18:00:29 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 07/31
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18:01:12 <pili> I'm still working on the notes, which are here as usual: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/qjhbGAQZmdG5g9taWmkAYqJYDmen64YlnRNVqM5JU2F
18:01:17 <pili> who's around in the meantime?
18:01:28 <emmapeel> o/
18:01:43 <antonela> \o
18:03:25 <pili> hi everyone :)
18:03:46 <pili> so there should be a release happening soon
18:03:50 <pili> 9.0a5
18:04:15 <pili> GeKo: are we planning an equivalent 8.5 now or are we done with the 8.5 series? (barring security issues)
18:04:42 <GeKo> we need to pick up related changes in 8.5.5
18:04:55 <GeKo> which happends latest on sep 3
18:05:00 <GeKo> *happens
18:05:22 <pili> ok
18:05:41 <GeKo> 9.0a5 is kind of a last test that helps us hopefully figuring out all the remaining bits so that 8.5.5 will go as smooth as possible for google play users
18:06:05 <pili> are we still planning another release next week? :) 9.0a6?
18:06:12 <GeKo> no
18:06:28 <GeKo> for background on the android issue: https://developer.android.com/distribute/best-practices/develop/64-bit
18:06:45 <GeKo> google requires corresponding 64bit versions starting from tomorrow
18:06:59 <GeKo> for 32bit architectures supported in the play store
18:07:06 <pili> ok, so this is just for android?
18:07:18 <GeKo> yes, essentially just for google play
18:07:31 <pili> ah ok, makes sense
18:07:34 <GeKo> f-droid is happy
18:07:41 <GeKo> our website is happy, too
18:07:44 <GeKo> :)
18:07:58 <pili> will this release also count as the ESR68 nightly build?
18:08:04 <GeKo> no
18:08:15 <pili> or are we going to wait until after you're back for that one? :)
18:08:22 <GeKo> this has just a tiny fix that helps getting google play happy
18:08:37 <pili> right
18:08:44 <GeKo> i really like to get nightlies out next week before i am a bit afk again
18:08:52 <GeKo> and i think we still can make that happen
18:08:58 <pili> cool :)
18:09:04 <GeKo> nightlies = nightlies for linux
18:09:14 <pili> do we need anything in terms of localization from emmapeel or any ux changes from antonela ?
18:10:59 <GeKo> for the nightlies, no
18:11:20 <GeKo> we just need to get something going to build upon it
18:11:31 <GeKo> meaning getting the other platforms supported
18:11:50 <GeKo> getting going early on cross-platform issues etc.
18:11:59 <pili> ok, cool :)
18:12:13 <pili> I don't think I had any other discussion points for today then
18:12:50 <pili> anything else anyone wanted to discuss?
18:14:04 <antonela> what is the status of the monthly donors banner localization?
18:14:09 <antonela> is that done?
18:14:16 <antonela> by done i mean, working?
18:14:55 <pili> I believe it's working for some languages
18:15:08 <antonela> the discussion notes on 7/3 says that it should go OFF for this upcoming release
18:15:12 <antonela> is that realz?
18:15:46 <GeKo> you mean go off on sep 3?
18:16:17 <antonela> Fundraising Banner
18:16:17 <antonela> Timeline
18:16:17 <antonela> Monthly Giving Banner - 8.5.4 security release: 2019-07-09
18:16:18 <antonela> Monthly Giving Banner Off - 8.5.x security release: 2019-09-03
18:16:20 <antonela> EOY Campaign Banner 1 - 9.0 stable release date: 2019-10-22
18:16:23 <antonela> EOY Campaign Banner 2 -  9.0.1 release: 2019-12-10
18:16:29 <GeKo> yeah
18:16:31 <antonela> seems like it GeKo
18:16:38 <pili> yup
18:16:47 <GeKo> i am fine doing whatever the fundraising people say
18:16:56 <antonela> ye
18:17:05 <GeKo> (like when this should go off)
18:17:16 <pili> we need to update those notes because we're probably not going to put the EOY banner on at the same time as the stable release
18:17:20 <pili> but wait a couple of weeks to add it
18:17:24 <antonela> we dont have fundraising people here but we can check with sarah during vegas
18:17:31 <GeKo> sounds good
18:17:38 <pili> I need to discuss that again with fundraising team
18:17:43 <antonela> cool, thanks pili
18:17:46 <pili> yeah, the money machine is on a field trip :)
18:18:03 <pili> today
18:18:36 <pili> ok
18:18:42 <pili> anything else?
18:18:55 <antonela> im groot
18:19:48 <GeKo> i am fine, too
18:20:23 <pili> thanks people :)
18:20:28 <pili> enjoy the rest of your day/evening
18:20:31 <pili> #endmeeting