13:59:58 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:12 <pili> o/
14:00:13 <antonela> hi o/
14:00:28 <antonela> not sure who is around :)
14:00:49 <pili> We’ll find out soon enough I guess
14:00:52 <pili> :)
14:01:05 <clash> hello
14:01:20 <antonela> pili, do you have any item at the agenda for today?
14:01:21 <antonela> hello clash!
14:01:32 * antonela shares the link
14:01:35 <pili> Hmm, not really
14:01:40 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/VKbCKa-A-pxfeADffoWicM1MJhpi6r0kE8_0Z3vAbti
14:02:33 <antonela> ok, so a short meeting
14:02:58 <antonela> about last week items, the tb banner is done from my side i think
14:03:27 <antonela> is the media folder something you will following up?
14:03:30 <pili> Cool
14:03:45 <antonela> and i saw your draft notes for the dev meeting session, is a great idea to have it prefilled!
14:04:01 <pili> I’m done with the first pass in looking at the content
14:04:28 <pili> Second pass will be to finish the proposal for re-organizing
14:04:50 <pili> And final step will be to share and discuss with others
14:05:17 <pili> That’s for media.tpo
14:05:29 <antonela> ohh okey
14:05:32 <antonela> thanks for the update!
14:05:55 <pili> For the dev meeting stuff I’ll keep doing that for the sessions I’m facilitating
14:06:05 <antonela> yes, me too
14:06:16 <pili> But probably after I get back from vacations
14:06:39 <pili> Is there anything you need from me before I go? :)
14:07:58 <antonela> i dont think so, the media folder is something important because we need to share community material from there, but maybe is something we can work after the dev meeting
14:08:07 <pili> Yup...
14:08:26 <antonela> then there is a s27 meeting today, i'll back to your monthly thread, not too much stuffs from me but suggesting onions
14:08:39 <pili> Maybe I can share what I have with you and stephw before I go
14:08:49 <antonela> dale
14:08:56 <pili> And you can add your comments
14:09:00 <antonela> about the media folder?
14:09:05 <pili> Yup
14:09:10 <antonela> oh yes, please
14:10:32 <pili> Ok
14:10:39 <antonela> the last question from me
14:12:19 <antonela> there is a s28 sponsor meeting this week, will be a kick off?
14:13:12 <pili> Oh, I guess so, but gaba is running that project so I haven’t been paying too
14:13:17 <pili> Much attention
14:13:25 <antonela> okey, will sync with gaba
14:13:30 <pili> I can lurk though
14:13:50 <antonela> that's all
14:13:55 <antonela> back to work
14:13:58 <antonela> anything else folks?
14:14:01 <pili> Hehe
14:14:05 <pili> I’m good
14:14:20 <clash> btw I was working at #30664, I'm done but need to test it out on my phone and laptop both to see how it scales.
14:14:39 <clash> Also I was wondering if this is a common UX thing
14:14:55 <clash> TBA doesn't really close when you press the back button
14:15:04 <clash> You need to quit manually from the sidebar
14:15:23 <clash> But there's a constant notification that says "New Identity"
14:15:38 <clash> So I was wondering if it would be easier for it to have a "Quit" button too?
14:15:51 <antonela> do you mean the OS back button?
14:15:52 <clash> Like most VPNs etc
14:15:58 <antonela> maybe yes
14:15:59 <clash> yeah
14:16:04 <antonela> could you open a ticket for it?
14:16:10 <clash> or if you basically quit without selecting quit
14:16:20 <clash> I'll do that
14:16:42 <antonela> your tickets are very useful :) even if we dont have devs working on them right now
14:17:01 <antonela> thanks for doing it!
14:17:12 <pili> +1
14:17:45 <clash> I just have an eye for detail that is all :)
14:17:59 <antonela> we need more of those!
14:18:02 <pili> Please don’t get discouraged, it sometimes takes us a while to get around to things, but we do see/read them
14:18:22 <clash> happy to do it :D
14:18:32 <antonela> oki, lets call it
14:18:35 <antonela> thanks both!
14:18:42 <antonela> #endmeeting