15:00:16 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:00:17 <gaba> hi!
15:00:26 <karsten> hi!
15:00:55 <karsten> what do we have as agenda items today?
15:01:22 <irl1> i have no items
15:01:26 <karsten> anybody blocked by anything or anyone?
15:01:29 <gaba> (trying to load storm now)
15:01:35 <gaba> i don't have anything
15:01:39 <gaba> I sent you both an email
15:01:44 <gaba> you both and mike...
15:01:45 <dennisjackson> Hey
15:01:48 <gaba> but we can talk on monday
15:01:52 <karsten> hi dennisjackson!
15:01:53 <gaba> hi
15:02:04 <acute> hi!
15:02:59 <karsten> yes, let's talk about capacity, priorities, etc. on monday.
15:03:28 <dennisjackson> Quick question: does tor metrics expose its raw data anywhere? Specifically latency measurements. I found the download for aggregate CSVs but not precise measurements
15:03:43 <karsten> yes, it's all on the metrics website.
15:03:55 <karsten> https://metrics.torproject.org/collector.html
15:04:15 <karsten> in particular, https://metrics.torproject.org/collector.html#type-torperf
15:04:32 <karsten> https://metrics.torproject.org/collector/archive/torperf/
15:04:55 <irl1> you can parse these files with metrics-lib in java, they are probably also easy enough to parse in other languages
15:06:11 <karsten> feel free to ask such questions on the metrics-team@ mailing list, if you don't want to wait until the next meeting.
15:06:18 <dennisjackson> Ah fantastic!
15:06:24 <dennisjackson> Thanks.
15:06:42 <karsten> np, thanks for looking into this!
15:07:40 <gaba> how is the in progress column of the roadmap going?
15:07:49 <dennisjackson> I have some pretty interesting patterns in a dataset from Arthur, now need to confirm with the torperf dataset and will hopefully put it together in an email before EOD Friday :)
15:08:01 <karsten> dennisjackson: ah, neat!
15:08:11 <irl1> gaba: i don't have the roadmap link on this computer
15:08:16 <karsten> gaba: opening the kanban thing.
15:09:07 <gaba> irl1: you have #28322 and onionperf in that list
15:09:46 <gaba> #30761 to #30765
15:09:55 <karsten> I'd say #21378 can go to backlog or icebox for now.
15:10:03 <irl1> those are the tasks that i guess are in progress, although mostly this week i've been catching up on email backlog from being away
15:10:20 <karsten> and same with #29507.
15:10:21 <irl1> tomorrow i need to work on the ietf draft because the deadline for changes is monday
15:10:53 <karsten> this week I have been looking into various metrics for mike.
15:11:05 <karsten> which don't have a ticket, AFAIK.
15:11:20 <gaba> sounds good
15:11:29 <karsten> I'm planning to continue doing that in the next days, in preparation for stockholm.
15:13:12 <karsten> gaba: should we have a card for that anyway?
15:13:29 <gaba> do we have a ticket?
15:13:32 <karsten> no.
15:13:43 <gaba> should we ?
15:13:55 <gaba> Otherwise a card works
15:13:58 <gaba> at least to track this work
15:14:09 <karsten> at some point, yes, but it's still in an early stage of finding out what metrics would be useful.
15:14:34 <karsten> so, let's create a card for now, if that's okay?
15:14:43 <gaba> yes
15:16:00 <karsten> alright, anything else to discuss today?
15:16:37 <irl1> not from me
15:16:38 <acute> not from me
15:16:54 <dennisjackson> Not from me
15:17:03 <gaba> nop
15:17:09 <karsten> cool!
15:17:14 <karsten> thanks, everyone!
15:17:20 <gaba> o/ bye
15:17:26 <acute> bye!
15:17:33 <karsten> bye!
15:17:36 <irl1> bye!
15:17:43 <karsten> #endmeeting