16:00:33 <pili> #startmeeting community team
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16:00:36 <gaba> here for support o/ :)
16:00:42 <pili> hehe, hi gaba
16:00:47 <pili> who's around? :)
16:00:50 <pari> lurking here o/
16:00:57 <pili> hi pari
16:01:03 <cy63113> Hi!!!!
16:01:04 <pili> (yay, I won't be talking to myself)
16:01:09 <pari> hahah
16:01:10 <pili> hi cy63113
16:01:19 <pili> ok, let me bring up the pad
16:01:32 <cy63113> Today I'm just lurking too
16:02:38 <pili> we're getting to the end of our current roadmap... time for a new one soon ;)
16:02:49 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/9B3AlX1RNMjrMbXfPcgJVE3ec0R2Dx7oeBp-ilyi4Yi
16:03:25 <pili> this is the last week in june so please cross off any items for june or move them to July :)
16:04:36 <pili> does anyone want to share any updates?
16:06:35 <pili> emmapeel is also afk so it's just all the lovely volunteers here today ;)
16:06:44 <pili> has anyone had a chance to look at the new community portal?
16:06:52 <pili> community.torproject.org
16:07:07 <pari> yess
16:07:08 <pili> I'm still taking feedback directly :)
16:07:59 <pari> love it on first view. will go through it more critically and mail you specific feedback
16:08:10 <pili> thanks pari !
16:08:34 <pari> I saw your mail and the discussion thread about the portal
16:08:42 <pari> been wanting to go through it ever since
16:08:48 <pili> hehe, no worries :)
16:09:26 <pili> just going down through the June items... any volunteers to review PRs for the support portal?
16:09:59 <pili> I think this is an ongoing theme that I hope to explore during the dev meeting
16:10:34 <pili> in particular how to keep the websites and portals up to date and maintained
16:11:21 <pili> also a reminder to  help review wayward's tor vs vpn doc for the support portal if you feel you can help there
16:12:35 <pili> and finally for any of you going to the dev meeting, don't forget to look at the draft schedule and suggest any changes, highlight scheduling conflicts or new sessions
16:13:42 <pari> pili I can look at the tor vs vpn doc
16:13:47 <pili> thanks pari!
16:13:58 <pili> does anyone else have anything they'd like to share?
16:14:35 <pili> I'm going to give it 5 minutes and if no one has anything I'll close the meeting ;)
16:16:11 <pari> leaving for dinner o/
16:16:31 <pari> will get back with the doc review by next meeting
16:17:11 <pili> ok!
16:20:34 <pili> ok, I think that's going to be all for today
16:20:35 <pili> thanks for listening ;)
16:20:36 <pili> #endmeeting