17:00:00 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 10 June 2019
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17:00:06 <nickm> hi folks! Who is here today?
17:00:13 <nickm> The pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep as usual
17:01:04 <dgoulet> hello
17:01:06 <mikeperry> hi
17:01:08 <ahf> o/
17:01:09 <catalyst> hi
17:01:16 <nickm> hello!
17:02:14 <nickm> Looks like teor and asn are not here today, so that should be everybody, assuming gaba is here
17:02:28 <gaba> o/
17:02:56 <nickm> I don't see any new CI failures going on here
17:03:03 <nickm> So on to 041 status?
17:04:05 <nickm> We've got less and less in 041, so that's good.  We have 6 assigned tickets, and 8 unassigned tickets left.
17:04:14 <nickm> (there are also the tickets in needs_reviww and the ones in merge_ready)
17:05:00 <nickm> could everybody have a look over the "owner action" tickets  and the "unassigned" tickets and make sure that there is nothing there which it would be disasterous for us to miss in 0.4.1.x-stable?
17:05:19 * ahf nods
17:05:43 <nickm> These are all "should" items by me, but I don't think they should block our release date if they are late.
17:06:54 <nickm> If there's nothing there that can't wait, let's move on to the roadmap
17:07:13 <nickm> gaba: I have a couple of items that were in "pending review" which I need to revise; I moved them back to "in progress"
17:08:04 <gaba> ok, thanks
17:08:11 * gaba was updating the roadmap just now too
17:09:02 <nickm> anybody else with updates on the roadmap?  In theory, we are mostly done with 041 stuff, wrapping it up, and moving back to sponsored work for 042
17:09:33 <gaba> to everybody, please remember to assign yourself the ticket in trac that you are working on.
17:10:20 <dgoulet> nickm: oh hmmm about dirauth email... I sent an email to the dirauth list last week on unrecommending 3 versions iirc because of the 2019 TROVE...
17:10:25 <nickm> (FWIW I am kind of rushing through the every-week stuff this time, so we can get to the discussions)
17:10:25 <dgoulet> nickm: so I guess there is overlap with yours
17:10:44 <asn> exams finished early. im around. o/
17:10:45 <nickm> dgoulet: great; please edit mine if you want to make any changes to it?
17:10:46 <dgoulet> nickm: which should be fine...
17:10:47 <nickm> hi asn!
17:10:50 * asn reading updates
17:11:58 <ahf> it's good with rushing throughs these things, i think we'll stop you if there is something we want to discuss here 8)
17:12:02 <nickm> last every-week item is looking at the reviews
17:12:15 <nickm> there's a bunch of stuff here, but I hope a bunch of it is simple
17:12:28 <nickm> please remember that every review is something that another dev is blocking on :)
17:12:41 <nickm> (that goes for me too; I should also remember that)
17:13:06 <nickm> most of my reviews this week were pretty easy, so if anybody wants to pass something on to me, just let me know
17:13:42 <nickm> Once we've all looked at reviews, it's on to the announcements.
17:13:53 <nickm> gaba: what kind of stuff are you thinking of about "resources we are using"?
17:14:43 <gaba> it is described in anarcat's email to tor internal.
17:14:51 <gaba> it is mostly machines you are using for one thing or the other
17:14:58 <gaba> it is a request from the sysadmin team
17:15:20 <gaba> mail with subject "hardware and infrastructure survey" in tor-internal
17:15:56 <gaba> This includes:
17:15:56 <gaba> * physical hardware, cloud servers, containers
17:15:56 <gaba> * paid or donated resources
17:16:05 <nickm> So, like, Trac isn't listed right now.
17:16:11 <nickm> but everybody uses it
17:16:14 <nickm> should I add it?
17:16:17 <gaba> yes, I think is not considered or they will add it
17:16:25 <ahf> the God service of tor
17:17:18 <catalyst> how about externally hosted, free of charge services like github, gitlab, coverity, ...?
17:17:43 <nickm> good point
17:18:12 <nickm> I've started adding some stuff, but let's see if we can think of more
17:18:16 <gaba> mm, you could add it
17:18:27 <gaba> and then they decide which info to use and which one not to
17:18:54 <gaba> there is a column for comments :)
17:19:06 <nickm> so I guess in general, as you use a system this week, please make sure it's on anarcat's list so it doesn't get garbage-collected :)
17:19:31 <gaba> :)
17:20:20 <nickm> Next is email -- before they take any steps on email, the admin team wants actual bug reports about the current system, as in "something that went wrong"
17:20:32 <nickm> let's see if we can give them that, if we're hitting real email problems
17:21:27 <ahf> #30608 is having a bit of discussion about that
17:21:28 <catalyst> nickm: there's definitely a "email to list@tpo when it should have been list@lists.tpo takes a week to bounce" problem that i keep forgetting to document
17:21:52 <nickm> ahf: yup -- that's the link on the pad :)
17:22:24 <ahf> ah, right
17:22:50 <nickm> next thing is that teor would like comments on #30759, so please swing by there
17:24:00 <nickm> On to discussion?
17:24:34 <nickm> gaba: want to talk about tor meeting agenda stuff?
17:24:47 <gaba> yes
17:25:20 <gaba> we are going to be making the schedule soon so we need ideas from sessions that need to happen. There are a lot already but if there is something that you think is missing please add it to the pad this week.
17:25:31 <gaba> https://pad.riseup.net/p/_kDAK09C16xL2lBRQ7sJ
17:25:52 <ahf> cool
17:26:34 <ahf> many good topics there already!
17:27:03 <nickm> will there eventually be a voting/heat-map process on these?
17:27:34 <gaba> nickm: we do not know what the process on deciding on this will be but I think it will be the discussion at las vegas team meeting this Thursday.
17:28:01 <gaba> I'm sure once we have a proposal for schedule then people can comment and talk about changes
17:28:48 * asn looking and thinking
17:29:04 <nickm> if everybody spends some time on this, it will be a good use of our time
17:29:11 <ahf> yep
17:29:19 <nickm> stuff that we don't have time for at the meeting, we should try to fit into one of our monthly retrospectives
17:29:30 <nickm> or set up some other online meeting
17:30:03 <dgoulet> just to confirm here, we do have a net team day before or not?
17:30:03 <nickm> next topic is rotation handoff.  ahf, please ask teor is there's anything you should know; mikeperry, please tell me if there's any bug triage stuff I should know
17:30:06 <gaba> If you are adding something remember to add facilitator or suggest people there.
17:30:14 <nickm> dgoulet: we have to fit all our stuff into the 3 days available IIUC
17:30:18 <ahf> ack
17:31:08 <asn> dgoulet: do we want a session about hs dos ?
17:31:45 <dgoulet> asn: not entirely sure there ...
17:32:04 <asn> i think a real life meeting is a good way to get consensus about parameters etc.
17:32:23 <dgoulet> asn: plausible
17:33:14 <nickm> As for the patch party time question -- everybody please weigh in on the pad, if you have an opinion. (It's about moving it to wed/thu)
17:33:27 <asn> dgoulet: ok imma add one, and lets see where it goes.
17:33:41 <nickm> last discussion thing is a pad I posted about unrecommending some older versions.
17:35:16 <nickm> tl;dr: I say unrecommend everything affected by a TROVE, everything that is EOL, and all non-stable versions of 0.4.0.x.  Please let me know if you think that's wrong :)
17:35:30 <nickm> Any other discussion stuff for this week? I don't see any needs-help questions
17:35:53 <nickm> catalyst: would you like to pick a time between now and wednesday to talk about config refactoring and control refactoring next steps?
17:36:09 <nickm> I have some ideas that I would like to bounce off you
17:36:40 <gaba> about unrecommending older versions: is that something that can go into a short blogpost?
17:37:11 <nickm> I don't know that it needs to; this is basically about "which tor versions should create a warning when you start them"
17:37:31 <nickm> We've already had blog posts telling people what is unsupported and what versions exist
17:38:31 <catalyst> nickm: Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon look ok for me right now
17:38:44 <nickm> great; please tell me a time on Tuesday and I'll make sure to be online then?
17:39:54 <dgoulet> ok I just want to clarify-clarify something again... if let say we (net team) wanted to talk about network team stuff in Stockholm, I would need to propose something on that pad?
17:40:15 <nickm> dgoulet: I think that is right. gaba: you agree?
17:40:52 <gaba> ok
17:41:13 <gaba> dgoulet: mmm, something that maybe can not put public?
17:41:24 <gaba> we will have the first day for network team stuff
17:41:32 <dgoulet> nea not public per-se
17:41:33 <gaba> roadmap in the morning, retrospective in the afternoon
17:41:50 <gaba> ok, maybe we can include it in the afternoon for the first day, near the retrospective
17:41:51 <dgoulet> but there is a difference between "Only net team" and "net team + 10 people" :) ... not that I'm against but depends on the subject
17:42:02 <gaba> I see
17:42:02 <dgoulet> but overall, just wanted to know if there is a time slot for "teams" but seems no?
17:42:19 <gaba> the first day is for teams. The sessions in the pad are for 2nd and 3rd day
17:42:26 <gaba> thanks for asking that as I did not clarify it.
17:42:28 <catalyst> nickm: Tuesday 14:00 CDT? (19:00 UTC)
17:42:42 <ahf> ah
17:42:43 <ahf> cool
17:42:46 <nickm> catalyst: == 1500 EDT ? sure!
17:42:47 <dgoulet> ahaah!
17:42:58 <dgoulet> gaba: oook so the session for day 1 are were? :)
17:43:11 <gaba> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/DailyAgenda
17:43:24 <gaba> but they are general. Maybe we should start doing an agenda for network team for first day
17:43:38 <gaba> if there are specific conversations that do not feat roadmapping or retrospective but are only for net team
17:44:10 <dgoulet> gaba: ok great thanks!
17:45:49 <nickm> Cool, thanks for clarifying, gaba!
17:45:58 <nickm> do we have any other stuff for today?
17:46:52 <gaba> it seems we don't.
17:47:28 <nickm> ok. Thanks, all!
17:47:39 <ahf> o/
17:47:42 <nickm> #endmeeting