15:03:14 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:03:45 <karsten> I'd say let's start, and when gaba joins us she can catch up using backlog.
15:03:56 <karsten> so, djackson is new here!
15:04:05 <karsten> thanks for joining us!
15:04:15 <djackson> Hi Karsten, hi everyone :)
15:04:26 <karsten> do you want to introduce yourself in a sentence, or shall I?
15:04:28 <acute> hi!
15:04:35 <irl> hi djackson, welcome
15:04:56 <djackson> I'm an intern at Mozilla for the summer, working on tor related stuff. Performance and metrics mostly
15:05:12 <irl> awesome!
15:06:07 <karsten> so, we met last week at all hands where you joined most of the tor meetings.
15:06:24 <karsten> djackson said he'd like to help us with selenium/tor browser measurements in the upcoming weeks.
15:07:06 <irl> ok cool
15:07:08 <karsten> and to give you, djackson, some context, irl is working on various metrics stuff and acute is focusing mostly on onionperf stuff.
15:07:20 <karsten> and gaba is our project manager.
15:07:33 <djackson> Okay, great, that's good to know
15:07:40 <irl> djackson: do you already have a testbed setup for this or are you only just starting?
15:07:49 <gaba> o/
15:07:52 <karsten> hi gaba!
15:08:07 <karsten> irl: we have something from sysrqb!
15:08:20 <karsten> he set up something that produces measurement results. and graphs.
15:08:25 <irl> ah cool, so these things are all linked together
15:08:28 <djackson> Yeah sysrqb has a really nice prototype up and running
15:09:02 <karsten> we should probably try to invite sysrqb to our next meeting.
15:09:27 <karsten> so, I think we're already in the middle of the all hands summary.
15:09:39 <karsten> I'll keep talking :)
15:09:59 <karsten> last week we looked at some metrics data and identified a few mysteries.
15:09:59 <gaba> yes. thanks :)
15:10:16 <karsten> most of these are minor things, and some even have a ticket.
15:10:32 <karsten> I still have a couple notes here that I should turn into tickets.
15:11:05 <karsten> but most of the time last week we focused on input for a presentation how tor would fit into a private browsing mode.
15:11:30 <karsten> I think arma wrote a summary of some sort and attached the slides.
15:11:49 <irl> i have seen a slidedeck, so maybe that it the same thing you are talking about
15:12:06 <karsten> "Tor & Mozilla -- Whistler 2019"
15:12:12 <irl> yes
15:12:21 <karsten> okay, that's worth reading, I'd say.
15:12:38 <irl> "i have seen" meaning "i read that"
15:12:45 <karsten> hehe
15:12:51 <irl> just making sure i didn't need to read another one that i'd missed
15:12:58 <karsten> right, it's this one. cool!
15:13:03 <irl> excellent
15:13:18 <karsten> okay, what else did I miss...
15:13:36 <karsten> we did some pretty cool mountain bike downhill riding!
15:13:39 <karsten> anyway.
15:13:42 <gaba> :)
15:13:45 <karsten> I think this is it.
15:13:59 <gaba> so you said that you have new tickets that would be for the metrics team?
15:14:23 <gaba> it would be good to identify the work related to this for the team
15:14:24 <karsten> yes, though these are minor. I think the important work is the selenium/tor browser thing.
15:14:28 <gaba> ok
15:14:46 <karsten> we should start a ticket for this and identify all the work that's related to that.
15:14:59 <karsten> I can do that.
15:15:17 <gaba> yes, a master ticket with all the children for this weork
15:15:34 <karsten> ok.
15:16:07 <karsten> alright, this is on my list. shall we move on?
15:16:23 <gaba> yes
15:16:50 <karsten> Head start on roadmapping session (irl)
15:17:06 <irl> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/Notes/MetricsTeamRoadmapping
15:17:15 <irl> let's make sure we are ready
15:17:31 <karsten> yes, sounds great!
15:17:44 <karsten> shall we add ideas to the wiki page?
15:17:48 <irl> yes
15:17:51 <gaba> I would like to add a place where we have the priorities for the team on non-sponsored work.
15:18:07 <irl> all our work is non-sponsored
15:18:12 <gaba> yes :)
15:18:16 <gaba> still making it clear
15:18:23 <irl> ok
15:18:24 <gaba> priorities for the team
15:18:40 <irl> we should also do a capacity estimation before the session because we know what the team will look like
15:18:53 <gaba> i have something for capacity estimation but is out of sync
15:19:10 <gaba> (just a sec that im looking for the link)
15:19:55 <gaba> this is for all teams: https://nc.riseup.net/s/pdbXgkaHPWdcgNQ
15:19:56 <karsten> what's the time frame we're planning for?
15:20:05 <gaba> and gives us an overview of capacity for each one
15:20:45 <karsten> 6 months? longer?
15:20:46 <gaba> the roadmap? We are aiming for 6 months but we need to talk about the process on changing this. Not sure if it worked so well this last 6 months
15:20:55 <karsten> not really, no.
15:21:22 <gaba> and things will change
15:21:25 <karsten> but I think that's specific to the past 6 months. it can work.
15:21:48 <karsten> so, 6 months until end of 2019?
15:21:54 <gaba> are you both going to be working 4 days a week?
15:21:57 <gaba> yes
15:22:00 <irl> yes
15:22:01 <karsten> yep.
15:22:02 <gaba> ok
15:22:41 <karsten> alright.
15:22:53 <gaba> I would like us to agree on priorities during the meeting that can lead those changes.
15:23:08 <irl> we can probably think of a scale of tickets for 1 month, projects for 6 months and high level goals for 18 months
15:23:43 <karsten> sounds good to me.
15:23:48 <irl> we have a monthly retrospective meeting where we adjust tickets on the roadmap, and another meeting in 6 months for adjusting projects
15:24:21 <irl> if we don't have an in-person meeting we can also just have an extended retrospective
15:24:42 <gaba> sounds good. I think what didn't worked so well about monthly retrospectives is not having totally clear the priorities for the team.
15:25:23 <gaba> we can adjust those priorites in those monthly meetings but it would be good to start with all on the same page about them
15:25:33 <irl> yeah
15:25:55 <karsten> should we schedule another monthly retrospective before stockholm?
15:26:00 <karsten> or is that too much?
15:26:35 <irl> if we do we should see it as meeting prep
15:26:38 <gaba> yes
15:26:45 <gaba> we should do as a meeting prep if we do +1
15:26:53 <karsten> okay, let's do it.
15:27:12 <karsten> when's a good time?
15:27:18 <gaba> I can work on what I think of all those 4 steps in https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/Notes/MetricsTeamRoadmapping and we can discuss and finish things during that prep meeting
15:27:19 <karsten> next week same time?
15:28:01 <gaba> next week I will be traveling to Sweden...
15:28:08 <karsten> oh?
15:28:14 <gaba> I will be ok on the 4th but I would prefer that is the week after
15:28:15 <gaba> ohhh
15:28:20 <gaba> the week after is already the meeting
15:28:22 <gaba> :|
15:28:35 <gaba> What about on the 8th?
15:28:51 <irl> 8th is ok for me
15:28:53 <karsten> works for me.
15:29:00 <irl> at 1500 utc
15:29:04 <gaba> ok
15:29:11 <karsten> great!
15:29:14 <gaba> I will be able to do it earlier too :P
15:29:18 <karsten> heh
15:29:46 <karsten> I think it's fine to keep the time.
15:30:02 <gaba> ok
15:30:11 <karsten> alright, anything else on the roadmapping session topic?
15:30:48 <karsten> okay. before we move on:
15:30:53 <karsten> djackson: do you have a tor trac account?
15:31:08 <djackson> I don't, let me set one up
15:31:09 <karsten> I said on the pad that I'd copy you on the new ticket.
15:31:22 <karsten> cool! can you tell me your user name after that?
15:31:56 <karsten> there's one remaining topic for today:     Reminder: WIP Tor meeting schedule  https://nc.riseup.net/s/FFkikRBmKDZyLw9
15:32:27 <gaba> this is only a reminder
15:32:35 <gaba> that we are working on the schedule
15:32:56 <djackson> registered as djackson
15:33:03 <karsten> djackson: perfect!
15:34:51 <karsten> gaba: okay. I don't see anything obviously missing on the schedule.
15:35:39 <irl> i'm sure however it is moved around there are going to be clashes, i don't think anything is missing
15:36:32 <karsten> okay!
15:36:48 <gaba> ok
15:37:01 <karsten> so, next week you'll be traveling, gaba?
15:37:10 <gaba> I will be traveling on the 2nd
15:37:18 <gaba> I may be really jetlagged on the 4th
15:37:27 <gaba> 2nd/3rd traveling
15:37:32 <karsten> possibly.
15:37:45 <karsten> is it okay if we keep the meeting date/time and you try to make it?
15:37:53 <karsten> if jetlag doesn't allow, okay.
15:38:04 <gaba> yes please
15:38:07 <karsten> cool!
15:38:28 <karsten> I think we're done.
15:38:41 <karsten> I'll start creating tickets now.
15:38:57 <karsten> thanks, everyone! have a good day/evening. bye! o/
15:39:08 <irl> bye!
15:39:11 <gaba> thanks, have a good day! o/
15:39:14 <djackson> o/
15:39:27 <acute> bye!
15:39:34 <karsten> #endmeeting