16:02:47 <ggus> #startmeeting community team 07/01/2019
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16:02:59 <ggus> ey! how are you folks?
16:03:07 <kushal> ggus, Hi
16:03:10 <gaba> hey! o/
16:03:11 <ggus> i think pili, emma and others are away
16:04:07 <antonela> holaaa
16:04:18 <ggus> before we start, i recommend people to read this email from anarcat and take action -> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2019-June/002377.html
16:05:00 <antonela> 🔑
16:05:17 <ggus> here's our roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ioKOV2MJw1Ff_viCUTrHfd6-rqX3x_BeJC36fSRfQYY
16:07:55 <ggus> - Proposal: Documentation Hackaton: update support and tb-manual (July 2)
16:08:02 <ggus> ^this is supposed to happen tomorrow
16:08:22 <kushal> I missed to add "Tor for devops workshop" details in June :(
16:10:20 <antonela> i think those were emmapeel items ggus
16:10:37 <antonela> who is in vacs, but is something we can do in the short future
16:11:26 <ggus> ok
16:12:05 <ggus> who have updates?
16:13:08 <cy63113> I have 2 little updates
16:13:26 <ggus> please go ahead
16:13:49 <kushal> I have one.
16:13:51 <cy63113> I have a talk in august at Universidade de Sao Paulo,  in the System Infortmation week
16:14:48 <cy63113> another one in Sept in a dev event here in Sao Paulo. I still don't have the links for both
16:14:59 <cy63113> that's it :)
16:16:06 <pari> hey
16:16:07 <ggus> cool, it's about tor? what's the proposal?
16:16:12 <ggus> hey pari!
16:16:24 <pari> sorry for the delay in texting, was just having dinner!
16:17:00 <cy63113> ggus: i'll talk about tor browser and demystfying deep web
16:17:31 <kushal> cy63113, always remember https://deepestdark.net :)
16:17:43 <cy63113> hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahha
16:17:44 <ggus> kushal: you next?
16:18:28 <kushal> I did a workshop with around 40-50 people about onion services and how can devops get help using those.
16:19:05 <kushal> showing examples using our documentations, like doing mistakes and then reading docs to figure out how to deploy the services properly.
16:19:25 <kushal> the final demo was about ssh over Tor, I will write a blog post about it tomorrow.
16:19:35 <ggus> great!
16:19:41 <kushal> Hoping to do the same workshop in Pune in the coming months.
16:19:45 <kushal> end of update.
16:20:12 <ggus> also, take a look at community.tpo, there's a session about onion services that need some help/volunteers to maintain :)
16:20:22 <kushal> ggus, Okay, adding in my todo list
16:21:28 <ggus> kushal: ppl are working in this website in #tor-www
16:21:56 <ggus> more updates, anyone?
16:22:09 <pari> raises hand
16:22:11 <clash> hey everyone
16:22:20 <clash> I have a minor thing
16:22:21 <clash> I wanted to say that the pride month ended so the social media logos could be reverted to the original one now :)
16:23:21 <ggus> btw, thanks for doing the logo, clash
16:23:38 <pari> yep, it was pretty cool!
16:23:56 <ggus> pari, go ahead
16:24:12 <pari> so I discussed with pili last meeting about reviewing the Tor vs VPN doc- https://pad.riseup.net/p/torvpnreview-keep
16:24:59 <pari> I agree with most of what pastly has commented. went through it and left some more nitpick comments
16:25:34 <pari> should leave some more after more too. should discuss it with pili once she's back
16:25:41 <pari> that's all I wanted to add
16:26:23 <pastly> (hi btw)
16:26:41 <pari> hehe hi
16:26:47 <pari> o/
16:26:58 <ggus> this document should be a blog post, because it's a very common question during our activities
16:27:17 <pastly> Nothing to add other than eagerness to see it get posted and willing to help more make that happen if needed
16:27:41 <pari> ggus: Lol yes I remember seeing you answer so many times in our sessions Delhi
16:28:08 <antonela> kushal, could we sync before your next onion services workshop?
16:28:13 <pari> pastly: should be soon!
16:28:23 <clash> ggus: no problem, if there's something more I could do then do let me know :)
16:28:28 <kushal> antonela, yes, we will do that next week in real life sync up :)
16:28:42 <kushal> pari, yes, even today I had to answer the same.
16:28:50 <antonela> kushal, oh perfect
16:28:55 <clash> yeah a blog post would be nice, I see that question on reddit every week
16:29:16 <pari> kashal: looking forward to meet you in Stockholm!
16:29:32 <pari> kushal*
16:29:59 <stephw> hi! I’ll connect with pili about a vpn blog post when she’s back
16:31:55 <ggus> great!
16:34:28 <ggus> my update: last week i took some days off, and on saturday i gave a workshop about tor/tails/securedrop to journalists at the brazilian congress of investigative journalism - http://congresso.abraji.org.br/salas
16:36:06 <cy63113> awesome!
16:36:09 <ggus> we also had an informal chat at #tor-south, but we need more volunteers to run the global south meetings
16:36:34 <ggus> and the community team needs help to fix these issues - https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Community%2FTor+Support
16:37:02 <pari> ggus: I can help out with running the global south meetings too
16:38:01 <pari> we can also discuss on how to reach out and get more people to participate during the dev meeting
16:38:35 <ggus> yesss! \o/
16:38:48 <logik> Hello
16:39:42 <cy63113> hey ggus  I can help too run the global south meeting
16:41:14 <ggus> we also need volunteers to give some love to the support portal.
16:41:52 <cy63113> explain me how to do this
16:44:28 <ggus> 1. find the tickets that are relevants to support.tpo, https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Community%2FTor+Support  2. Write the changes  3. Submit to support portal git repository or send a pad with the correction in #tor-www channel or community team mailing list
16:45:15 <cy63113> oki! obrigada :)
16:49:26 <ggus> anything else?
16:53:05 <ggus> #endmeeting