23:00:32 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 28 may 2019
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23:00:44 <nickm> Pad, per usual, is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
23:00:45 <ahf> o/
23:00:58 <nickm> hi ahf, gaba, teor4 !  Who else is here?
23:01:12 <catalyst> o/
23:01:17 <mikeperry> hi
23:01:25 <nickm> hi catalyst, mikeperry !
23:01:29 <gaba> hi!
23:01:40 <arma5> hello world
23:01:42 <nickm> I hope asn is taking it easy; it's really late for him
23:01:51 <nickm> (really late for you too, ahf)
23:02:12 <ahf> is 1, but i'm in the sofa with family guy on the tv
23:02:15 <ahf> so is good
23:02:34 <nickm> I just sent a /msg to dgoulet
23:02:45 <ahf> david wrote he'd be afk in the notes
23:02:50 <nickm> ah!
23:02:51 <nickm> thanks
23:03:07 <nickm> then that's everybody
23:03:51 <nickm> so, current priorities are S19 wrap-up and 041-must/should, still.
23:03:54 <nickm> (Right, gaba?)
23:05:03 <nickm> I'd like to get to other sponsored stuff again, but we need to get 041 more stable before we can move on to 042 work
23:05:25 <gaba> yes
23:05:44 <gaba> anything PT related or snowflake related go straight to the next sponsor after s19
23:05:45 <nickm> so, first thing to look at is CI issues
23:05:56 <nickm> #29437 and #20235 seem like the bigger ones
23:06:02 <nickm> um no
23:06:07 <nickm> #29437 and #30235 seem like the bigger ones
23:06:15 <nickm> anything else we're hitting?
23:06:49 <nickm> There's the issue where apparently our freebsd builders don't exist
23:06:52 <mikeperry> what was the decision on the test behind #25791 (and other dupped tickets)
23:07:04 <mikeperry> and should we close that ticket?
23:07:13 * catalyst hit another instance of #28229
23:07:41 <ahf> mikeperry: we looked a bit into that evening and the CI for the BSD's are not working at all
23:07:51 <ahf> there are no builders for it. i logged onto jenkins and tried to restart it
23:08:20 <ahf> i think i'd close the ticket (and maybe we should get rid of the BSD builders in the jenkins list since they are defunct?)
23:09:15 <teor4> yes, let's remove those builders
23:09:16 <nickm> I think that makes sense
23:09:35 <nickm> unless fixing the builders is trivial. but IIRC we don't run them, so probably not.
23:09:55 <ahf> it's the pixelminers ones
23:10:10 <teor4> if fixing the builders is trivial, we can restore them once they are fixed
23:10:14 <ahf> these: https://buildbot.pixelminers.net/#/
23:10:55 <ahf> and none of their workers seems to be working: https://buildbot.pixelminers.net/#/workers
23:11:33 <nickm> ok. let's close that one as "wontfix" with a note about lack of CI, and open a ticket to remove the bsd builders from jenkins
23:12:15 <ahf> ack
23:12:19 <nickm> ty
23:12:30 <nickm> for the other CI failures -- are we on track to get them fixed?
23:13:36 <nickm> I'm on CI rotation this week, so I should be helping out here
23:14:12 <catalyst> i think test_rebind.py has been failing enough that we should disable it or figure out why it's failing intermittently
23:15:36 <nickm> ok, let's mark that 041-should
23:16:01 <nickm> do we actually know what is happening there?
23:16:14 <nickm> teor4: also, have we made any progress on the stem failure?
23:16:23 <nickm> I saw the ticket to add logs
23:18:12 <nickm> next item is https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/041Status -- the 041 release
23:19:07 <nickm> do we think we can get all the assigned stuff done ... this week-ish?
23:19:13 <nickm> we also need to deal with assigning the new items
23:19:22 <teor4> nickm: yes, we have made progress on CI. atagar made some stem changes yesterday, and I have a list of changes to make today.
23:19:23 <mikeperry> when is the next point relase planned for?
23:19:36 <teor4> I think there are also some CI tickets pending review.
23:20:04 <nickm> great
23:20:16 <nickm> mikeperry: I try to do them about 2-3 weeks apart when we're in alpha
23:20:31 <nickm> but we should try to fix all the regressions we found first if we possibly can
23:21:49 <teor4> re CI: it seems like this is the first time we have tried to debug stem in this way, so it has been slower than expected
23:22:20 <nickm> yeah, it will take some work, I think
23:22:34 <nickm> actually, there was the thing that I fixed with TLS 1.3 issues in python?
23:23:05 <nickm> but yeah, for that one, I found a way to repro locally
23:23:30 <mikeperry> I am not sure if I will get to mine (#30649) this week, but it is also a simple fix. should take only 30 minutes or so and be easy to review
23:24:09 <nickm> If you can find those 30 minutes, it would be really appreciated
23:24:36 <nickm> But I agree the other stuff you're listed on for this week is important too and can't really be deferred
23:24:47 <mikeperry> that's when I asked the deadline. it would be a lot easier to find those 30 minutes if it is just as good if its done early next week
23:24:56 <nickm> sure
23:25:12 <nickm> thanks for asking!
23:25:51 <nickm> one last thing on https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/041Status before we move on -- for the things in the "owner:(none)" category at the head of the page that are not needs_review...
23:26:26 <nickm> ... is there a logical person to handly any of them in particular?
23:27:09 <nickm> I've tried to make sure that all the regressions are assigned
23:27:25 <nickm> *handle
23:27:45 <nickm> I'm also using the "041-regression" tag to track 041 regressions in particular, so that we can do a postmortem and figure out how we broke things :)
23:29:00 <nickm> ok. I'll try to draw up a tentative mapping of these tickets to people
23:29:07 <gaba> there are some tickets there that has people working on, like #28793 with teor4
23:29:45 <nickm> teor4: should you be owner on that? please accept if so.  Any time between now and July 31 should work on that one
23:30:09 <nickm> ah, thanks! you did
23:30:24 <teor4> I'd like to get it done soon, because the fallback down warnings are annoying
23:30:54 <nickm> also I'm planning to remove all the items at the end of the page this week (the ones that are not 041-MUST or 041-SHOULD) so  maybe everybody have another look at those before then :)
23:30:59 <nickm> teor4: ack
23:31:47 <nickm> ok. I don't think we had any roadmap progress last week, but please let's check the roadmap in case :)
23:31:59 <nickm> we might have stuff to remove from the "in progress" column
23:33:02 <nickm> On reviews: is anybody stuck on anything, especially for 0.4.1?
23:34:50 <nickm> Are we happy with reviews & kanban status?  If so let's move on to discussion time?
23:35:01 <ahf> *nod*
23:35:02 <gaba> ok
23:36:06 <nickm> ok. first is the rotation updates; they look pretty clean
23:36:31 <nickm> second is the DisableAllSwap question.  teor4, is that moot as I think per our discussion from a couple of days ago?
23:36:54 <teor4> Yes, I thought I deleted that part of the pad. oops
23:37:04 <nickm> no worries
23:37:27 <nickm> next thing is arma's question about getting us to use valgrind more
23:37:48 <nickm> 30629 is something our sanitizers really should have caught; it might be worthwhile looking into why they didn't
23:38:03 <gaba> #30629
23:38:16 <arma5> yep. mostly i realized that i periodically find good stuff with valgrind, so getting other people to consider that, and figure out if there's a way to put a method around it, could be smart
23:38:34 <nickm> teor4: Could #29528 be the issue here?
23:39:38 <teor4> Possibly, but asan should catch double-frees as long as we free and NULL the pointers
23:39:55 <teor4> So are we NULLing all the pointers to the freed memory?
23:40:05 <nickm> part of this is happening inside libevent, which is probably not NULLing the pointers
23:40:34 <teor4> and may not be instrumented with asan
23:41:09 <nickm> ok. I'll open a subticket to figure out what CI we want here
23:42:02 <teor4> i just added a question
23:42:05 <teor4> Our control refactor caused at least two regressions: #30580 #30646. How can we make sure there aren't any others?
23:42:38 <nickm> good question. We should look at our coverage on control_cmd.c.
23:43:02 <gaba> is this something that we can assign to sponsor 31 and do it there?
23:43:05 <nickm> maybe we can use stem to write more tests for the un-tested commands
23:43:40 <atagar> If you provide me a list of test scenarios I'd be happy to help.
23:43:57 <atagar> (or happy to merge patches if others want to get their hands dirty)
23:44:00 <nickm> atagar: I could try to write a list of controller commands without coverage?
23:44:05 <nickm> would that help?
23:45:29 <teor4> starting with those two commands :-)
23:45:34 <atagar> Yup. Bonus points if it includes how you'd care for them to get exercised (ie. what kind of input or assertions you'd find interesting).
23:46:39 <nickm> ok. just made #30676
23:48:28 <nickm> catalyst -- you might also have thoughts on this point
23:49:26 <nickm> other than that, I think we are out of questions for the pad.  Anything else for us to talk about today/tonight?
23:49:55 * ahf is good
23:50:01 <nickm> I've assigned myself a pretty big pile of 041-should/must stuff, since I think I know how to fix it, but if anybody would like to take anything from me when they run out of stuff to do, please feel free :)
23:50:15 <catalyst> nickm: we don't currently do test-stem coverage in Travis do we?
23:50:18 <nickm> no
23:50:41 <nickm> would you like me to generate a gcov run with test-stem?
23:51:33 <catalyst> maybe? looking at #30676
23:51:42 <nickm> ok, will do
23:52:08 <catalyst> some of them might be doable with unit tests; who knows?
23:52:33 <nickm> true
23:54:48 <nickm> catalyst: I'll upload a coverage run somewhere once I have it; please let me know if you want to do a pass on #30676 at that point
23:54:57 <catalyst> nickm: ok
23:55:18 <nickm> both of the regression bugs that we found so far would have been stopped by any test that tried _any_ successful case of those commands, IIUC
23:55:42 <nickm> anything else for this week?
23:56:06 <nickm> also please feel free to ping me or gaba any time you want about anything you want.  If I'm not around, we can set up a time where I will be
23:56:25 <ahf> thanks o/
23:56:54 <nickm> hearing nothing else ... peace, all!  I'll linger on IRC for another 10 min or so before I have to put the kid to bed :)
23:57:03 <gaba> thanks!
23:57:05 <nickm> have a good night and/or day, everybody!
23:57:06 <gaba> o/
23:57:07 <nickm> #endmeeting