17:00:04 <nickm> #startmeeting weekly network team meeting, 29 July 2019
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17:00:13 <ahf> hello o/
17:00:13 <nickm> hi folks! who is here today?
17:00:17 <gaba> hi o/
17:00:26 <nickm> as usual our pad is at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:00:41 <mikeperry> hi
17:01:14 <nickm> hi mikeperry !
17:01:37 <nickm> Before I forget to ask: could you please ack the meta-policy version 4 so that we can adopt it?
17:01:46 <dgoulet> o/
17:01:48 <nickm> Your is the last missing +1
17:01:51 <nickm> hi dgoulet !
17:02:15 <nickm> *yours
17:02:32 <nickm> so it looks like it's gaba nickm dgoulet mikeperry and ahf today
17:03:05 <ahf> :-)
17:03:10 <mikeperry> nickm: ok looking over it now
17:03:26 <nickm> I think we might actually have a zero meeting today: 041Status has no items for anyone here
17:03:33 <nickm> (unless mikeperry has insight on 30992)
17:03:50 <nickm> the roadmap is in flux and the kanban is not relevant ...
17:03:57 <nickm> ... gaba, anything to say about the current roadmap?
17:04:11 <gaba> not yet. I couldn't look at that so far today.
17:04:16 <nickm> ok
17:04:27 <gaba> We need to see what tool to use next for roadmapping...
17:04:32 <gaba> I'm tempted to just used the board on dip
17:04:33 <nickm> everybody please look at gaba's roadmap spreadsheet and see if there are any red lines that you can fill in?
17:04:44 <gaba> thanks nickm
17:04:53 <gaba> there are a few red lines of tickets that needs to be created
17:04:56 <dgoulet> gaba: go dip :)
17:05:09 <nickm> I have no objection to trying dip
17:05:18 <gaba> :)
17:05:29 <gaba> that is the encouragement I needed :)
17:05:44 <mikeperry> I am vaguely concerned about #30992 but I don't think it is a showstopper. but I am worried that canibalized circuits are potentially choosing the wrong hop to pad to somehow.. but that is fixable client-side
17:06:09 * ahf would love to try dip for this
17:06:30 <nickm> mikeperry: if you have time to think of a diagnostic for that, I'd be glad to take it
17:07:20 <dgoulet> mikeperry: my client keeps having these "[warn] Middle node did not accept our padding request." ...
17:07:23 <mikeperry> nickm: I can improve a bunch of the related protocol warns to say the exact circuit # + hop, etc
17:07:31 <dgoulet> mikeperry: not sure how show stopper but I'm guessing that the circuit is closed?
17:08:00 <nickm> mikeperry: would that help us figure out what the problem is?
17:09:04 <nickm> gaba: wrt dip -- are you open to experimenting with different ways for us to handle the board?  I'm thinking that it might be more useful to you if we tried a little more to keep the board in sync with our actual activities, but that will make it pretty messy, so maybe you don't want that.
17:09:05 <mikeperry> dgoulet: it could be related.. my best guess is when there are funky things liks cannibalization going on, we somehow are picking the wrong hop #2 from the cpath
17:09:15 <nickm> (messy because our actual activities have a lot of fine detail and surprises)
17:09:22 <dgoulet> mikeperry: fun
17:10:09 <gaba> nickm: I'm up for trying. I will draft a board and then we can see what changes we do
17:10:14 <nickm> sounds good
17:10:19 <mikeperry> nickm: yeah. I will go over dgoulets logs and see if other log messages would be useful to add circuit id to
17:10:28 <nickm> thanks mike!
17:10:30 <mikeperry> dgoulet: do you have those logs in any bug? can I have some
17:11:41 <dgoulet> mikeperry: I do not :S ... but just today I got 7 ... so I guess I could turn debug and maybe get it again... just it grows _large_ :S
17:12:47 * nickm is looking at review assignments...
17:13:38 <dgoulet> nickm: there is one ticket and we discussed it last week. You said most likely someone assigned to s31 would take it as a Reviewer
17:13:49 <nickm> I wonder if asn would like to take some of the practracker ones from teor, since teor has a bunch of assignments now and asn very few
17:13:52 <nickm> what's the ticket?
17:14:03 <dgoulet> #31240
17:14:07 <nickm> ah
17:14:19 <nickm> yeah, that will have to be down the road a little; there are two #29211 tickets ahead of it
17:14:21 <mikeperry> dgoulet: info level might be ok, idk. better than nothing
17:14:29 <dgoulet> asn is away until Wed. I believe or sth .... I think he put his dates in the OO calendar
17:14:36 <nickm> oh! ok
17:14:48 <dgoulet> mikeperry: I can do info
17:17:27 <mikeperry> I don't see the url for this dip proposal/plan?
17:17:54 <gaba> mikeperry: what do you mean?
17:18:01 <nickm> I think it's just "use dip for our kanban instead of storm"
17:18:22 <mikeperry> oh ok. where does dip live?
17:18:36 <ahf> https://dip.torproject.org/
17:18:44 <gaba> I started a plan for migration to dip but it is in early stages https://nc.riseup.net/s/SnQy3yMJewRBwA7 (although things are moving fast regard of it)
17:18:54 <ahf> you can do a password reset with your tpo email account
17:19:25 <dgoulet> mikeperry: see pm
17:21:57 <nickm> I think we're maybe out of topics
17:22:04 <nickm> do we have anything else from the agenda to bring up?
17:22:18 * dgoulet is good
17:22:23 <nickm> remember that we're about to lose ahf for a while, and catalyst is out for most of August
17:23:09 <mikeperry> I also need to spend 2-4 weeks on Firefox ESR transition work.. I have until October to pick a time for that.
17:23:13 * gaba is good too
17:23:16 <ahf> yep, please let me know if i need to do anything for you before wednesday
17:23:25 <mikeperry> I am going to do the circpad doc work first tho
17:23:34 <ahf> i will be online every now and then and i'm on the phone too, but during build up for bornhack i will be very little online since i will be moving stuff around
17:25:27 <gaba> ahf: hope everything go great with bornhack and ccc camp!
17:26:08 <ahf> thank you, me too! i am very much looking forward to it 8)
17:26:15 <GeKo> mikeperry: fwiw: i think having the network code review done before 9/3 would be good
17:26:32 <GeKo> as we probably need to release the first esr68-based alpha by then
17:26:50 <GeKo> and being sure we don't have proxy bypasses in it would be good
17:26:55 <GeKo> (just sayin')
17:27:44 <dgoulet> GeKo: March 9th? :|
17:27:55 <ahf> :-D
17:28:00 <gaba> :P
17:28:07 <GeKo> heh
17:28:14 <ahf> don't let the US month/day vs. day/month system take over you, GeKo!
17:28:35 <dgoulet> be strong!
17:28:36 * GeKo fights harder
17:30:08 <nickm> okay, I think we're out of meeting now.  Thanks, everybody!
17:30:11 <nickm> #endmeeting