16:59:53 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 22 July 2019
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16:59:54 <cy63113> thanks!
16:59:55 <nickm> Hello!
16:59:59 <ahf> hello
17:00:05 <nickm> Welcome back from Stockholm, everybody who is back from Stockholm!
17:00:09 <nickm> Who is here today?
17:00:23 <dgoulet> hello
17:00:33 <nickm> I believe gaba is out this week.
17:00:56 <nickm> Pad, as usual, is https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:01:03 * catalyst is kind of here
17:01:15 <nickm> hi dgoulet, ahf, catalyst !
17:01:20 <ahf> hello hello
17:01:35 <nickm> ah, mike says he'll be afk on the pad
17:01:37 <nickm> makes sense
17:02:47 <nickm> Let's start with the 041 status at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/041Status --
17:03:02 <nickm> If possible, I want to get a release candidate out this week
17:03:52 <nickm> but there are a few tickets that need attention from asn and mikeperry, so maybe it will be on the late side this week
17:04:32 <nickm> (#31112, #31024, #31002, #30578, #31098, #30992)
17:04:50 <ahf> asn is out today as well
17:04:54 <ahf> he arrived back in stockholm last night
17:04:55 <nickm> Some of these might be deferrable, but I would like their opinion on which
17:04:59 <nickm> ahf: ah, makes sense.
17:05:03 <nickm> let's ask them when they're back
17:05:07 <ahf> ye
17:05:09 * arma1 is around if you need something
17:05:44 <nickm> there are also three working days next week, so maybe that's when the rc is out if we can't do it this week
17:05:57 <dgoulet> should I assign reviews this week?
17:06:12 <nickm> dgoulet: if you can, that would be excellent
17:06:18 <dgoulet> ack! will do today
17:06:21 <nickm> ty!
17:06:33 <nickm> anything else in 0.4.1?
17:07:00 <nickm> If not, I suggest that instead of looking at the kanban roadmap, we try to figure out whether gaba needs us to do anything on the new roadmap this week while she is out
17:07:03 <nickm> any thoughts there?
17:07:42 <nickm> I think what she needs is for everybody who did roadmapping to edit the nc.riseup.net spreadsheets she sent out to us via email...
17:07:52 <nickm> ... and make sure that they are accurate, creating estimates and missing tickets where possible
17:08:06 <nickm> I'll try to do what I can on S31, but I'll need catalyst and teor4 to take some of that on.
17:08:12 <nickm> Do we have the other sponsors covered there?
17:09:21 <nickm> (gaba only sent me one of these for S31, but I'm guessing she sent others around too.)
17:09:33 <nickm> (is that right?)
17:10:02 <dgoulet> we (asn and I) did point estimation in Stockholm so we simply need to put it in Trac/nc now
17:10:03 <dgoulet> (s27)
17:10:22 <dgoulet> nickm: yes, I'm on the s27 and scalability roadmap email
17:10:27 <nickm> great; will you two be able to get to that this week, do you think?
17:10:54 <dgoulet> yup
17:11:20 <nickm> cool
17:11:42 <nickm> next item is reviews, but reviews for this week aren't assigned.  So, everybody please check in for reviews later today
17:11:55 <ahf> hm
17:11:59 <nickm> (standard reminder that prompt reviews help everybody's code)
17:12:07 <nickm> ahf: ?
17:12:10 <ahf> i think i will go over my roadmap for the anti-censorship team/network team co-projects this week
17:12:15 <ahf> but don't have the post-stockholm overview yet
17:12:41 <nickm> ahf: what do you mean by "post stockholm overview" -- gaba's notes?
17:12:52 <ahf> yeah, like the order of things :-)
17:13:01 <nickm> ah
17:13:20 <nickm> I have photos and I can send you the nc link
17:13:36 <nickm> I assume gaba would like everybody to try to make stuff on the spreadsheet correct
17:13:46 <ahf> i have photos too, i just haven't done it before this meeting yet
17:13:49 <ahf> ah, ok
17:13:51 <ahf> then i wont worry
17:14:11 <nickm> forwarded you the spreadsheet link. Does anybody else need it?
17:15:18 <nickm> ok, next thing to talk about is discussion
17:15:40 <ahf> thx
17:16:00 <nickm> the discussion items seem left over from last meeting
17:16:27 <nickm> one thing I wanted feedback on, though, is the meta-policy I sent around after we agreed on it last week
17:16:48 <nickm> I want to make sure that it matches up in everybody's POV with what we agreed to change in the last one, and then agreed to adopt.
17:17:11 <nickm> If you haven't sent your +1/-1 to the list yet, please do so, so we can start using this for other stuff?
17:17:21 <ahf> it looked to me exactly like the things we discussed
17:17:31 <ahf> and very awesome you sent it out during hte meeting while it was fresh on the mind
17:18:44 <nickm> thanks! I hope we can start using it soon
17:19:08 <nickm> Okay, I don't see any "needs-help-with" items on the pad
17:19:22 <nickm> do we have anything else to talk about today? If not this could be a very quick meeting :)
17:20:14 <nickm> looks like this will be a very quick meeting
17:20:17 <ahf> i have nothing
17:20:24 <dgoulet> yeah all good
17:20:25 * catalyst has nothing else for now
17:20:28 <nickm> ok, thanks everybody!  It was great seeing you all in stockholm, and I look forward to working with you online
17:20:38 <dgoulet> \o/
17:20:57 <nickm> please remember that a lot of people are going to be off for various pieces of august, so if you need somebody else for your work, please make sure that you are fitting with their schedule
17:21:01 <nickm> cheers, all!
17:21:02 <nickm> #endmeeting