15:02:11 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:02:22 <karsten> sorry for the major confusion about meeting times...
15:02:38 <karsten> glad it all worked out in the end and we're having a meeting now. :)
15:02:58 <karsten> I just put a few topics on the agenda pad.
15:03:09 <karsten> anything else you want to add?
15:03:18 <irl> nothing from me
15:03:32 <gaba> np. is ok for me
15:03:36 <karsten> cool!
15:03:43 <karsten> let's start with:
15:03:44 <karsten> Monthly report for April and May
15:03:58 <karsten> this is a very quickly written list of what we did in april and may.
15:04:07 <karsten> I might find more items after the meeting.
15:04:14 <gaba> do you want to add any of the discussion on performance metrics?
15:04:23 <karsten> could you please look through your notes/inboxes and add anything that's missing?
15:04:32 <irl> yes, will do that after the meeting
15:04:36 <karsten> gaba: I have the updated/new graphs and the error codes on that.
15:04:43 <gaba> ahh
15:04:43 <gaba> ok
15:04:48 <gaba> yes
15:04:49 <karsten> or what else did you have in mind?
15:04:54 <gaba> that is it
15:05:01 <karsten> (2 months is quite a time, I might have overlooked a lot.)
15:05:07 <karsten> okay.
15:05:14 <karsten> thanks, irl!
15:05:25 <karsten> quick question about #30219:
15:05:39 <karsten> should we add an @source annotation to bandwidth files?
15:05:53 <karsten> no need to discuss this now, but this could help me make progress over the week.
15:06:10 <karsten> I also asked atagar via email to take a look,
15:06:22 <karsten> because I vaguely recall irl saying that he had thoughts on such an annotation.
15:06:25 <irl> it is something that tor already has
15:06:38 <irl> source, downloaded-at, purpose and maybe others
15:06:40 <karsten> yes, do you recall how it's being used?
15:06:48 <karsten> is it specified somewhere?
15:06:49 <irl> https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor.git/tree/src/feature/dirclient/dirclient.c#n1816
15:06:58 <irl> it's not specified anywhere because it is only used internally
15:07:05 <irl> but it is an ip address
15:07:12 <karsten> which would work, I guess.
15:07:32 <irl> we can also treat it as an opaque string
15:07:53 <karsten> yes, totally.
15:08:10 <karsten> I think metrics-lib would treat it as a string anyway, rather than parse it.
15:08:16 <karsten> pretty sure.
15:08:23 <irl> yeah
15:08:31 <karsten> okay, want to quickly comment on the ticket?
15:08:34 <irl> atagar didn't want to add it to stem because collector wasn't using it
15:08:44 <irl> if we did use it then atagar has reason to add it to stem
15:08:57 <irl> i will comment on the ticket, yes
15:09:04 <karsten> awesome!
15:09:15 <karsten> it's a decision to be made, but I think it could be useful here.
15:09:32 <karsten> other than that, I see us adding a bunch of bandwidth files and losing important information while doing so.
15:09:49 <karsten> okay, moving on.
15:10:00 <karsten> OnionPerf log file availability
15:10:09 <karsten> just the quick question: is it easy to make these available?
15:10:17 <karsten> if not, never mind.
15:10:33 <irl> it is at least a few hours of figuring out how to log into the boxes again
15:10:42 <karsten> :(
15:10:45 <irl> it has been a long time since i did and i don't even know which yubikey will do it
15:10:50 <karsten> hehe
15:11:04 <karsten> okay, I'll assume it's for post-all hands then.
15:11:36 <karsten> next topic is all hands related, too.
15:11:59 <karsten> let's briefly talk about what I can tell them that the metrics team could contribute.
15:12:11 <karsten> I started a list on the pad.
15:12:42 <karsten> this is mostly a list ordered by effort, not a commitment of any kind.
15:12:55 <karsten> any commitments should happen in stockholm.
15:13:06 <irl> we could do things like deploying metrics tools on test networks to help with scaling experiments
15:13:11 <karsten> but I thought it's useful to give an idea what we could do and how hard that would be.
15:13:12 <irl> #17036
15:13:56 <karsten> hmm, tell us more?
15:14:15 <irl> there are test networks and we might want to do experiments in those that we are not comfortable running on the live network
15:14:25 <irl> we might need to do long running measurements in those networks
15:14:42 <irl> in that case, running onionperf or collector in those networks would probably be useful
15:14:54 <karsten> I know of 1 test network. are there more?
15:14:59 <irl> it's just a vague class of things that we could do
15:15:04 <irl> i don't know
15:15:43 <irl> we're probably not going to sign up to integrate collector+metrics-web in chutney
15:15:44 <karsten> added to the list.
15:15:58 <karsten> not at all! :)
15:16:01 <irl> but we can help these tools be reused
15:16:21 <irl> ok cool
15:16:30 <karsten> I think the test network already runs a version of collector and onionoo.
15:16:54 <karsten> sounds good.
15:17:42 <karsten> I guess we'll discuss this list in a few days at the all hands prep meeting.
15:17:59 <karsten> if anything else comes up, please feel free to just add it.
15:18:13 <irl> ok
15:18:31 <karsten> gaba: what else would we want to discuss regarding all hands?
15:18:39 <karsten> I'm asking because you suggested this topic at the last meeting.
15:18:44 <karsten> did you have anything else in mind?
15:19:01 <gaba> not really. I think you got everything covered here.
15:19:06 <karsten> perfect!
15:19:17 <karsten> I think we're out of topics then.
15:19:40 <karsten> next meeting would be in, err, 2.5 weeks or so.
15:19:41 <gaba> yes
15:20:08 <karsten> alright!
15:20:17 <gaba> june 20th? you are going to be in the all hands
15:20:40 <karsten> I'll be at all hands then.
15:20:48 <gaba> ok
15:20:49 <karsten> in a weirdly different time zone.
15:20:57 <gaba> in my timezone ;P
15:21:00 <karsten> yes, that! :D
15:21:34 <irl> so you will do the meeting from the meeting?
15:21:47 <karsten> ah, no, I wasn't planning to.
15:21:55 <karsten> june 20th is in 1.5 weeks.
15:22:04 <irl> so 27th?
15:22:07 <karsten> june 27th would be the next meeting.
15:22:07 <gaba> if the weekly meeting is at 7 or 8 then it will be before your all hands meetings
15:22:15 <karsten> ah.
15:22:30 <karsten> okay, maybe we should have it then.
15:22:31 <gaba> 7/8 am
15:22:38 <karsten> to give an update.
15:22:39 <irl> i will be vacation still on the 20th
15:22:40 <gaba> ok
15:22:42 <gaba> ahh
15:22:43 <karsten> ah, right.
15:22:48 <gaba> ok, then let's do 27th
15:22:51 <irl> cool
15:22:52 <karsten> yes.
15:22:53 <gaba> and we can update on signal
15:23:00 <gaba> or mailing list
15:23:02 <irl> sounds good
15:23:03 <karsten> yep.
15:23:27 <karsten> cool! let's end the meeting before we can't say anymore that it was a good, short meeting.
15:23:37 <karsten> have a great time. bye! o/
15:23:44 <gaba> bye! o/
15:23:52 <gaba> enjoy holidays and trip to canada
15:23:59 <karsten> thanks!
15:24:18 <karsten> #endmeeting