16:00:09 <pili> #startmeeting community team
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16:00:36 <pili> who do we have around this week? :)
16:00:55 <ggus> o/
16:01:02 <ggus> i'll need to leave in 30min
16:01:12 <pili> btw, flexlibris has asked me to help her out by running these meetings going forward so she can concentrate on library freedom project :)
16:01:21 <pili> also she's been having problems getting on irc lately :(
16:01:28 <pili> hey ggus
16:01:43 <ggus> i'll be our public 1:11 meeting :D
16:01:44 <pari> hey everyone
16:01:53 <ggus> oh, hey pari! o/
16:02:04 <emmapeel> o/
16:02:21 <emmapeel> kushal is a bit sick so he is not coming neither
16:02:29 <pili> please add your updates to the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/L46c6bjOSnj6iYjWW4cn7WaDSivlJkVAnpzIMbhM9wt
16:02:36 <pili> ggus: lol :D
16:02:42 <cy63113> Hi peeps!
16:03:02 <pili> hi everyone, good to see you all :)
16:04:47 <cy63113> I can't see the pad right now, I'm using my phone
16:04:56 <pili> if everyone has added in their updates maybe ggus can start with his updates since he has to go soon
16:05:10 <pili> cy63113: no worries :)
16:06:08 <emmapeel> where are we supposed to add the updates? on the pad? it looks like the format is different
16:06:23 <emmapeel> i mean, we add stuff there
16:06:38 <emmapeel> in the ink, butthe personal updates we do here, right?
16:06:57 <pili> emmapeel: the format hasn't changed :)
16:07:00 <ggus> ok, so, last week we did rightscon in tunis. we had two sessions and went well, with some free style.
16:07:23 <pili> there's the month and the different projects with activities under each project
16:07:47 <ggus> this week we're doing tor trainings in kenya
16:08:35 <ggus> in the last weeks i dind't have good internet connection, so i need to answer some emails this week
16:09:37 <ggus> we have more 5 trainings to do here in kenya. and then that's it :)
16:09:40 <ggus> done
16:09:43 <emmapeel> nice!
16:10:05 <ggus> i want to take some time off between june 25 - 28th
16:10:10 <pili> thanks gus! :)
16:10:50 <pili> ggus: that should be fine, I'm sure you need a break
16:11:00 <pili> ok, who wants to go next?
16:11:39 <cy63113> I have a little update
16:12:32 <emmapeel> i have been doing mainly maintenance and fixing some thigns on the manual and support portal. also this meetings about localization but still we are talking. i go on vacations from midweek till july 6!
16:12:42 <emmapeel> oops sorry cy63113 go ahead
16:13:05 <cy63113> Don't worry! Go ahead
16:13:23 <emmapeel> thats it!
16:13:34 <emmapeel> i have a proposal for afterwards tho
16:13:45 <cy63113> So, I was invited to talk in the Information System week at Universidade of Sao Paulo
16:14:16 <cy63113> I think will be great because one talk will be only for women
16:15:35 <cy63113> In the near future I will run a workshop in some social moviments
16:15:40 <cy63113> That's it :)
16:16:22 <pili> nice one cy63113, thanks for the update :)
16:16:27 <pari> cy63113: oh that's cool
16:16:36 * antonela is around
16:16:52 <pili> emmapeel: looking forward to hearing the proposal ;) let's see if anyone else has any updates first though
16:17:38 <emmapeel> pili: sure!
16:18:21 <pili> anyone want to go next? :)
16:18:32 <antonela> could i?
16:19:31 <antonela> pili shared with the lists the silently launch of the community portal -> community.torproject.org -- we need help on various tasks, frontend issues, content review
16:19:44 <antonela> this is relevant for this team, because is your team portal!
16:19:48 <pili> go ahead
16:20:45 <antonela> community folks can join #tor-www for discussions regarding the website
16:20:48 <antonela> ----
16:21:11 <pili> thanks antonela !
16:21:48 <pili> please help us review and send any bug reports, ideas, improvements, etc... directly to me :)
16:22:35 <antonela> yep ^^^
16:23:23 <antonela> that's all :)
16:24:42 <pili> anyone else? :)
16:25:15 <pili> otherwise emmapeel can go next and share her proposal with us
16:26:53 <pili> emmapeel: go ahead :)
16:27:37 <emmapeel> so, there was the Thai sprint last week. and the translators offered to dub the tor animation video. the truth is that the video is a great resource to explain what is tor, but for example in Thailand a lot of Tor users are farmers with a low index of alphabetization. and the video goes sooo fast! it really makes a difference if you dont need to read the subtitles, because the graphs are very importa
16:27:43 <emmapeel> nt to understand what the voice is saying. so i was thinking, maybe we can do a call out in global-south or the community team, and ask for people that knows how to sync and add a new voice on the video, and put them in touch with the different transaltors taht are not tech savvy but can read the video subtitles quickly on their native language
16:28:27 <emmapeel> this offer for 'dubbing the video' was given to me several times by other people that was not knowledgeable enough to dub a video
16:28:47 <emmapeel> make a test, shut down the audio and try to read the subtitles... is very hard!
16:29:28 <emmapeel> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWII85UlzKw
16:29:47 <pili> oh... I have to admit I've never watched it :)
16:29:49 <emmapeel> and this are the languages we have https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwyU2dZ3LJErtu3GGElIa7VyORE2B6H1H
16:30:51 <emmapeel> thats it
16:31:00 <pili> could we, as a first step, slow down the video?
16:31:12 <emmapeel> not sure
16:31:15 <pili> I know that probably still requires expertise :)
16:31:48 <pili> you'd probably have to decouple the video from the audio and add more space between the two
16:32:14 <pili> so I see some are dubbed already
16:32:23 <emmapeel> the audios at the last link sound quite easy to do
16:32:30 <pili> do we know how/when these were done?
16:33:12 <emmapeel> mrphs worked on that. he told me he could get the 'noises' track if more people record it, but we need somebody to sync the audios
16:33:21 <pili> "Cómo protects the privatization and the identidad in línea su Navegador Tor" ... :S
16:33:30 <emmapeel> mrphs found the people that did it first, not sure he did it himself
16:34:23 <emmapeel> pili: i see the spanish ok, at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz_J6vJ4MYw&list=PLwyU2dZ3LJErtu3GGElIa7VyORE2B6H1H&index=3
16:35:29 <emmapeel> i wish we could get a volunteer who would get in touch eith the volunteer translators, explain them what to do, etc
16:35:48 <emmapeel> yo Thai or other languages. i also think you cannot do that unless you speak the language a bit...
16:35:57 <pili> strange... https://share.riseup.net/#WTzMYDUenJVaEoyRlUx_cA
16:36:12 <pili> anyway, yes, should we connect with stephw to do a call on twitter?
16:36:19 <emmapeel> i see it ok with tor browser :D
16:36:32 <pili> seems like we need to find out more about the process from mrphs first though
16:36:50 <emmapeel> " Please consider helping us make the video available in more languages. To make this easier for you, we've added a version of this video without the voice over for download. We'd be glad to accept translated subtitles for any language. If you're also interested in providing voice-overs, please talk to us first. Send your contributions and any feedback to tor-assistants at lists.torproject dot org or
16:36:55 <emmapeel> contact mrphs on IRC."
16:37:01 <emmapeel> https://blog.torproject.org/releasing-tor-animation
16:40:17 <pili> maybe as a first step we should think about what other languages would benefit from such a video and create a ticket for this "update"
16:40:30 <pili> and try to crowdsource an answer/help for this
16:40:47 <pili> we should get everything ready before we ask people to help us dub
16:40:52 <emmapeel> pili: https://share.riseup.net/#LDn6G_knObuTGuW_1MlPrA i see it ok
16:41:01 <emmapeel> yeah that is a good idea
16:41:03 <emmapeel> the languages gathering
16:41:48 <pili> because thai seems a bit arbitrary in some ways (i know it's because we did the sprint recently...)
16:41:54 <pili> but we should think about which other countries/languages could particularly benefit from this
16:42:11 <pili> emmapeel: can you take that on and create the ticket?
16:42:26 <pili> I want to do a community team ticket triage at some point
16:43:01 <emmapeel> ok! i will if people find this idea interesting
16:43:21 <emmapeel> pity that nobody is participating on the discussion tho :S
16:43:30 <emmapeel> i mean, you are thanks!
16:43:44 * clash is lurking if that counts
16:43:45 <emmapeel> but you are hosting the meeting :D
16:44:03 <emmapeel> clash: do you think the proposal is good?
16:46:25 <clash> Yes, a lot of people prefer to watch a video than search for articles so a native video sounds good
16:46:55 <clash> Subtitles are awesome but yeah they're not the same as when you understand the language
16:48:39 <pili> ok, anyone else? :)
16:48:59 <gamambel> usually what you can do is slow down a final video quite a bit without distorting the audio too much
16:49:15 <gamambel> (i tend to watch talks at 1.2-1.4 speed, for example)
16:49:26 <gamambel> some video players can do it without changing the pitch of the audio
16:49:35 <emmapeel> yes indeed
16:50:01 <emmapeel> but you mean for the subtitles, right? not for the dubbing
16:50:14 <emmapeel> i think if we dub we dont need to make the video slower
16:50:33 <emmapeel> is right speed for millenials, only less reading
16:51:07 <pili> right, if you could slow down as a first step without making it sound weird that would be a good first step, although if it's in english and subtitled in thai it probably won't matter too much if it sounds weird :)
16:51:30 <pili> one step at a time, emmapeel if you create the ticket we can all add some ideas on it
16:52:33 <emmapeel> ok!
16:53:07 <clash> I remember I once saw this tool that dubs the video in real time using NLP or something. I'll see if I can find that 🤔
16:54:39 <emmapeel> nice!
16:56:11 <pili> ok, I think if there's nothing else, let's wrap this up for today :)
16:57:03 <pili> going once...
16:57:06 <pili> twice... :)
16:57:07 <emmapeel> ill be on vacations next week
16:57:10 <pili> lol]
16:57:15 <pili> ok
16:57:19 <pili> thanks everyone! :)
16:57:20 <emmapeel> ill miss you ppl!
16:57:24 <pili> #endmeeting