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16:00:02 <pili> hi :)
16:00:05 <ggus> hi!
16:00:11 <cy63113> Hey
16:01:05 <ggus> I was starting to organize our roadmap for the next months here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-community-team-roadmap-2019-keep
16:01:24 <ggus> but pili maybe we should think about moving to dip.tpo?
16:01:32 <pili> I would like to :)
16:01:38 <pili> but I'm happy to start with the pad :)
16:02:24 <ggus> we could try to migrate to dip.tpo till the end of this month, what do you think?
16:03:05 <pili> sounds good to me
16:03:26 <pili> I think I need to talk to hiro about giving me access to create groups in gitlab/dip.tpo
16:04:50 <emmapeel> grrr horrible lag
16:04:53 <ggus> ok
16:05:04 <ggus> here's our old roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ioKOV2MJw1Ff_viCUTrHfd6-rqX3x_BeJC36fSRfQYY
16:07:21 <ggus> let me merge the riseup pad with the old roadmap, so we don't get confused
16:09:19 <pili> ok
16:11:19 <ggus> ok, done
16:12:58 <ggus> In Stockholm meeting we had a session about Community Team roadmapping: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Stockholm/Notes/CommunityTeamRoadmapping
16:13:15 <ggus> Pari and Pili published they notes
16:13:18 <ggus> their
16:15:37 <ggus> So let's start from first topic: - Proposal: Documentation Hackaton: update support and tb-manual (needs to rescheduled)
16:15:40 <pili> ggus: I can't see any items for july in the new pad
16:15:47 <pili> (new = rise up)
16:15:54 <pili> I refreshed a few times...
16:16:13 <ggus> pili: i merged to sandstorm
16:16:29 <pili> ah, ok
16:17:08 <pili> so for the Documentation Hackathon
16:17:19 <emmapeel> oh... pity the hackaton rescheduled
16:17:24 <pili> do we take e.g half a day or a whole day and a bunch of us get together to update the documents?
16:17:25 <emmapeel> but yeah ok
16:17:34 <pili> do we want to publicise it somewhere to get people to help out? :)
16:17:46 <pili> how can we make it fun to incentivise volunteers? :)
16:17:47 <emmapeel> i thought to get posibly new contributors
16:18:19 <emmapeel> i thought people that does support may be good
16:18:44 <ggus> many people will be in vacations next days, or at least till the end of july. should we think in august?
16:20:23 <emmapeel> sure!
16:20:47 <emmapeel> we can also invite the tormenta people
16:23:01 <ggus> we could do that between august 5th - 9th. we will have hiro and antonela with us?
16:23:39 <pili> I think people will be on and off during july and august
16:23:44 <pili> I think we have a better chance in september
16:23:52 <pili> well, depending on the sorts of volunteers we want to get
16:24:00 <pili> if we target students then august would be better
16:24:52 <ggus> maybe first week of september?
16:25:16 <ggus> we also need time to organize the tickets and what we want to change
16:25:33 <emmapeel> yep
16:26:29 <pili> yup, I have an item to do some ticket clean up/triage at some point
16:26:31 <pili> it keeps not happening :/
16:27:09 <clash> Hi!
16:27:10 <ggus> what about september 4?
16:27:28 <ggus> welcome, clash
16:27:34 <clash> What students do you plan to target with the hackathon?
16:27:54 <clash> I think the semester starts in September
16:28:02 <clash> In North America afaik
16:28:49 <pili> ggus: that could work for me :)
16:29:03 <cy63113> volunteers target are mostly students?
16:29:18 <pili> not necessarily, I was just brainstorming :)
16:29:20 <ggus> no, volunteers in general
16:29:22 <emmapeel> cy63113: is for a documentation hackaton
16:29:41 <cy63113> thanks emmapeel
16:29:51 <ggus> we could do the whole week: support portal and tb manual
16:31:11 <clash> A week would be fun
16:33:10 <ggus> ok, so here are the items to make this happen
16:33:16 <ggus> - 1: Guide about how to connect on IRC - #tor-www
16:33:17 <ggus> - 2: Ticket triage
16:33:17 <ggus> - 3: Blog post or social media
16:33:33 <pili> I wonder if a week will make it harder to get people's engagement...
16:33:46 <pili> unless we target each day during the week to a particular area
16:33:55 <pili> and then people can jump in on the day they are interested in
16:33:57 <ggus> great idea!
16:34:08 <ggus> one day about tb, another about onion services..
16:34:19 <emmapeel> hmmm
16:34:38 <pili> yeah, maybe we can classify into distinct areas based on what themes the ticket triage throws up
16:34:49 <emmapeel> i see maybe people starts working on a document and takes a couple of days of nitpicking until it really changes
16:35:02 <emmapeel> also maybe we need some reviews from stephw or something
16:36:28 <kushal> Sorry for being late.
16:37:12 <emmapeel> hello kushal
16:37:51 <pili> it sounds to me like we need to define a process for the updates to get a quick feedback loop and see the updates in place by the end of the week
16:38:29 <pili> because I can see with some old tickets people actually made the changes and then they sat in needs review or equivalent forever
16:38:30 <pili> hence the value of the hackathon idea
16:38:45 <pili> but we need people available and engaged during the hackathon to review and merge relatively quickly
16:39:23 <ggus> yes
16:39:45 <ggus> i see that in the past we didn't have enough people available to check .webml content
16:40:05 <ggus> but for lektor it is way easier to check the content
16:44:29 <pili> ok, let's keep thinking about this, I will take on the triage part :)
16:45:11 <pili> also, I have a bit of an update on the VPN document, stephw will be reviewing soon and we hope to publish it before the end of the month and share it in the newsletter
16:45:15 <kushal> I am available if you need eyes to read and try out instructions.
16:45:50 <ggus> great to see this document to be published :)
16:47:40 <emmapeel> nice! i wonder if that docuemnt has a place on our documentation yet
16:47:43 <emmapeel> the vpn document
16:48:30 <pili> I seem to remember we said we'd add it to the support portal?
16:49:26 <ggus> yes, maybe we could split it in questions and have a VPN section?
16:50:07 <clash> then that section could be linked in the onboarding screen of Tor Browser perhaps
16:50:54 <clash> that was one of the reasons to have the document too iirc  🤔
16:51:07 <pili> yup
16:51:12 <ggus> and if we're going to add new content that should happen in september?
16:51:29 <pili> well, to begin with it was just going to be linked from the Tor Browser onboarding iirc
16:52:30 <pili> actually, yeah, what was said already, I mashed up ggus' and clash's comments together :D
16:52:47 <ggus> hehe!
16:52:50 <pili> ggus: which new content? for the vpn? I think we could try to do it once the blog post is done and not wait for the hackathon
16:53:00 <pili> but maybe we won't get around to it before
16:54:29 <ggus> well, let's see how the blog post looks like
16:54:39 <ggus> and then we do it
16:55:14 <pili> ok
16:55:51 <ggus> m, we have a lot of items in our agenda
16:56:26 <ggus> clash, cy63113, emmapeel, kushal: do you have more updates?
16:56:38 <cy63113> some
16:56:45 <ggus> please, go ahead
16:57:13 <ggus> or write them in the pad, we only have 3 minutes left
16:57:24 <clash> I really like the idea of setting up an onion service for students as a developer tool
16:57:39 <clash> I certainly learnt a bit of devops in the process of setting one up
16:57:40 <cy63113> I have 3 evangelizations, I mean, talks in Aug
16:58:06 <ggus> great! :D
16:58:15 <cy63113> I was checking the roadmap, I can continue to answer the RT
16:58:35 <ggus> that would be very helpful!
16:58:40 <cy63113> I'm not doing it for a while but I can do it again
16:59:05 <cy63113> and I can help with the tor south meetings
16:59:07 <ggus> cy63113: yes, let's talk by email about this
16:59:08 <pili> thanks cy63113 !
16:59:13 <clash> I was wondering how it compares to the GitHub Student Pack or so which provide things like a free domain and is quite popular 🤔
16:59:16 <pili> I take a look every so often
16:59:23 <cy63113> that's it :)
16:59:25 <pili> to rt, mainly to clean up sapm
16:59:27 <pili> spam
16:59:34 <ggus> i'll stop the bot
16:59:37 <nickm> (network team meeting time, can we have the channel please?)
16:59:38 <ggus> #endmeeting