14:00:12 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
14:00:12 <dunqan> hola 0/
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14:00:14 <antonela> lets do ittt
14:00:19 <antonela> hi folks, that time of the week
14:00:23 <emmapeel> hello everybody
14:01:17 <pari> haha hiii
14:01:58 <pili> hi people :)
14:02:20 <clash> hello everyone :)
14:02:23 <antonela> how are you? please add your status update and agenda topics at the regular pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/YzW8tZJdSLXssDemXip9ubDnClv8VSmjbbt5Yabtt0C
14:02:36 * antonela should move it to nextcloud servers
14:03:15 <emmapeel> ey antonela how is it with the nextcloud stuff? where is it?
14:04:09 <antonela> some people have it in some trial period, the sysadmin team will notify when it is available (i think)
14:04:37 <antonela> emmapeel: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/operations/Infrastructure/NextCloud
14:05:13 <emmapeel> thanks!
14:05:18 <dunqan> oooo
14:05:19 <dunqan> fancy
14:06:10 <antonela> ye, is very cool, i hope we succeed implementing it across the org
14:06:15 <antonela> okey, lets do it
14:06:26 <antonela> *** triage timeeee ***
14:06:34 <antonela> pili :)
14:06:35 <pili> already?!? :D
14:06:57 <pili> no one has any other updates? :)
14:06:58 <pili> I thought we could leave it for the end
14:07:01 <pili> might be a bit boring for people otherwise...
14:07:14 <pili> but if no one wants to go ahead with any updates, we can do
14:07:25 <antonela> one thing
14:07:46 <antonela> pari, thanks for doing it! one hour is enough?
14:08:07 <pari> antonela: I think it should be!
14:08:34 <antonela> dunqan: i'll email you about some stuffs happening in Stockholm, the agenda is being defined, we should add an slot for introducing personas
14:08:45 <dunqan> awesome, ta
14:08:58 <dunqan> should we prep a proper presentation for it?
14:08:59 <antonela> pari, perfect, we will have simply secure folks there too so we can work together on shape that workflow with ngos
14:09:03 <antonela> dunqan: YES
14:09:04 <pari> or I can expand it to 15:00 and 16:00 session and include that too
14:09:17 <dunqan> cool well that can be my job for the next couple of weeks :)
14:09:34 <antonela> dunqan: hehe yes, i have a draft notes, will share with you soonish
14:09:37 <pari> antonela: wow, that'd be awesome
14:09:43 <dunqan> great, thanks!
14:09:54 <antonela> pari, yes take two hours slot
14:10:15 <pari> okay, done. Will update it on the agenda wiki
14:10:22 <antonela> we can make a kind of retrospective the first hour, what we have been doing, which data we have, problems at the field, and then move to next steps
14:10:27 <antonela> all this about user research
14:10:30 <antonela> super, thanks pari!
14:11:27 <pari> hmm.. sounds good. easily will take up the two hours
14:11:49 <antonela> clash, i replied your email about the pride month campaign, YES we should totally do it but we really need stephw to come back from vacs to move forward with it
14:12:03 <antonela> pari, yes i think so
14:12:24 <pili> antonela: I sent an email to comms about it
14:12:28 <pili> and clash ^
14:12:36 <clash> antonela: I saw, I'm sending you the assets
14:12:49 <antonela> clash already made assets so if comms say yes, we could easy update them :)
14:12:49 <clash> pili: sounds good
14:12:52 <antonela> s/update/upload
14:12:55 <pili> we might be able to get a blog post out before stephw is back
14:13:03 <antonela> great, thanks pili
14:13:22 <antonela> emmapeel: i put at the pad a link to the montly recap (is just a bullet point at the moment) could you add the new locales you introduced in tpo? :)
14:13:45 * antonela everybody can add notes to the montly recap
14:14:02 <pili> actually, clash antonela can one of you cc me into the pride month campaign email? so we're all in the same page :)
14:14:07 <emmapeel> oh... sorry i didnt added locales to the website, but to the downloads page. there are now new Tor Browsers in cs, el, hu, ka
14:14:10 <pili> not sure if comms was already added to that thread also
14:14:37 <clash> antonela: oh I just sent it to you a minute ago
14:14:48 <antonela> pili, done
14:14:51 <antonela> clash: thanks!
14:15:00 <antonela> emmapeel: i see, is good to mention too!
14:15:08 <pili> emmapeel: do we already have some sort of checklist/process for adding new Tor Browser locales? e.g update the website, update downloads page
14:15:17 <emmapeel> antonela: for sure. i just realise di was being uncler before
14:15:25 <pili> from the UX/website point of view at least?
14:15:28 <emmapeel> pili: i am afraid not
14:15:33 * cy63113 just snooping a little
14:15:45 <emmapeel> the devs used to do that, and boklm has made many of these changes
14:15:52 <emmapeel> maybe he overlooked this file tho
14:16:14 <antonela> hi cy63113!
14:16:15 <pili> e.g there is this: https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/wikis/How-to-enable-a-new-locale
14:16:22 <cy63113> hola!!!!
14:16:31 <pili> and this: https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/wikis/How-to-develop-on-the-website#how-to-add-a-new-release
14:16:40 <antonela> yes, hiro worked on them
14:17:11 <pili> would be good to document some more
14:17:23 <emmapeel> pili: but that is a locale to the website. i am the one doing that mostly. but we have two lists for languages that appear on the tables at https://www.torproject.org/es/download/ and https://www.torproject.org/es/download/alpha/
14:17:44 <emmapeel> heh well i did that documentation in trac, and hiro moved it. sorry heh
14:17:48 <pili> right, so we should maybe add it to how to add a new release :D
14:18:07 <pili> and then how to add a new language for a release? ;)
14:18:24 <emmapeel> oh yeah, this is the one for new locales on tbb: https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/wikis/How-to-develop-on-the-website#how-to-add-a-new-release
14:18:31 <emmapeel> sorry i was talking about the previous link
14:19:29 <pili> yup :)
14:19:30 <pili> ok
14:21:02 <antonela> oki, emmapeel re:recap, add what you want to have highlighted ;)
14:21:34 <antonela> oki, pili i think now is time
14:21:35 <emmapeel> so, we are probably going to have a lot of material translated to Thai from next week on. it would be great if we can get a Thai alpha so the translators dont lose momentum :D
14:21:43 <pili> \o/
14:21:48 <antonela> emmapeel: indeed
14:22:10 <pili> ok, so I have highlighted where we need to start from today: https://nc.riseup.net/s/K3rzDptT773QGsa
14:22:31 <pili> so from #30413 up
14:22:59 <pili> oh wait, there's #30381 first
14:23:08 <pili> but I think we should discuss this during the S27 meeting today
14:23:13 <pili> because I'm not sure of the UX work needed there
14:23:15 <antonela> yes about #30381
14:23:16 <emmapeel> antonela: ack!
14:23:45 <pili> emmapeel: re:  Thai alpha, let's bring this up today during the release meeting
14:24:15 <pili> s/today/tomorrow
14:24:33 <antonela> #30413, i think that is related with some bug introduced by firefox, i'd like geko's review on that before warning users
14:24:36 <pili> anyway, let's move on with triage
14:24:45 <emmapeel> pili: ok!
14:24:56 <pili> ok
14:24:56 <antonela> some bug = the addons issue
14:25:50 <pili> yup
14:26:55 <pili> ok, move on to #30430 <- this is in progress I guess
14:27:08 <antonela> yes, i created it to trac changes/feedback
14:27:15 <antonela> we will keep it open until stockholm
14:27:21 <antonela> s/trac/track
14:28:02 <antonela> #30514 , that is a good one and is related with the work that wayward is doing
14:28:20 <pili> yup
14:28:29 <pili> just cc'd her to the ticket
14:28:34 <antonela> so my plan is once the support entry is done, work on the browser onboarding in order to link to it
14:28:48 * antonela goes to comment the tickeet
14:29:04 * antonela pili already did
14:29:08 <pili> :D
14:29:13 <pili> #30570 ?
14:29:52 <pili> I added S9 to this ticket as it could possibly be something we test for Phase 3?
14:30:01 <antonela> I don't know what geko's plan are for it
14:30:07 <dunqan> I can take care of #30514 once the support entry is done, if you like
14:30:12 <dunqan> i'm already looped in anyhow :)
14:30:15 <antonela> dunqan: perfect! yes
14:30:58 <emmapeel> dunqan: there was a request for review on the text wayward is preparing
14:30:59 <emmapeel> let me find the email
14:31:17 <antonela> #30577 - yes, what is the release for it pili?
14:31:22 <dunqan> oh awesome emmapeel
14:31:23 <pili> antonela: we should discuss #30570 during the next browser meeting then :)
14:31:38 <emmapeel> dunqan: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-community-team/2019-June/000284.html
14:31:45 <clash> https://pad.riseup.net/p/torvpnreview-keep
14:31:48 <clash> the VPN doc^
14:31:53 <antonela> pili, probably?
14:32:01 <dunqan> thanks!
14:32:03 <antonela> thanks emmapeel and clash!
14:32:06 <pili> re: #30577 2019-07-09 is what I have on the ticket :)
14:32:55 <pili> I have this work planned to start end of June
14:32:56 <pili> antonela: not sure if that's enough time for you?
14:33:50 <antonela> yes, commented at the ticket
14:34:01 <pili> I will add it as a discussion point for the release meeting tomorrow so we don't forget also
14:34:02 <emmapeel> hmmm... i am reading waywards pad and i think it will be better if they can add the content to a localizable resource, instead of asking people to translate the text to spanish.
14:34:14 <antonela> pili cool
14:34:44 <emmapeel> where is the VPN document going to be hosted? we should probably add it there and _then_ translate
14:34:55 <antonela> emmapeel: seems like they are working together on that piece, that is why Lili offered it
14:35:14 <emmapeel> yeah well but her work will be lost if she translates like this
14:35:23 <emmapeel> if she wants to translate she need to go in transifex and translate there
14:35:53 <emmapeel> and if we want the document translated, we need to add it to a localizable resource. otherwise it will become impossible to maintain
14:35:57 <antonela> yes
14:36:05 <antonela> pili, could you follow it ^
14:36:09 <pili> yup
14:36:16 <pili> #30631 - this is in progress already  from what I can see
14:36:52 <antonela> yep, maybe is done
14:37:54 <pili> same for #30664 ?
14:38:45 * clash afk for a bit, let me know if I can help somewhere :)
14:38:54 <pili> that is if we're happy to take clash fix :)
14:38:56 <pili> or maybe we want to discuss further
14:39:05 <pili> thanks clash!
14:39:05 <antonela> yes, i'd like to wait to 9.0 in order to load some icon iteration - anyways, we need all the assets to make that implementation
14:39:12 <pili> ok
14:39:16 <pili> 9.0 stable I guess
14:39:37 <antonela> yep
14:40:11 <pili> ok, finally #30750
14:40:17 <pili> not sure if that's ours or irl is going to do that?
14:40:57 <antonela> i feel very discouraged of working in a ticket that start with "cosmetic"
14:41:00 <pili> I think the component might not be the right one?
14:41:02 <pili> not sure
14:41:09 <antonela> haha, maybe?
14:41:25 <pili> the whole ticket is very hard to parse
14:41:42 <pili> I think it was opened this morning and irl was talking with the ticket creator
14:42:01 <pili> ok, I'll follow up on this one
14:42:12 <antonela> ye, is about ux and is about researchers, the component is not ux/researchers
14:42:23 <pili> I think we're done with the triage! :D
14:42:31 <pili> getting easier each time, I like this :)
14:42:42 <emmapeel> nice!
14:43:08 <dunqan> 🙌
14:43:15 <antonela> yesss, that is great
14:43:16 <antonela> thanks pili!
14:44:01 <pili> yw
14:44:18 <pili> (now I need to actually follow up on some of these... :P )
14:44:32 <antonela> i'd like to take the few minutes left to talk a bit about community.tpo
14:44:44 <antonela> i worked on ui stuffs, hiro merged everything
14:45:15 <antonela> i think is very important to have a different template for inner sections, hiro is working on it
14:45:45 <antonela> can we go through the to-do list? https://pad.riseup.net/p/Yo2MJh1pYSNlqd9IoCCj
14:46:05 <antonela> pili, did you moved opened issues on dip already?
14:46:16 * antonela should work on the content for the user research part
14:46:16 <pili> not yet
14:46:36 <pili> I was wondering which we were going to be fixed in the next few days and which were longer term
14:46:53 <hiro> yeah I am doing websites bug now
14:46:55 <pili> I was doing a quick review just before this meeting
14:46:56 <pili> and yes, we can discuss that now
14:47:39 <antonela> i'd like to have the inner section in a better shape before send it to the list pili
14:47:40 <pili> I added one item which I think is a ticket in dip already about the section nav
14:47:55 <pili> antonela: that's fine, let me know when I can email the list for review
14:48:00 <pili> I was planning to do it tomorrow, but I can wait
14:48:15 <antonela> i can work on the website today/tomorrow, then i should move to other stuffs
14:48:20 <pili> I had made a few changes to content in my fork which I should submit to git-web
14:48:32 <pili> but actually, I'm not sure of the correct process to make a PR on gitweb
14:48:55 <pili> I don't want to push directly
14:49:22 <emmapeel> i dont like .onion! /me roots for onion
14:49:57 <emmapeel> also it does not translate well because you are talkin gabout servicios cebolla not servicios .cebolla
14:50:03 <antonela> emmapeel: agreed
14:50:24 <antonela> i think steph will review all the content before we freeze it for translation
14:50:38 <antonela> and that should include a consistent approach to mention it
14:51:14 <emmapeel> or we can also do a little regexp and she will not even have to think about this!
14:51:28 <antonela> emmapeel: haha nno
14:51:29 <emmapeel> :D im ok with whatever you decide really
14:52:20 <antonela> pili, the content at the outreach and training sections is already up?
14:52:55 <pili> for training I think it's only on my fork
14:53:04 <pili> for outreach there's no actual content afaik, just resources
14:53:16 <pili> but I should double check with ggus and flexlibris
14:53:42 <antonela> oki, i wanted to check with ggus, but he is running activities this week so will be hard to sync on timezones
14:54:34 <pili> yup
14:54:38 <antonela> also, we should define where is the best place to have all this material? like, should i upload the content at the community repo folder?
14:54:41 <antonela> what was decided on it?
14:54:56 <pili> I need to read the meeting backlog, one sec
14:55:23 <pili> 14:17:42 <pili> then let's go with what ggus said, keep in community portal for now and create an issue to remember to find a better place for these resources
14:55:36 <pili> so yes, let's upload to community repo
14:55:58 <pili> let me create the ticket now :P
14:56:07 <antonela> pm mode on
14:56:11 <antonela> oki, lets do it
14:57:34 <antonela> i think that is all
14:57:41 <pili> yup!
14:57:42 <antonela> anything else folks? am i missing something?
14:57:47 <pili> on to the next meeting...
14:57:50 <pili> I'm good
14:58:04 <antonela> thanks for coming all!
14:58:05 <antonela> o/
14:58:08 <antonela> #endmeeting