15:02:06 <pili> #startmeeting community-portal 07/05
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15:02:34 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/FL0fnzVRRKSJVl4WUHX2h_-9FO0uuxGx9Me7gqzQc6o
15:02:45 <pili> and the board in gitlab: https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/boards
15:02:50 <pili> who's around? :)
15:02:52 <ggus> o/
15:03:02 <stephw> hihi
15:03:37 <pili> I think hiro won't be able to join today
15:04:08 <pili> or isabela
15:04:09 <pili> or emmapeel :)
15:04:11 <pili> antonela: are you around?
15:04:55 <pili> and I guess flexlibris hasn't managed to make it back to irc yet :)
15:06:05 <antonela> o/
15:07:02 <pili> ok, let's get started
15:07:17 <pili> last meeting there weren't many people around so it was a short one
15:07:43 <pili> but the one before that we had been reviewing the different sections to identify what still needed to be done
15:08:08 <pili> and from the logs it seems like we got as far as the outreach section
15:08:18 <pili> before we pick that up again, does anyone have any updates on any work they have done on the community portal during the past few weeks?
15:08:27 <ggus> o/
15:08:50 <stephw> I’ve been going through and reviewing copy through gitlab and will keep going
15:09:36 <ggus> * migrated bridges obfs4 guide to community.tpo, it's almost done. just need to review the headings and check for broken links
15:10:06 <pili> thank you stephw, I've seen :)
15:10:15 <pili> thanks ggus I will check it out!
15:11:14 <ggus> i also changed other parts of relay operations, full log is here: https://0xacab.org/gus/communitytpo/merge_requests/1
15:11:21 <gfwbreaker> :)
15:11:42 <pili> great!
15:12:06 <pili> I've taken my eye off the community portal the past few weeks with vacations and other stuff so it's good to see others have picked this up :)
15:12:46 <pili> any other updates from anyone? or shall we move on to reviewing the portal?
15:14:15 <pili> ok, let's move on
15:14:27 <pili> https://community.torproject.org/outreach/
15:14:48 <pili> any thoughts on the landing page?
15:14:59 <pili> I see a new speakers section, but I'm not sure what that one is about
15:15:26 <pili> also, hiro is still working on getting the events imported from the blog
15:15:39 <pili> does anyone know anything more about the speakers section?
15:16:07 <pili> We also need to find a home for  the outreach resources (and listing them in that section)
15:16:20 <pili> and the materials for "Talk about Tor"
15:16:21 <ggus> from what i remember from dev meeting in rome, it's about checking who can talk about specifics topics/where
15:16:25 <pili> aaah
15:16:26 <pili> ok
15:16:31 <pili> do we have that content? :)
15:16:47 <stephw> i dont think we want to list that but rather have people send an email
15:16:48 <ggus> i don't think so
15:17:19 <stephw> i think we’d rather funnel things than have inquiries going straight to individuals
15:17:34 <ggus> yeah, i think email would work better, at least for now
15:18:15 <pili> ok, so we should remove that section
15:18:26 <pili> and we have the call to action at the bottom already to email for speakers
15:18:38 <pili> does that make sense?
15:18:51 <stephw> yep
15:18:53 <ggus> yes
15:20:21 <pili> cool
15:20:37 <pili> any other comments on outreach?
15:21:02 <pili> let's move on to relay operations
15:21:34 <ggus> i can talk about the last modifications
15:22:07 <pili> go on
15:22:24 <ggus> based on this issue: https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/issues/45 i reorganized the internal sections
15:23:05 <ggus> the goal is to have technical setup instructions very acessible
15:23:28 <ggus> so i created technical considerations section
15:24:59 <ggus> in this page you should see only 4 pages, but mistake i forgot to git commit: https://community.torproject.org/relay-operations/setup/ pages: middle/guard relay, Bridge, exit, relay post-install and good practices
15:25:29 <ggus> the idea is also to have a very friendly url: community.tpo/relay/setup/exit
15:25:40 <ggus> community.tpo/relay/setup/bridge
15:25:47 <ggus> community.tpo/relay/setup/guard
15:26:06 <pili> let me see
15:26:54 <pili> looks good :)
15:27:08 <pili> one thing with /setup/* though is that we're mixing types of relays with the setup instructions for different platforms
15:27:19 <pili> we should think about how we want to separate that
15:27:25 <pili> how/if
15:28:11 <ggus> pili: yes, i removed from my local lektor, but forgot to push that to the repo
15:28:31 <pili> ah ok
15:28:37 <ggus> the idea is to have /setup/bridge/platforms ; /setup/guard/platforms;
15:29:06 <pili> ah, great
15:29:27 <ggus> i also started the page community resources: https://community.torproject.org/relay-operations/community-resources/
15:29:44 <pili> yes, I saw that! :)
15:29:45 <ggus> basically imported from trac, old website and relay guide doc
15:31:01 <pili> we should figure out how we get people to come to this page instead of the old website...
15:31:10 <pili> or even the archive!
15:31:40 <pili> when we're happy with it at least
15:31:48 <pili> but I really like the community resources
15:32:03 <stephw> we can add a note to the old blog post, and then i will start sharing the new links on social etc
15:32:06 <pili> it looks very comprehensive
15:33:01 <stephw> we have materials and social links that link to https://torproject.com/relay-guide so we should update that redirect when we’re ready
15:33:33 <stephw> err https;//torproject.org/relay-guide
15:33:44 <stephw> hahaa you get the idea! :)
15:33:47 <pili> yup
15:34:39 <ggus> in community resources there are some guides that will need some upgrades, like EFF Legal FAQ (from 2014...) https://dip.torproject.org/web/community/issues/56
15:35:03 <ggus> but for now, it will be ok
15:35:04 <pili> ggus: can you create a ticket about this in gitlab so we don't forget?
15:36:08 <pili> ggus: will you also move/label the tickets for the content you've been working on to needs-review once they are ready for stephw to have a look at?
15:36:19 <pili> (maybe you've already been doing that :) )
15:36:42 <ggus> ok, i will
15:36:49 <stephw> thank you
15:38:01 <ggus> i'm also migrating this huge document: https://community.torproject.org/relay-operations/community-resources/good-bad-isps/  https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/GoodBadISPs
15:39:02 <ggus> probably we should ask relay operators to rant their isps in the future and submit their changes to this page
15:39:11 <pili> yup!
15:39:25 <ggus> *rank
15:39:40 <pili> hehe, I read it as "rant to" :D
15:39:45 <pili> as in complain
15:40:06 <ggus> hehe, also that
15:40:12 <pili> anyway, that goes back to emmapeel's suggestion of having a link to the file in github for suggestions to change the content
15:41:34 <pili> ggus: the other thing would be to create a ticket in gitlab for each new section that you're creating/writing
15:41:41 <pili> if you haven't already done so
15:42:07 <pili> again, makes it easier to then move the ticket relating to that section to needs review
15:42:31 <ggus> ok, i will document these changes in tickets
15:42:40 <ggus> so we can track it
15:42:43 <pili> anything else to do with the relay operations section?
15:43:14 <antonela> maybe when we work on docs we can have new graphs to add and also use them for them that section as well
15:43:15 <ggus> that's all from me
15:45:32 <pili> there was a suggestion to add icons for the different types of relays when I asked for feedback on the new community portal
15:46:07 <pili> shall we move on to .onion services?
15:46:22 <pili> https://community.torproject.org/onion-services/
15:46:33 <pili> we still need to update the layout to match the other pages
15:48:15 <ggus> one thing that i'm missing from onion services page is that we didn't mention anywhere about securedrop
15:49:04 <stephw> maybe we can have “featured tools”? for securedrop, onionshare, eotk
15:49:59 <ggus> yes! like a child page
15:50:06 <pili> yeah
15:50:07 <pili> that could work
15:50:09 <pili> anything on the landing page though
15:50:10 <stephw> or just arranged like the featured .onion sites
15:50:23 <stephw> no additional pages needed if we do like the featured sites
15:50:24 <pili> e.g currently we have the onionize any website section
15:50:32 <pili> stephw: that could work
15:50:44 <pili> and then we don't need 2 likes to eotk
15:50:55 <pili> since they pretty much point to the same place
15:50:57 <stephw> true
15:51:06 <pili> s/likes/links
15:51:16 <antonela> could we use onionsites for .onion sites or Onion sites or .Onion sites?
15:51:23 <stephw> we can also add buzzfeed news to the .onion sites
15:51:31 <stephw> im okay with .onion sites but i think onion services should not have the .
15:51:58 <ggus> i agree^
15:52:23 <stephw> so i can make those changes when i get to checking copy on this page
15:52:58 <stephw> we can also add buzzfeeds onion
15:53:03 <stephw> and duckduckgo
15:53:28 <stephw> maybe we can have 6 featured for best visuals, so one more than that
15:53:44 <stephw> maybe protonmail
15:54:13 <pili> the only problem with protonmail is that it's a commercial service
15:54:18 <ggus> https://github.com/alecmuffett/real-world-onion-sites
15:54:27 <stephw> true
15:54:49 <pili> as in, I think it may be weird if it seems like we are endorsing it :)
15:54:50 <stephw> ahh riseup
15:55:01 <pili> :D
15:55:13 <stephw> propublica, tor, nytimes, riseup, buzzfeed, duckduckgo
15:55:24 <pili> ok, let's capture this in a ticket and we can continue brainstroming/discussing there
15:55:33 <stephw> ok cool
15:55:37 <pili> fwiw, I'm happy with the above list
15:55:50 <stephw> can also add globaleaks to featured tools
15:56:13 <pili> yup
15:56:14 <pili> ok, so one ticket for tools and one for sites
15:56:15 <pili> I can create those
15:56:21 <stephw> awesome thank you
15:56:28 <pili> we have just under 4 minutes for any other last minute discussion points/comments
15:56:47 <ggus> finishing the relay operations, i can help in onion services section
15:57:03 <pili> thanks ggus !
15:57:19 <ggus> stephw: are you editing the pages directly in gitlab?
15:57:37 <stephw> yes
15:57:56 <ggus> i was doing that in the past, and it was very painful. after i deployed lektor locally it was much easier
15:58:07 <ggus> we should think about this in dev meeting
15:58:12 <antonela> we can explain stephw how to do it next week
15:58:18 <stephw> cool thanks
15:58:36 <pili> ggus: yup
15:58:41 <pili> I want to have a session on that
15:58:51 <pili> and try to think about flows for making changes, reviewing and merging :)
15:59:03 <pili> ok, anything else? :)
15:59:40 <ggus> i'm good
16:00:11 <stephw> thanks pili ggus antonela!
16:00:18 <pili> ok, let's wrap this up then
16:00:19 <pili> thanks everyone! :)
16:00:22 <pili> #endmeeting