14:00:35 <pili> #startmeeting community-portal 06/06
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14:01:36 <pili> the last few days I've been trying to get staging into a good shape
14:02:14 <pili> there were some changes that I'd been working on locally that never made it to master on git-web and therefore the currently live portal
14:02:23 <pili> so I want to at least get them on staging before they can be merged
14:02:33 <pili> I have the onion services section in good shape now
14:02:40 <pili> and hoping to review the others in the meantime
14:02:41 <emmapeel> i can help you
14:03:10 <pili> thanks emmapeel ! I think onion services on staging is good now
14:03:11 <emmapeel> with the merging
14:03:34 <pili> so just trying to fix the crappy merge to staging I did earlier that broke the other sections :D
14:03:57 <emmapeel> i can try to fix that later on today
14:04:04 <emmapeel> you going to be around?
14:04:39 <antonela> pili, what do you meann by staging?
14:05:10 <pili> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/
14:05:35 <pili> and pushing to git-web staging :)
14:05:52 <pili> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/onion-services/
14:06:01 <pili> other than the images not showing up it's looking "ok"
14:06:50 <antonela> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/community/staging/training/
14:06:55 <antonela> mm seems broken?
14:07:02 <pili> yeah, that's the bad merge I made
14:07:10 <pili> I will do a push soon that will fix all that
14:07:35 <pili> I just need to quickly test it locally
14:07:36 <pili> it's just onion services that's good for now
14:07:45 <antonela> oki
14:09:29 <antonela> this week i added the template hiro made for inner sections
14:09:42 <pili> I saw, I like it :)
14:09:54 <pili> it needs a small fix to sort the topics by key
14:10:07 <antonela> i already did it
14:10:08 <pili> I have that in staging right now
14:10:09 <pili> ah
14:10:10 <pili> ok
14:10:57 <pili> so, with regard to sharing it for feedback, there's still a few things I want us to get done beforehand
14:11:21 <antonela> here are my commits, i think hiro already merged them in master https://dip.torproject.org/antonela/community/commits/master
14:12:00 <pili> ok
14:12:01 <antonela> but not sure what will happen with staging
14:12:06 <pili> that's fine
14:12:09 <antonela> oki
14:12:16 <pili> I'm just happier playing with staging :)
14:12:18 <pili> for myself
14:13:05 <pili> things that I can see are outstanding:
14:13:13 <pili> 1. get the relay operator guide pages to use the template for inner sections
14:13:33 <clash> Hey guys, btw is the GitHub community repo not in sync with the live one?
14:13:52 <pili> 2. training section needs to have cards for the training resources
14:14:07 <pili> 3. we need to upload training resources to community repo
14:14:12 <clash> There's a few content errors that are fixed in one version but not the other
14:14:45 <antonela> 1. is already done at https://dip.torproject.org/antonela/community/commit/ebe559d96d2bba501dd1f12e94a9750d29285425
14:15:40 <antonela> (+ the sorting by key)
14:16:49 <pili> great, I've crossed that off the list :)
14:17:38 <pili> 4. localization section: need to make sure all sections are using inner template, i can see that some do and some don't e.g pick-a-project doesn't
14:17:50 <pili> (so we should go through all of those and check)
14:18:26 <emmapeel> pili: some images dont work well in the lektor cause of relative paths but if you see them on your local install they should work on master
14:18:27 <antonela> mmm something happened in the live version
14:18:40 <pili> emmapeel: cool, that's what I thought
14:18:40 <emmapeel> (sorry i disconnected)
14:18:41 <antonela> because that was done also with my latest commit :/
14:19:15 <emmapeel> pili> 4. localization section i can look
14:19:35 <pili> 4. localization section: pick a project and current status have very similar content... we should probably just pick one of those and merge
14:19:58 <pili> 4. localization section: translate strings has very little content
14:20:15 <pili> I would suggest we merge pick a project, translate strings and current status into one section
14:21:03 <pili> I think that's all for localization section
14:21:29 <emmapeel> yes, i think there were too many sections maybe :D
14:22:37 <emmapeel> i mean... maybe i can think of more sections in the future, or we can put articles... but the truth is that we will get better translations if they are done by people that joins our group of translators... not 'hit and run translators' like a loclab contributor calls them
14:22:41 <pili> 5. outreach is missing a lot of content, I need to figure out what we do about this, probably we can just link to media for now for a lot of this, e.g talk about Tor section can point to the presentations folder
14:23:15 <pili> Tor speakers bureau can stay as is, doesn't need an inner page or more details
14:23:24 <emmapeel> pili: i agree with merging  pick a project and translate strings but i was planning to add more content to current status
14:23:35 <pili> emmapeel: that's fine then
14:23:47 <pili> go ahead with your plan :)
14:23:48 <antonela> that is what we talked about yesterday, if we can consolidate a media folder, then we upload the updated material there. For now, we signed last meeting that ggus is going to upload it directly to the community repo
14:23:52 <emmapeel> )they are quite duplicated now, that is true)
14:24:05 <pili> and just merge pick a project and translate strings
14:24:16 <pili> antonela: sure
14:24:43 <pili> so training and outreach material will both be uploaded to community repo by gus
14:25:16 <pili> 5. user research section: antonela, you know what to do there :)
14:25:31 <emmapeel> i think gus cannot push to the main repo, he pushes to his and we merge
14:25:40 <antonela> me either
14:25:46 <antonela> im pushing to my repo and then someone else merge
14:25:50 <pili> ok
14:26:03 <pili> is hiro the one merging?
14:26:11 <pili> and is that the only one who can do that?
14:26:28 <emmapeel> i can merge and review the tech stuff but i dont want to review the contents so much. i do review links and stuff like that sometimes, and grammar, etc. but when the contents change... i have no idea really of the UI state etc
14:26:42 <pili> ok
14:26:58 <emmapeel> also lektor changes--- dont look at me
14:27:01 <pili> :)
14:27:05 <emmapeel> like, deep changes
14:27:37 <pili> I'm just trying to figure out if we have any bottlenecks
14:27:59 <pili> emmapeel: so as long as someone gives you the go ahead you can in theory merge also
14:28:01 <pili> ?
14:28:08 <emmapeel> yes
14:28:13 <pili> good to know :)
14:28:20 <emmapeel> well, in theory and in practise
14:28:25 <emmapeel> practice
14:29:04 <emmapeel> i mean, i have agreed this with hiro and done it already. but i only merge if i really can see the changes
14:29:12 <emmapeel> i mean, understand them
14:29:35 <pili> ok, so I think once we get the points above done we are good to get feedback
14:29:37 <emmapeel> but new content i can review technically i think
14:29:41 <pili> and some of the stuff from here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Yo2MJh1pYSNlqd9IoCCj
14:29:43 <pili> ok
14:29:50 <pili> emmapeel: that's fine
14:30:25 <antonela> we can clean that pad just now
14:30:37 <pili> sure
14:30:43 <pili> I have to leave in about 10 minutes today
14:30:46 <pili> but let's do that now
14:31:07 <antonela> okey, i marked as done the things i made, but now i dont know if that is live or not
14:31:11 <antonela> maybe you want to double check
14:32:16 <pili> sure
14:32:19 <pili> I will do
14:33:01 <pili> ok, anything else?
14:33:55 <antonela> im groot
14:34:17 <pili> emmapeel?
14:34:24 <pili> everyone know what they have to do? :)
14:36:25 <pili> I'll take that as a yes ;)
14:36:30 <pili> and end the meeting
14:36:34 <pili> thanks everyone
14:36:39 <pili> #endmeeting