17:00:07 <phw> #startmeeting anti-censorship weekly checkin 2019-08-01
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17:00:23 <phw> hi everyone.  our meeting pad is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
17:00:36 <cohosh> hi o/
17:01:30 <Samdney> hola :)
17:01:33 <phw> no announcements today, so let's move on to the discussion section
17:01:44 <phw> looks like gettor is down #31307
17:02:25 <gaba> hi
17:02:28 <seeder> Hi
17:03:02 * phw tries to send an email to gettor
17:03:08 <gaba> phw: is gettor something you can take a look in the next 2 weeks?
17:03:55 <phw> gaba: unlikely.  i don't have access to the machine.
17:04:15 <phw> this thing needs a survival guide on https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/AntiCensorshipTeam
17:04:17 <cohosh> me neither
17:04:22 <phw> and somebody else with an account on the machine
17:04:38 <cohosh> does anyone else have access on the sysadmin team?
17:04:48 <gaba> ok, in this case we will have to wait until hiro is back and then get a plan to have a 2nd person that could do this too
17:04:53 <gaba> anarcat maybe?
17:05:34 <gaba> hiro will have time to work on gettor 1 day a week when she is back, we just need a second person that have access to the machine and see how this works
17:05:56 <phw> yes, i'll comment on the ticket.
17:06:07 <Samdney> how long should an answer from gettor take? I also tried it.
17:06:24 <phw> gaba: can you please add me to the cc list of new gettor tickets?
17:06:44 <gaba> phw: ok
17:06:51 <phw> gaba: i already am on the cc list for all tickets in the circumvention category, right?
17:06:56 <phw> (and cohosh too, i assume?)
17:06:57 <gaba> i think so
17:07:01 <gaba> i will check
17:07:04 <phw> thanks
17:08:01 <gaba> done
17:08:14 <phw> Samdney: "practically instantaneous" is what i would assume, but that's just a guess
17:08:35 <Samdney> yeap it seems to be done. also no response on twitter
17:09:04 <phw> maybe anarcat will be able to grant me access to gettor's machine.  and maybe i'll be able to figure out how to kick the thing.
17:09:29 <phw> anyway, i think that's all we can do for now.
17:09:56 <phw> it's a good reminder that >1 people should administer machines and we should have up-to-date survival guides
17:10:13 <gaba> yep
17:10:32 <anarcat> gettor died?
17:10:45 <anarcat> i can grant access, open a ticket - i think the box is tpa so we can do it
17:10:48 <anarcat> i mean give access
17:10:52 <phw> anarcat: we believe so.  it's not responding to emails.
17:11:05 <anarcat> hiro just left for vacation today, she might have a minute to squeeze something out of there if it's simpler
17:11:09 <Samdney> ... and also not responding on twitter.
17:11:26 * dcf1 is here now, on a slow network tho
17:11:43 <phw> Samdney: was the twitter bot working earlier?  i vaguely remember somebody saying that twitter was currently not working.
17:12:26 * phw will omit periods and commas so the packets make it to dcf1 faster
17:12:27 <Samdney> I don't know. the last time when I used it, was years ago. (where it worked)
17:13:28 <phw> ok, next item.  so, are we moving our roadmap over to gitlab gaba?
17:13:39 <gaba> what do you think?
17:13:47 <gaba> storm clearly was a lot of extra work
17:14:00 <gaba> and having it in gitlab may help us test that this is the right tool for tickets
17:14:18 <phw> do you have a link that shows us what a gitlab roadmap looks like?
17:14:32 <gaba> I still added the keyworkd anti-censorship-roadmap to all tickets in the roadmap in trac
17:14:33 <phw> i think you sent me one earlier, let me see if i still have that
17:14:46 <gaba> we have the gettor one
17:15:10 <gaba> or snowflake... https://dip.torproject.org/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake/boards
17:15:18 <gaba> Although I would add one more column there
17:15:59 <gaba> one column that is for the issues that needs to be work on in the next x weeks (x=2 maybe)
17:16:55 <gaba> the good thing is that we can have a board for teh group and a board per project. Each board is only a different view of the same tickets
17:17:34 <phw> i'm definitely up for giving it a shot
17:17:40 <phw> what do others think?
17:18:09 <Samdney> looks nice. but I hope it will have a scolling thing for left <-> right.
17:18:20 <Samdney> I only see the half of the column :)
17:18:27 <Samdney> *scrolling
17:18:30 <phw> Samdney: i had to use the arrow key
17:18:43 <phw> i wonder if the banner at the bottom is an issue here
17:18:54 <Samdney> ah that's the secret, hehe. thanks.
17:21:30 <phw> gaba: i'd suggest giving it a shot unless cohosh as objections.  after all, the three of us will spend the most time with our roadmapping tools
17:21:39 <gaba> ok
17:22:07 <phw> anything else wrt roadmap gaba?
17:22:42 <gaba> not from me
17:22:51 <phw> ok, moving on to the section we've all been waiting for
17:22:54 <phw> interesting links!
17:23:18 <phw> this masque ietf thing circulated a while ago.  i found a longer draft available here: https://davidschinazi.github.io/masque-drafts/draft-schinazi-masque.html
17:23:35 <phw> i summarised it here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/anti-censorship-team/2019-July/000027.html
17:24:02 <phw> tl;dr: it promising and similar to sergey's https proxy.  we should engage with the authors and see if we can turn it into a pluggable transport
17:24:21 <cohosh> hey sorry i got sidetracked by a discussion >.<
17:24:23 <phw> i plan to reach out soon
17:24:27 * cohosh reads scrollback
17:24:41 <phw> cohosh: no worries.  we made you the maintainer of gettor in the meanwhile :P
17:24:47 <cohosh> hehe
17:24:58 <cohosh> phw: btw really good work on the masque summary
17:25:10 <phw> thanks
17:25:56 <cohosh> +1 from me for gitlab roadmapping
17:27:19 <phw> looks like nobody has a "needs help with" section?  i wonder if arlo was about to add an item and then decided not to :)
17:27:42 <arlolra> just keeping you guessing
17:27:57 <gaba> no reviews this week?
17:27:58 <phw> the suspense is killing me
17:27:59 <cohosh> lol
17:29:06 <phw> i think we're done, then.  thanks everyone for attending!
17:29:09 <phw> #endmeeting