14:00:15 <antonela> #startmeeting
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14:00:19 <pili> hi
14:00:23 <antonela> hi !
14:00:41 <antonela> not sure who is around, but let's do it
14:00:50 <pili> sure :)
14:01:12 <antonela> pad here as usual
14:01:12 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5-0DTgYmMiwii07kkH6_tNUYmfuQMO6OJCAHY1teFzc
14:01:43 <antonela> i'd like to sync on the kanban for the ux team pili
14:02:07 <antonela> I created a team repo https://dip.torproject.org/ux
14:02:09 <pili> yup, let's figure this out
14:02:34 <pili> this was the one we had before: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/-nDj5CY1u-wPLmXIMFGVW6y3zehp8n_Pec5eIfT7Kk-
14:02:42 <pili> but no one (not even me :( ) was updating
14:02:53 <pili> well, we were
14:02:54 <pili> for a while
14:03:01 <antonela> should we keep that one?
14:03:04 <pili> anyway, let's do this in git it should be easier
14:03:06 <pili> I don't think so
14:03:09 <antonela> oki
14:03:19 <pili> but we can review to see if there's anything important to move accross
14:03:30 <pili> *across
14:03:51 <antonela> we can keep the same columns i think
14:03:54 <emmapeel> o/
14:04:03 <antonela> there are stuffs that we should move across
14:04:07 <antonela> hey emmapeel
14:04:10 <antonela> we missed you!
14:04:13 <emmapeel> ey there!
14:04:21 <emmapeel> sorry im late
14:04:54 <antonela> is good
14:05:08 <pili> hey emmapeel ! we did miss you!! :)
14:05:24 <kushal> emmapeel, ^^
14:05:41 <emmapeel> awwww
14:05:44 <pili> antonela: one thing I was wondering is whether we want to have columns for months or just tag tickets with the month or set a start date
14:06:09 <pili> I don't have an answer so it would be a good point to discuss
14:06:34 <antonela> we want to have columns for months, yes
14:08:18 <antonela> so, i'll add trac tickets numbers following your spreadsheet pili and then we can review the final one when i'm back
14:08:30 <pili> ok
14:09:22 <antonela> sounds good?
14:10:10 <antonela> anything else? i dont have too much for this meeting, i'm mostly trying to update my side of things based on the conversations we got last week
14:12:09 <pili> I was wondering about the user research section for the community portal
14:12:17 <pili> and if we have a good model for that after Stockholm :)
14:12:37 <pili> not sure if it was discussed during any of the sessions, I was unable to attend all of the UX ones... :(
14:12:42 <antonela> good one, we don't but we have good session notes
14:13:05 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/Notes/UserResearchCoordination
14:13:10 <pili> actually, this is something we forgot to put in the roadmap I think
14:15:34 <antonela> we did it, during the s9 roadmapping, i think it was on august
14:16:00 <antonela> anyways, i should work on it soonish if the position is not going to be filled
14:16:48 <pili> ok, let me know if you need any help with it and I can step in also
14:17:15 <antonela> super, thanks
14:18:09 <antonela> am i missing anything?
14:18:16 <antonela> do we have anything for emmapeel pili?
14:18:41 <pili> well, for S9 we need to coordinate on localising materials
14:18:55 <pili> that was one of the discussions I wanted to have in Stockholmm
14:19:04 <pili> let me dig up the notes :)
14:19:49 <pili> Which languages do we want to prioritize for localization of training materials?
14:19:49 <pili> What's the best way to get these materials localized? file format, etc...
14:20:19 <pili> I think we wanted to think about the partners first
14:20:35 <pili> but we will probably at least need these in spanish and portuguese
14:21:03 <pili> we can also discuss the best file format/way to localize the training materials
14:21:08 <pili> any ideas emmapeel ?
14:21:22 <antonela> we already have it in spanish and portuguese
14:21:27 <pili> e.g right now I think we have ODP, pdf and some other versions of slides
14:21:34 <emmapeel> hmmm
14:21:41 <pili> then we need to think about how to present those in the community portal :)
14:22:03 <emmapeel> what are exactly those training materials? presentations? books?
14:22:10 <pili> mainly presentations
14:22:13 <antonela> ahh
14:22:29 <emmapeel> i need to find out about that
14:22:57 <pili> e.g for pdfs do we want to use latex to write/generate as a potentially easier format to localise and then convert to pdf
14:23:09 <pili> I'm not saying that's the answer, I'm just giving an example/idea :)
14:23:21 <emmapeel> yeah i am not sure
14:23:26 <pili> probably it's harder for most people to write the presentations in latex :)
14:23:51 <emmapeel> i think there should be a way to translate stuff but it is difficult to automate when there is a complex layout
14:24:09 <pili> ok, will let emmapeel find out about that
14:24:14 <pili> we don't need to come up with an answer now, but we should think about it
14:24:36 <emmapeel> if we have a training file, how do we update it?
14:25:51 <emmapeel> and when it is updated, how are we going to update the translations?
14:26:36 <antonela> im manually updating the outreach material, is a one time work
14:28:23 <pili> didn't we use markdown or something for the outreach material? :)
14:29:10 <antonela> yes, but then i updated the design file (.sketch)
14:29:14 <pili> right
14:29:26 <antonela> so, we can have the markdown for the slides as well
14:29:37 <pili> yup, that could work
14:29:44 <pili> ggus: are you around ^ ?
14:30:23 <pili> I guess we have to think about how/who will generate the materials with the localised content
14:30:28 <pili> could be quite time consuming
14:31:33 <antonela> could be, but i don't know any other way to do it
14:31:43 <antonela> once we have the strings, i can update the slides
14:31:50 <antonela> is time consuming, but is a one time job
14:32:10 <pili> ok :)
14:32:14 <pili> will leave it at that then
14:32:38 <pili> maybe we can do a materials sprint one day and each take a couple
14:32:46 <emmapeel> markdown is good cause we could put it on a lketor and generate the translation files
14:32:58 <antonela> emmapeel: can you create the markdown and make the strings available for translate?
14:33:09 <emmapeel> and but then, the changes should go in lektor again and be reflected on the docs etc
14:33:35 <emmapeel> antonela: i can do like we did with the outreach material, yes
14:34:04 <emmapeel> i think if we make the design in svg we could just change the strings on the xml
14:34:16 <emmapeel> like the tor and https svg used to do
14:34:46 <antonela> but is a slides presentation format, not an svg
14:34:48 <emmapeel> although probably we need to do some retouching after translation
14:34:55 <emmapeel> yeah :S
14:36:09 <pili> there may be better tools for markdown
14:36:12 <pili> I'm sure there's something for converting markdown to presentations
14:36:17 <pili> I can do some research on this also
14:37:19 <antonela> wfm
14:37:35 <emmapeel> wfmt
14:38:37 <pili> good good ;)
14:39:34 <antonela> okey, what else folks?
14:41:01 <pili> I'm good
14:42:04 <antonela> oki, i'll be offline next week, so no ux meeting
14:42:05 <ggus> pili: hey
14:42:10 <antonela> hey ggus!
14:42:28 <pili> hi :)
14:42:42 <pili> we were just speculating about how to localise the training resources
14:42:48 <pili> but I think we're good now
14:44:38 <emmapeel> yep
14:44:57 <ggus> pili: in the past years i have been using pandoc to generate my slides from markdown to pdf. we could add this workflow for the future
14:45:21 <pili> oooh, that sounds promising
14:45:24 <ggus> we would need some skills to adapt the design/template
14:47:08 <antonela> do you think we should start to use pandoc just now, before we start localizing ggus?
14:49:29 <ggus> no, because it will demand someone to code the tor template, and i don't know if we have someone to do that
14:50:56 <antonela> ack
14:51:10 <antonela> so, what is the flow we will use to update the slides content?
14:51:27 <pili> ggus: what does this tor template look like now and where is it?
14:51:37 <pili> e.g what format is it in?
14:52:15 <ggus> antonela: for s9 work, we will probably need l10n help in indonesian, but spanish and english we're good
14:52:28 <ggus> pili: https://media.torproject.org/templates/
14:52:29 <emmapeel> but we could start writing the amrkdown in a lektor and then do the pandoc thing
14:52:32 <emmapeel> right?
14:52:37 <emmapeel> markdown sorry
14:53:22 <ggus> for the translation?
14:53:33 <emmapeel> yes
14:54:34 <ggus> we could just copy the strings, like the outreach material, without need to migrate to lektor
14:55:32 <emmapeel> what i would like to have is a place where the strings are, without layout, that makes easy to see if they have been changes, and who did them, which changes where, etc
14:55:55 <emmapeel> so maybe a markdown file in git or something like that. but i think it is easier to write the markdown if you get to see it rendered nicely
14:55:58 <emmapeel> i am not sure about that
14:56:20 <emmapeel> i wonder, will there be changes on the pandoc file that will not be fed back to the original document, making it outdated?
14:56:43 <emmapeel> so, it would be maybe nice if we can write the materials directly on the community portal markdown and maintain them there
14:56:50 <emmapeel> so they get translated etc
14:57:04 <emmapeel> and maybe we can have a little 'generate presentation' button?
14:57:38 <emmapeel> otherwise the translations will evolve in different variations of the document, on different levels of update etc
14:58:37 <pili> hmm, that's an interesting idea, I wonder how/if it would work in practice :)
14:59:18 <antonela> is exactly what we want to do, the content right now is in some slides format, we should 1. create the markdown 2. push to translate 3. create new slides with the translated strings
14:59:28 <ggus> emmapeel: i understand the problem, i think we should evaluate more solutions
14:59:39 <emmapeel> with the outreach materials we said to work in the storm markdown files as the source, but then some corrections made in storm didnt made it to the flyer
15:01:02 <antonela> i see
15:01:27 <emmapeel> ggus: i agree we should evaluate more, and find a way to do this
15:01:53 <antonela> the place where the strings should be is something you could suggest and adopt emmapeel, since is strictly related with your workflow
15:02:14 <emmapeel> because this problem is presenting with more texts... we have apps, we have webs, but we also have graphic texts that we produce once in a while and we still dont have a solution for that
15:02:59 <emmapeel> yep. ill open a ticket!
15:03:04 <antonela> cool, thanks emmapeel
15:03:05 <pili> should we move somewhere else to continue this discussion? :)
15:03:13 <pili> we're over the hour
15:03:14 <antonela> i will stop the bot, thanks folks!
15:03:17 <antonela> #endmeeting