15:00:20 <pili> #startmeeting S27 07/23
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15:00:29 <pili> who do we have here today?
15:00:41 <pili> I know asn and antonela won't be able to make it today
15:01:05 <pili> dgoulet brade mcs are you around? :)
15:01:20 <brade> yes
15:01:27 <mcs> Thanks for the ping :)
15:01:54 <pili> ok, I'll give everyone a minute to update the pad and get situated
15:02:09 <pili> I imagine most updates today will be from network team
15:02:21 <pili> I'm expecting a quiet meeting...
15:04:32 <pili> the main thing I wanted to double check is what activities we can bill at least 50% for from the sponsor
15:04:45 <pili> I know we discussed in Stockholm but it's not in the notes ;)
15:05:10 <pili> for O2A1: client auth I think we had mentioned we could bill for 50%
15:05:29 <pili> does anyone else remember any other activities that were partly completed?
15:06:59 <arma1> i wonder if onionbalance-for-v3 got a lot closer to ready with the decision to not fix the cross-cert bug?
15:07:43 <dgoulet> I am
15:08:03 <mcs> I don’t remember for sure, but it seems like there was another item… maybe the DoS work?
15:08:08 <dgoulet> pili: the DoS part of s27 is definitely above 50%
15:08:08 <arma1> (since 'now we have a solid plan and design for it')
15:08:12 <dgoulet> I would say close to 90% imo
15:08:22 <pili> great dgoulet! thanks for confirming
15:08:50 <dgoulet> pili: how can I give you a proper number?
15:08:56 <dgoulet> pili: or you just need "above 50%"
15:09:05 <pili> 90% is fine
15:09:16 <pili> or I can just say 75% to be on the safe side
15:09:21 <dgoulet> yeah could be a bit less in reality, can't say for sure but definitely above 50%
15:09:24 <dgoulet> yeah go safe
15:09:32 <pili> great
15:09:42 <dgoulet> arma1: OBv3 is on asn's task list starting end of August
15:10:25 <dgoulet> arma1: because of the cross-cert bug that we won't fix for now, I guess we made a leap forward in % for sure :P
15:11:32 <sysrqb> dgoulet: is that bug documented somewhere?
15:11:47 <dgoulet> it is
15:12:02 <dgoulet> we have a proposal to fix it, we'll clean it up and merge it to torspec also
15:12:07 <dgoulet> in order to "not forget" ;)
15:12:25 <sysrqb> cool cool
15:13:18 <pili> also, next week it will be time to submit the next report to the sponsor
15:13:31 <pili> I was planning to give a summary of the stockholm meeting
15:13:46 <pili> are there any other items anyone would like to highlight?
15:14:11 <pili> I will send the reminder email this week anyway but this is your first reminder to start thinking of things :)
15:15:57 <pili> does anyone have any blockers and or dependencies they'd like to discuss?
15:16:04 * dgoulet is good here
15:16:21 <pili> all right
15:16:43 <pili> the last item from me is regarding the meeting frequency during the summer vacation/ESR68 transition period
15:17:05 <pili> I propose we move this to a ~montly meeting
15:17:07 <pili> until October more or less
15:17:16 <pili> we can make it more regular if we see we need to
15:17:36 <pili> but that would make our next meeting the 20th August at the same time
15:17:42 <pili> is that ok? any objections? :)
15:17:56 <brade> fine with me
15:17:59 <dgoulet> fine with me
15:18:22 <pili> good good
15:18:29 <pili> any last items from anyone? :)
15:18:44 <pili> paul wanted to join us today btw, but he's having problems connecting
15:19:28 <pili> ok, I think we'll leave it at that for today then
15:19:33 <pili> thanks everyone!
15:19:44 <pili> #endmeeting