18:00:31 <phw> #startmeeting race bi-weekly checkin 2019-06-27
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18:00:41 <phw> here's our pad: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-S28-keep
18:01:12 <gaba> ok. I'm reading your update there phw
18:01:29 <phw> right, so we made a bit of progress on the obfs5 and the PT spec front
18:02:06 <phw> obfs5 seems to be progressing well and we have lots of help from micah and the nrl, which is great
18:02:49 <phw> i dropped the ball a bit on the PT spec front
18:03:19 <phw> we've been in touch with a race collaborator who sees some android-related issues with our PT spec
18:03:39 <phw> sysrqb provided some insight and i also intend to talk to nathan in stockholm
18:04:35 <phw> so that's my priority over the next few days
18:05:08 <cohosh> nice!
18:05:09 <gaba> ok, should that conversation on PT spec being public during stockholm?
18:05:57 <phw> my meeting with nathan is mostly about me understanding how they solved challenges that other race performers anticipate
18:06:00 <ahf> if the spec concern is the "subprocess handling" then talking to mike on iOS might be useful too
18:06:09 <gaba> ack
18:06:39 <phw> right, ios is another issue.  probably not for race (because the goal is an android app) but we should keep this in mind too
18:07:21 <ahf> i think the two issues can be solved at the same time if it is the subprocess issue
18:07:34 <phw> ahf: fwiw, the concern was "Our concerns on Android were being able to setup and run a socks proxy on Android without root.  The RACE app must work on un-rooted phones so there is no undue burden on RACE users and accessible to as many people as possible."
18:08:31 <gaba> cohosh: do you want to talk about how the brainstorming and integration meetings went and what it came out of it for us?
18:08:34 <phw> aiui, the v2 PT spec may solve this because it also defines how to use PTs as a library
18:08:51 <ahf> yeah
18:09:41 <ahf> ios people does this right now by a hack mike made with statically linking in the PT's. if we can handle dynamic (or static) linked PT's on android that would be great too
18:10:10 <phw> ah, gotcha
18:11:29 <cohosh> gaba: yep
18:11:59 <cohosh> right now the integration meetings are a bit confusing but what they're aiming for is to provide everyone working on obfuscated channels wiht a list of properties
18:12:27 <cohosh> and we're going to have to be able to report to the applications using our channels about which properties our "link" has
18:12:46 <cohosh> so for example if we're using tcp as the underlying transport then our link is "reliable"
18:13:02 <cohosh> if we send information thorugh Tor then it is "anonymous", etc
18:13:23 <cohosh> we've already given them the dependencies we think we'll need
18:13:46 <phw> hmm, the PT spec has a method that would allow a PT to communicate its properties but we're not doing that
18:13:53 <cohosh> so we're really just waiting on them to make more progress with the API (which right now their focusing on the link properties part of that)
18:14:02 <cohosh> phw: oh interesting
18:14:50 <phw> cohosh: i think it's just the PT writing to stdout, which the invoking process can read from.  not sure what the v2 spec does in that regard.
18:15:22 <cohosh> ok, might be interesting to point that out to them
18:15:49 <phw> i'll do a bit more reading, so i'll have a better answer for you before the next integration meeting
18:15:59 <cohosh> sounds good
18:16:40 <gaba> ok
18:17:01 <ahf> we did a STATUS API in v1 PT for sponsor 8 that can be used to emit any key/value sets to the parent process that we can process
18:17:28 <phw> oh, thanks ahf
18:19:31 <phw> cohosh: wasn't the TA1 group supposed to provide anonymity in race?
18:19:39 <cohosh> that's what I thought
18:19:46 <phw> i guess it comes down to what you define as anonymity
18:19:49 <cohosh> we're trying to figure out what's going on
18:19:54 <phw> gotcha :)
18:20:35 <phw> either way, it would be good for us to have an easy answer for "how do we communicate properties?"
18:20:44 <cohosh> yes
18:21:03 <phw> gaba: our monthly report is due soon, right?  how can we help?
18:21:08 <gaba> yes
18:21:13 <gaba> i just put a link in the pad
18:21:24 <gaba> if you have any ticket that you want to add as things the team did in june
18:21:26 <gaba> please add it there
18:21:33 <phw> wasn't there a nextcloud document somewhere, too?
18:21:44 * gaba checking
18:21:45 <phw> i remember adding some tickets there
18:21:59 <gaba> sorry, maybe it was and I forgot. Let me check.
18:22:35 <phw> https://nc.riseup.net/apps/onlyoffice/s/MdNwgWk8CL8FBis
18:23:15 <gaba> yes. let's do it there. I have that doc in the s28 folder in nc
18:23:44 <cohosh> so this is all sponsor 28 tickets we've done?
18:23:47 <gaba> and it is any work since we started until june
18:23:50 <gaba> yes
18:24:06 <cohosh> ah cool
18:24:28 <phw> does our report go directly to darpa?  or do we send it to georgetown?
18:24:45 <gaba> georgetown
18:24:50 <gaba> they will add it to their own report
18:25:07 <phw> oh, i see.  so all we need is some prose that micah can then turn into a more comprehensive report
18:25:12 <gaba> yes
18:26:09 <phw> anything else that we should be discussing?  i have nothing else from my side
18:26:10 <gaba> this is an example on how we do it for other sponsors https://pad.riseup.net/p/QI0pdcp0_mR0TPRu-tT7
18:26:30 <phw> ah, thanks gaba
18:27:19 <gaba> i think that is all
18:27:38 <gaba> we can have next update during Tor meeting
18:27:54 <phw> yes, let's do that
18:28:03 <phw> #endmeeting