17:00:08 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 24 June 2019
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17:00:12 <nickm> Hi, all!
17:00:20 <nickm> The pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep per usual
17:00:52 <nickm> Who is here today? I know that this is a holiday in Quebec, and I think some people might be returning from Moz allhands...
17:00:58 <catalyst> o/
17:01:00 <nickm> (or recovering from)
17:01:06 <nickm> hi catalyst !
17:01:11 <ahf> hello o/
17:01:15 <gaba> o/
17:01:24 <nickm> hi!  Looks like we are 4 today
17:01:33 <nickm> unless asn or mikeperry is secretly here :)
17:01:59 <mikeperry> I am here, oops forgot to updte that line :)
17:02:05 <gaba> :)
17:02:07 <nickm> oh. Hi, mike!
17:02:54 <nickm> First issue is CI. Any updates there?
17:03:00 <ahf> nope
17:03:15 <nickm> great. next is 041.
17:03:52 <nickm> let's take a minute here, since I'd like to get out today
17:03:57 <nickm> the status page is https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/041Status
17:04:38 <nickm> mike, status on #30649 ?
17:05:31 <nickm> everybody: are any of the "owner: (none)" items at the top of the page things that we *need* to do before we can call 0.4.1.x stable?
17:05:37 <mikeperry> oh I havew to check out asn's commit on that still
17:06:17 <nickm> mikeperry: will you have time to do that early in the week or should it wait for 0.4.1.???
17:06:26 <nickm> err, I mean 0.4.1.___
17:07:45 <mikeperry> I can do it right now/right after the meeting
17:07:55 <nickm> ahf: do you think you could take a quick look at #30956 as well? I'd like to mege it today if possible, but I can't do that if I'm the reviewer.
17:08:10 <nickm> If you sign off on it too I could merge it today, and put it in
17:08:13 <nickm> mikeperry: thanks!
17:08:49 <ahf> yes, i can do that
17:08:54 <ahf> i can do it right after the meeting
17:09:08 <nickm> ahf: thanks!
17:09:24 <nickm> then I should be able to get out in the next 24 hours, barring misadventure
17:09:47 <nickm> It is sounding like nothing else is blocking on 0.4.1.  I'm going to triage a bit later this week in that case
17:10:02 <nickm> next up is the roadmap kanban. Any updates there?
17:10:07 * nickm loads it...
17:10:35 <nickm> next up would be code review, but I do not think we will have assignments till tomorrow
17:12:26 <nickm> catalyst: do you want to talk about the status of #29211 subticket reviews after this meeting?
17:12:50 * nickm moves  a few completed tickets around on the kanban
17:12:59 <gaba> thanks
17:13:36 <nickm> on announcements: please remember to look at the links there
17:14:30 <catalyst> nickm: maybe around 15:00 EDT today?
17:14:35 <nickm> catalyst: wfm!
17:15:12 <nickm> on discussion: please remember that the retrospective is Thursday.  Like last time, we'd like everybody to show up with a short list of +1 / -1 issues to add to the pad.
17:15:29 <ahf> yep
17:15:46 <nickm> please +1/-1 on the network team meeting pad for which meeting modality you prefer
17:16:22 <gaba> On the stuff about archive.tpo  anarcat was asking if somebody from the network team can help with coordiante it.  #29697
17:16:38 <nickm> What would need to be done there exactly?
17:17:15 <gaba> have somebody to access at the network team for when anything needs to be uploaded to archive.tpo
17:17:56 <nickm> I'll reach out to anarcat to see whether this can be automated; previously we never actually did this manually.
17:18:11 <gaba> ok
17:18:12 <nickm> We just put source releases on dist.tpo, and the archive took care of itself
17:18:52 <nickm> next topic is permanent CI role
17:19:07 <nickm> there's a request for us to vote on that pad, but I don't see a place for us to do so.
17:19:10 <gaba> about the permanent CI role, it is being shaped here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/network-team-draft-CI-role
17:19:11 <boklm> actually this is for uploading things to archive.org (not archive.tpo)
17:19:12 <nickm> did I miss it?
17:19:41 <nickm> boklm: ah, ok.  What do we need to do there?
17:19:45 <gaba> nickm: i didn't add that. I want to be sure that everybody agree with this proposal and see when we can start with it.
17:20:22 <gaba> nickm: adding options to the top of the pad
17:20:28 <nickm> thanks
17:21:13 <nickm> I think that we should also give the people in this role substantial latitude to define it and redefine it as suits them best.
17:21:24 <nickm> but it seems good to me
17:21:28 <boklm> nickm: I think having one person from network team with access to the archive.org account, and upload tor releases there
17:21:49 <gaba> Yes. It makes sense. catalyst and teor will be doing it.
17:21:55 <nickm> boklm: It can't be automated to mirror dist.tpo, like the old archive.tpo does?
17:22:49 <nickm> network-team: okay, there is now a place to vote.  Let's say that this becomes our policy starting monday if there are no strong objections.
17:23:00 <boklm> nickm: I am not sure how much it can be automated. I think there is a command line tool to upload things, but I didn't look yet more closely how it works.
17:23:07 <ahf> ok
17:24:24 <nickm> I haven't heard anybody actually objecting to this proposal yet, so unless I missed that, I think we'll just get suggestions and a declaration that it's happening
17:24:40 <nickm> boklm: okay, I'll volunteer to try to work on this
17:25:19 <nickm> (I'm doing so on #tor-project)
17:26:03 <nickm> any other discussion issues for today?  If not, it might be an extra short meeting...
17:26:36 <nickm> [coverity is still saying that it is "down for maintenance"]
17:26:41 <ahf> i have a question
17:26:45 <nickm> go for it!
17:27:18 <ahf> what is the next step in the evaluation process you have been doing today? we get an email with our summary in and then we do 1:1's with you about it? or we talk in stockholm? or something third?
17:28:45 <nickm> So I've been working on summarizing everybody's feedback.  After that I'm going to work with gaba to make sure I didn't miss anything, and that the suggestions I'm offering are reasonable.  Then we'll try to send it to everybody, and schedule 1:1:1s before Stockholm if we can, I think
17:28:52 <nickm> gaba: does that sound right?
17:29:17 <ahf> oki, cool!
17:29:24 <gaba> yes!
17:29:35 <gaba> It would be great to have everything before Stockholm.
17:29:52 <nickm> I'm going to finish my drafts today, so I think that is doable.
17:30:46 <ahf> cool! thanks
17:31:23 <nickm> okay.  Have we got anything else for this meeting?  Or any other topics we should schedule meetings about between now and Stockholm?
17:32:02 <gaba> It looks good.
17:33:00 <nickm> okay.  then let's call this meeting done, and have a great week!
17:33:03 <nickm> peace all!
17:33:06 <gaba> o/
17:33:07 <ahf> o/
17:33:15 <nickm> I'll be around most of the afternoon, if you need me for anything
17:33:16 <nickm> #endmeeting