14:00:34 <pili> #startmeeting community-portal 05/30
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14:00:36 <pili> better?
14:00:40 <pili> there we go :)
14:00:43 <pili> who's around?
14:00:48 <ggus> hey!
14:00:50 <antonela> o/
14:01:06 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/OB4Nx_BVsicKL1V05b0cznq6OmEY3VRC2agfpmfAq49
14:01:19 <pili> there's a bunch of people out today: hiro stephw isabela
14:01:32 <pili> flexlibris also I guess
14:01:41 <pili> emmapeel, sstevenson are you around?
14:01:49 <pili> no alon...
14:02:21 <sstevenson> i am here :-)
14:02:26 <antonela> should we go silently live this week?
14:02:55 <antonela> i think we 1. need hiro to do it on monday 2. is not only about going live, is about to merge all the commits we have done
14:02:57 <pili> antonela: let's aim for monday
14:03:00 <pili> yup
14:03:11 <pili> I've been slowly going through the sections
14:03:21 <pili> and I'm happy enough with onion services and localization so far
14:03:27 <pili> will work my way through the others
14:03:40 <antonela> could you take an screenshot of how it looks in your local?
14:03:43 <pili> sure
14:03:56 <pili> I might even try to share it as an onion service if I'm feeling adventurous :)
14:04:10 <pili> I wanted to get that done for this meeting but didn't quite get there
14:04:11 <ggus> on june 5th I have an activity with HRD in Uganda to show the new community portal; so yes, let's go live! :D
14:04:26 <antonela> i emailed alon in order to have the illustrations, also worked on have them at the front page
14:04:34 <antonela> s/have/having
14:04:52 <pili> great, I've been using some bad resolution pngs for the moment
14:04:55 <pili> just to get an idea
14:05:02 <pili> but the localization one looks good
14:05:17 <antonela> we need to consider a better flow for having feedback (better than last time trac)
14:05:37 <ggus> good point
14:05:41 <antonela> if we are going to launch internally, we can include reporting templates at the dip repo
14:05:45 <pili> yup
14:06:03 <antonela> https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/description_templates.html
14:06:28 <antonela> Bug report
14:06:28 <antonela> User experience issue
14:06:29 <antonela> Content request
14:06:30 <antonela> Feature request
14:06:39 <antonela> i can do it next week
14:06:46 <pili> you sure? I can do it also
14:06:59 <pili> we should have them ready before we share it with people
14:07:10 <antonela> *it will not work for all the people*
14:07:13 <antonela> dip is private now
14:07:28 <pili> it will work for anyone with an LDAP account I think
14:07:29 <ggus> and have the issue with ldap accounts
14:07:36 <antonela> exactly
14:07:41 <pili> ggus: did you get to login in the end?
14:07:46 <ggus> yes!
14:07:49 <pili> great
14:07:52 <antonela> but we can try to do it in the right way, at some point it can get open, idk
14:07:57 <antonela> always is a pero
14:08:02 <pili> antonela: definitely
14:08:06 * antonela pero = but
14:08:49 <pili> one thing I'm not 100% clear on is how/where we're going to host the training resources
14:09:16 <pili> I'm guessing we link out to them somehow?
14:09:33 <pili> or is there some way to host pdfs, etc... using lektor?
14:09:52 <ggus> pili: i was thinking to link the files .odp and .pdf,
14:10:08 <pili> will they be in the community portal repo though?
14:10:16 <pili> or will they be in the media repo?
14:10:26 <antonela> who knows
14:10:27 <ggus> pili: we could leave in community portal
14:10:35 <pili> linked from the community portal?
14:10:44 <antonela> ggus at the community portal repo?
14:10:47 <ggus> yes
14:10:54 <antonela> or maybe community should have a repo and all the material should live there?
14:11:03 <antonela> im thinking about it for /ux
14:11:14 <pili> ok
14:11:22 <pili> seems like we still need to think about it
14:11:26 <pili> we can ask hiro what she thinks when she comes back also
14:11:26 <antonela> because the community portal repo is for the www
14:11:30 <pili> yup
14:11:44 <pili> hmm
14:11:52 <pili> what will go in the ux repo? user tests?
14:12:09 <antonela> all the things i have all way around
14:12:13 <pili> :)
14:12:42 <pili> but the design assets will go in media?
14:12:44 <ggus> for this soft launch we can leave in the same repository, and when we got a decision about what to do with media.tpo, we could move to there
14:12:47 <pili> or what is media for exactly?
14:13:01 <pili> videos, images, etc... ?
14:13:07 <pili> or does it include presentations also?
14:13:32 <antonela> like https://share.riseup.net/#OYSWG11QTT8YMmR5QGvW3g
14:13:49 <antonela> ggus oki, works for me
14:16:10 <ggus> pili: at the moment it's used for videos, images, presentations, outreach materials
14:16:34 <pili> ok
14:16:47 <pili> so the community portal will link to some of this already then
14:16:58 <ggus> no, because it's very old
14:17:06 <antonela> that is why we need to have a new media
14:17:12 <pili> ok
14:17:42 <pili> then let's go with what ggus said, keep in community portal for now and create an issue to remember to find a better place for these resources
14:18:03 <antonela> ye
14:19:29 <pili> ok, what else? :)
14:19:48 <pili> do we have enough content complete to go live? anything that is missing?
14:21:02 <pili> ggus: did you share the link to the trainer content with me? I've lost track of that
14:21:12 <antonela> i don't and i have a draft but i need to talk with isabela about it
14:21:27 <pili> ok
14:21:31 <antonela> so, the user research section will be a coming soon for this release
14:21:36 <ggus> pili: it's a google docs file with the content reviewed by Alison
14:21:45 <pili> can you share it with me offline? :)
14:21:55 <pili> you probably have already, but I've lost it
14:22:32 <ggus> yes, i need to look in my inbox
14:22:48 <pili> thanks
14:23:04 <pili> antonela: are you not happy with the draft? I can finish it/review if you want
14:23:46 <antonela> i want to make sure that what we are saying is what we are going to do, and even if that has some sense
14:23:53 <pili> ok
14:24:02 <pili> that's fine :)
14:24:37 <pili> In the meantime I will try to get my changes live somewhere so others can review
14:24:52 <ggus> invite me to the dip groups
14:24:56 <pili> and if people are happy I will start merging to staging
14:25:32 <pili> ggus: done
14:25:41 <antonela> pili how?
14:25:56 <pili> how can people review?
14:25:59 <antonela> i think we should have this meeting again in monday to see what we have live
14:26:02 <pili> ok
14:26:10 <pili> works for me
14:26:19 <antonela> i read some commits that are already in conflict
14:26:21 <antonela> idk
14:26:52 <pili> yeah, I had one small conflict
14:27:01 <pili> I need to figure it out, it's nothing huge but can't get git to cooperate
14:27:09 <pili> I merged onion services section to staging
14:27:14 <pili> I want to get localization finished today
14:27:22 <pili> and then start working through the others
14:27:54 <pili> when I do the merge request I will set to needs review and add some link where you can see it live
14:28:00 <pili> that's the plan anyway
14:28:15 <antonela> cool, when you are done let me know so i can fix css bugs
14:28:34 <pili> will do :)
14:29:02 <pili> anything else to discuss today?
14:29:34 <ggus> yes
14:30:42 <ggus> we can think about our schedule: who is going to announce in our private mailing lists, what we are going to ask them to test, until when will still open for feedback before going to be publicly announced
14:31:09 <pili> it has to be publicly announced by the end of June
14:31:14 <pili> we can work backwards from that :)
14:31:23 <pili> I can announce on wednesday next week or so
14:31:32 <pili> when we think it's stable enough
14:32:30 <asn> hello. where can i see how the onion services section looks like?
14:32:35 <pili> we'll ask them to click around and report on: broken links, content review,
14:32:48 <asn> i see it was merged to "staging"
14:33:14 <pili> asn: hi! I'm trying to get something up, but it's not anywhere yet
14:33:19 <asn> ack np
14:33:33 <pili> unless there is some magic job that automatically builds staging when a merge is done ;)
14:33:44 <antonela> a magic disaster
14:34:40 <pili> ggus: we can open it for feed back until mid June or so
14:34:45 <pili> maybe a bit longer
14:35:17 <ggus> pili: we also have rightscon atteendes to collect feedback (june 11 - 15)
14:35:24 <pili> ah, great
14:35:33 <pili> they won't be able to file issues on gitlab though :/
14:35:40 <antonela> what do you need to collect that feedback ggus?
14:37:28 <ggus> for the training section is important, for example
14:39:35 <antonela> yes, i mean, how we can collect that feedback in a way that works
14:39:42 <ggus> yes, i'm thinking
14:41:11 <ggus> antonela: to use survey.tpo is out of question? Some of these people doesn't have github account
14:43:01 <antonela> we could use survey.tpo
14:43:02 <antonela> yes
14:43:25 <ggus> like using that gitlab template
14:43:34 <pili> ok
14:43:41 <ggus> feature, bug...
14:44:04 <antonela> yes, we could
14:44:20 <antonela> we need a banner that says we are collecting feedback and a link to that form
14:44:30 <antonela> i can do the banner
14:44:34 <pili> ok
14:44:37 <antonela> pili, do you want to create that from?
14:44:38 <pili> thanks antonela
14:44:39 <pili> yup
14:44:42 <pili> I will do the form
14:44:43 <antonela> s/from/form
14:44:48 <ggus> i can help in the form creation
14:44:50 <pili> ok
14:44:57 <antonela> do you have credentials for survey.tpo?
14:45:00 <ggus> i don't
14:45:10 <pili> ok, let's do this, antonela  will do banner, I can do templates in gitlab and ggus will do the feedback form?
14:45:21 <pili> I can also do the form in survey.tpo if ggus doesn't have access
14:45:32 <pili> I've done one before so I definitely have access
14:45:38 <pili> does that work with everyone? :)
14:46:22 <ggus> yes
14:46:54 <antonela> ggus doesn't have credentials
14:46:59 <pili> ok, I'll do the survey then
14:47:08 <antonela> ok
14:47:16 <pili> ggus can be my guinea pig to test the survey ;)
14:47:29 <ggus> :)
14:47:53 <pili> ok, let's start to wrap this up as metrics will be in here next
14:48:02 <pili> anything else we're forgetting
14:48:03 <pili> ?
14:48:15 <antonela> monday same time?
14:48:16 <ggus> https://t1.ea.ltmcdn.com/en/images/6/0/4/img_peruvian_guinea_pig_facts_2406_600.jpg
14:48:22 <antonela> is you HAHAHAHHAHA
14:48:29 <ggus> hahahah
14:48:40 <pili> yes, monday same time works for me
14:48:47 <antonela> works for me too
14:48:51 <pili> :D
14:49:31 <pili> ok, let's do this
14:50:15 <pili> I'm closing the meeting... ;)
14:50:38 <antonela> o/
14:50:43 <ggus> thanks! o/
14:51:24 <pili> thanks everyone!
14:51:27 <pili> #endmeeting