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14:01:24 <pili> emmapeel: stephw sstevenson isabela hiro ggus ?
14:01:36 <emmapeel> o/
14:01:45 <sstevenson> hello!
14:01:46 <stephw> hi!
14:01:49 <antonela> buenas
14:02:12 <pili> hi everyone
14:02:19 <pili> let me bring the pad up
14:02:28 <stephw> hiro and ggus probably out for rightscon
14:02:42 <pili> yup :_
14:02:44 <pili> :)
14:02:57 <pili> also, feel free to go to https://community.torproject.org/ and start clicking around
14:03:08 <pili> it's by no means done but I think we're at a good stage to share internally
14:03:15 <pili> but I would like your input on this
14:03:36 <pili> and we can also start discussing what is missing and what needs to be done
14:04:01 <antonela> now that the ur content is hidden, i'll can focus on small devices ui bugs, meanwhile the content is reviewed
14:04:10 <antonela> i'll / i can
14:04:45 <pili> sounds good
14:05:47 <pili> maybe for this meeting we can go through each of the pages and comment on what needs to be done
14:05:56 <emmapeel> there was a lot of backlash about the 'missing things' last time, i was thinking maybe is good to ask for information that is missing, etc, make it more clear that more information can be added
14:06:13 <pili> emmapeel: definitely! I will add that in the email
14:06:16 <pili> ok, let's start at the homepage:  https://community.torproject.org/
14:06:19 <emmapeel> when asking for internal feedback that is
14:06:22 <pili> yup
14:06:49 <pili> homepage: I think this is ready for review, any comments from anyone?
14:07:15 <pili> (even if it's just a +1 :) )
14:07:26 <stephw> i think the C in community should be capitalized in the header
14:07:29 <stephw> looks lovely :)
14:07:33 <emmapeel> i want to change the ' localization
14:07:42 <emmapeel> Will you help us to translate?' tfor help us translate
14:07:55 <emmapeel> as clash suggested
14:08:16 <pili> Ok, let me take a note
14:08:48 <emmapeel> and i would like to say Onion services, not .onion services
14:08:58 <stephw> +1
14:09:23 <emmapeel> yeah!
14:10:47 <pili> ok
14:11:12 <pili> great :) anything else?
14:12:07 <pili> let's move on to training page then: https://community.torproject.org/training/
14:12:40 <stephw> actually on the homepage, one more thing
14:12:47 <pili> sure, go on
14:12:50 <stephw> i think the button for outreach should be something else
14:12:59 <pili> ok
14:13:06 <stephw> join the tor community is the header for the main page, so it should be different
14:13:18 <stephw> maybe Get connected
14:13:27 <stephw> Get equipped
14:13:42 <stephw> or Tell the world about Tor
14:13:46 <stephw> which is on that page
14:14:08 <pili> I like "Tell the world about Tor"
14:15:00 <pili> but we can have some time to think about it as part of the content review also :)
14:15:10 <stephw> and in the box, “Bring swag to our next community event.” should probably be “your”
14:15:43 <stephw> oh sorry is there a different focus for this review?
14:16:08 <pili> no no, this is all good :)
14:16:28 <stephw> okay cool cool :)
14:16:33 <sstevenson> i wonder if the word ‘swag’ translates well
14:16:38 <pili> I'm wondering if you can do it on dip also
14:16:43 <pili> sstevenson: that's a very good point
14:16:50 <stephw> dip?
14:16:59 <pili> gitlab/dip.torproject.org
14:17:04 <stephw> ohh right right
14:17:21 <pili> if you had access you could suggest changes directly on the files
14:17:25 <pili> for the review
14:17:36 <stephw> right — that’d be great
14:17:53 <emmapeel> it does not translate well, swag
14:18:07 <sstevenson> i’ve changed it to the word ‘gift’ on the donate page, but here it could be ‘material’
14:18:08 <pili> I'll see what I can pull together to allow you to do that
14:18:13 <stephw> maybe gear?
14:18:22 <stephw> yea materials is good
14:18:23 <emmapeel> because it is a bit general, there are different generalizations in different countries heh
14:18:59 <emmapeel> yeah flyers and stickers maybe better for translation
14:20:07 <pili> I'll stick with materials, less verbose
14:20:08 <pili> ok, anything else? :)
14:21:16 <pili> let's move on, if anyone thinks of anything else we can add it later
14:21:23 <pili> https://community.torproject.org/training/
14:21:47 <pili> I've made "contact our community team" point here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam#Communication
14:22:10 <pili> we can change that though
14:22:13 <pili> the other thing that is not there is a trainers' Code of Conduct
14:23:05 <pili> I was thinking of pointing directly here for that: https://gitweb.torproject.org/community/policies.git/tree/code_of_conduct.txt
14:23:21 <pili> and we could probably change the order of the cards
14:23:38 <antonela> which cards?
14:23:39 <pili> cards/sub-sections
14:24:03 <antonela> i see, also, could we have the same formatting we have in the other sections there too?
14:24:08 <pili> e.g Training Resources could be after Best Practices
14:24:11 <pili> sure
14:24:15 <antonela> you may want to edit the template
14:24:18 <pili> with the border around right?
14:24:21 <antonela> exactly
14:24:36 <antonela> the inner section looks good!
14:24:38 <pili> ok, I can do that
14:24:53 <pili> I'll need to do the same for outreach and onion services sections
14:25:04 <antonela> i already did it in the onion services section
14:25:15 <pili> with the resources table? :)
14:25:32 <pili> I was playing around, ggus and I came up with it
14:26:07 * antonela searching old commits
14:26:07 <pili> still need to think about how to do it for different languages
14:26:08 <pili> and also same slides in different formats
14:26:09 <pili> the description text needs to be better also
14:26:12 <pili> btw this is for: https://community.torproject.org/training/resources/
14:26:41 <antonela> there is something bad at the template because the menu jump
14:26:58 <pili> hmm, ok
14:26:59 <antonela> seems to be the container
14:27:09 <pili> I might leave that for you to fix :)
14:27:18 <antonela> okey, where we are creating tickets?
14:28:04 <clash> Oh I was wondering if it's Onion or .onion?
14:28:07 <pili> gitlab
14:28:13 <pili> clash: Onion in the end ;)
14:28:16 <clash> On the website there's .Onion also
14:28:23 <emmapeel> yeah weird to translate the policies
14:28:46 <emmapeel> it should be a really reviewed translation if is a 'binding text' of some sort
14:28:54 <pili> any other comments on https://community.torproject.org/training/ or https://community.torproject.org/training/resources/ while I take a note of that?
14:29:14 <pili> and if not we can also move on to review https://community.torproject.org/training/best-practices/
14:31:49 <emmapeel> i never saw that 'Back to Training' link at the end
14:32:00 <emmapeel> is that part of the template?
14:32:17 <emmapeel> (at the end of the text)
14:32:25 <pili> I added it
14:32:43 <pili> it makes more sense for the sub-sub-sections we have for the relay operators section
14:32:47 * antonela is opening issues
14:33:12 <emmapeel> here: there is 'training'twice ont he header. maybe is not needed?
14:33:24 <emmapeel> https://community.torproject.org/es/training/
14:34:06 <pili> ah, I see what you mean
14:34:07 <pili> that's the same for all pages
14:34:13 <emmapeel> same with all of the subsections actually. localization, outreach, relay operations, onion services
14:34:16 <emmapeel> yep
14:34:17 <pili> yup
14:34:42 <pili> maybe one of them should be different?
14:34:56 <pili> e.g in the home page we have community and "Join the Tor Community"
14:35:14 <emmapeel> yes, if they are not different, one must go
14:35:15 <pili> we probably need to just use the Call to Action there instead?
14:35:23 <emmapeel> (i think)
14:35:43 <pili> e.g training "Check our Resources"
14:36:07 <pili> capitalized of course
14:36:08 <pili> what does everyone think?
14:36:12 <emmapeel> yeah, or the subtitle
14:36:31 <antonela> we should have Community there, always
14:37:07 <emmapeel> also...
14:37:24 <emmapeel> like in the first ocurrence, the small one
14:38:09 <stephw> yes, Community there always
14:38:44 <pili> ok
14:38:55 <pili> so "Community" and below "Training"
14:38:56 <pili> ok
14:40:13 <pili> any other comments on any of the training sections?
14:40:16 <antonela> yes
14:40:42 <antonela> it should be [main_category] > [parent_category]
14:40:45 * pili ok, let me know when we're good to move on to localization?
14:40:48 <antonela> on inner sections
14:41:08 <antonela> (for the h6)
14:41:25 <pili> the title you mean? :)
14:41:29 <antonela> so, when you are in /training that should be "Community"
14:41:45 <pili> or up on the purple header?
14:42:02 <antonela> but when you are in /training/other-section it should be Community > Training
14:42:07 <pili> ah the small one
14:42:08 <antonela> yes
14:42:12 <pili> gotcha
14:42:18 <pili> ok
14:42:29 <pili> can you take that one antonela ?
14:42:39 <antonela> yes, but are you opening issues? or should i?
14:43:31 <pili> I can open the issues, but for now I'm just taking notes in the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/eWiw2NWaM5E4WJBtjGU2t6xwzulNKrEO-qU4bqe17aP
14:44:01 <antonela> ohh perfect
14:44:06 <antonela> i can work on them, yes
14:44:27 <pili> thanks :)
14:44:54 <pili> ok, we have 15 minutes and quite a few other sections
14:45:13 <pili> we can leave them for another day also but it'd be nice to get through some others today
14:46:27 <pili> localization? https://community.torproject.org/localization/
14:46:41 <clash> I missed when the homepage was being discussed but quick thing → "Relay operations" should be "Relay Operations" I think, so it is uniform with others.
14:46:54 <antonela> we should try to keep other sections using the same structure that l10n have
14:47:03 <antonela> the intro, the cards, the full-width call to action
14:47:07 <pili> sure
14:49:13 <pili> I think we could merge some of the sections under localisation
14:49:26 <pili> there's a lot and some of them don't have a lot of content
14:49:50 <emmapeel> yep
14:50:00 <emmapeel> sorry i was meant to do that
14:50:08 <emmapeel> i will
14:50:15 <pili> thanks emmapeel
14:50:22 <pili> any other comments on localization
14:50:25 <pili> we have 10 minutes :)
14:50:44 <pili> or we can move on to outreach for the last 10 minutes
14:51:15 <pili> for outreach I'm missing calls to action (if any) and actual content
14:52:08 <pili> also, "Tor Speakers Bureau" shouldn't really link to a subpage but I wasn't sure how best to exclude it given the template...
14:52:17 <pili> maybe "Tor Speakers Bureau" can be the full-width call to action?
14:52:39 <pili> and we also need to somehow import the events from the blog/calendar
14:54:37 <pili> no one?
14:55:23 <emmapeel> ey, one question i had about the l10n mailing list
14:56:03 <emmapeel> i wanted to add a link to the code of conduct, should i add anything else?
14:56:17 <pili> where did you want to add that? :)
14:56:33 <emmapeel> on the page people see when joining
14:56:46 <emmapeel> https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-l10n
14:57:33 <pili> ah ok
14:57:36 <pili> hmm, not sure
14:57:41 <pili> anyway, I think we should wrap this up now
14:57:47 <pili> there's another team in here next
14:58:07 <pili> shall we move on to #tor-www to continue the discussion?
14:58:34 <antonela> i have another meeting, but will read the logs and pili, once you have the issues at dip, feel free to assign to me
14:58:39 <pili> ok
14:58:40 <antonela> i'll do what i can and others i'll defer to hiro
14:58:42 <pili> sounds good
14:58:45 <pili> thanks everyone
14:58:48 <pili> #endmeeting