14:01:17 <pili> #startmeeting community-portal 06/20
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14:01:39 <pili> I have a feeling it's going to be a quiet one with antonela sstevenson and emmapeel out... :)
14:04:29 <pili> hiro ggus stephw are you around? :)
14:05:15 <hiro> i am here
14:06:38 <stephw> hi
14:07:55 <pili> hi
14:08:25 <pili> stephw: I've tagged you in a number of tickets on gitlab ready for review, is that ok?
14:08:30 <pili> do you need any more details?
14:08:42 <stephw> hrm i think i just saw the one i responded to, but i will look again
14:08:43 <stephw> thanks!
14:08:45 <pili> I saw you already commented on the relay operators one, thanks for that :)
14:08:52 <pili> yeah, I did the rest this morning :)
14:08:57 <stephw> cool cool :)
14:09:39 <pili> Other than that I'm just reviewing the content and layout
14:09:53 <pili> I've been assigning tickets to people I think can take them on but if for some reason that's not possible, please comment on the ticket and let me know so I can re-assign
14:10:14 <pili> hiro: have you been able to look into how we can get the events from the blog into lektor?
14:11:19 <hiro> look yes
14:11:22 <hiro> found a way nope
14:11:33 <hiro> I don't think the drupal plugin exports ical or anything
14:11:37 <hiro> just display html
14:12:00 <pili> hmm, ok
14:12:20 <pili> maybe we're going to have to remove that or just do it by hand
14:12:29 <pili> but it seems like a lot of hassle
14:13:39 <pili> and does lektor have any plugins for calendar like behaviour?
14:15:27 <hiro> I think I have found a way
14:16:01 <pili> ok, cool :) I'm looking forward to hearing about it ;)
14:16:38 <pili> I don't think I had anything else in particular to discuss today
14:16:51 <pili> if no one else has any other comments we can probably end the meeting here
14:18:46 <hiro> https://blog.torproject.org/events.xml
14:19:01 <hiro> it's a view
14:19:04 <hiro> from drupal
14:19:19 <pili> xml though... :D
14:19:31 <hiro> well it can be imported
14:19:37 <hiro> there is html too
14:19:50 <hiro> https://blog.torproject.org/events
14:22:56 <pili> ok, well I'll leave you to decide the best way to do it :)
14:23:06 <pili> but if you think it can't be done we should think about whether we can live without it
14:23:47 <pili> any other updates or comments on the community portal? :)
14:26:49 <pili> ok, I'll leave it here then and we can go off and do something else :)
14:26:52 <pili> #endmeeting