14:00:32 <antonela> #startmeeting ux-team
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14:00:41 <antonela> hello folks!
14:00:46 <antonela> hi emmapeel o/
14:01:13 <antonela> the usual pad is here https://storm.torproject.org/shared/y3a8nkKYx5xgqZV1ZQ-LHlp6zmXo-ue9-B8Z7mOjxj8
14:01:24 <antonela> lets fill the updates and any agenda item
14:01:31 <pili> hi
14:01:56 <clash> hello
14:02:38 <emmapeel> hello
14:02:45 <dunqan> hey everyone :)
14:04:08 <antonela> hello all
14:04:13 <antonela> okey let's start
14:04:24 <antonela> dunqan: i just shared with you my notes for the presentation
14:04:31 <dunqan> @antonela got it, thanks for sending that over!
14:04:40 <antonela> let me know if you can open it, is just an idea, we can change/add/remove things there
14:05:09 <dunqan> Yep I've got in the Notion file fine
14:05:22 <antonela> super, we could sync about it next week offline and coordinate it, im not sure how much time we will have
14:05:43 <antonela> so next week we will have that info settled
14:06:40 <antonela> clash, thanks for opening that tickets about the icon
14:06:41 <dunqan> okay sounds good – then we'll have a week or two to artwork the pres itself?
14:06:50 <antonela> dunqan: yes
14:07:01 <dunqan> cool!
14:07:25 <clash> antonela:  no problem, I saw the issue exists on desktop too btw
14:07:30 <antonela> clash: i'd like to review those details by the 9.0 release. For it, we should provide all the assets for the implementation
14:08:25 <pili> (clash: the 9.0 release will be end of october)
14:08:44 <antonela> what i would like from you, if you have availability, is to work together on reporting TBA issues (that doesn't have ticket yet) - for example: If you open a link like pad.riseup, the bookmark feature interrupt your navigation in order to offering you to save bookmarks
14:08:57 <antonela> BUT, we have bookmarks disabled, so everything get broken
14:09:45 <antonela> have you experienced some of that bugs/issues on tba as well?
14:10:08 <clash> antonela: I can edit the assets svg for you to take a look at all three (stable/alpha/nightly)
14:10:34 <clash> antonela: I'd love to do that :D
14:10:47 <clash> Not the bookmark one but I encountered one with the custom tabs
14:10:52 <antonela> awesome
14:11:12 <clash> #30572
14:11:25 <emmapeel> i recorded screenshots today with the recorder program. video screencaps
14:11:30 <emmapeel> in android
14:11:31 <antonela> great, did you open the ticket about the voice assistant screenshots?
14:11:50 <antonela> emmapeel: yee, we discovered some weird thing last week about screenshots
14:12:03 <emmapeel> ok!
14:12:04 <clash> antonela: nope, I was looking for a fix though. I'll do that
14:12:33 <emmapeel> but hey! the about:tor page was in spanish! :D
14:12:47 <antonela> clash, oki, thanks!
14:12:55 <antonela> emmapeel: \o/
14:14:09 <antonela> okey, that is all for me regarding updates
14:14:27 <antonela> pili, do you want to talk a bit about the dev meeting sessions we have?
14:14:44 <pili> sure
14:14:59 <antonela> pari included the user research one at the wiki, but gaba put that back in the pad because we need to prioritize/organize it
14:15:14 <antonela> so i want to make sure that we have the sessions we should have :)
14:15:18 <pili> yeah, we're trying to see what we have before we start adding them to the wiki
14:15:23 <antonela> perfect, yes
14:15:29 <pili> I can share the pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/_kDAK09C16xL2lBRQ7sJ
14:15:41 <pili> the first one for the UX team is the S9 planning
14:15:44 <pili> for phase 3
14:15:53 <antonela> yes
14:16:01 <pili> and S27 "sync up"
14:16:24 <antonela> s9, could we have it later than our user research one?
14:16:41 <antonela> i'd like to work with ggus before roadmapping
14:16:44 <pili> yup, definitely
14:16:45 <pili> let me add a note
14:16:50 <pili> actually, there is already a note to that effect more or less
14:17:40 <pili> we should also do a S30 - anti-censorship technologies kick off
14:17:47 <pili> which should start in July
14:17:59 <pili> (although I'm still waiting to hear more on that)
14:18:10 <pili> btw, very important
14:18:28 <antonela> yes, i should sync with phw about it
14:18:43 <pili> please think of any prep, brainstorming, etc... that would be useful to do ahead of the meeting
14:18:44 <pili> we have limited time this year so we should try to make the most of it
14:18:49 <dunqan> "Positive future vision extravaganza plenary" <- whatever this is, it sounds amazing
14:19:01 <antonela> you should make it dunqan
14:19:03 <pili> party time... ;)
14:19:09 <emmapeel> heh
14:19:12 <pili> (not really unfortunately :) )
14:19:15 <dunqan> haha
14:19:16 <antonela> is not a party acutally
14:19:17 <antonela> hahah
14:19:18 <antonela> yes
14:19:21 <antonela> is a brain party
14:19:38 <pili> anyway, if anyone can think of any prep people should do before the UX team sessions, please add to the pad
14:20:15 <pili> moving on, there's the ux personas session
14:20:17 <antonela> i had a 1.1 with isabela yesteday pili, and we will need a session for sharing/prioritizing user problems
14:20:33 <antonela> per product, TBA and Desktop
14:20:44 <pili> ah yes, we also spoke about that
14:20:53 <antonela> not sure if we can merge it with the roadmapping session, we did it last time and was intense but good
14:21:02 <pili> re: prioritisation, we need to think about which sessions will help us solve any problems we currently have
14:21:06 <antonela> i'll start to draft that list this week
14:21:07 <pili> how we scale, etc
14:21:30 <antonela> yep, that is your business haha
14:21:43 <pili> actually, I was thinking about something different, but definitely should think about user problems
14:21:54 <antonela> those are different things
14:22:15 <antonela> one is about user problems (and trac tickets related to it) and roadmapping
14:22:32 <clash> Okay, made the ticket antonela, #30853
14:22:37 <antonela> and you are thinking about prioritisation of the current work, am i right pili?
14:22:54 <pili> yup
14:23:01 <pili> (I was thinking about user support :D)
14:23:08 <pili> and how we scale that
14:23:11 <antonela> yes that is what i thought
14:23:13 <pili> but that's a discussion for community
14:23:16 <pili> anyway... :)_
14:23:17 <antonela> we should have a community discussion yes
14:23:33 <antonela> oki, we can continue with it tomorrow during our 1.1 pili
14:23:40 <pili> sounds good
14:23:45 <antonela> overall i think we have the sessions we need
14:24:04 <antonela> then, there are a lot of other sessions we should make but not facilitate
14:25:32 <pili> ah yes, I was just listing all the ones where UX team should be involved
14:25:47 <antonela> perfect
14:26:00 <antonela> what else regarding the dev meeting?
14:26:09 <pili> just to think about prep :)
14:27:08 <antonela> yep :)
14:27:13 <antonela> oki, you have more items in the agenda
14:27:18 <pili> yup, sorry! :D
14:27:21 <antonela> re: search YES PLEASE LETS MAKE THAT HAPPEN
14:27:52 <pili> yeah, I think we should just go with the subdomain approach: search.*.tpo.org
14:27:53 <antonela> we have an infra team now so we should ping anarcat about it and how to make it happen. Hiro already did a lot of work related on it, but it needs a final decision
14:28:04 * anarcat raises head
14:28:07 <pili> is that the last decision that needs to be taken?
14:28:16 <pili> anarcat: we're talking about search for the portals
14:28:19 <hiro> there is a plan about search already
14:28:20 <pili> there's an email somewhere...
14:28:24 <anarcat> ah
14:28:43 <antonela> is not that easy, we should search per portal and if not we should have a good search results page that allow people to find what they are searching for
14:28:43 <pili> maybe I should cc you in it if you're not there
14:28:46 <hiro> we talked about it a bit in brussels and we can talk all together at the dev meeting
14:29:06 <pili> maybe we should add that to one of the sessions
14:29:15 <antonela> that is cool, we need a session or a quick talk?
14:29:20 <pili> I don't think we necessarily have time for a full discussion on it
14:29:27 <pili> s/discussion/session
14:29:30 <hiro> also at IFF there was a bit of a talk to share this with tails ... so not sure who will come from tails but we should talk because I might have to think about the whole structure of this
14:29:41 <antonela> or is part of the infra team roadmapping?
14:29:44 <pili> ok, so we'll park it until dev meeting
14:29:46 <emmapeel> sajolida is coming
14:29:51 <hiro> good I talked with him
14:31:04 <hiro> pili: why we don't have time to talk about search? if it is important we should... we do not get so many opportunities to talk together in life?
14:31:42 <antonela> hiro we should have time to talk about it!
14:31:45 <pili> I know, it just depends on whether there are any other higher priority sessions and how many slots we have
14:31:46 <slacktopus3> <babatunde.okunoye> Hello all. Happy to join up today
14:31:59 <pili> I will add it as a separate session on the list then
14:32:06 <pili> and see how we go
14:32:09 <hiro> if we can't talk about things why are we even doing the meeting?
14:32:12 <antonela> hiro, do you want to facilitate it? who else do you need in that table to make a decision?
14:32:28 <antonela> hi anarcat o/
14:32:48 <antonela> make a decision = move forward
14:32:49 <pili> we can definitely talk about things it's just about finding a time to do so
14:33:25 <pili> we probably have an infinite number of things to talk about but unfortunately time is finite :)
14:33:32 <antonela> pili, please lets list a session for it, is very important for the overall experience, specially in portals like support.tpo
14:33:37 <hiro> maybe if this isn't high priority enough we shouldn't plan it for the next 6 months
14:33:58 <pili> I am adding it as a session on the list
14:34:02 <hiro> cool
14:35:24 <antonela> thanks pili and hiro
14:36:10 <pili> ok
14:36:14 <pili> that's all I had on search :)
14:36:53 <pili> next thing from me was about whether we have any infrastructure in the UX team that anarcat should know about
14:37:02 <pili> anything that we maintain
14:37:13 <antonela> ohh
14:37:24 <antonela> what we have or what we need? :)
14:37:52 <pili> just what we are using for now
14:37:55 <anarcat> hello antonela :)
14:38:12 <anarcat> what you need, also
14:38:13 <pili> but you can also add needs
14:38:15 <antonela> i dont recall on servers, maybe hiro does
14:38:22 <antonela> i'll list needs :)
14:38:41 <antonela> do you have the spreadsheet somewhere close pili?
14:38:48 * antonela wants to add another tab to her 9120102 tabs
14:38:50 <emmapeel> are there any plans fpr runners for dip.tpo?
14:39:01 <pili> https://nc.riseup.net/apps/onlyoffice/s/QEM4MNBA8MmWW4x
14:39:05 <antonela> thanks!
14:39:08 <pili> emmapeel: +100
14:39:09 <anarcat> i think we're still doing CI through jenkins for now
14:39:16 <anarcat> but i think it would make sense to eventually transition towards gitlab
14:39:21 <antonela> <3
14:39:37 <anarcat> one of many battles ;)
14:39:42 <antonela> we love battles
14:39:51 <anarcat> i don't
14:39:55 <anarcat> i am a peacenik
14:39:55 <pili> :D
14:40:20 <antonela> haha
14:40:53 <antonela> oki, emmapeel make sure that you list stuffs on that spreadsheet too!
14:41:06 <anarcat> also, i should mention you don't need to add the machine if it's already listed in the TPA inventory, in https://db.torproject.org/machines.cgi
14:41:12 <anarcat> i should have mentioned that before of course
14:41:30 <antonela> got it
14:41:49 <emmapeel> antonela: ok, ill add majus!
14:42:02 <antonela> perfect! thanks!
14:42:03 <emmapeel> ah ok so no majus
14:42:06 <antonela> haha
14:42:16 <antonela> okey, pili, your last item
14:42:24 <antonela> and we have some minutes to talk about that, go for it
14:42:43 <pili> yup, just a reminder to please keep on working on the community portal
14:42:54 <pili> I don't have anything specific other than going through the list of outstanding items
14:43:05 <pili> I haven't had time to look at the current status this week yet
14:43:10 <pili> so I need to review myself
14:43:26 <pili> but I really want us to get a minimum version that we're happy to share for feedback soon
14:43:35 <pili> soon == this week
14:43:59 <emmapeel> classh made a nice suggestion, i think i will change the page accordingly:
14:44:01 <emmapeel> 19:52 < clash> I was looking at community.tpo and the Localization call to action is more of a question -> "Will you help us translate?" unlike the
14:44:04 <emmapeel> other CTAs. Minor detail but I was wondering if it could just be "Help Us Translate" which is more consistent with the other ones. I'm
14:44:07 <emmapeel> not sure :thinking_face:
14:44:26 <antonela> yes, is a good point
14:44:39 <dunqan> sounds more direct!
14:44:45 <pili> yup, sounds good, also, if you can update gitlab with any issues or progress that would be good
14:44:52 <antonela> i expect that kind of review during the content review - will that happen before sharing for feedback?
14:45:02 <pili> there are currently issues attached to milestones for the different sections
14:45:16 <antonela> lets check them? quickly?
14:45:19 <pili> ok
14:45:24 <emmapeel> ok
14:46:12 <pili> https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/boards
14:46:25 <pili> there's a bunch of content on needs-review which I guess will need stephw ?
14:47:02 <pili> can everyone please update the board if necessary
14:47:10 <pili> I'm moving a bunch of things over to needs-review
14:47:41 * antonela takes a look
14:49:52 <antonela> oki, will we sync over those updats on thursday's meeting really?
14:50:26 <clash> on a related note, I also found some places on community.tpo have .onion while others have .Onion
14:50:56 <iiiiiiiuuuuuu> may i know what is the topic today
14:52:00 <antonela> hi iiiiiiiuuuuuu, this is the ux team sync weekly meeting - we have an agenda at our open pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/y3a8nkKYx5xgqZV1ZQ-LHlp6zmXo-ue9-B8Z7mOjxj8
14:52:03 <antonela> oops, they left
14:52:08 <antonela> what else folks?
14:52:51 <pili> antonela: yup can do
14:52:54 <slacktopus3> <babatunde.okunoye> Hi Antonella, I was also hoping you could comment on the reported surge in Tor users
14:52:55 <pili> that's it from me
14:53:17 <slacktopus3> <babatunde.okunoye> Maybe shed more light
14:53:42 <antonela> oh that is a good one tunde
14:53:57 <antonela> emmapeel has more idea since she has been following it
14:54:14 <emmapeel> no, i have no idea. there is a spike in iran they say
14:54:25 <emmapeel> but i didnt understood there was a reason found behind it
14:55:07 <slacktopus3> <babatunde.okunoye> I interpreted the surge to mean confidence in Tor itself, which is a positive thing
14:55:30 <antonela> me either, but i read some conversations about it
14:55:39 <emmapeel> the ticket is #30636
14:56:30 <dunqan> there's a crackdown in iran atm, may be responsible
14:56:42 <dunqan> mostly offline but apparently there's an online element to it too
14:56:43 <pili> there's also a discussion in tor-talk
14:56:44 <pili> mailing list
14:57:02 <clash> btw is there a fixed time/meeting when community.tpo content is reviewed?
14:57:11 <antonela> tunde, if you find more info about it please comment at that ticket
14:57:21 <antonela> seems the relevant ticket to this discussion
14:57:36 <pili> clash: yup, Thursday's at 1400UTC
14:57:40 <slacktopus3> <babatunde.okunoye> Ok, thank you
14:58:08 <clash> pili: sweet, thanks!
14:58:27 <clash> is there one united place where all meeting times are listed or is it team-specific?
14:58:50 <pili> well, this one has been semi closed e.g people who know about it know when to show up
14:59:13 <pili> we've not necessarily opened it up to anyone :)
14:59:28 <pili> in general each team lists their weekly team meetings on trac
14:59:48 <pili> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/WikiStart#Teams
15:00:11 <antonela> i need to close this meeting folks
15:00:12 <pili> I have to jump on another meeting now ;)
15:00:18 <antonela> thanks for coming!
15:00:22 <antonela> #endmeeting