17:06:17 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship weekly checkin 2019-06-06
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17:06:21 <phw> hi everyone o/
17:06:28 <cohosh> o/
17:06:45 <phw> our meeting pad is available here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
17:08:10 <phw> let's start with the announcement.  who wrote the infrastructure review?
17:08:35 <cohosh> is that something each of us should do?
17:08:49 <phw> it looks like it
17:08:54 <gaba> o/
17:08:58 <phw> "Sysadmin Team is asking for people at the Tor project to fill information about resources they are using right now. https://nc.riseup.net/s/QEM4MNBA8MmWW4x"
17:09:02 <gaba> sorry, I wrote it
17:09:07 <gaba> (I was at other meeting)
17:09:19 <gaba> anarcat is doing an inventory of what is being used at the Tor project
17:09:30 <gaba> there may be something that the sysadmin do not have under their radar
17:09:39 <gaba> if you have anything that you are using please add it to the list
17:09:58 * anarcat o/
17:09:59 <phw> thanks gaba
17:10:04 <cohosh> does it include only TPA machines?
17:10:09 <anarcat> available if there are questions
17:10:10 <anarcat> no :)
17:10:12 <gaba> yes
17:10:17 <gaba> ohhh
17:10:19 <gaba> hehe
17:10:24 <anarcat> it's everything
17:10:27 <gaba> anarcat: what do you mean by no?
17:10:30 <anarcat> we want to help
17:10:37 <cohosh> ok thanks!
17:10:41 <anarcat> it's not only TPA (as in machines managed by the tor sysadmins)
17:10:56 <anarcat> the idea is to setup a long term budget/plan on how to manage those resources
17:11:05 <anarcat> see if there's overlap, cost savings we could do, or sharing
17:11:09 <gaba> anything used to do TP work
17:11:11 <anarcat> and be able to plan ahead
17:11:14 <cohosh> cool
17:11:15 <anarcat> yep
17:11:30 <anarcat> we also want to know if you have needs that are unanswered
17:11:49 <anarcat> like we need a cluster of AWS datacenters because we want to rebuild the entire internet on the side
17:11:54 <anarcat> kind of stuff
17:11:59 <anarcat> no promises, obviously :p
17:13:06 <phw> the next item on our agenda is the stockholm meeting.  do you want to take this, gaba?
17:13:12 <gaba> yes
17:13:25 <gaba> we are adding sessions that we may think it would be useful to have during the Tor meeting
17:13:34 <gaba> this time we only have 3 days and a lot of stuff to talk about
17:13:47 <gaba> so we need to be able to select sessions to have in the limited time we have
17:13:58 <gaba> please add anything that you may think would work
17:14:08 <gaba> we already have time for retrospective and roadmapping the first day
17:14:39 <phw> if we end up with more sessions than slots, do we vote?
17:14:49 <gaba> For the session ideas, we could be merging some of them and/or doing the schedule so they do not overlap when people need to attend several
17:14:57 <gaba> phw: good question. We still do not know
17:15:02 <gaba> it may makes sense to vote, yes
17:15:12 <gaba> we already have more sessions than slots
17:15:29 <gaba> Actually, it may makes sense to add information about how important is that session to happen
17:15:34 <gaba> must/can type of information
17:15:59 <gaba> We need to look for a way to put priorities on sessions but still not figure out how we are going to do that
17:17:02 <gaba> does that makes sense?
17:17:35 <phw> yes, it does
17:19:22 <phw> did you sneak in another discussion point gaba? ;)
17:19:42 <gaba> hehe
17:19:43 <gaba> 2
17:20:11 <gaba> one in announcement for people to be aware about this ticket on email... as sysadmin want to know if people have problems with emails
17:20:16 <gaba> and the other one is about roadmap
17:21:21 <phw> ok, thanks
17:22:04 * cohosh checks roadmap
17:22:29 <phw> yes, gaba and i moved several tickets from sponsor 19 to sponsor 28 and 30.
17:22:51 <phw> let's move on to each other's 'needs help with' sections
17:23:53 <cohosh> could someone take a look at #29206? it's not done but i'd like a quick check to make sure there's not a better direction to go in
17:24:39 <dcf1> I think this is one I should look at but I can't guarantee I'll have bandwidth for it.
17:25:01 <cohosh> no worries, i can move on to some other tickets in the meantime
17:25:13 <dcf1> cohosh: thanks for requesting review early in any case, this is the kind of project that that's good for.
17:26:53 <phw> i don't see any other 'needs help with' items.  did i miss anything?
17:27:14 <phw> i think kat5's was from last week
17:27:24 <cohosh> yep i think the report is done
17:28:06 <phw> looks like we're done already
17:28:11 <phw> #endmeeting