14:00:01 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:05 <antonela> hello folks!
14:00:20 <antonela> welcome to a new ux team meeting
14:00:43 <pili> hi
14:00:50 <antonela> lets leave updates and add agenda topics in the regular pad
14:00:50 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/qCVxVBpSCEgNgMecrvAmMLkWx-6c9lhS8b_g0G-4cOx
14:06:19 <antonela> okey, lets do it!
14:06:29 <antonela> i have some items at the agenda
14:06:50 <pili> they're good ones ;)
14:06:55 <antonela> pili, i saw your email for updates in /people
14:06:57 <antonela> is hiro around?
14:07:34 <pili> yup, this is also part of a wider discussion about finding owners for different sections of the websites and portals
14:07:45 <antonela> is that the plan?
14:08:10 <pili> and documenting these sorts of tasks so that almost anyone can be an owner of these maintenance tasks
14:08:23 <pili> e.g the same way that browser team updates the website when there is a new release
14:08:33 <antonela> nice, yes that would be ideal
14:08:40 <pili> antonela: I'd say so, I don't think we can have hiro do it all herself
14:08:53 <pili> someone will still have to merge to git-web master
14:09:05 <pili> and that will probably be hiro and a bunch of other people
14:09:15 <antonela> i see
14:09:18 <pili> but the content updates should be distributed between different owners
14:09:31 <pili> at least that's my idea :)
14:09:47 <antonela> about the maintenance of the core people list, im not sure what is the status of it
14:09:52 <pili> we should discuss further during the dev meeting, possibly during one of the website sessions
14:10:39 <antonela> also, removing people needs to be approved by the community secretary maybe?
14:10:47 <emmapeel> i think catalyst was also interested on contributing to the people's page
14:10:58 <antonela> oh that could be great
14:11:21 <emmapeel> not sure if on maintenance, but at least she had some ideas
14:11:32 <pili> I can make a list of all the sections that need to be updated regularly ready for the dev meeting
14:11:50 <antonela> pili, perfect that is very useful
14:11:51 <pili> and we can try to find owners for these
14:12:14 <emmapeel> i need to create my ticket about 'submit a correction' also :D
14:12:29 <antonela> then we have content updates and on the other hand bugs reports
14:12:35 <antonela> we talked about to have templates at dip to do it
14:12:44 <pili> yup
14:12:58 <pili> I started a branch with some templates
14:13:06 <pili> I should do a PR for it
14:13:12 <antonela> is very easy to do and very straightforward for people to collaborate
14:13:28 <antonela> https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/user/project/description_templates.html
14:13:41 <antonela> perfect
14:13:51 <pili> yup
14:14:24 <antonela> so, about this update on people, i will do it and i'll document how it should get done, so next volunteer has some instructions about it
14:14:25 <emmapeel> oh, nice!
14:14:30 <antonela> is cool?
14:14:41 <hiro> I can document it and do it if you want
14:14:44 <pili> antonela: great, thanks
14:14:51 <pili> there may be something started already on documenting
14:14:55 <pili> one sec, let me check
14:15:02 <hiro> I think I have documented it
14:15:04 <pili> maybe i just added a placeholder for it though
14:15:11 <pili> hiro: yes, that's possibe also
14:15:16 <antonela> hirooo
14:16:01 <antonela> do you have it somewhere? if yes, lets share it with pili so she can organize people to own sections changes then
14:16:22 <hiro> in the wiki
14:16:25 <pili> yup
14:16:26 <hiro> for tpo
14:16:31 <antonela> cool!
14:16:32 <pili> I added something there about adding a new sponsor also
14:16:48 <antonela> https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/wikis/home
14:17:08 <emmapeel> grrrr the giant rabbit people never updatest the translations unless i ping them
14:17:13 <emmapeel> is not so hard, they have the repo and all
14:17:14 <antonela> is there! https://dip.torproject.org/web/tpo/wikis/How-to-develop-on-the-website#how-to-add-a-new-tor-person
14:18:04 <pili> ok, so I'll make a list of other common updates and add placeholders for instructions
14:18:20 <antonela> oki, anything else regarding tpo updates?
14:18:49 <pili> I'm good I think
14:19:36 <antonela> next item : media folder
14:19:49 <antonela> pili, did you synced with stephw about it?
14:19:56 <pili> not yet
14:20:00 <pili> :/
14:20:57 <antonela> ideally, i aim to have stuffs in the proper place for the community portal official release
14:21:19 <antonela> so we have some time to put stephw in the llop
14:21:24 <antonela> s/llop/loop
14:22:51 <pili> antonela: what date are you thinking of for the official release though?
14:23:11 <pili> right now I'm thinking in terms of soft-launch and public launch
14:23:20 <pili> where soft-launch could be ready for the end of july
14:23:41 <antonela> i don't know but i think we should work on the feedback, content review and translations before it?
14:23:59 <antonela> do we have any sponsor deadline attached to it? if not, i think is good
14:24:00 <pili> and public launch could be much later, e.g when we launch the user feedback and training program publicly
14:24:09 <pili> that's what I'm working on atm :)
14:24:29 <antonela> oh okey
14:24:31 <pili> we do have a sponsor deadline for the soft launch
14:24:34 <pili> sort of... :)
14:24:41 <pili> well, we're playing around with that a bit
14:25:01 <pili> I agree about working on the feedback, content review and translations beforehand
14:25:22 <pili> I want to work on my proposal for media.tpo a bit more this week and then discuss with stephw
14:25:51 <pili> but first I want to get the process for reviewing the copy ready
14:25:52 <pili> and I need to work with stephw on that first
14:25:59 <antonela> got it
14:26:24 <antonela> next item : TB banner
14:26:31 <emmapeel> thats my cue
14:26:51 <antonela> i saw the updates on the ticket, will work on mocks for reference this week
14:27:45 <emmapeel> about the strings, if we have the content i can put it for translation already, but the phrase should be the same for the translation memory to pick it up
14:28:16 <emmapeel> stephw said it was ok, who else should review the phrases? sstevenson?
14:28:33 <antonela> i think sstevenson wrote it, so we are ok to go?
14:29:14 <sstevenson> hi! yes, and isa also gave her approval
14:29:26 <pili> yup, we're good to go :)
14:29:50 <pili> thanks emmapeel !
14:30:03 <emmapeel> ok, nice! i should also get the new giantrabbit files for https://donate.torproject.org/monthly-giving
14:30:19 <emmapeel> i mean, ask the guy to put them where he shoudl put them
14:30:26 <emmapeel> as we agreed but he never does grrrrrrrr
14:31:36 <antonela> sstevenson: could you ping GR to update the locale strings?
14:31:55 <emmapeel> i will, and i always CC sstevenson adn she always agrees with me :D
14:32:26 <antonela> haha, maybe if sstevenson ping them we have better luck 🍀
14:33:32 <sstevenson> i can help out. i have to admit i don’t fully understand all of the localization work on the donate page. we should sync in stockholm about this, esp because of the cost associated with GR’s work.
14:35:48 <antonela> yes, lets do it sstevenson
14:36:11 <antonela> okey, anything else folks?
14:36:30 <pili> don't think so
14:36:42 <emmapeel> sstevenson: i can explain you in more detail, but in simple words is: they have their repository hidden somewhere, so hiro opened one repo for them in our infrastructure. when they put the new strings there, they get translated. but they dont do it
14:37:02 <emmapeel> unless i ask them
14:37:24 <sstevenson> got it. the latest update from them was that it would take 14 hours to complete the requested work
14:37:25 <emmapeel> but i dont really know when there are new changes... i just found out about this page now https://donate.torproject.org/monthly-giving following the links on our bugtracker
14:37:56 <emmapeel> so i am writing an email but i need to lower the tone a bit before. you will be in cc
14:38:21 <emmapeel> sstevenson: plese ask me any question you have and i will try to answer, THERE ARE NO STUPID QUESTIONS
14:38:41 <sstevenson> :-)
14:38:54 <antonela> :)
14:38:55 <sstevenson> thank you!
14:39:12 <antonela> i think we will call it
14:39:15 <antonela> thanks folks!
14:39:18 <emmapeel> im groot!
14:39:28 <antonela> #endmeeting