18:02:12 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 07/03
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18:03:06 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/rW15i6zwReGA-jV5x3Ev6EmUPyWxlEQDAhQhIu49G0b
18:03:33 <pili> please add any requests or discussion points for today :)
18:03:54 <pili> I've kept the fundraising banner discussion from last meeting mainly as a reminder
18:04:01 <pili> we don't need to discuss it today though
18:04:38 <pili> hi GeKo, antonela :)
18:04:41 <pili> anyone else around?
18:05:32 <stephw> hi
18:05:45 <GeKo> hihi
18:05:54 <pili> hi stephw
18:05:58 <pili> ok, let's get started
18:06:46 <pili> I have it on my notes that we were planning a security release for next week, but I think we've started building it already?
18:07:06 <pili> are we going to try to release before 07/09?
18:08:06 <GeKo> no 07/09
18:08:19 <GeKo> and i'll kick off the build after this meeting
18:08:42 <GeKo> that's the usual time for planned releases
18:08:57 <GeKo> to be able to build everything, have some QA, sign the bundles
18:09:09 <GeKo> and have them on our mirrors in time
18:09:14 <pili> ok
18:09:17 <pili> sounds good
18:09:41 <pili> we should probably discuss the issues we're having with localization for the banner
18:09:47 <pili> emmapeel should be back next monday
18:09:56 <pili> but I assume that might be a bit late to fix these issues?
18:10:05 <pili> and if so, what can we do?
18:10:54 <GeKo> yes, that's too late
18:11:02 <antonela> could i see the strings in transifex? i can review spanish, italian and portuguese
18:11:27 <GeKo> well, there are two problems
18:11:33 <GeKo> the first is the translation
18:11:58 <GeKo> and the second is that we don't know how we get the string into our translation repo
18:12:22 <pili> is that something that emmapeel normally does then?
18:12:27 <GeKo> yes
18:13:10 <GeKo> antonela: pt-BR https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/commit/?h=abouttor-homepage&id=866684f6786a89754038a5e3a78c2af9e2b15d11
18:13:30 <GeKo> some es-ES https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/commit/?h=abouttor-homepage&id=d9b8abcae4ef020a4099229303c7c884dd39b3ce
18:13:47 <GeKo> it https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/commit/?h=abouttor-homepage&id=ec3343189cee5a4aeefbdcfc60eb72ae4dd643e5
18:14:29 <GeKo> so what we can do is
18:14:30 <antonela> but, in which project of our transifex account are those stings?
18:14:53 <GeKo> using the translations we have and ship the release
18:15:04 <GeKo> antonela: what do you mean?
18:15:21 <pili> antonela: GeKo added them to the torbutton about homepage project
18:15:27 <GeKo> that's the abouttor-homepage branch
18:15:52 <pili> antonela: https://www.transifex.com/otf/torproject/abouttor-homepage/
18:15:53 <GeKo> (not sure if that's what you mean with "project")
18:16:22 <antonela> yes, i was searching for that link
18:16:44 <pili> I thought they were supposed to go here: https://www.transifex.com/otf/torproject/release_tweetsmd/
18:17:07 <pili> but anyway
18:17:08 <pili> we have them were they are supposed to be now and they are being translated
18:17:43 <pili> GeKo: +1 to just shipping what we have
18:18:06 <GeKo> okay
18:18:40 <ggus> antonela: i can help with pt-BR.
18:18:47 <antonela> i dont get why it was so hard
18:18:51 <antonela> anyways
18:20:24 <GeKo> why what was so hard?
18:21:49 <antonela> yes, i remember we talked with emmapeel to have those strings (two lines) in transifex before her leaving
18:22:08 <antonela> anyways, i want to write in spanish something that makes sense, what should i do?
18:22:13 <pili> so, one thing I don't understand is that GeKo you pushed the strings into the translation repo and they made it to transifex and they are being translated?
18:22:31 <pili> and somehow you also have some of the translated strings back in the translations repo?
18:22:55 <GeKo> i pushed them to the torbutton repo
18:23:06 <GeKo> and some automatic job picks them up
18:23:07 <pili> as in, is there some magical job that is running somewhere that takes care of this? or?
18:23:08 <pili> antonela: yeah, the spanish one is not great
18:23:27 <GeKo> and after they get translated they are committed to the translation repo
18:23:44 <pili> ok, again automagically it seems?
18:23:54 <GeKo> i pick the result back up into the torbutton repo for the non-en-US locales
18:24:21 <GeKo> there is no human involved between me pushing the en-US strings to torbutton
18:24:26 <GeKo> and me fetching the results
18:24:39 <GeKo> (apart from the translators :) )
18:24:59 <antonela> so, if i review the spanish string in transifex, will you get the update just now?
18:25:13 <GeKo> i don't know
18:25:33 <GeKo> i don't know how translations are done on our end
18:26:01 <pili> I guess it's worth giving it a try :)
18:26:40 <antonela> okey, lets learn
18:26:55 <antonela> i just updated and reviewed the spanish string
18:27:41 <pili> we also need to resolve https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/30054#comment:13 somehow
18:29:01 <GeKo> and potentially more similar problems in later commits
18:29:52 <pili> iirc we should try to avoid using "'" in strings that will need to be translated?
18:29:55 <pili> as well as in translations?
18:30:02 <pili> or run some other job that will clean this up
18:30:08 <GeKo> the latter
18:30:20 <pili> ok, only in translations, huh
18:30:27 <GeKo> there are tools that help us here
18:30:44 <GeKo> but someone needs to set those up for our context
18:31:06 <GeKo> i investigated a bunch of time to understand what mozilla does
18:31:21 <GeKo> and _hc pointed to what he is using in the f-droid context
18:31:32 <GeKo> so we have two options here
18:31:37 <GeKo> (at least)
18:32:38 <pili> ok, so this is a long term fix
18:33:09 <GeKo> well, hopefully medium term ;)
18:33:48 <pili> I just mean we're not going to get this solved for this release :)
18:33:55 <GeKo> :)
18:33:59 <GeKo> yea
18:34:06 <GeKo> i think we ship with what we have, too
18:34:28 <GeKo> which gives us some locale updates, which is good
18:34:48 <pili> so what do we do for this release also? omit ca translation
18:34:49 <GeKo> just not the latest ones
18:35:03 <GeKo> no use a commit before the one that breaks
18:35:31 <GeKo> there is no easy way to just omit the broken locale
18:35:37 <GeKo> or put it differently:
18:35:50 <GeKo> there is no easy to just use a different commit for broken locales
18:36:01 <GeKo> *to put
18:36:05 <GeKo> *way
18:36:12 <antonela> :)
18:36:15 <pili> ok
18:37:53 <pili> are we good on this? everyone know what they are doing? :)
18:38:22 <GeKo> yes from my pov
18:38:35 <antonela> im groot
18:40:36 <pili> sorry, just had a short power cut here :/
18:41:01 <pili> anything else on this upcoming release?
18:43:21 <antonela> not here
18:43:26 <pili> ok, I think we're done then
18:43:31 <pili> thanks everyone
18:43:35 <pili> #endmeeting