up later
14:21:06 <pili> thanks clash !
14:21:21 <clash> not a problem :)
14:21:29 <clash> it's an easy fix
14:22:15 <pari> Great attention to detail clash!
14:23:10 <clash> thanks, I've learnt to embrace the tiny stuff instead of ignoring it :P
14:23:21 <pili> pari: do you want to go next? :)
14:23:24 <emmapeel> :D
14:23:35 <pari> pili: sure
14:23:58 <pari> I had a chat with antonela last week and she mentioned working on setting up local people to run user research and find a secure workflow to collect this data.
14:24:21 <pari> This is something I want to take up work on.. and wanted to hear everyone’s thoughts about it
14:24:54 <pari> What I  in mind is for example:
14:25:21 <pili> the idea sounds awesome
14:25:52 <pari> With the release of Tor browser for android, if we could have volunteers around the world whol hold talks about Tor to include small user tests that ee create and share back the results with us
14:26:22 <pari> And we can keep updating these research exercises depending on our requirement
14:27:00 <dunqan> yeah that's a great idea
14:27:11 <clash> basically you could set up a template sort of thing for volunteers in any place to use
14:27:17 <emmapeel> yeah, i think that is the idea behind this section of the future community portal: https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/user-testing/
14:27:21 <pari> dunqan and pili: thanks! It was conceived by Antonela
14:27:28 <clash> then they could collect the data in that format
14:28:04 <pari> clash: yes, that’s what I am intending
14:28:43 <pari> emmapeel: indeed
14:29:50 <pari> Is this going to be an active part of the community portal release ?
14:30:05 <clash> I was wondering how there's no direct help & feedback baked into the browser itself?
14:30:06 <clash> The help button directs to Mozilla instead
14:30:28 <pili> clash: there's a ticket somewhere about doing this
14:30:50 <pili> unfortunately it's been a case of priority versus resources
14:31:05 <emmapeel> pari: yes, it will be at https://community.torproject.org/user-testing/
14:31:10 <pili> pari: we plan to add some user testing resources to the community portal
14:31:16 <pili> which we will keep adding to as we go
14:31:20 <pari> emmapeel: I think it looks cool and very useful.. if we are able to keep it updated regularly with relevant exercises..
14:31:35 <pili> pari: yup, we'll probably have to host them elsewhere and just link out
14:31:49 <emmapeel> yeah, some survey thingie
14:32:00 <clash> pili: yeah there's a lot of open tickets
14:32:48 <dunqan> give me a shout if you need any help with creating materials or workshop planning when the time comes pari :)
14:32:57 <clash> I feel kinda bad when I add to the pile :P
14:33:16 <pari> Yes surveys and even other tests with time required clearly specified. I think currently it is lacking a proper channel for collecting back the data in case of mom-survey tests.. but I’m sure we can work on it as we go!
14:33:25 <clash> yeah I'm up for it too, I love improving stuff :D
14:33:45 <pari> dunqan: sure I will! Thanks :)
14:35:20 <pili> ok, so basically we should start thinking about the template for collecting this data and how we feed that data back for analysis, right? :)
14:35:42 <pari> pili: exactly
14:35:43 <pili> pari: will you be at the dev meeting in Stockholm?
14:35:50 <pili> perhaps we can brainstorm on that then
14:35:55 <pari> pili: yes!
14:36:08 <pili> we just need to add a session to the schedule... :)
14:36:13 <pili> perfect
14:36:21 <pili> any other thoughts on this from anyone?
14:36:30 <pari> We should defnitely brainstorm more. I can find a free slot and propose a session
14:36:49 <dunqan> yeah that'd be great
14:38:18 <pili> great!
14:38:57 <pili> ok, I'm going to ask emmapeel to go next if there's nothing else on this
14:39:11 <emmapeel> ...
14:40:12 <emmapeel> oh then!
14:40:41 <pili> go on ;)
14:41:21 <emmapeel> i wanted to say that it would be nice to have a link on our documentation pages with 'submit a correction' and make the link open that very page in github
14:41:42 <pili> I really like that and I keep wanting to mock that up :)
14:42:08 <pili> it should be easy enough to add to the template in lektor I think
14:42:27 <emmapeel> yes it should be easy
14:43:23 <pili> race you to the PR then... ;)
14:44:08 <pili> ok, any other thoughts on this from anyone>?
14:44:29 <emmapeel> then for example https://support.torproject.org/tbb/tbb-10/ will have a link to https://github.com/torproject/support/edit/master/content/tbb/tbb-10/contents.lr
14:44:38 <pili> yup
14:45:01 <clash> yes a lot of sites have that!
14:45:24 <clash> (I found a typo on lektor right now so was wondering about it)
14:46:09 <pili> we should at some point discuss who owns each of those sites/pages and is in charge of reviewing and merging any PRs that come in as a result
14:47:47 <pili> and sort of related to this... and because we're running out of time... we're going to unofficially go live with the community portal by the end of the week... cc hiro and antonela :O
14:48:10 <pili> we'll just put up whatever content we have and remove links out to content we don't yet have
14:48:15 <clash> pili: btw I made the ticket, #30664
14:48:45 <pili> I'll be working on getting some of the content ready also, but will probably need help with links and templates
14:48:53 <pili> and getting the right resolution images ready
14:49:25 <clash> let me know if I can do something, I enjoyed working on the presentations :)
14:51:30 <pili> clash: one thing I thought about was getting a set of icons/images made up in the tor "style" (whatever that means now...) that we can use for diagrams, e.g this diagram could do with some updating https://2019.www.torproject.org/images/tor-onion-services-5.png
14:52:09 <pili> so the idea would be to have a set of building blocks that we could use when diagramming tor concepts
14:52:18 <pili> I would want to discuss further with antonela first though
14:52:21 <pili> does that make sense?
14:52:46 <clash> yes, I was wondering about that one when using it in the presentation
14:53:04 <pili> I think for now we're ok, but we'll want to think about something new for the future
14:53:09 <clash> definitely, it looked out of place with the whole theme
14:53:17 <pili> possibly something that can be part of the styleguide, or from the media repo
14:53:20 <pili> not sure yet
14:53:46 <pili> we have a bit of time left, are there any last minute items anyone would like to discuss?
14:53:55 <clash> like the general components which are used frequently can be made once
14:54:21 <emmapeel> there are some images that could do with an update already... like the one of tor and https
14:55:27 <pili> yup, to both comments
14:57:10 <pili> ok, let's leave it there for today then
14:57:13 <pili> thanks everyone
14:57:16 <pili> #endmeeting