14:00:43 <pili> #startmeeting community-portal 06/03
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14:00:57 <pili> Who’s here? :)
14:01:05 <antonela> <-- is half here
14:01:12 <antonela> im doing an ooni meeting too :/
14:01:33 <antonela> put a to-do list in a pad so we can work on it today, something that cannot be solved this week, needs a ticket/issue
14:01:38 <antonela> https://pad.riseup.net/p/Yo2MJh1pYSNlqd9IoCCj
14:02:05 <pili> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/
14:02:19 <pili> This is the latest content in staging
14:02:39 <clash> oh hey guys, I'm hanging around today
14:02:44 <pili> We need to decide if this is ok for soft launch
14:02:49 <clash> I hope the presentations turned out alright!
14:02:53 <ggus> hello!
14:03:41 <pili> We have 2 weeks for people to review and finish off any outstanding issues before public launch
14:03:51 <pili> Hi clash
14:04:57 <clash> btw I was wondering since pride month began recently and Tor is useful for those in the places where it is still illegal, maybe something could be put out showing solidarity?
14:05:10 <clash> A lot of companies are incorporating the rainbow in their logos
14:05:15 <pili> Anyone else around? Flexlibris hiro sstevenson
14:05:23 <clash> Hey pili!
14:05:26 <hiro> I am here
14:05:29 <hiro> and in another meeting too
14:06:45 <pili> Hi clash, that could be a good discussion for the community team meeting later :)
14:06:58 <pili> This meeting is about the community portal
14:07:22 <pili> Maybe we shouldn’t have had them so close to each other
14:07:35 <pili> emmapeel: are you around also?
14:07:38 <clash> ah I see, I mixed up community
14:08:27 <pili> Can everyone take a look at what’s on staging atm and start adding notes to the pad about what is needed?
14:09:52 <ggus> ok!
14:10:51 <pili> Then we can make a decision about whether we’re happy enough with what we have to finish off the rest whilst getting feedback from people
14:13:13 <pili> And ping back here when you are done reviewing and adding notes
14:14:49 <antonela> the most critical thing imo is that we need a different template for inner sections like https://community.torproject.org/relay-operations/relays-requirements/
14:14:54 <antonela> i will work on it today
14:15:03 <pili> And we go round everyone with a +/-1 about soft launch today
14:15:10 <clash> Is there a way to open up a pull request wrt the data on the page? I see some trivial inconsistencies (like .Onion in some places and .onion in other) that can be easily fixed :)
14:16:31 <pili> clash: not yet
14:16:42 <antonela> pili, what that means?
14:16:47 <pili> But we’re working on a process for it
14:17:48 <ggus> +1, ok with soft launch today
14:18:36 <pili> Well we should try to do the soft launch today but if anyone has any big concerns we can delay a bit
14:19:11 <pili> Like until whatever blocker we think there is is resolved
14:19:18 <hiro> clash there is a way
14:19:37 <pili> FWIW I’m also ok with soft launch
14:19:46 <hiro> pili we can use github for PR from people that do not have a dip account
14:19:53 <pili> Yup
14:19:56 <antonela> what we expect from the soft launch?
14:20:09 <antonela> if we are waiting for feedback, at this point, we should handle critical items first
14:20:55 <clash> hiro: how?
14:21:00 <pili> Basically a minimum viable product :)
14:21:54 <pili> And a live domain that we can point internal people to review and submit issues
14:22:11 <pili> To fine tune for public launch
14:22:12 <hiro> clash: clone the github repository ... make your edits send a PR to the github repository I will review and merge in our tor-git
14:23:35 <clash> hiro: I didn't know it was up on gh, do you have a link?
14:24:02 <hiro> clash: https://github.com/torproject/community
14:24:18 <hiro> we sync from our git to dip and github
14:25:03 <clash> right, thanks!
14:25:15 <pili> antonela: do you see any critical issues
14:28:11 <antonela> yep, the template for inner sections
14:28:18 <antonela> i can work on that
14:31:05 <pili> Ok
14:34:00 <pili> antonela: are you happy to go live with staging now or do you want to fix some things first
14:34:21 <pili> And if so, which items
14:37:10 <antonela> staging seems ok
14:37:16 <pili> Ok
14:37:17 <antonela> we need to work in that to-do list
14:37:23 <pili> Yup
14:38:03 <pili> Any objections to soft launch?
14:39:16 <pili> hiro: what do we need now?
14:39:34 <ggus> pili: i think community.tpo is already working
14:40:19 <pili> Oh!
14:41:08 <pili> Great
14:41:11 <pili> ;)
14:42:12 <hiro> yeah it's up
14:42:15 <pili> Ok, so between today and Wednesday let’s review and prioritize the items in the list
14:42:55 <pili> And try to fix the high priority ones before I open it up wider for review and testing
14:43:53 <pili> Is that ok?
14:44:04 <pili> Any other last minute comments? :)
14:44:41 <ggus> i'm good
14:45:33 <emmapeel> o/
14:46:07 <emmapeel> i thought the meeting was later, sorry. what time did it started?
14:46:28 <pili> 14utc
14:46:29 <emmapeel> (i need to update my agenda again) 47 min ago?
14:47:08 <emmapeel> ok thanks
14:47:35 <pili> Yup
14:47:38 <emmapeel> (comments: the texts are not really being translated yet)
14:48:01 <emmapeel> i was waiting for the text to cristalize a bit more
14:48:07 <pili> emmapeel: I know, but that’s fine
14:48:12 <emmapeel> ok
14:48:41 <emmapeel> yes, it is fine with me for sure too, just wanted to make sure verybody new about that
14:48:46 <emmapeel> knew
14:49:10 <pili> There’s no point to start localizing before the text is 100% finalized
14:49:31 <emmapeel> agreed!
14:49:35 <pili> And we need to wait for stephw for that
14:49:41 <pili> Ok
14:50:09 <emmapeel> oh, reagarding l10n, i have an update: there is currently a Thai localization sprint and they are translating a lot of stuff
14:50:23 <emmapeel> they are doing it in Thailand and we could send them some questions or whatever
14:51:17 <pili> Oh emmapeel this meeting is about community portal
14:51:25 <pili> Not the community team meeting
14:51:30 <emmapeel> oh
14:51:45 * emmapeel blush
14:51:45 <pili> Anyway I think we are done
14:52:26 <pili> I’ll go over the list and create issues in gitlab
14:52:37 <pili> And assign accordingly
14:52:46 <pili> All good with that?
14:52:49 <antonela> sounds good
14:53:02 <emmapeel> yes!
14:53:17 <pili> Ok thanks everyone
14:53:21 <antonela> please, fill the to-do pad
14:53:28 <antonela> there is nothing there but a lot of things to fix
14:53:39 <pili> Yup
14:53:54 <antonela> is the l10n content somewhere?
14:54:18 <emmapeel> https://community.torproject.org/localization/ !
14:55:26 <pili> :D
14:56:17 <antonela> https://community.torproject.org/en/localization/becoming-tor-translator
14:56:18 <antonela> ?
14:56:25 <pili> Ok, I’m going to close the meeting, we can move to #tor-www to continue the conversation
14:56:38 <pili> #endmeeting
14:56:44 <antonela> okey, the url is wrong
14:56:55 <antonela> https://community.torproject.org/localization/pick-a-project/
14:56:56 <antonela> we should fix it
14:56:57 <emmapeel> antonela: oh, we need to add the .htaccess forwards. that will be https://community.torproject.org/localization/becoming-tor-translator/
14:57:04 <antonela> NO
14:57:07 <antonela> wait
14:57:14 <pili> Oh
14:57:21 <antonela> there is a / at the template which is wrong
14:57:30 <antonela> is a bug
14:57:41 <emmapeel> antonela: yeah, i did that dirty thing to get the localized link
14:57:54 <antonela> oki, we should review it
14:58:01 <emmapeel> otherwise people is thrown back to the english version when clicking on the link in the spanish translation
14:58:12 <emmapeel> so i added the language to the link. it works in all except the english one
14:58:23 <antonela> hiro what do you think?
14:58:24 <emmapeel> because the path of the english translation is / and not /en/
14:58:34 <clash> is it .onion Services or Onion Services?
14:58:43 <hiro> just redirect /en to / preserving the path
14:59:02 <emmapeel> hiro: yes, lke in the other lektors, redirecting en and en-US
14:59:03 <clash> Onion Services seems consistent while .onion sounds good for just the website part
14:59:30 <emmapeel> clash: yeah i prefer Onion services but i am very conservative when it comes to this kind of stuff
14:59:41 <pili> Hmmm, I think we should confirm with stephw
15:00:13 <pili> clash: maybe that can wait until we have the content review
15:00:48 <clash> emmapeel: I was thinking Onion Services -> Grow your .onion
15:00:57 <clash> pili: yes makes sense, sorry
15:01:36 <pili> Let’s make a note in the pad to check this when stephw is back
15:01:52 <pili> So we don’t forget:)
15:03:38 <emmapeel> hiro: it seems i pushed an .htacccess change for this already: https://gitweb.torproject.org/project/web/community.git/tree/.htaccess?h=master but is not working. would you mind having a look?
15:05:38 <pili> Maybe we can move to #tor-www now
15:06:09 <antonela> thanks emmapeel!
15:16:57 * antonela should we #endmeeting ?
15:20:14 <pili> antonela: I already did I thought
15:20:50 <pili> It didn’t work?
15:21:00 <antonela> I don't know :)
15:21:09 <pili> #endmeeting