18:00:27 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 06/19
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18:00:35 <pili> who's around today?
18:01:22 <pili> Let me share the notes in the meantime: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/l2r5LgovnOe-M-A3-S9lm57vr6r5HXYf1PW61gBHUls
18:01:35 <pili> maybe it will just be me talking with myself for a bit
18:02:51 <antonela> im here!
18:02:56 <pili> hey antonela
18:03:03 <pili> we can have another public 1:1 ;)
18:03:12 <pili> I guess people are busy with the 8.5.2 release
18:03:17 <pili> let me add some more notes to the pad
18:03:20 <antonela> just uploaded a mock for #30577
18:04:41 <pili> thanks antonela I just saw :)
18:05:16 <pili> I think we should be on track to include this in the next release
18:05:28 <pili> we have about 3 weeks to go so I think we're in good shape
18:05:58 <pili> I think that's the only request for 8.5.3 so far
18:07:17 <pili> anyone else around?
18:07:31 <pili> antonela: do you have anything else release related to discuss?
18:07:43 <pili> we had sstevenson's fundraising banner's plan to share
18:07:52 <pili> but there's not much point in discussing if no one else is around
18:07:57 <pili> and I think we have time
18:08:21 <pili> I think we're pretty much set for this one, we have the art and the text should have been sent for translation
18:08:32 <antonela> no really
18:09:20 <pili> ok
18:09:29 <pili> I'll give it another minute, see if anyone else shows up ;)
18:09:38 <pili> and if not we can end the meeting there for today
18:10:17 <pili> ok, I'm going to call it
18:10:22 <pili> thanks everyone ;)
18:10:26 <pili> #endmeeting