15:59:46 <ggus> #startmeeting community team meeting 07-29-2019
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15:59:53 <ggus> hi people, who's around?
16:00:04 <ggus> here's our roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ioKOV2MJw1Ff_viCUTrHfd6-rqX3x_BeJC36fSRfQYY
16:00:49 <ggus> last week we talked a lot about documentation hackaton; tl;dr: first week in september 2019 to improve support portal and tb-manual
16:00:59 <pili> hi!
16:01:21 <cy63113> Hi!!!
16:01:32 <ggus> hi! o/
16:01:37 <emmapeel> today i published the browser manual in Thai
16:01:44 <clash> hi, I'm lurking too :)
16:01:59 <emmapeel> https://tb-manual.torproject.org/th/
16:02:02 <cy63113> Awesome emmapeel
16:02:14 <ggus> nice emma!
16:02:37 <emmapeel> that was thanks to the localization tlab that did a localiation sprint inThailand
16:02:38 <pili> woo :)
16:02:43 <kat5> That's great.
16:03:20 * antonela is around
16:05:10 <ggus> last week of july, a lot of things to do
16:06:14 <ggus> so, we're planning to migrate our roadmapping to dip.torproject.org
16:06:20 <ggus> who needs an account?
16:07:27 <pili> anyone with an LDAP account should already have access... but maybe that's the minority in this group :)
16:07:52 <antonela> i created a /meta repo to load issues that currently don't have repo for the ux team, should we have some kind of unified workflow here? :)
16:08:12 <pili> I was wondering how to do that for items that don't have a project as such
16:08:17 <pili> that could be a good place to put them
16:08:29 <pili> as in, an equivalent one under community group
16:08:40 <antonela> i was saving it for the ux meeting tomorrow, but since we are talking about it :)
16:08:41 <antonela> https://dip.torproject.org/groups/ux/-/boards
16:08:55 <emmapeel> snoop!
16:09:02 <emmapeel> a leak!
16:09:03 <pili> antonela: you can share a project so that's a way we could do it for ones that need community input
16:09:13 <pili> e.g community portal is a good example
16:09:35 <antonela> yes
16:09:37 <pili> I was also thinking that "web" group should be a subgroup of "ux" group
16:09:44 <pili> (but we should discuss that during UX meeting :P )
16:09:45 <antonela> why?
16:09:46 <antonela> haha
16:09:59 <antonela> oki
16:11:01 <antonela> i want to say that anything you set for the community team kanban/roadmapping, i'll follow since 1. we are a solo team member 2. we need/provide cross-team help 3. we need volunteers :)
16:11:24 <pili> thanks antonela :)
16:14:15 <ggus> so far we have in dip.tpo community team repository: pili, emmapeel, gaba, alison
16:14:24 <emmapeel> you
16:14:25 <ggus> and hiro
16:14:26 <pili> we should add antonela
16:14:31 <antonela> yep, please
16:14:58 <ggus> kat5 and cy63113, do you have accounts?
16:15:15 <cy63113> I don't think so
16:15:18 <emmapeel> where is kushal?
16:15:23 <kat5> I have an ldap account, but I haven't tried logging in yet.
16:15:28 <ggus> where is kushal
16:15:35 <pili> kat5: you just need to ask to reset your password
16:15:42 <emmapeel> maybe kushal could get an account too
16:15:48 <pili> https://dip.torproject.org/users/password/new
16:16:05 <pili> ^ same for anyone that has an ldap account and wants access
16:16:56 <kat5> Thanks, pili. Trying now.
16:17:25 <ggus> our current plan is to migrate from sandstorm and trac to dip.torproject.org
16:18:00 <pili> kat5: I just added you to the community team group also
16:18:28 <ggus> pili: one thing that we should figure out later is about member permissions
16:18:33 <pili> yup...
16:19:45 <cy63113> So... should I have an account? How?
16:19:48 <ahf> exciting with the migration!
16:20:20 <kat5> *hacker voice* I'm in!
16:20:32 <antonela> :)
16:20:37 <ggus> you should. but i don't know exactly how
16:20:46 <cy63113> :/
16:21:03 <pili> cy63113: don't worry, we'll get you one ;)
16:21:20 <cy63113> <3 thanks peeps!
16:21:29 <pili> ggus: let's get a list of everyone that should have an account and speak to hiro about how we create them
16:21:57 <ggus> pili: yes, let's add pari and kushal in that list
16:22:20 <ggus> egypcio also
16:22:25 <ggus> gman
16:22:30 <emmapeel> maybe some mexicans too
16:22:34 <ggus> ok, i'll send to you by email
16:23:23 <ggus> pili: we can look at meetbot logs and have a better list.
16:23:32 <pili> sounds good
16:24:51 <hiro> pili you can also create users on dip
16:24:54 <hiro> and gaba too
16:25:10 <pili> I thought so, but do I just send an invite to an email address?
16:25:14 <pili> I haven't looked into it
16:27:58 <pili> ok, I've added a ticket for myself to do this
16:28:08 <ggus> in dip or trac?
16:28:52 <emmapeel> heh
16:29:01 <ggus> :P
16:29:23 <ggus> before people start with updates, there are two other things
16:29:36 <ggus> 1 is about global south irc meetings
16:29:40 <pili> dp :P
16:29:42 <pili> dip
16:29:52 <ggus> 2. rt volunteers
16:30:18 <ggus> and both involves cy63113 hehe
16:30:25 <cy63113> Hehehehe
16:32:05 <ggus> cy63113: i think the beginning of august it's too early to talk about community portal
16:32:22 <ggus> so i was thinking to push that meeting with global south to the end of month
16:32:37 <ggus> like august 29 or 30
16:32:45 <cy63113> Works for me
16:32:54 <ggus> which day works for you and pari
16:32:55 <ggus> ok
16:33:06 <ggus> i'll email you two
16:33:31 <cy63113> Ok!
16:33:40 <ggus> the other thing is about RT. we need more volunteers to answer users
16:33:44 <cy63113> I have to check my calendar
16:34:09 <ggus> i still don't have a RT account... but i heard it's full of people asking for support
16:34:10 <cy63113> The biggest part of rt are spams
16:34:21 <clash> what is RT?
16:35:10 <emmapeel> clash: the request tracker
16:35:11 <ggus> clash: ticketing system
16:35:28 <cy63113> We need to clean de inbox
16:35:30 <pili> ggus: I can create one for you
16:35:34 <kat5> Is it a tor-hosted thing?
16:35:38 <pili> cy63113: yeah, I do it once every few weeks
16:35:38 <ggus> when you submit an email to frontdesk@tpo it ends in this blackhole system
16:35:41 <pili> but it's not enough
16:35:48 <pili> it should probably be done every day
16:36:04 <kat5> Ah, that one.
16:36:05 <cy63113> It's true
16:36:48 <clash> oh I see
16:36:48 <cy63113> Today I'm super busy but I can check rt tomorrow
16:36:49 <ggus> if we create a schedule: one week one sacrifice for the team, next week other one, until we can find more volunteers...
16:38:26 <ggus> jon will also help us :)
16:40:27 <cy63113> that's great!
16:40:44 <ggus> cy63113: would you check frontdesk this week? and next week we rotate to other member?
16:41:24 <cy63113> sure, I can do this
16:41:31 <ggus> thanks! :)
16:41:41 <cy63113> :)
16:42:07 <ggus> we have more 20 minutes, people have updates that they would like to share? :)
16:42:30 <cy63113> me
16:42:49 <cy63113> I'll run a talk this week
16:43:21 <ggus> nice, where?
16:43:22 <cy63113> there's no deep web
16:43:27 <cy63113> here in SP
16:43:33 <emmapeel> nice!
16:43:42 <cy63113> let me see I have url
16:44:36 <cy63113> next will be aug 15 at University of Sao Paulo, then ABC Dev, sept I have a workshop just for women and in dec too
16:46:12 <cy63113> that's it
16:46:30 <ggus> about darknet/deepweb, i think steph will publish something very soon
16:46:59 <cy63113> cool!
16:47:55 <ggus> cy63113: remember to send all these activities invitation to cebolas gorups
16:47:57 <ggus> group
16:48:24 <cy63113> ok! I'll do this later today
16:49:18 <ggus> anything else people?
16:50:10 <pili> I'm good
16:50:20 <antonela> one more thing about dip
16:50:35 <antonela> could we have https://dip.torproject.org/torproject/community/outreach there?
16:51:06 <antonela> so i can upload the outreach material (blocked now due media folder moving)
16:51:07 <emmapeel> i think it is good idea to merge the wiki of the community portal with the wiki of the community team
16:51:30 <emmapeel> ah, you mean in the codebase
16:51:36 <ggus> antonela: to use as a code repository?
16:51:43 <antonela> yes
16:51:56 <antonela> in the same way you are having the training material
16:52:04 <ggus> antonela: yes
16:52:11 <antonela> ggus, awesome
16:52:14 <emmapeel> but isn't that part of the community portal as well? or is a separate repo?
16:53:21 <pili> +1 I was waiting to see whether you wanted it under UX team group, but we can have it here
16:53:22 <ggus> the training is a separate reposiroty so we can do the magic thing
16:53:29 <pili> and have it as a shared project
16:53:33 <antonela> yes
16:53:44 <antonela> cool, thanks folks
16:53:58 <emmapeel> magic, nice
16:54:03 <ggus> magic thing = use ahf repository to make our training slides and submit to transifex
16:54:10 <pili> that's on my to do list :)
16:54:18 <ahf> ?
16:54:43 <emmapeel> oh yeah, that is magic!
16:55:09 <ggus> tor slides template in latex, ahf
16:55:14 <ahf> ahhh!
16:55:15 * emmapeel crosses fingers real hard
16:55:37 <ggus> i can see emma smiling from here
16:55:43 <ggus> :D hehe
16:55:44 <ahf> let me know if there is anything i can do to make it easier/nicer/prettier
16:56:09 <ggus> nice :)
16:56:10 <pili> ahf: I might do once I get some time to have a proper look at it :)
16:56:11 <ahf> right now there is alomst zero documentation for how to use it
16:56:32 <ahf> cool! i'm going to use it for two presentations in this month and next month, so i will be spending a bit of time cleanin gup some stuff in there
16:57:01 <ggus> ok people, i need to jump in another meeting, let me turn off the bot
16:57:16 <ggus> #endmeeting